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Ruah. Randomosity.

So does anyone on EWB like Biohazard? I saw the videos for "Five Blocks (To The Subway)" and "Sell Out" the other day on Fuse's Uranium program. The music itself I liked a lot but I didn't care for the rapping vocals thing.

And "Five Blocks (To The Subway)" is one of the worst songs (lyrically) I've heard. O...kay...so you have to walk five blocks to the subway, is that really something worth writing a song about?

Do Biohazard have any instrumental songs or non-rapping type songs? ^_^

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i don't know much about biohazard, but they put on a kickass live show. I saw them at a concert in September, right after 9/11, when the airports where shut down. Alot of the bigger bands werent around so the concert almost got cancelled, but they called up the radio station, drove down 5 hours in a tour bus and played for about an hour and a half. Awesome stuff. :thumbsup:

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