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Trailer Park Boys

Enter Blue Guy

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Yes, this show rocks on so many levels. It's probably the most unintellectual TV show ever, it's production quality is terrible (well, it is supposed to be a "documentary"), and it doesn't appeal to all tastes, but I fucking can't get enough of this show! I just bought season 3 on DVD a few days ago and I'm planning on buying the season 1 & 2 package this weekend.

My favorite quote has to be the one I have in my sig...

From the episode where Lahey buys all the remaining tickets to the Rush concert so that the gang can't attend the show. Bubbles is very upset, so in order to make him feel better and get the full Rush experience, Ricky kidnaps Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and brings him to the trailer park.

Ricky: Hey, play "I Like To Rock".

Alex Lifeson from Rush:...That's April Wine.

Ricky: Well, play that "Diane Sawyer" song...just fuckin' play something!

I dunno why but I find that moment extremely hilarious. If you don't get it, Ricky is referring to the Rush song "Tom Sawyer", but instead calls it "that Diane Sawyer song"...Diane Sawyer is of ABC's 20/20 fame.

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I watch it. It has endeering moments, and I don't see how you can call it unintellectual. It's social commentary and genius social commentary. It's satirical. Just because it's LCD humor doesn't, in this case, make it unintelligent.

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I'm a huge fan of this show. Some of my friends thought it was stupid at first but by the end of the episode they were laughing their asses off. I've missed the entire 4th season so I'll end up picking it up on DVD.

How'd they get arrested at the end of the 4th season (assuming it's done)?

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I love the show as a whole, but the best parts, for me, are the little nods to various films and TV shows. For the sake of an example, look at the episode where Lahey and Sam Losco (sp?) are running for the position of Trailer Park Supervisor. As Sam gives his speech, there's a guy with a mohawk and army fatigues standing nearer to the back of the crowd, an obvious nod Taxi Driver. The show is great, some of the jokes are first rate and the characters are to die for, but those little moments make the episodes for me.

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Yea that episode is fuckin' hilarious. The one where they steal gas and start a gas station in the Trailer Park. I love the part where Ricky has a cig while on the patch gets woozy and sets the place on fire, lol. This is by far the best show on TV. I live in the States but a friends who saw it while playing hockey in Canada bought the seasons and we watched a shit load of them.

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