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The Lord of the Rings


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I'm warming up to the Rings Of Power now that things finally got going.


I'm looking forward to seeing Sauron outside of his armor and the prospect of getting to witness the Downfall of Númenor has me excited as well. I still don't know what to make out of the Hobbit sub-plot.

And do we really need to shoehorn a tragic elf/non-elf romance into every talking adaptation?


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I've just started it, first episode is very pretty, clearly has a lot of vision behind the cinematography. Character introductions and scene setting are going well. Can't say it's thrilled me but it's got a lot of set up to do, and it's good that they aren't just making assumptions that people will know every little bit of middle earth lore.

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Really enjoyed Season 1 tbh. I guessed the sort of reveals/twists, but that's not to say it wasn't written well. I think Elrond's plotline is the one I've enjoyed the most. 

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Same here. The show took a while to properly get going. I still maintain that you can take the first 2 hour-long episodes and cut them together into one hour-long episode without loosing much of importance. But by episode 3 they had me hooked.

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It did take me until the final episode to figure out that Halbrand was Sauron. They did throw me for a loop with the whole "I killed Sauron" speech by Adar and the three weirdos mistaking Gandalf (The Stranger is supposed to be Gandalf, right? I figure that by the way he takes to the Hobbits it has to be Gandalf) for Sauron. For a moment there I really thought they would throw us a curve ball and re-write Sauron's history.

And who were those three weirdos anyway?


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