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  1. I will admit, it's not my best work. But I gave it the ole' college try anyway.
  2. Solid point. I feel as if to avoid having to make two updates to the Split, doing it after the Draft will prove to be a better plan. I've been reading up on a few spoilers pertaining to the Draft. Nothing too major, but clearly FOX has WWE by the balls. Haha.
  3. If you need any help to lighten the load, let me know. Otherwise, looking forward to it if you decide to make it.
  4. I gotcha'. HERE is the Mod/Scenario he was probably referring to. Though based upon how that Mod has some age to it, Rocky's current Marvel Mod will probably render a lot better results.
  5. Perfect, just tested it out. Ended up working like a charm. Thanks, man. I greatly appreciate the help!
  6. UPDATE: Combed through every Worker, Staff, Owner, Belt, etc. The absolute only thing that crashes my game is when I click on AAW in the Promotions. Even tried a clean re-download of the save and ran the Maintenance Program for good measure. Nada. Oddly enough, I also swapped out the Promos file in the DATA folder from July with June's and I still get the crash.
  7. Cleared the Worker/Staff Pictures (since I prefer a blank canvas anyway) and ran the Database Maintenance Program. Error message still came up. Based on what MK mentioned, I'll probably end up swapping July's Data file with June's and seeing if that makes a difference. Worth a shot.
  8. @mkpunk @Rocky Champ Champ EWR Color Mod Instructions are located in the .zip file. All you have to do is extract the file and drop it in your EWR folder. Hello greyscale, goodbye red & blue. EDIT: I'm also getting this error pop-up when I try to edit AAW in Edit Promotion. Already went through each and every file and unchecked Read Only, but it keeps coming up. Can't tell if it's a file issue or if it's on my side. Figured it's worth a shot to ask.
  9. You're the best, man. Loving these updates. Thank you kindly for the Booster.
  10. Awesome, man. Awesome. Is it updated in the main file? Or is that for the June update?
  11. If you want, I can pull up an old 2000/2001 save and see what TNT's Risk/Audience was back then? Might have changed over the years but, I'm sure it wouldn't be that big of a tweak.
  12. I say for the ease of condensing, you could combine NXT and NXT-UK into the same brand. Wouldn't be hard in that case seeing as if someone plays as NXT, they could just set a few PPV's designated to NXT UK while the others are for NXT specifically. That would in turn allow for 205 Live to be the forth brand and make it more organised. I like that plan. Especially since I do that myself when I play the monthly updates. Also, here's the results of the Superstar Shake-Up.
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