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Melee at Vibe Awards


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Just heard, haven't seen much information though, about a fight at the Vibe awards last night.

Dr. Dre was going to sign an autograph for a guy, got punched a bunch of times. All of G-Unit came down to fight the guy, as Snoop Dogg just stood around. Young Buck stabbed Dre's attacker, then fled the scene. Chingy got knocked around by Game. Many others involved.

If anyone finds more, please post.

I just bought Young Buck's album a few hours ago too. And now he's gonna get locked up for a few years when he's found.

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I don't know anything else other than what was said, but I remember Dre saying in his "Lifetime Achievement" speech that he hopes this sort of thing never goes down again, or something to that extent. Sad when people can't even stay organized long enough for an award show. *sighs*

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ONLY in the rap game could an artist win an award and get accused of a crime on the same night.

Police were yesterday hunting top-selling rapper Young Buck for allegedly stabbing a man who punched hip-hop legend Dr Dre at the Vibe awards.

Buck is signed to Dr Dre's record label as part of the G-Unit clique, which was named best group by the music magazine after which the awards are named.

Buck fled the Santa Monica airport hangar where the awards show was being taped on Monday night, police Lieutenant Frank Fabrega said in a statement.

A warrant alleging assault with a deadly weapon was being prepared.

The incident was sparked as Snoop Dogg and Vibe founder Quincy Jones were about to give Dre a lifetime achievement award.

A man later identified as Jimmy James Johnson approached Dre and appeared to ask for an autograph before punching the veteran hitmaker, police said.

People began shoving and throwing chairs, punches flew, and some people were chased.

Some people in the audience of about 1000, including Alicia Keys, scurried for the exits.

Security staff dragged Johnson away but he suffered a serious stab wound when he as attacked by several people, including Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, police claim.

"Brown is clearly depicted (on videotape) as holding a knife after the assault and is one of a number of fight participants that was pepper-sprayed by officers in their attempt to stop this fight," Police Chief James Butts said.

He asked Brown to surrender himself to police.

Johnson, 26, was in stable condition in hospital.

Many in the feuding rap world speculated that Dre antagonist Suge Knight, who attended the awards, arranged for Dre to get punched.

Knight and Dre started the legendary Death Row record label in the late 1980s, then had a bitter separation.

Knight denied involvement in Dre's attack.

Buck, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, is a member of superstar 50 Cent's G-Unit posse.

The show was edited to remove footage of the attack before it was broadcast.

"They can't stop me. I don't care," Dre said on television as he accepted his award, showing no signs of injury.

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There's real good quality video up on mtvnews.com can't really tell who is who though. The dude got what he deserved for according to all reports basically sucker punching Dre after pretending to want an autograph. Like I said they've got pretty good video and if they can enchance it to show Buck then he's probably going to jail for a few years.

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Guest Bluesman

So did Buck stab him when he was on the ground? That's what some guys I was playing b-ball with tonight said. Evidently the guy was pretty much on the ground and defenseless when Buck stabbed him.

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