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Cradle Of Fear


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Has anyone seen the film? I finally found a way to get it (I ordered it through Chapters when I was at their location in Kelowna today), and am overly excited as I wait in anticipation for its' arrival at my home.

I was just wondering if anyone's seen it, and what they thought of the movie.

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Guest Ritrais

Well I've seen it and I like some cradle of filth song's "her ghost in the fog" and especially "nymphetamine" namely. The movie has really terrible sound fx that's one thing that really stuck out to me in this movie and I rarely notice in movies but the sound was cartoonish. It however did make me laugh several times because of the sound and immense amount of blood spirting all over. I can't really remember much about the story though. All in all I wish I still had a copy of it to show to other's for a laugh.

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