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A Few Movies

~The Missionary Guy~

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Shaun Of The Dead is great.

Resident Evil looks like it'll be a good laff.

Dodgeball isn't actually as funny as I'd hope.

Girl Next Door might be a mistake.

Alien Vs Predator is like carcrash movie going. It's gonna be awful but I might HAVE to see it, although it might bury my love of Alien forever.

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Out of the movies I've seen, Dodgeball, The Girl Next Door and Shaun of the Dead were all good, with The Girl Next Door and Shaun of the Dead being the gems of the bunch. Couldn't tell you about Resident Evil and Alien vs Predator, but the consensus about those movies has been not good.

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Dodgeball was supposed to be pretty funny according to my friend, but i didnt get a chance to see it, same with The Girl Next Door. Shaun of the Dead is great, funny ass movie and pretty gory too, which suprised me. Resident Evil looks alright, nothing to call home about but not absolutely crap either. I'll most likely check it out sometime. I didnt get a chance to see Alien vs Predator, but then again, I'm not a big fan of the Alien movies.

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AVP was decent. Nothing too outstanding.

Shaun Of The Dead was hilarious. One of the best this year I think.

Resident Evil was good. Not as good as the first but eh.

Dodgeball was funny as hell. Highyl recomended.

Girl Next Door I saw 7 times in one week when it first came out, so yes, I reccomend seeing it.

I also reccomend Garden State. Saw that last night and it was really good. That and Napoloen Dynamite.

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Saw AVP the other night. It was lame, but what they should do is make a buddy cop movie with Predator and that b-grade halle-berry-wannabe chick, with Alien as the chief of police who's always on Predator's case. Predator obviously wouldn't understand human beings, so at the end of every episode he'd do something stupid and everyone would shrug and go "Predatoooorrrr!" and then laugh.

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