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Battle Royale I & II

Riceman 4K

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I'm just wondering on where I can get these movies? I've looked on amazon.com and found BR I with English subtitles/dubbed. But I'm not too sure on where I can find BR II. I've seen some on ebay and whatnot but I just don't know if they are in English. Is there a specific site where I can get these two movies new? Thanks.

EDIT: I'm reading the book so please, no spoilers!!!

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Battle Royal 2 is out, I know people who have seen and reviewed it. I imagine the availablitity difers depending on where youlive and how violent your video stores are.

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I know they have it here, because I read the description a few weeks ago:


(Just make sure you check and make sure you order the right Region, unless you have a Region-free DVD player)

Note: DON'T read the plot description for BR 2, because it gives away the ending to BR 1.

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