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FFX Presents a WWF 1998 Diary

Guest FFX

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It was a really heavy day after school for young Bryan in the Middle of the Year 1998. He threw down his backpack and went to his Playstation one and was playing WWF Attitude. He soon got bored of this and was having a conversation to his dad about running the WWF. His dad say he could only run a Wrestling company if he is dreaming.

"Son Everyone can Dream. And somtimes them dreams come true"

Those were his exact words. Bryan rushed off to bed. Hoping to dream about running his own version of the WWF. He soon dosed off to sleep.

He Heard a voice.

"Bryan Bryan wake up"

Bryan woke up and let out a freight as he saw Linda, Shane, Stephanie & Vince McMahon.

Steph: Nice Underwear

Vince: Steph Dont him on him. Anyway Welcome to the McMahon Family Home.

Bryan: What, What am i doing here.

Linda: Bryan your in a Dream. Your Dream this Bryan is your Dream Come True.

Bryan: What do you mean

Vince: We here at the WWF have decided to make one boys dream come true and the angels from above obvioulsy decided to pick you.

Bryan: Wha....

Linda: Thats right you are going to take control of the World Wrestling Federation.

With that he was all of a sudden in the Middle of the Ring at Wrestlemania anouncing the Main Event.

After the show Bryan went backstage and into Vince's Office

Vince: Bryan Welcome to your Dream

WWF A Blast From The Past a 1998 Diary by FFX

NOTE: This will be a diary that will be wrote out and not C & P (Not that i have anything against that) It will be done in my own time and updated as i please.

I Plan to try and make this one of the best diaries on here so the shows and Promos will be wrote out in the best standard that i can produce.

Roster in a min

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WWF 1998 Roster






Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker

Steve Austin



Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Owen Hart


Billy Gunn

Dan Severn



Jeff Jarrett

Ricky Morton

Road Dogg

Robert Gibson

Rocky Maivia

Savio Vega

Ahmed Johnson


Cactus Jack

Chainsaw Charlie


Ken Shamrock

Marc Mero


Lower Midcarders

8 Ball

Barry Windham

Bart Gunn

Bob Holly

Carl Oulette


D'Lo Brown

Honky Tonk Man

Jacques Rogeau Jr.

Jesus Castillo

Jose Estrada Jr.

Kama Mustafa


Mark Henry

Miguel Pirez




Flash Funk

Henry O Godwinn

Justin Bradshaw

Phineous I Godwinn

Tom Brandi


Brian Christopher


Taka Michinoku


Esse Rios

Scott Putski

Steve Blackman


Brooklyn Brawler


Brother Love (Manages No-one)

Chyna (Manages DX)

Harvy Whipleman (Manages No-one)

Jackyl (Manages The Truth Commision)

James Cornette (Manages NWA)

Luna Vachon (Manages Goldust)

Paul Bearer (Manages Kane)

Paul Ellering (Manages The DoA)

Sable (Manages Marc Mero)

Sgt Slaughter (Manages No-one)

Sunni (Manages the LOD)

Terri Runnels (Manages No-one)


Gorilla Monsoon


Adam Copeland

Christian Cage

Andrew Martin


Erin O'Grady


Glen Kulka

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Joe E. Legend


Prince Albert


Scott Borders

Scott Taylor

Shawn Stasiak

Steve Bradley

Tiger Ali Singh


Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal)

The Disciples of Apocolypse (Skull & 8-Ball)

The Godwinns (Henry Godwinn & Phineous Godwinn)

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)

The New Midnight Express (Bob Holly & Bart Gunn)

The Quebecers (Jacques Roguea Jr. & Carl Oulette)

The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton)


D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels. HHH, Chyna, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)

Disciples of Apocolypse (Paul Ellering, Chainz, Skull & 8-Ball)

Los Bouricas (Savio Vega, Jesus Castillo, Jose Estrade Jr. & Miguel Perez)

NWA (James Cornette, Bart Gunn, Bob Holly, Barry Windham, Dan Severn, Jeff Jarrett, Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton)

The Nation (Faarooq, Rocky Miavia, Kama Mustafa, D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry)

Truth Commision (Jackyl, Kurrgan, Sniper & Recon)

Championship Belts

WWF World = Shawn Michaels

WWF Intercontinental = Rocky Maivia

WWF European = Hunter Hearst Helmsley

WWF Hardcore = Vacant

WWF Light Heavyweight = Taka Michinoku

WWF Tag Team = The New Age Outlaws

NWA World = Dan Severn

NWA North American = Jeff Jarrett

NWA Tag Team = The Rock 'n' Roll Express

TV Shows

RAW Monday Prime Time

Shotgun Saturday Graveyard

Sunday Night Heat Early-Evening

Shot gun preview in a min

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user posted image

Saturday Night Shotgun Preview

Well the first Show with new Booker Bryan Davies should be a good one as we see in the Main Event of the night The Godwinns taking on The New Midnight Express. Also Steve Blackman takes on Sniper of the Truth Commision. Barry Windham takes on Flash Funk. The Brooklyn Brawler takes on Scott Putski. All this and an Interview with NWA North American Champion Jeff Jarrett.

Should be up by the end of the night.

Edited by FFX
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user posted image

Saturday Night Shotgun

From Boston

We see a short video showing various WWF Superstars and then the camera pans around the arena and zooms in on a sign that says AUSTIN 3:16. The crowd seem in good spirit as we join Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly at the announcers Table.

Brooklyn Brawler V Scott Putski

The Music of the Brooklyn Brawler hits and he walks out the crowd are booing him and he is working them. He gets into the ring and prepares to wrestle. Scott Putski makes his way down to the ring to a little crowd reaction. Both men get into the ring and the bell goes.

They quickly get into a tie up and Putski takes down the Brawler with a body slam. Brawler gets up and walks straight into a clothesline which knocks down the Brawler again. He again stands up and gets planted by another Cloths line which again knocks the Brawler down he rolls onto the outside of the ring this time though to recuperate while Putski works the crowd. Brawler tells the crowd to shut up. Putski tries to grad Brawler by the hair but Brawler lands a cheap shot to the face. He then climbs into the ring.He goes to set up Putski for the Piledriver but Putski Counters Putski is getting all fired up and lands a big body slam on The Brawler. He signals to the crowd that he is going up top he climbs the turnbuckle and jumps and lands the Diving Cross Body block on the Brawler the Referee counts 1.....2......3. Its over Scott Putski has pinned the Brooklyn Brawler. The Brawler leaves the ring in a temper while Putski stays and celebrates.

OR 43

CR 49

MQ 47

We hear a Guitar strumming and Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring accompanied by James Cornette. He has his guitar with him and Cornette has his Tennis racket Cornette takes a mic.

JC: You no Jeff this town Sucks. Why cant the people in the back see that we should be in better towns than this. I Mean our Hotel had no Towels that is no way to be treating the NWA North American Champion.

JJ: You dam right it isn't. Heck i have wrestled all over the world but this place this is the worst of them all. Heck its that bad that i aint even going to wrestle tonight. Now what i am going to do James me the NWA North American Champion is going ot issue an open challenge for Monday Night RAW this monday in Austin Texas its going to be me Jeff Jarrett taking on any member of the Locker Room. In front of his home loving Fans in Texas.

The Music of Justin Bradshaw begins to play and there is a slight crowd pop. As Bradshaw makes his way down to the ring Jeff picks up his guitar and waves it towards Bradshaw. Bradshaw grabs a mic and gets in the ring despite the guitar wielding Jarrett.

JB: Now listen here you saying you going to defend that NWA North American Title in Austin Texas well listen here your not the only Texan around here and the loving Texans don't love you they detest you hell they hate you even more than they hate Dusty Rhodes. So in Austin Texas on RAW is War its going to be Justin Bradshaw V Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Championship.

With this Jeff Jarret tries to attack Bradshaw who see's this and knocks Double J down with a Strong Clothesline James Cornette tries to hit him with a shot with the Tennis Racket but Bradshaw blocks this and sets him up for the powerbomb. But the NWA run down to the ring and put the boots into Bradshaw. The Rock 'N' Roll Express hold Bradshaw up while Jeff grabs hold of his guitar and plants it right over the head of Bradshaw. The NWA are seen standing over the fallen body of a bloodied bradshaw.

OR 65

Barry Windham V Flash Funk

Windham was already in the ring after the events of the last incident. The crowd were heavily booing him from this and he was getting some serious Heel heat. James Cornette was still at ringside. Flash Funk's music hits and he came down the aisle dancing in his own Funky Way. He was dancing around the ring until Windham jumped out of the ring and knocked him down from behind. Windham slammed Funk's Face into the ring apron and through him back into the ring and the bell rung. Windham continued to beat down on Funk in the ring to some serious crowd Heat. He threw Funk into the turnbuckle and ran into the ropes and landed a bulldog. 1....2..... Kick out by Funk who looks dazed at this point. Windham slaps his hands in disbelief. Cornette tells him to calm down. He picks Funk up who can barley stand and sets him up for the Implant DDT and lands it pin by Windham 1...2.... Funks foot was on the ropes. WIndham is getting real pissed and calls for the Powerbomb he gets Funk up who counters into a Hurricarana 1...2... Kick out by Windham who is quickly to his feet and knocks down Funk with a Clothesline. He picks up Funk who gets thrown into the ropes and ducks the Lariat attempt and Lands a Drop Kick on Funk. Funk drags Windham into position and climbs the ropes signaling for the Tumbleweed as he climbs. As he gets to the top rope Cornette gets on the apron and distracts the Ref and Funk who is telling cornette to get down. While all this happening Windham runs into the ropes which causes Funk to land in an Un Orthodox position Windham climbs the ropes as well and sets Funk up for the Superplex and lands it. 1...2....3. Its over Windham picks up the victory the camera cuts to a commercial break as we see Windham celebrating with James Cornette.

OR 61

CR 59

MQ 64

Commercial Break

Steve Blackman V Sniper with Jackyl

Sniper marches down to the ring with Jackly closely behind. Blackman's music hits and we walks out and shouts at the crowd trying to get them interested and he runs towards the ring and slides in. Sniper runs towards Blackman only to be met by a dropkick from blackman who then Clotheslines Jackly over the top rope and onto the floor he turns around to be met by a shoulder block by Sniper. He then beats down on Blackman with stomps an punches. Blackman crawls to the corner where Sniper starts laying some Mudhole Stomps on him in the corner. Sniper picks up blackman and throws fin into the ropes Sniper goes for a clothesline but Blackman ducks and lands a big diving shoulder on Sniper. Blackman picks up Sniper and throws him into the ropes and he bounces back into a Flapjack Chop. 1...2....Kick out by Sniper after the near fall. Jackyl jumps onto the apron but Blackman lands a Back Kick on him sending him to the canvas. Sniper gets up and walks straight into a side kick from Blackman. Blackman is signaling for the Pump Kick and waits for Sniper to get up but there is Kurrgan he runs into the ring and Lands the Kurrgan Shuffle on Blackman the ref calls the DQ but The Truth Commissionn just scare the ref off and out of the way. Recon climbs into the Ring and lands an Axe Kick on Blackman who has been left down and out on the canvas. Kurrgan signals for one more Kurrgan Shuffle but Tom Brandi runs down the aisle causing the Truth Commission to flee the ring.

OR 51

CR 45

MW 58

The Godwinns V The New Midnight Express with James Cornette

TnME come down to the ring to some major heat after the events of earlier on in the night they were looking quite smug with them selves and were posing to the disapproval of the fans. The Godwinns came out accompanied by there pet pig. They walk around the ring clapping hands with the Fans. They climb into the ring and the match begins.Bob Holly and Henry Godwinn Start things off with a tie up and a cheap kick to the gut from Holly. Holly Throws Henry into the Ropes and lands with a powerslam on Henry. 1...2... Kick out by Henry. Holly Tags in Bart Gunn. Gunn comes into the ring and puts the stomps on Henry. Gunn picks up the fallen Henry and sets him up fo the Suplex and does. He stalls him in the air for a little while before dropping him down hard on the canvas. 1....2....Phineous breaks up the count. The ref tells Phineous to get out of the ring and while he is doing this Henry hits a Low Blow on Bart Gunn and makes the Tag to Phineous who comes in and Knocks down Bart and Knocks down Bob and hell he even Knocks down James Cornette The ref is distracted by the Incident with Cornette and Dan Savern Runs into the ring form the back and nails Phineous with the NWA World Title but the ref is still distracted and Justin Bradshaw runs down and HIts a Strong Lariat on Savern sending him to the outside and Picking up Bob Holly and nailing him with a Powerbomb he then drags Phineous Godwinn on top of Bob Holly. Bradshaw then knocks Cornette of the Apron the ref turns around and 1....2......3 The godwinns beat The New Rock N Roll Express with the help of Bradshaw.

Shotgun goes off the air with Bradshaw walking back up the aisle with a grin on his face

OR 59

CR 55

MQ 63

Overall Rating 41

We got a 0.67 rating for 'Shotgun'!

The attendance level was 6041 people.

We made $241640 from ticket sales.

Our ratings battle with Hardcore TV is so close that neither show is gaining a clear advantage! (From Sophie)

Fox are not happy with the risky nature of our last show. They are asking us to tone it down.

I'd like to request a match or two with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. I'm pretty sure we could do some good work together. (From The Undertaker)

Bob Holly was working too stiffly, i could have been badly hurt. (From Phineous)

Henry O. Godwinn and Phineous I. Godwinn work well together as a team, it adds to their matches. (From Road Agent)

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Pretty decent show for what it was, Just a few spelling mistakes. The whole Bradshaw/Jarrett/NWA stuff got hyped pretty well and makes me look forward to their match on Raw. BTW Jarrett isn't from Texas I'm pretty sure he's from Tennessee. All in all it was pretty decent for what Shotgun. Looking forward how you'll deal with Raw and then of course the Royal Rumble.

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user posted image

Sunday Night Heat Preview

In The Main Event of the evening Ahmed Johnson will take on The Artist Formally Known as Goldust who i wouldn't be suprised if Luna Vachon will be present at ringside for that encounter also The Headbangers take on The Legion of Doom in Tag Team Action in what should be a thrilling encounter. We will hear of Justin Bradshaw as he prepares to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Championship. Also there will be Light-Heavyweight Championship Defense as Taka Michinoku takes on Esse Rios. All this on Sunday Night Heat.

Expect Heat up soon.

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user posted image

Sunday Night Heat

The pyros go off and the camera pan around the arena the crowd is in good voice and the camera Zooms in on a sign that says DX. Esse Rios makes his way to the ring to a slight crowd pop. He was working the crowd by posing on the turnbuckles. Taka Michinoku made his down to the ring to some heat from the crowd most of this was because he was parading around the ring with the Japanese Flag and flashing his Light-Heavyweight Championship.

Taka Michinoku V Esse Rios

Taka was still posing outside of the ring when Esse Rios dived over the top with a Somersault Plancha taking down Taka right in front of the announcers table. Esse played along with the crowd before picking Taka up and rolling him back into the ring and the Bell rung. Taka ran towards Esse and tries to land a Clothesline but Esse ducked Taka springs back of the ropes and Lands a Springboard Dropkick on Esse Rios1....2....Kick out by Rios. Taka picks up Esse Rios and again goes for a springboard Dropkick but Esse catches Taka's feet who reverse into a Springboard Headscissors.1.....2.....Foot on the ropes from Rios. Taka Stomps around the ring signaling for the Michinoku Driver. Taka gets him up but Esse slips down and plants a Reverse DDT on Taka. Rios signal's for the Moonsault and drags Taka towards the Corner and climbs up top. He flies through the air but Taka rolls out of the way. Taka gets to his feet first closely followed by Esse.Taka sets him up again and this time he lands the Michinoku Driver1...2...3. Its over Taka has retained his Light-Heavyweight Championship against Esse Rios. Taka makes his way to the back while the ref checks on Esse Rios.

OR 57

CR 44

MQ 70

Commercial Break

We rejoin the show with Michael Cole stood in the ring.

MC: Ladies and Gentleman please Welcome Justin Bradshaw.

Bradshaw's music hits the arena and he makes his way out into the ring. Bradshaw got a really good reception from the fans as he walked out from the back.

MC: Bradshaw thanks you for doing this interview for us. Now this Monday on Raw you will face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Championship. What are your thoughts on this?

JB: My thoughts. You want to no my thoughts? Well here are my thoughts. I have been here in the WWF since 1996 and i have'nt had my chance to shine yet. I have'nt had one Title shot since i have been here and now, now its my turn to shine. You see when Jeff Jarrett issued that open challenge i was the first in line to walk down to that ring.

MC: Are you happy that you are getting a Title shot this week on RAW?

JB: You no Michael i'm not. You see im fighting for the NWA....North American Championship. And the NWA is the second rate stuff it's not like the WWF Belts. The NWA waltz into the WWF and they have to bring there own belts because they new they were not good enough to compete in the elite zone. And this week on RAW im going to take the NWA North American Championship from the NWA and then scrap that piece of crap and get back on track for winning some real Gold.

MC: Now after you accepted Jarrett's open challenge you got a beatdown from the NWA in this ring. But you did manage to get some measure of Revenge by costing The New Midnight Express there match against the Godwinns on Shotgun.

JC: You dam right i got revenge you didn't think that Justin Bradshaw was going to lie down and let a couple of Second Rate wrestlers take me down did you. You see i will take any member of the NWA any time any place heck i'll even take them on right now if i had to. ANd come this Monday.....

With this the NWA's music hits the arena and out walk the NWA but with no Jeff Jarrett they are lead by James Cornette. They got some good heel heat from the crowd.

JC: Look boys if it is'nt that piece of crap that we took care of Last Night on Shotgun.

They all laugh.

JC: Well guess what Bradshaw come this monday when it's all said and done. Jeff Jarrett would of took another piece of WWF crap. He will beat you 1....2....3 in that very ring. Just like any of these guys stood with me now would.

JB: Well come on then i'll take you all right now come on everyone of you second rate assholes right now.

The NWA walk towards the ring

JC: WHOA boys wait he isn't worth it. You see Justin first we want you to meet someone we want you to meet someone that really cant stand you. We want to meet someone or Rather something that can make music. Heck its right behind you now.

Bradshaw turns around to be planted over the Head with a Guitar by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells the other members of the NWA to come to the ring. Jeff Jarrett scares Michael Cole off . Jarrettholds up Bradshaw while Cornette slaps him right around the face. The New Midnight Express Hold him up while Barry Windham runs into the ropes and plants a Huge Lariat on Bradshaw who is downed and Bloodied. He falls to the floor in a heap. Jarrett picks up the mic.

JJ: WOOOOO dam that felt good. Nothing better than beating some smelly rednecks up after a nice beer. Now listen here punk.

Jeff continues to put the boots in Bradshaw while saying this.

JJ: This monday night you are scheduled to take on Double J Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Championship well i'm going to make sure that you don't win. You see you cant do much when you cant wrestle.

Jarrett throws down the mic and locks on the Figure Four Leglock on Bradshaw while Jim Cornette and the NWA put the boots into them while talking trash. They proceed to do this Until the Godwinns Make the Save the NWA quickly make there way out of the ring bu Bradshaw was left down and they had to get Ref's and EMT's down to help Bradshaw. None of these were good enough so a stretcher was called we leave the ring watching Jeff Jarrett laughing with the rest of the NWA.

OR 76

We see a clip of wrestlers getting hurt and at the end of it we see a caption that says don't try this at home.

The Headbangers V The Legion of Doom with Sunny

We hear a lot of drums with a rough base line in the background and out walk the Headbangers to some heel heat. They are carrying boom boxes with them. They get to the ring and put the Boom boxes down run into the ropes jump and collide asses. Mosh & Thrasher Climb a Turnbuckle spit into the Air and catch it in there mouth. WHHHHHHHHAAAATTTT AAAAAA RUUUUSHHHHHHH the crowd go mental as they here the music of the Legion of Doom and out they walk with there spikes on with Sunny not close behind. They get into the ring and The Headbangers bail to the outside they work the crowd by climbing the turnbuckle. The Bell goes and Hawk & Animal have a little talk before Hawk starts thing of with Thrasher. Thrasher charges towards Hawk only to be met with a swift shoulder knock down from Hawk. Hawk picks up Thrasher and lands a big Bodyslam on him then a tag to Animal. Animal picks up the downed Thrasher and lands a suplex on him. Thrasher tries to crawl towards Mosh and Animal lets him. Infact Animal drags Thrasher towards the corner of Mosh so he can tag and he does. Mosh climbs the Turnbuckle and tries to Land the Mosh pit but Thrasher just counters and lands a Powerbomb on Mosh. 1...2.....Animal stops the pin. Thrasher runs in to be met by a Clothesline from Animal. Hawk enters the ring and throws Thrasher to the outside. Animal puts Mosh on his shoulders while Hawk climbs the turnbuckle the LOD hit the Doomsday Device.1.....2.....3 The LOD beat the Headbangers and made short work of them. They stay in the ring while celebrating.

OR 68

CR 63

MQ 70

We are taken backstage where we see Bradshaw getting taken away in an ambulance Gorilla Monsoon was there while this happened and didn't look to Happy about this.

OR 78

Goldust with Luna Vachon V Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed Johnson's Music Hits and he got a decent pop from the crowd. He made his way to the ring and got ready for his match when Goldust's Music hits and the crowd immediately started booing. He came out wearing the the usual face paint and Golden Robe. Luna Vachon came to the ring with him encouraging him on the way down to the ring. The bell rung and the main event of Heat was underway. They were in a tie up Until Goldust smacked Ahmed's ass in which in response Ahmed knocked him down with a huge shot to the face. Ahmed picked Goldust up and connected with a bodyslam. Goldust rolled onto the outside to recuperate with Luna encouraging him. Ahmed wanted to go and get Goldust but the Ref wouldn't let him out of the ring. Goldust taunted the crowd Until the referee started a count out. He got to 6 before the Goldust slowly got back into the ring. Goldust came in and did the chest thing that he does Ahmed charged at him before Goldust dodged a Clothesline and Luna pulled down Ahmed's Leg . This distracted the Ref and Ahmed this allowed Goldust to land a Low Blow on Ahmed followed up by a Curtain Call for the 3 count. Ahmed got up quickly and shouted at the Ref before delivering a Pearl River Plunge to Goldust. He then looked at the Ref and delivered on on him as well.

The Show ends as we see Ahmed Johnson standing over a fallen WWF official.

OR 70

CR 71

MQ 71

OR for Heat 63

Hawk was working to stiffly i could of been hurt (from Thrasher)

I Think i should be higher up the card (From Mosh)

Here is my weekly report on our battle with WCW. They have more star power than us, and that is affecting our image. We are seen as having better workers, and this is causing fans to choose us over them. The fans see us as being the more professional promotion, thanks to our higher production values. (From Sophie)

WCW got a 2.10 television rating for 'The Main Event'!

The event was attended by 5024 people.

They made $200960 from ticket sales.

We got a 5.23 rating for 'Sunday Night HeAT'!

The attendance level was 6010 people.

We made $240400 from ticket sales.

The Main Event are trying to compete with us, but are being destroyed in the ratings. (From Sophie)

I would like to work with Vader at some stage, i think you'd be impressed with the results. (From Kane)

Esse Rios and me don't really click. How about booking me against someone like Flash Funk? I think our styles would really work well together. (From Taka Michinoku)

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user posted image

RAW is WAR Preview

This is the first RAW after Wreslemania and what a RAW it is shaped out to be. Rocky Miavia will defend his newly won Intercontinental Championship against the man he defeated at Wrestlemanina Ken Shamrock in a Rematch. Justin Bradshaw was scheduled to take on Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Championship but after the events of Sunday Night Heat will Justin Bradshaw be able to compete? The WWF Champion HBK Shawn Michaels will take on Cactus Jack in a non-title match up.

We will hear from Hunter Hearst Helmsley, The Undertaker & Kane with Paul Bearer.

Edited by FFX
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Heat was pretty good, The Bradshaw/Jarret segment was pretty good. BTW LOD didn't have Sunny with them until Wrestlemania 14 when they became LOD 2000. Looking forward to Raw Is War. BTW on the preview it says Rocky beat Shamrock for the title at WM, But it's in January before Shamrock/Rock fought. And Rocky was awarded the title after Austin forfitted it...........

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Yeh i no all that btw but this is a diary lol i do thing sthe way i wanted them to turn out.

I only put the results of Mania in there so the match could have some feel to it. The results from mania were my own choosing and nothing to do with real life thanks for the feedback though.

As for RAW my comp is running like a bag of shit at the moment but i have writ out the first 3 segments so it shouldnt be to long.

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OK sorry about the Huge delay but i had loads of Viruses that wouldnt let me do anything on the computer. Thanks to one Program everything is back to normal now and i will get to work on RAW right away.

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Yeh like i say i started with the Roster the Scenario gave me and he was called Esse Rios in that so i cant change it persides i no him as Esse or Mr Aguila (sp)

I am goign to post FICTIONAL wrestlemania 14 results to correspond to my diary.

HBK Beat Steve Austin for the WWF Championship

Undertaker Beat Kane

Rocky Miavia Beat Ken Shamrock For the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Owen Hart Beat Goldust

HHH Beat Mark Mero for The WWF European Championship

The New Age Outlaws Beat The Godwinns & The Nation & Disciples of Apocolypse for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

RAW will be up by the end of the night thanks for the feedback.

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