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Question about Minidiscs/Minidisc Players


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Minidiscs generally hold 80 minutes, just like a CD. The beauty of them though is that you can record over/delete tracks. However, they are dying out since they're not very practical and MP3 players will take over. Really, the majority of people using minidiscs are doing some kind of work in audio production. If you're just wanting music, definitely go with the MP3 player.

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But it also depends on how much you want to spend. Minidisc players are much cheaper then any of the good MP3 players out there.

But not nearly as convenient. A minidisc holds 80 minutes and you generally get five to a pack. A pack of minidiscs costs about $10, that's going to add up. Though they have great playback quality, they're pretty much like a digital version of the cassette. I use them for work, but I would much rather spend the extra cash on the convenience of an MP3 player.

Don't get me wrong, I like the minidisc for portable listening as opposed to the CD because it doesn't drain batteries as bad and no skipping. However, recording to them is a pain in the ass since you have to record in real time (as far as I know) and you can't copy them without expensive professional technology. MP3 players are growing, and will eventually be widely used in cars and stereo systems. Minidisc technology is not growing and probably won't be around much longer. It's kinda like DVD vs. VHS (imagine VHS being very high quality in this analogy), sure you can get a VCR pretty cheap, but you're eventually going to shell out the cash for a DVD player anyway. As I said, if you only want music, get the MP3 player, it beats shelling out cash for new minidiscs all the time, the quality is almost as good, and you have a lot more storage space. However, if you are very picky about sound quality and plan on doing more than just listening to music, go with a minidisc player.

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i personally have a minidisk player, and i think that they are great. They hold about 70 songs apiece if you set them on the lowest settings, and a pack of 5 or 6 minidisks cost about 10 dollars, which is pretty good as well.

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actually, if you buy one of the newer "net" minidisc players, one mini disc can hold up to 40 cd's. And im pretty sure you can transfer music on it in the same way as MP3 players.

So add that to the looooooong 25+ hours of battery life compared to the 8hrs (and only on ION(?) battery compared to multiple rechargeables for MD) of the MP3 player

i know which one im getting for christmas

yea ive had bad experiences with MP3's lol, i bought one, £250 for 64mb (which was a lot when they first came out) and the battery was crap. I played 20 songs, the entire playlist, and my battery bar was down to 1 already, plus it took two AAA batteries, so i was pretty much buying a new pack every day

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