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  1. I bleed blue and orange (Denver 4 life) but I'm sympathetic towards the Packers (cause I live in WI) and the Bears (cause I live in WI).
  2. Bryan Adams' long-lost cousin Brain Adams
  3. Mart's hiring is going to do a couple things: 1. It'll help Cutler. Cutler is not a run-first, short yardage kind of QB. He wants to air it out. He needs to air it out. And I think Martz's offense has enough vertical attack power in it that it will let Cutler get more comfortable. 2. It will expose the offensive line. Martz likes to send 4 or 5 guys and rely on one-on-one matchups for blocking. I don't think the o-line can handle that. Kreutz can handle it, and I think Williams and Omiyale have promise if the Bears put them in the right spots. But that's only 3 of 5, and Jared Allen eats shit like that for breakfast. 3. It will hinder Matt Forte and Greg Olsen. Martz likes vertical rushers, and that's not Matt Forte. Sure, I think he'll still get some playing time, but I don't think he'll be repeating his rookie year performance. Look for them to try and bring someone like Chester Taylor in or (ugh) push Garrett Wolfe down our throats. And Martz doesn't use receiving TEs. Unless Olsen bulks up and learns to block, he's getting traded. I actually heard one trade rumor of shipping Olsen and a 2nd next year for Boldin, which would be AWESOME. 4. It will expose which receivers can cut it and which ones can't. This is a brand new offense, completely different from and infinitely more complex than what Turner ran this past year. The receivers are going to have to learn everything from scratch. I think Aromashodu and Knox have the talent and the brains to do it, and I think Bennett will come along. I'm not sure about Hester, maybe if they just put him in the slot so he has less stuff to learn. And Iglesias is a moron who had all year to learn Turner's system and couldn't so I can't see how he'll do good in this one. 5. It will make the defense play harder or die. If everything clicks on offense and they start scoring, the defense is going to need to hold up their end of the bargain. And it will be interesting to see if they can. They don't have a secondary besides Peanut. They don't have a pass rush. And Briggs is really their only shining star. Urlacher coming back won't give them a huge push in talent, but maybe that gets the other guys to play harder. If they bring back Tinoisamoa maybe they have a solid enough linebacker core.
  4. The greatest folk metal band of all time, Kalmah
  5. Does anyone want to get together on a server that DOESN'T lag like a Taker match?
  6. He has a Horde alt, but he's all about America (read: Alliance. It is my firm belief that, in terms of lore, Horde = Cuba/Iraq/Afghanistan & Alliance = America.)
  7. I just started a undead warrior, but I think I'll switch over. Name'll be Razner, so I'll be looking for anyone else... msg me if you see me on.
  8. Final Four: Angelina Jolie vs. Alyssa Milano Halle Berry vs. Catherine Bell Finals: Angelina Jolie vs. Halle Berry Winner: Angelina Jolie, the most unfuckingbelievably hottest person on the face of this planet
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