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WWE: Making the 'E' Active!

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WWE NEWS (01 October 2004)

The World Wrestling Entertainment has been approached by guy called Edwin Vroonland. This rich man wants to buy 50% of the WWE to help the company out of there recent financial trouble. Although the WWE would love to have his money Mr. Vroonland also wants control over the booking. Vince McMahon doesn't seem to like that part of the deal and he said he'll give it some thought. Time will tell what is going to happen...

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Results (19 October 2004)

Trish Stratus © retained the title by winning the Battle Royal

Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier ©, also known as La Resistance II, succesfully defended the World Tag Team Titles against Shawn Michaels and Edge, who didn't get picked to face HHH. HBK and Edge got into a fight in the match and La Resistance took advantage of the situation

Christy won the Evening Gown Match and made a fool out of Carmella by spray painting her hair pink!

Christian was chosen to face Chris Jericho. Christian cheated his way towards the Intercontinental Championship!

Eugene Dinsmore totally destroyed Bischoff and Bischoff had to wear a dress all night long!

Gene Snitsky pulled an upset victory over Kane. Kane dominated most of the match but because of the returned Matt Hardy, Snitksy managed to beat Kane!

Ric Flair made Randy Orton submit to the Figur-Four Leglock. Afterwards Orton offered a handshake but Flair just walked away, showing no respect

Triple H defeated Chris Benoit, and this time he won cleanly. Benoit almost made HHH tap out to the Crossface but HHH used his brawling skills to take Benoit down. Triple H has survived Taboo Tuesday and is still the World Heavyweight Champion!

We got a 1.58 buy rate for 'Taboo Tuesday'!

The attendance was 16131 people.

We made $3950000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $967860 from ticket sales.

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Guest M Trizzo

sigh Rich people suck :/ why cant a poor guy buy the WWE huh? maybe he blackmailed vince and vince "mysteriously" traded his company for a penny and nobody knows why?

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I find it highly unlikely, especially seeing as WWE is not in any financial difficulties, Vince and Co. always know what cut backs to make to keep more than afloat, the company profits seem to be more and more each year IIRC. Anyway, you have me reading for a start, if you can keep me reading by adding more realism, we'll soon see.

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WWE Smackdown!

Results 21 October 2004

Footage of last week's Smackdown! is shown. Rey Mysterio became the no.1 contender for the WWE United States Title and took on Carlito Cool but Cool cheated his way to victory. Also Heidenreich threathened Paul Heyman but then he went crazy in the ring. John Bradshaw Layfield retained the WWE Title against Hardcore Holly and Reigns, Angle and Jindrak tried to shave Eddie Guerrero bald but Big Show came to Eddie's aid and cleaned house!

The pyros go off, the fans go wild and Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to yet another exciting Smackdown!.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Billy Gunn and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Dupree and Suzuki

The current tag team champs came to the ring with there dog Fifi and Hiroko, who had the titles in her hands. Gunn made his return to Smackdown! and he got the crowd behind him because he danced with Scotty 2 Hotty towards the ring! Gunn started the match against Dupree and immediately Gunn took control using some hard hitting moves on the Frenchman. Basically the challengers dominated almost the entire match but because of Hiroko stopping Scotty 2 Hotty's Worm, Suzuki could get up and hit Scotty 2 Hotty with the Hagakure. Dupree took care of Billy Gunn while Suzuki pinned S2H to retain the Tag Titles.


Winners: Dupree and Suzuki ©


Announcement Time!

Theodore Long, the GM of Smackdown!, makes his way out to the ring and he has an announcement regarding tonight's Main Event! In the ring Long grabs a microphone and he begins to talk...

Long: 'What's up?! Last week we saw John Heidenreich threatening his own manager and he collapsed on the ground. Luckily for Paul Heyman, he didn't attack another fan in the crowd because that would've cost his ass. Now Heyman has two choices, or he makes sure Heidenreich calms down and doesn't attack another fan in the crowd or he MAKES Heidenreich shut up if ya know what I'm saying but I don't think Heyman is capable of doing that. I want to know if Heyman is going to stop being Heidenreich's manager or he'll stay his manager, either way he needs to get Heidenreich off the fan-attacking. Now onto Kurt Angle's gang. Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns almost shaved Eddie Guerrero's hair off but luckily Big Show took care of them. Eddie Guerrero probably wants revenge so tonight it's going to be Eddie and the Big Show versus Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns (*fans cheer*). This playa is going to the back again, holla!'

Long goes away and Carlito Cool, the United States Champ, appears on screen.


I'll Spit On His Face

Carlito Cool is backstage with the WWE US Title around his waist.

Cool: 'Last week I showed the world that Rey Mysterio isn't cool. Mysterio thought he could strip me off the US Title but he was wrong. Mysterio became the no.1 contender, but I immediately took care of business and now nobody is the no.1 contender, which means I can lay back, watch TV, and be cool. Now I heard Rey Mysterio isn't here tonight, he's probably training for when he meets me in the ring again 'cause no doubt about I was much better then Mysterio. I guess he wants a rematch, but I am not scared of him. I’ll spit on his face..’

Suddenly Cool gets hit from behind with a chair by Rey Mysterio! He orders Cool to get up and then he nails him with a DDT onto the steel chair!

Mysterio: 'You cheated to defend the US Title, if you think THAT's cool then something is wrong with you. Now I'm going to do everything I can to get a rematch because now that I touched the belt once, I just can't get my hands off it, I need it!'

Mysterio rubs the United States Title a bit but eventually he throwes the belt into Cool's face, leaving Cool in pain.


Mark Jindrak makes his way out to the ring and he wants a microphone.

Jindrak: 'Stupid Big Show! If it wasn't for him, not only he but also Eddie Guerrero would be walking around totally bald! What Big Show needs to know is that Smackdown!'s number one player is Kurt Angle again, my boss, Luther Reign's boss. We are Team Angle, and we will dominate Smackdown! whether Big Show likes it or not. The show is over for Big Show, it's now time for two new superstars to rise....Luther Reigns and MARK JINDRAK!'

Funaki comes running to the ring and he dropkicks Jindrak down! A referee comes and he starts a match!

Mark Jindrak vs. Funaki

Funaki thinks he has control over Jindrak after the dropkick but Jindrak avoids another Dropkick and locks Funaki into a Half Boston Crab. Funaki is no competition for Jindrak as Jindrak shows he might just be the future of the WWE! Jindrak could've finished the match after he hit Funaki with the Mark of Excellence but he wanted to have more fun with the little Japanese guy. Jindrak threw Funaki onto every turnbuckle and stuff like that. Eventually he hit the MJ Delight on Funaki and he pinned him for the win.


Winner: Mark Jindrak


After the match Luther Reigns came to the ring and together with Jindrak they totally destroyed Funaki! Funaki had to be carried out of the ring on a stretcher. Reigns and Jindrak showed what they are all about!


The WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, is backstage and he just got the night off. JBL makes his way out of the arena and when he opens the door of his limousine, the Undertaker comes out! Undertaker scares the shit out of JBL and JBL begs Taker not to do anything stupid. They look into each other's eyes and after a long and silent break Taker points at John Bradshaw Layfield and he says 'Dead Man Walking'. JBL is shocked and the Undertaker just walks away into the darkness. Orlando Jordan comes running to JBL and he heard that Undertaker was in JBL's limousine. Jordan helps JBL get into the limo as JBL is still in shock from the Undertaker's weird appearance.


No Poem Tonight!

Heidenreich comes to the ring and by his side is Paul Heyman. Heyman yells at Heidenreich not to attack a fan, that's all he cannot do. Both men have microphones.

Heyman: 'As you can see Mr. Long, I am still Heidenreich's manager. Once I took a man called Brock Lesnar to the top of the WWE but later on he attacked me and now he has left the WWE. He's was nothing compared to Heidenreich. I know I can take Heidenreich to the same level Lesnar was, and that's the WWE Championship. The only thing standing in my way is Heidenreich's fan-attacking'

Heidenreich: 'Don't worry Heyman, I'm not going to attack people in the crowd again because it doesn't make Undertaker come the ring. Apparently he doesn't care shit about the fans! (*crowd boo's) I know you are all waiting for another masterpiece of mine, another great poem but not anymore. I'm through with poems. Now tonight it's going to be ME, against Hardcore Holly! I am going to break and shatter his bones and you know why? Because I am Heidenreich!'

Heyman: 'That's right, nobody can compete with this gigantic monster. Not the Undertaker, not John Bradshaw Layfield, not John Cena, nobody! Because of us JBL retained the WWE Championship at No Mercy, but we didn't do it for JBL. We showed that we are not scared of the Undertaker, well.....that Heidenreich is not scared of the Undertaker! Undertaker has always been the guy who kicked everyone's ass and who puts people in coffins or who throws people off cage's...but no longer! Taker needs to pass the torch and he'll pass it to Heidenreich whether he likes it or not!'

Heidenreich throws his microphone away and it almost hits Tazz's head!

They wait for Hardcore Holly and his match is next!


Hardcore Holly vs. Heidenreich

When the bell rings Holly immediately tries to take Heidenreich down with a clothesline but Heidenreich doesn't even move! Holly nails Heidenreich with a couple of right hands and he goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex but Heidenreich grabs Holly and he Suplexes Holly onto the ropes and Holly bounces to the outside of the ring! Heidenreich rolls out of the ring and he whips Holly into the steel ring steps twice. Heidenreich continues to kick Holly's ass throughout a couple of minutes but suddenly Holly counters a Powerbomb from Heidenreich and he throws Heidenreich over his back! Holly takes control over the match and Heidenreich can't do anything about it so when Holly for a Running Elbow on the outside of the ring Heidenreich pulls out a steel chain and he nails Holly with it! The referee rings the bell for DQ but Heidenreich continues his assault. He almost kills Holly by choking him with the steel chain!


Winner: Hardcore Holly


Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman

This was a very short match but also very entertaining. Moore stunned the crowd with a Corkscrew Moonsault while Kidman's 5 Hurricanranna's in a row were really cool as well. The match finished when Kidman drilled Moore with a BK Bomb and the Shooting Star Press! Moore looked in terrible pain after the Shooting Star Press as Kidman slowly walked away showing no respect at all.


Winner: Billy Kidman


Bubba Ray and Spike vs. Haas and Rico

Miss Jackie didn't walk Haas and Rico to the ring, she is injured for an unknown time and weirdly enough, same goes for Dawn Marie so that storyline is over (thank god). Every time throughout the match when Bubba did something wrong Spike yelled at Bubba and he ordered him to do things, which is extremely funny to look at. Although Spike thought he did everything right, HE was the man who got pinned after he was surprised by Rico with a Spinning Kick!


Winners: Haas and Rico



Kurt Angle's music hits the arena and Angle comes to the ring with his medals.

Angle: 'Did you guys see Mark Jindrak beat Funaki easily? He played with him like he was nothing and you know why Jindrak couldn't do that before? Because then I wasn't his mentor yet. He and Luther Reigns are learning from me. I came to the WWE and I became the WWE Champion in my first year so I know how to win matches and I know you can be the best in the business. Of course I want to be the WWE Champion, who doesn't, but I'm also going to be a mentor for the people in Team Angle. I see a future in Jindrak and Reigns....not in Funaki! Haha. Next up I'll fight with Luther Reigns against 'Baldy' Big Show and Eddie Guerrero, and I ain't scared 'cause we are going to win and Team Angle will stand tall!'

WELL, WELL IT'S THA BIG SHOW! Big Show and Eddie Guerrero come riding to the ring in a low rider and the crowd goes nuts!


Big Show and Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns

Show and Guerrero slowly come out of the low rider and Reigns probably thinks it's taken too long so he appears and he smashes Guerrero's head onto the window of the low rider! Show takes Reigns down with a hard right hand and he drags him into the ring where he meets a Clothesline from Angle. Angle goes immediately for the Ankle Lock but Show kicks him away. Show nails Angle with a Headbutt while Eddie Guerrero walks to the ring after the window-accident. Big Show seems to be stronger then he has ever been in the WWE and he doesn't allow Angle to do much. Eventually Angle kicks Show against his knee's and Show falls down, allowing Angle to finally tag Reigns into the match. Reigns tries to choke Show but Show gets to the ropes. Reigns allows Show to get up and he goes for a right hand but Show kicks Reigns down with a big boot to the face! Show tags Eddie Guerrero, who gives the smarks there satisfaction by doing some high flying moves. After minutes of raw action Eddie goes for the Frog Splash but Angle grabs Eddie and he Superplex's Eddie off! Angle tags Reigns who crushes Eddie with a huge Powerbomb. Big Show can't stand watching Eddie getting beat so he surprises Reigns with a big Choke Slam and then turns around into a brass knuckles shot from Kurt Angle! The referee didn't see it and Reigns tags Angle back into the match. Angle locks Eddie into the Ankle Lock but Eddie reverses into a STF! Mark Jindrak runs to the ring and distracts the referee while Reigns nails Eddie with the same brass knuckles as before! Angle covers Guerrero, Jindrak leaves the referee alone and Reigns takes care of Big Show, 1.......2........3! It's over, Kurt Angle has pinned Eddie Guerrero!


Winners: Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns


Mark Jindrak helps Kurt Angle back to his feet and the pose for the crowd. Big Show rolls out of the ring and he's pissed off. Smackdown! goes off the air with Team Angle standing tall in the ring!


"We got a 5.82 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 7514 people.

We made $300560 from ticket sales"


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After Taboo Tuesday, Batista suffered a ripped bicep and he's expected to return to the ring after 7 months, which is a pretty long time. 'This sucks, I was doing great with Evolution and now that's all over' said Batista. The big man was due for a push but now his career at the WWE might just be over if the WWE decides to release Batista. Also Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie are injured, but it is unknown when they will return. They were in a storyline together but that storyline is now gone and Head Booker Vroonland said he will probably not continue the story when they return.

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After Taboo Tuesday, Batista suffered a ripped bicep and he's expected to return to the ring after 7 months, which is a pretty long time. 'This sucks, I was doing great with Evolution and now that's all over' said Batista. The big man was due for a push but now his career at the WWE might just be over if the WWE decides to release Batista. Also Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie are injured, but it is unknown when they will return. They were in a storyline together but that storyline is now gone and Head Booker Vroonland said he will probably not continue the story when they return.

Wait... he's injured so they'll fire him just after planning a huge push? Sorry to keep picking gaps in your diary, but he could sue their asses for doing that and almost guarantee victory.

The show was very mediocre... I'll pass on giving judgement until you get a bit further.

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Dude, that's no gap in my diary. If he's 7 MONTHS gone then that push will also be gone because then he won't be as over as he is now. If he doesn't get the push, someone else will get it. 7 Months is a long time dude...

And it says that IF THE WWE DECIDES....who says they will?

Edited by Vroonland
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Jesus. I wish people would stop nitpicking. Is the backstory unrealistic? Sure. Is the fact that the WWE may release Batista unrealistic? I really don't think it is. Remember when he got injured the moment his first big push on RAW began, leading to his return in September/October 2003? He was out for a while, just when the company had big plans for him. Now that he's out for another seven months just as MORE big plans start to roll in, I really don't see the problem. McMahon has been known to shit over injury prone guys. As for the backstory, once one person says it's unrealistic, what's the point of rambling on? If we've already established that, do we really need seventeen other people saying the same thing?

The booking is what counts, and right now, the booking seems just fine. Look at SmackDown!... Any problems with the storylines? Did he suddenly blow something off, ala Billy Kidman's new character? No, he kept with it and had him squash Shannon Moore. He had Heidenreich beat the hell into Hardcore Holly, just like he probably would. Infact, this is probably the most realistic booking I've seen in a while.

Give this thing a chance before you slam it. I think it's good so far, and I'll be reading.

EDIT: Having just read the show, it's not the best piece of writing, but there's always room for improvement. Most of your characters seem generic, so study a few promos and see what they really sound like. Long, in particular, didn't sound all that convincing. The matches are like a list of moves combined into one paragraph. Maybe add some opinions, and show feelings and emotion too.

Don't make pointless posts, like "the format isn't quite right", either. That'll get you a warning and fast, so just include a post like that with your next show.

Edited by Burning Dragon
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Give this thing a chance before you slam it. I think it's good so far, and I'll be reading.

The show was very mediocre... I'll pass on giving judgement until you get a bit further.

Noticing anything there BD?

I'm not slamming it, I'm just saying that WWE would not release a wrestler like that simply because they know their asses could be sued.

Don't get me wrong, so far I have enjoyed the diary, but with several small holes it does frustrate me as a reader, it's called constructive criticism and I, as a reader, have a right to use it, whether Vroon takes into account my criticism is his choice, not yours.

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WWE Velocity

Results 23 October 2004

In the first contest of the night Bill DeMott defeated the Japanese jobber Akio in a short but quite entertaining match. DeMott showed he is still able to put on some quality matches


Debuting wrestler Jason Cross almost pulled of an unexpected win over Johnny Stamboli but because of Nunzio, the FBI member walked away victorious to the delight of the crowd


A taped promo was shown of Booker T. He said he couldn't perform on Smackdown! because he had some family issues to take care of. The Bookerman said that Thursday he'll be running wild again. Now can you dig that, SUCKA?!


D-Von Dudley, who didn't wrestle on Smackdown!, lost in this match to Paul London in weirdly enough a pretty good match


Orlando Jordan thought he could easily grab a win here on Velocity but the debuting wrestler Nova pulled off a victory over the Chief of Staff!


On Smackdown! Billy and Scott 2 Hotty were really close to the WWE Tag Team Titles, here on Velocity they showed they are a hot new tag team as they defeated the Basham Brothers!



WWE Heat

Results 24 October 2004

Also on Heat a wrestler debuted with a win. Jerome Young showed to the world that he is a hot prospect in the wrestling business as he finishes Garrison Cade off with the Yonnonator after a mediocre match


After the first match Jerome Young introduced himself to the fans and he said he hoped the fans would have a great night. Jerome said he's in the WWE to become a big superstar and there is nobody that can stop him! Well isn't that just nice...


Gail Kim defeated Nidia in one of the best Women's Matches I have seen in a very long while and this one was on Heat for god sake!


Last week he was called Val Venis, now he is called Sean Morley again. Morley talked about being on Heat all the time and that he's sick of not wrestling on RAW all the time like he used to. Morley finished his segment saying that he'll face Rodney Mack in the Main Event and he'll prove that he is all that, and more!


Former FBI member Chuck Palumbo beat Al Snow and the fans didn't like this match one bit. Snow is a tweener and I guess the crowd saw him as a Heel this time, resulting into a Heel vs. Heel match


The hairy ape A-Train returned after being absent for a while and he destroyed Matt Cappotelli who didn't hit A-Train one time properly throughout the match :shifty:


A video was shown and it said: 'HE'S COMING BACK, IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!". Oh my god who is this guy getting a cool debut video?


Next, Sean Morley wrestled like he was in his prime of his career again. Rodney Mack pulled off some big ass moves but it was Morley who won the match with the Money Shot!



We got a 4.22 rating for 'Velocity'!

The attendance level was 8042 people.

We made $321680 from ticket sales

We got a 5.17 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7543 people.

We made $301720 from ticket sales

Oh my god, I just have to put this here:

Bill DeMott: Akio and me don't have much chemistry in the ring. How about putting me in a program with a worker like Heidenreich? I think our styles would really work well together.


Edited by Vroonland
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Noticing anything there BD?

I'm not slamming it, I'm just saying that WWE would not release a wrestler like that simply because they know their asses could be sued.

Don't get me wrong, so far I have enjoyed the diary, but with several small holes it does frustrate me as a reader, it's called constructive criticism and I, as a reader, have a right to use it, whether Vroon takes into account my criticism is his choice, not yours.

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Noticing anything there BD?

I'm not slamming it, I'm just saying that WWE would not release a wrestler like that simply because they know their asses could be sued.

Don't get me wrong, so far I have enjoyed the diary, but with several small holes it does frustrate me as a reader, it's called constructive criticism and I, as a reader, have a right to use it, whether Vroon takes into account my criticism is his choice, not yours.

Dude it's EWR a game get over it, it's not like he really will sue and everyone will die...the worlds not gonna end

so far I will keep reading

The idea behind a realistic diary is keeping realism, threatening firings for merely being injured (especially in his workplace) is unrealistic. He has already covered it in a satisfactor manner for me anyway so just let it be eh?

I quite liked that format for Velocity and HeAT, although the main shows do need more detail I'd request of you really, up to you if you want to do that. Quick question, how are you going to cover all these Simon Dean promo's being repeated? Especially now Nova has debuted as Nova?

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Guest Zidane lived

I like this. The layout is not the best.

But am new here so I can’t speak from my sig the CZW dairy coming soon. So maybe I will do me descent attempt. Never the less this is good keep it up! :blush:



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Results 25 October 2004

WWE Intercontinental Title Match!

- Christian © vs. Maven -

The show started off with a bang as these two guys gave the fans a nice show. Christian went for a Clothesline but Maven avoided and he caught Christian with a Cross Body and he rolled into a pin, 1-2-close one! Maven hyped the crowd up a bit before picking Christian up for whatever he had in mind but Christian gave Maven a low blow while the referee wasn't looking, how low can you go?! Christian put a big smile on and he locked Maven into the Walls of Jericho! Everyone thought it was over but Maven managed to get to the ropes! Christian yelled "Uprettier" and he pulled Maven up but Maven gave Christian a couple of right hands and then he nailed Christian with a beautiful Dropkick! Maven went onto the top rope and he grabbed Christian, HALO DDT ONTO THE IC CHAMP! Maven quickly covered Christian, 1....2....thre no Christian kicks out! Maven goes ballistic and he yells to the referee that it was three. Maven goes up onto the turnbuckle and Christian gets up. Maven tries to surprise Christian with a Missile Dropkick but Christian jumps away at the last second and he hits Maven with the Unprettier! Christian rolls Maven up and he uses the ropes to get the three count! Maven almost became the new Intercontinental Champ but Christian cheated to retain his belt.


Winner: Christian ©

Rating: :)



The General Manager of RAW makes his way to the ring and he has bandages all over his face. Bischoff grabs a microphone.

Bischoff: 'As you can see I'm still hurt from last week's Taboo Tuesday. I thought I had a nice nephew, I thought Eugene wouldn't try to KILL me but I guess I was wrong. Eugene humiliated me in front of everybody in the arena and the people watching at home and let me tell you....that doesn't feel good. Eugene, although you are not like us normal people, I will treat you like one from now on because what you did to me at Taboo Tuesday I will NEVER forget. If my name was Triple H I would have challenged you to a rematch but I'm the General Manager of RAW and.....I don't like to wrestle. So tonight, it's not going to be me facing Eugene Dinsmore but it'll be a debuting wrestler. This guy is awesome, I know for sure he'll kick Eugene's ass! Oh, and William Regal, don't you dare bring your brass knuckles with you when you support Eugene tonight 'cause if you do, there will be hell to pay! Now I'll be backstage if someone needs me......fans, enjoy seeing Eugene getting the crap beaten out of him tonight! Bye'

The fans boo as Eric Bischoff limps away.


Think Positive

Christian is backstage with the Coach who is back doing interviews again.

Coach: 'Christian, you have to give it up for Maven, he almost defeated you'

Christian: 'What? Would you shut up? I don't want you to say things like that to me Coach. Fact is that I DID almost lose the Intercontinental Title but I don't like that one bit. Maven is just an annoying pain in the ass, he's a stupid kid who now is in the locker room screaming that he's the best to himself just because he almost defeated the great Christian. He scared the shit out of my peeps but don't worry Coachman, nobody will ever get that close to my IC Title again!'

Christian touches his head and it hurts.

Christian: 'Man, he really got me. But luckily he didn't get the Title and that's what it is all about. Freakin...'

Suddenly a man appears and Jim Ross says it's Chris Kanyon. Christian looks at Kanyon and he is shocked.

Kanyon: 'Dude, don't be so negative. You need to be positive, being positive will get you far. Maven did a damn good job and because he did well you became a better wrestler, think of it that way Christian. When I was fired by the WWE I didn't destroy my house, I didn't rape a woman, no.....I stayed positive and look where I am now; back in the World Wrestling Entertainment! Another example of always staying positive; I don't like you Christian, actually I hate you but you are a good wrestler and if I wrestle you I will become a better man, get it? Always stay positive'

Christian: 'Did you just say you hate me?'

Kanyon: 'Yeah, isn't it great?!'

Christian looks at Kanyon for a while and then he shakes his head in disgust. Kanyon looks confused as Christian walks away without saying anything. 'Positively' Chris Kanyon is back!


World Tag team Title Match!

- Justice League (Rosey/Hurricane) vs. La Resistance © -

Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway came to the ring with the Canadian flag and they got heavily boo'ed. Is it a bird, is it a plain, no it's Rosey and Hurricane! The superheros ran to the ring to cheers. Rosey immediately went at it with Grenier. After minutes of some nice brawling Rosey slams Grenier down from the turnbuckle! Rosey tags Hurricane who jumps onto the top rope and he goes for some sort of Frog Splash but Conway pulls Grenier out of the ring. Grenier recovers on the outside of the ring and Conway tells him that Hurricane is nothing. Grenier comes back into the ring and Hurricane goes straight for the Shing Black Wizard but Grenier jumps away and tags in Conway. Conway hits Hurricane with a Clothesline and he distracts the referee while Sylvan Grenier gets back into the ring and he knocks Rosey off the apron with a steel chair! Grenier helps Hurricane get back to his feet and together with Conway he does the Au Revoir! Conway pins Hurricane for the win! After the contest Conway and Grenier waved the Canadian flag around while walking away.


Winners: La Resistance ©

Rating: ^_^


Lucky Bastard

Backstage we see Randy Orton and he has something to say!

Orton: 'Flair, you lucky bastard, you won the Submission match at Taboo Tuesday. I have to admit that I was surprised that you still have so much strength and I did underestimate you. Hell, I think Triple H is easier to beat then your old ass! Before Taboo Tuesday I showed respect to you Flair, I told you that I always wanted to be like you....I showed you utter respect. But then what happened at Taboo Tuesday?! You made me tap out and I offered a handshake because I wanted to congratulate you but you walked away and there was no respect to be found. I damn near made you tap Flair, not many men can say something like that and I am the youngest World Champion ever so I think I deserve respect! You beat me once old man, but ya can't do it twice. Whoooooo!'

Randy Orton smiles as the fans go wild for the Next Gen Superstar!


- Eugene Dinsmore vs. Debuting Wrestler -

William Regal accompied Eugene Dinsmore, who totally had the crowd behind him. Next Eric Bischoff came to the ring and he introduced the man that will take Eugene down....Mike Awesome! Former ECW World Champion Mike Awesome slowly came to the ring to almost no reaction, have they forgotten about him? Awesome tossed Eugene around and he gave him Powerbomb after Powerbomb. William Regal wanted to interfere all the time but Bischoff shaked his head every time. Awesome finished this squash fest with the Awesome Bomb which damn near created a hole in the ring! Awesome put his foot on Eugene's chest and he got the victory. What a impressive debut from this monster! William Regal yelled for a stretcher and Eugene was taken away on a stretcher. Bischoff enjoyed every bit of it and he gave Awesome 100 dollars "extra" for his good performance.


Winner: Mike Awesome

Rating: :devil:


- Johnny Nitro and Garrison Cade vs. Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon -

Ultimo Dragon made his return to the WWE together with Tajiri. Ultimo received big pops from the crowd and he seemed ready for the match. Nitro and Cade came to the ring seperate as they aren't really a team. This match was used to show the fans that Ultimo is back and that Tajiri isn't tagging with Rhyno anymore. After minutes of enjoying Ultimo and Tajiri's beautiful moves Johnny Nitro tried to use the ropes for leverage to win but the referee noticed him cheating. Ultimo tagged Tajiri and Tajiri jumped from the apron over the ropes onto Nitro! Tajiri waited for Nitro to get up, only to hit him with a wheelkick. Tajiri tried to whip Nitro into the corner but Nitro reversed and Tajiri ran into the turnbuckle! Nitro went for a Clothesline but Tajiri grabbed Nitro and he locked him into the Tarantula! The crowd went nuts as Nitro's head went totally red! Tajiri unleashed the hold and tagged Ultimo Dragon back into the contest. Nitro tagged Cade and Cade immediately got hit by the Asai DDT from Ultimo! Ultimo locked Cade into the Dragon Sleeper and Cade had to tap out. Ultimo and Tajiri form an entertaining tag team but Nitro and Cade took the match quality down like hell.


Winner: Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon

Rating: ;)


The Main Event Gets Booked

The camera switches to Eric Bischoff's office where Bischoff is relaxing in his chair. The office door opens and Sean Morley appears to cheers from the crowd.

Bischoff: 'What are you doing here?'

Morley: 'Eric, I have been stuck on Heat, I've been put in lame matches and I'm sick of it and I think the crowd is sick of it too! I want to prove to you that I don't belong on Heat, and I want to proof it tonight! What do you say Eric?'

Bischoff: 'First of all, don't call me Eric.....you are not my partner anymore. Second of all, you are going to get your match 'cause I have a spot on the show free. Let me think of something juicy....oh I know; it'll be Sean Morley against a man who is always up for a fight, Tyson Tomko! What do you think? Easy right?'

Morley: 'Yeah.......easy. People wish me luck'

The fans cheer for Sean Morley as his match is up next but first Bischoff has something else to say. Morley leaves.

Bischoff: 'Now that I've already got your attention I'm going to tell you what tonight's main event will be. Tonight we are going to have a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team match, involving Triple H, Edge and Chris Benoit. Those three men get to choose there own partner. Shawn Michaels isn't here tonight because of a minor injury he suffered yesterday but don't worry, he'll be back in no time!'


- Sean Morley vs. Tyson Tomko -

The big bad tattoo-lover Tyson Tomko walked to the ring and he pumped himself up by punching his chest. Morley didn't come out to his Val Venis music theme but to a new theme. He had glasses on but he gave them to a kid in the crowd. Tomko tried to dominate the match but Morley used his experience to get the upper hand over the big man. After minutes of brawling Morley went up onto the top rope for the Money Shot but Tomko got back to his feet and he shook the ropes, making Morley fall onto his youknowwhat. Tomko crushed Morley with a Powerslam followed by a pin but Morley kicked out. Tomko picked Venis up and he screamed "it's over!" but suddenly Morley Superkick'ed Tomko down! Venis followed with the Money Shot and a cover....1....2....3! Sean Morley just proved he should be on RAW from now on! After the match Morley celebrated with the fans, leaving Tomko in pain but who cares about Tomko?!


Winner: Sean Morley

Rating: :rolleyes:


I Paid Him

Gene Snitsky walks to the ring with a big smile on his face and when the crowd is done boo'ing he introduces Matt Hardy who receives even MORE boo's from the fans. Matt has a microphone in his hand.

Hardy: 'What a great pay-per-view Taboo Tuesday was! Better yet, what a great match Snitsky against Kane was! I knew Snitsky was going to win because you see.....I paid him to do the job, to KICK KANE'S ASS! I've been at home watching Lita suffering because of the loss of her baby and normally I would have cared but somehow I just didn't. I finally saw what Lita really is; a monster loving slut! Lita humiliated me by saying that I was the father while she knew Kane was the father. She put me through hell and I wasn't going to sit around like a pussy, no; I was planning on taking that baby away! Then I met Gene Snitsky and god damn this guy is so strong he could lift the entire arena with one arm! So I paid him to do the trick'

Snitsky: 'Let's go back to the moment when Lita lost her unborn child. My task was to let Kane suffer, that I did, and to somehow make Lita lose her baby but when I hit Kane with that chair I didn't think he would do it by himself! I was planning on doing it later on in the match but Kane already did the job.....so Kane, you killed your own child. Maybe it was a boy, maybe he would have been a great wrestler, little Kane Jr., but fact is, you aborted your own child! Now I know you are home taking care of Lita and you guys make a cute couple, a confused and insane monster with a big breasted thong showing woman. As for what's going to happen next.....that's up to Kane'

Matt Hardy and Gene Snitsky throw there microphones away and they leave to HUGE boo's.


- Triple H/??? vs. Edge/??? vs. Chris Benoit/??? -

First up came Triple H and he chose Ric Flair as his partner of course, so predictable. Chris Benoit had another Chris by his side, I'm talking about the 100% charismatic wrestler Chris Jericho! It was a total surprise who Edge would bring to the ring and it was the hairy ape A-Train. Let the match begin! The first elimination came closer as HHH and Flair worked really smart together and they wore Jericho down with all kinds of holds. Eventually Flair went for the kill as he locked Jericho into the Figure Four Leglock but Benoit jumped onto the turnbuckle and he broke the hold with a Diving Headbutt! Benoit dragged Jericho into there corner and he tagged himself in. Flair quickly tagged A-Train. Benoit ran towards A-Train but A-Train knocked Benoit down with a boot to the face. A-Train got Benoit into a Powerbomb position and he pulled him up but Benoit used his weight and that made A-Train fall on his back and Benoit fell on top of him! Benoit quickly slapped on the Crippler Crossface and Edge tried to save there chances of surviving but Jericho nailed Edge with a big right hand. A-Train tapped out and the first team was eliminated! Flair got back into the ring and he grabbed Benoit's leg but Benoit surprised by hitting his face with his other leg. Benoit had control over Flair but after a while Flair managed to tag in HHH. Benoit tagged Jericho, who went right for the legs but HHH was too smart and he hit Jericho with a Clothesline. Sadly HHH dominated Jericho and eventually he went for the Pedigree. Flair brawled with Benoit on the outside and HHH crushed Jericho with the Pedigree, but he didn't go for the cover. HHH again signaled for the Pedigree but suddenly Rhyno came from under the ring and he took HHH down hard! HHH got back to his feet, only to be drilled by a huge GORE, GORE, GORE! Rhyno then went to the outside and he surprised Flair also with a big time Gore! In the ring Jericho pinned HHH, 1....2....3! Jericho and Benoit have won the match here on RAW because of Rhyno, the destruction device!


Winners: Benoit and Jericho

Rating: :thumbsup:


What a great night it has been! RAW goes off the air with Rhyno, Jericho and Benoit standing tall in the ring! Rhyno destroyed HHH and Flair, what a surprise!


We got a 5.90 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 8034 people.

We made $321360 from ticket sales

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Smackdown! Preview

Last week we saw Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki almost get beaten by Scotty 2 Hotty and Billy Gunn. This time they'll meet two debuting guys, one of them is a former WWE wrestler and is now back called K-Kwik and the other one is hot prospect Elix Skipper! They'll meet the WWE Tag Team Champs in a non-title match but none the less they'll give everything they have!

The Undertaker and John Bradshaw Layfield had an confrontation last week. What will happen this week? What does the WWE Champion JBL has to say about the Undertaker? And will Undertaker make another appearance.....

Mark Jindrak destroyed Funaki on the last SD!. This week Jindrak meets Shannon Moore and it seems like an easy match for Jindrak, but is it? Can Jindrak squash Moore just like Funaki? Time will tell...

Last week we also saw Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns defeat Big Show and Eddie Guerrero and they used brass knuckles to get the job done. What are Big Show and Eddie Guerrero going to do? Will Team Angle stand tall again?

Don't miss yet another exciting Smackdown!

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