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We Want It All


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I searched, and didn't find anything, so..

We Want it All  is the name of Zack de la Rocha's new track scheduled to be in Michael Moore's upcoming compilation CD(released October 5th). It is NOT "March of Death" as rumored by some people. Its a totally new track.

READ: It has come to my attention that the track is on iTunes. So support Zack and get the song the attention it deserves. The download is only 99 cents, better quality with what you can get here. Remember to support the cause, buy the upcoming release of the 9-11 CD.

De la Rocha's "We Want It All," produced by Trent Reznor and de la Rocha, is the album's lead single and video, as well as the vocalist's first new album-based recording in five years.

...Someone's at my door

Screaming hate is love

And fiction is fact

Honesty is deceit

That silence is security

And war is peace

'Cause we want it all

"Seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 was like hearing Dylan's 'Masters Of War' or Public Enemy's 'Bring The Noise' for the first time," says Zack. "It wasn't just about melody, great production or hard ryhmes--it was the weight of the argument and what the piece forced me to consider."

Sony BMG Music is donating one half of its net profits from U.S. sales of this CD to the Fallen Patriot Fund, the charity selected by Michael Moore. The Fallen Patriot Fund of the Mark Cuban Foundation was established to help families of U.S. military personnel who have been killed or seriously injured in the current Iraqi conflict. All funds raised go directly to the families. "It was very important to everyone involved that we do something to help those Americans most deeply affected by the Iraqi war."

As the battle rages on, says Zack de la Rocha, "Michael's film continues to deepen the discussion at a time when the big lie and the even bigger bombs threaten the hope of creating real democracy in the world. I hope my song and this record keep that discussion going."

Michael Moore on Zack de la Rocha: " Zack, the lead singer of the greatest rock band of the '90s, Rage Against the Machine, is, in person, the most gentle of souls you will ever meet. But when he gets in the studio or on the stage, a fire erupts that consumes all who listen. This is his first song in five years and it's a barn burner! Welcome back, Zack, we need ya now more than ever...

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