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CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling

Mad Jack

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I got to try it out at King of Trios. It looks and runs great. The controls are extremely simple (two buttons), but I’d need more time with it to know if I like that or not. The creator mode on PC is SUPER in-depth too.

They’ve said it will come to consoles once they’ve added everything to the PC version that they want. I’m not sure if that just means maintenance patches or more features. My two biggest questions are if the console versions will have creator mode and some kind of story/career/championship mode.

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2 hours ago, Rocky said:

Would I be correct in assuming the PC version has controller support?


I have an issue with my controller where to climb the turnbuckle (which is in the direction of the turnbuckle + X & A on a X-Box controller) where it wouldn't work, but if I use the directional buttons instead of the analog stick it works fine. Only real bug I've encountered so far.

I've seen a few people disappointed with the size of the roster but in the short time I've played it I've found that you can unlock as you rank up and the developers have said that there will be DLC in the future but it will be free, so hopefully that bodes well as it is kind of lacking a bit in game modes at the moment. There's a lot of content on the creation centre already as well.

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25 minutes ago, Josh Marenghi said:

So is it strictly “choose a match and play it” or are there any other modes? Championships? Story? Etc.

Choose a match and play it - it is basically an arcade game.

Again, the developers have said there's more of the game to come this is just the base version. I kinda wished they had waited until they put in more modes, though, because there's obviously no guarantee that they will.

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