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wCw The Rebirth.............

Guest matt0408

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Guest matt0408

I had been out of work for 3 years and living in a dump of a bed sit in the suburb’s of New City, money had just about dried up and I had no prospects of any kind of career…. Not with the criminal record I had received within the last 2 years…… You see I had it all once upon a time……….. 3 years ago I was the head booker for ECW(Extreme Championship Wrestling) ………. I had a steady job, which was very well paid, a wife, 2 kids and I was living the dream by being involved in the wrestling circle…… it was all I ever wanted to do from a kid and from a very young age it was evident that I didn’t have the skills or the physique to become a full time wrestler so I decided in a career behind the scenes booking the event and coming up with original and unique storylines…….. How life can change in 3 years………..

When ECW Folded in 2001, my services were no longer required………. From the day I left ECW my life and everyone involved in it slowly started to fade away, firstly I couldn’t get another job within the wrestling circuit and was not prepared to do anything different………….. after 6 months of looking and trying my wife finally left me after the bailiffs came round for the second time and virtually wipe out every single possession I owned!……… after she left I had a breakdown and she got a restraining order against me from seeing my own children…….. my life went into a downward spiral from there, the next 2 years were the lowest 2 years of my life……. Drugs became the only way I could survive from day to day and to feed this drug habit I had to turn to a life of crime, muggings and burglaries were the only means to get the money to feed my habit……… I was so lucky to survive that period until one telephone call from an old friend changed my life, the call was from Paul Heyman my one time boss in ECW, he requested a meeting with me about a potential job, suddenly I saw a path out of my current life style so I agreed to meet him………..

Paul: Its Great to see you, how have you been

Me: Not so good Paul, you see when ECW folded my life went into a downward spiral, I lost everything…..wife………kids ………..everything……..

Paul: You haven’t had it easy then have you, why didn’t you try some of the promotions I recommended to you?

Me: No where and I mean no where was recruiting, you saw the stuff I did at ECW……

Paul: Some of the best………

Me: But still no one wanted or needed me

Paul: Well you luck maybe just about to change…….

Me: Oh?

Paul: I have a friend……. Who has managed to get hold of the rights to WCW!

Me: You what?……..

Paul: That’s right he has all the rights to WCW and he wants to reopen and one day go head to head with the WWE! He is going to bankroll the whole thing…… $15 million dollars is the amount of dollars he is prepared to put into the company and he has appointed me general manager of the whole federations and has allowed me to appoint all the back room staff……….

Me: Who is he?

Paul: All will be revealed in good time………. I cant say to much now……. But can I count you in? Head booker………. Just like the old days in the ECW…………. Only this time more talent and bigger budgets!

Me: Head booker? wCw? 15 million dollars? Paul……….

Paul: Yeh……….

Me: Where do I sign?

Over the next few weeks things began to come together, Paul got onto some contacts in the TV business and managed to book us two shows, the First one was Monday Nitro! Which was to appear on TNT in the late evening slot, the second show was Thunder which will appear on TBS in the Early evening……. From there it all began…………….

(OOC: This is my first attempt at a diary, the main storyline at the moment is who the man or women is who is banking the re birth of wCw, I will put the roster and all details up later and hopefully the first Monday Nitro! Card and Event will be done to)

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Ehh...It's not bad, I guess. Backstory isn't ground-breaking or anything, but I've read much worse. However, the one thing I'm interested in finding out is not who this mystery backer is, but HOW this person managed to obtain the rights to WCW. I guess the funds could end up coming from a McMahon, but that'd be pretty melodramatic.

Anyways, good luck with your first show. :)

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Guest matt0408

ok here areall the details........


Face Black Heal Green Tweener Blue

Main Event



Upper Midcarder

Frank Shamrock

New Jack


Scott Steiner


Ernest 'The Cat' Miller

Dan Severn



Big Vito

Chuck Palumbo

Sean O'Haire


Lower Midcard

Chris Chetti

Jim Neidhart

Johnny Storm

Stevie Fabulous

Tommy Suede

Air Paris

Cody Hawk

EZ Money

Justin Credible

Matt Stryker


Austin Lee

Cade Sydal

Eric Gracie

Greg Pawluk

Harley Lewis

Jack Evans

Masahiro Indohara

Shoji Nakamaki

Tony Kozina

Non Wrestlers

Paul Heyman (General Manager (Gimmick: Informer))

TV Shows

Nitro! - TNT - Monday Late Night

Thunder - TBS - Wednesday Early Evening

Will push for a third smaller show as soon as the roster grows

General Info

Size: National

Image: 39%

Risk Level: 80%

Production Values: 65%

Think Thats about it, Nitro card will be up soon..... any comments?

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Guest matt0408

Nitro Card

Interview Paul Heyman - Paul Heyman will intorduce wCw and explain a bit more about the Bank Roller who is funding the re birth of World Championship Wrestling, also will discuss Title Tournament..........

Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris - Cruiserweight match, warm up to the fatal fourway which there both involved in on Thunder. also invloved Cody Hawk & Tommy Suede

Syxx Pac Vs Vampiro - Both men looking to impress after missing out on the World Heavyweight title tourament.

Cruiserweight Title Tourament

Matt Stryker Vs EZ Money Vs Chris Chetti Vs Stevie Fabulous

Winner Advances

Winner will advance into the final on Monday Nitro Next Week!

World Heavyweight Title Tourament

Road Kill Vs New Jack

Winner Advances

Winner advances to the semi finals in the tournament

Main Event

Sting & The Sandman Vs Scott Steiner & Vader - A warm up for all 4 men who will be invloved in the World Title Tournament.

Card Subject To Change

Please let me know what you think of the card, below ill put a few puzzlers

Which match will be rated best?

Which match will be rated worse?

Who deserves to be World Champion?

How should the TV Title be decided?

(OOC: With the show being on late evening there are only six slots to book, will give me a good reason to make shows to go for the prime time slot)

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Interview Paul Heyman - Paul Heyman will intorduce wCw and explain a bit more about the Bank Roller who is funding the re birth of World Championship Wrestling, also will discuss Title Tournament..........

Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris - Cruiserweight match, warm up to the fatal fourway which there both involved in on Thunder. also invloved Cody Hawk & Tommy Suede

Syxx Pac Vs Vampiro - Both men looking to impress after missing out on the World Heavyweight title tourament.

Cruiserweight Title Tourament

Matt Stryker Vs EZ Money Vs Chris Chetti Vs Stevie Fabulous

Winner Advances

Winner will advance into the final on Monday Nitro Next Week!

World Heavyweight Title Tourament

Road Kill Vs New Jack

Winner Advances

Winner advances to the semi finals in the tournament

Main Event

Sting & The Sandman Vs Scott Steiner & Vader - A warm up for all 4 men who will be invloved in the World Title Tournament.

Card Subject To Change

Please let me know what you think of the card, below ill put a few puzzlers

Which match will be rated best? Road Kill vs. Ne Jack baby!

Which match will be rated worse? Cruiserweight Title

Who deserves to be World Champion? Jim Neidhard

How should the TV Title be decided? lethal lottery of corse (don't know what it is? Look it up!)

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Guest matt0408


Ticket Sales: $37590

Announcers: Ed Ferrera & Joey Styles

Monday Night Nitro

The Nitro Logo hits the screen, as it fades out the Nitro arena comes onto the screen, pyros are then set off from the stage…. And the Nitro music hits the P.A system!!! The fans go wild as the camera pans around the arena picking out individual spectators and signs……….

Joey Styles: Welcome, to the first Monday Nitro of the new wCw era!

Ed Ferrera: It feels good to be back and what a night we have for you, already booked a match between Vampiro and Syxx-Pac

Joey Styles: Also an interview with Paul Heyman regarding the current state of wCw and how we are going to decide who gets what belt!!!

Paul Heymans music hits

Joey Styles:Here we got Ed

Heyman scrolls down to the ring, wearing a suit…. He walks up the ring steps and under the top rope, the crowd are letting him know what they think of him…….

Paul Heyman – First of all I would like to welcome you to the new era in wCw, yes wCw is back and we aint going nowhere this time, this time there is no Vince Russo….. no Ted Turner…… no Eric Bischoff…… its all change from now on…… First of all I am the general manager of wCw, I am solely in charge of the running of this place…… I will make all the decision…… there is just one person to answer to and that’s Paul Heyman! Yes I am the General Manager but there is someone higher in the chain than me, the bank roller for the re birth of wCw but for the time being he or she has decided to stay anonymous but all will be revealed in good time……. But for now im running this place and theres only only place where wCw is going and unlike last time…… it aint into the ground! Ok enough about me and the current situation within wCw, you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more regarding that in the coming weeks…. But onto tonight…….. there are two tournament I have set up which will start tonight, one is for the World Heavyweight Title and the other is for the Cruiserweight Title, Firstly the World Title…….. There are 8 men current ly in wCw who I deem worthy of being the first wCw Champion of the new era!!! And those 8 men will square off against each other over the coming weeks to decide who goes to Souled Out: Night Of Champions. The 1st round matches are as followed Match 1 will see New Jack Vs Roadkill……. That match will be live here tonight!! In match 2 Scott Steiner will squared off against The Sandman and the winner of those 2 matches will meet each other in the semi final of the tournament, now for the other side………. In the 3rd match Sting will take on Big Vito with the winner facing the winner of Vader Vs Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller! With the 2 winners from the semi final going onto Souled Out:Night Of Champions!! And regarding the Cruiserweight Title……. There will be 2 matches one tonight and one this Wednesday on Thunder! Tonight will see Matt Srtyker Vs Ez Money Vs Chris Chetti Vs Stevie Fabulous and on Thursday Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris Vs Tommy Suede Vs Cody Hawk and tonight you will see a preview of that match tonight when Air Paris takes on Johnny Storm! The two winner will then go on to face each other on Monday Nitro to decide who is the first wCw Cruiserweight Champion!!


Commercial Break

Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris (Singles Match)

Both men are in the ring and the bell ring, both men move in and lock up in the middle of the ring, Air Paris rakes Johnny storms eyes…….. and gains the early advantage, Air Paris bodyslams Storm into the mat, and drops a leg and covers for a 2 count. Paris picks Storm up and whips him into the corner, flying splash in the corner and Johnny in down…. Paris goes to the top rope and attempts a flying body splash but at the last minute Johnny rolls out of the way, both men are down…….. Paris is first to his feet and attempts to pick up Johnny but he battles back, uppercut and Johnny is back to a vertical basis, Johnny drop kicks Air Paris into the corner, Paris slides out the ring and to the outside, Johnny runs towards the ropes and takes out Air Paris and both come crashing to the outside, Johnny picks Paris up by the hair and rolls him back into the ring……… Johnny follows in, Johnny calls for ‘The Rewind’ but Paris counters and bout men are out, Johnny is first to his feet, Low blow by Paris who rolls up Johnny using the ropes….1…………2…………….3 Air Paris Wins…… he slides under the bottom rope ad makes his way to the back not waiting around for Johnny to get some revenge…………… He will have chance to get revenge on Wednesday on Thunder!

Air Paris by Pinfall

48, 40, 68

Commercial Break

Ez Money Vs Matt Stryker Vs Chris Chetti Vs Stevie Fabulous (Cruiserweight Tourament)

The four men square off in the ring, EZ takes out Matt and Chris and Steve tie up…… Ez whips Matt into the corner and knocks mate to the mate with a huge clothesline… Steve suplexs Chris hard into the mat! And goes for a quick cover but EZ breaks up the count before 2, EZ picks up Stevie and throws him to the outside….. and follows him out…. Mean while in the ring Matt works away at Chris nailing him with an array of moves….. followed by a hurricanrana….1…….2…………. kick out at the last minute. EZ lines Stevie up and drops him on the railing right in front of the crowd, as EZ turns around he is clattered by Matt who has come to the outside, Chris has come to in the ring, and bounces off the ropes and hits a huge moonsult over the top rope and to the outside nailing all 3 men….. Chris gets up first and plays to the crowd for a while, he rolls EZ back into the ring and pins him 1…………..2…………… Matt breaks the count….. all four men are now back in the ring, EZ and Stevie double team Matt and drive him hard into the mat……… followed by a double clothesline to Chris knocking him out the ring and to the outside! Stevie Celebrates and EZ nails him with the ‘Cha Cing’ and covers him 1…….2……………………3 we have a winner, EZ is advancing into the next round of the tournament.

Ez Money By Pinfall

55, 56, 69

Chris Chetti is losing Overness because of his weak gimmick

Vampiro Vs Syxx-Pac (Singles Match)

Both men tie up in the ring, arm lock by Pac but a nice counter by Vampiro and both men are back to their corners, Pac runs at Vampiro but gets throw into the turnbuckle face first and nailed with a bodyslam, Vampiro locks on a front face lock but Pac is quickly into the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Vampiro argues with the ref allowing Pac to get the advantage and take out Vampiros knee, he rolls around in agony as Pac works away at the knee……. And then proceeds to lock on a figure four leg lock! Vampiro is rolling around in pain…. Can he make it to the ropes? Yes he finally get there but the damage has been done……. Pac continue to work away at the knee of Vampiro, he cover 1………….2………… kick out, Pac argues about a slow count with the ref allowing Vampiro back to his feet, a couple of chop to Pac and he whips him into the ropes and nails a huge drop kick, 1……….2…………….. kick out. Pac gets up and is nailed with a facebuster……Vampiro Call for the ‘Nail in the Coffin’ 1……………2…………………..3 Vampiro wins……….

Vampiro By Pinfall

68, 68, 84

Commercial Break

New Jack Vs Roadkill (World Title Tournament)

Both men receive a huge ovation at the start of this match mainly due to them both being faces! Both men square off in the ring…. Test of strength Roadkill gets the edge but New Jack fights back with some stiff lefts and rights, New Jack whips Roadkill into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline, Roadkill is straight back to his feet ad New Jack nails a huge DDT, 1………….2……… but Roadkill kicks out, New Jack continues on the offensive, nailing Roadkick with a barrage of big moves, New Jack goes for another cover but again Roadkill kicks out…… Roadkill has really taken a beating……. New Jack slams Roadkill hard into the mat……ad goes up to the top rope…….. he attempts a flying elbow, but Roadkill manages to roll out of the way, both men are down and the ref begins to count 1………..2…………..3………..4…………..5…………..6…………..7…………8……. Roadkill is first back to his feet, followed by New Jack and both men exchange some lefts and rights Roadkill backs New Jack into the ropes, Irish whips followed by a shoulder block, then a leg drop….1………..2……….. but New Jack kicks out, Roadkill picks New Jack up and attempts the Amish Splash, but New Jack counters….. Side walk slam…. New Jack climbs the turnbuckle……and nails a Flying Headbutt……… 1……….2………….3 New Jack wins and advances into the semi finals of the World Title tournament he will face the winner of the Steiner Vs Sandman Match!

New Jack By Pinfall

52, 56, 60

Scott Steiner & Vader Vs Sting & The Sandman (Tag Team Match)

All four men come out separately, Sting receives the biggest pop of the night clearly the most over face in the company…….. Vader and Sandman starts the match….. Vader slams the Sandman into the mat, he whips Sandman into the corer and tags Steiner in, both men work on Sandman in the corner until the ref breaks it up and Vader exits, Steiner slams Sandman into the man and hits him with a few kicks to the head followed by a straggle which the ref stops with a 4 count, Steiner plays to the fans for a bit before tagging back in Vader…….. Vader suplexes the Sandman into the mat and goes up to the top rope………… he attempts a moonsult from the top rope but the Sandman moves out of the way……… Vader nearly went straight through the ring on that one!!! Sandman crawls towards the out stretched arm of Sting and makes the tag, so does Vader…. Sting comes in and cleans house, clearing both members of the oppositions team out to the mat, Sting is on fire! Sandman rolls Steiner into the ring, Scorpion Deathlock! Steiner gets the ropes and Vader breaks the hold, knocking Sting down. Steiner tags in Vader…….. and Stings get doubled teamed, Sandman enters and all four men brawl in the ring….. the referee has lost all control of this match, Sting knocks Vader out of the ring and follows him to the outside and while the ref is distracted Steiner nails a low blow on Sandman and locks in the Steiner Recliner……. Sandman taps but he isn’t the legal man…….. The ref call for the bell and announces Steiner & Vader the winner, Steiner pins the Sandman is this a preview of what’s to come in the match on Thunder? Find out Wednesday on TBS!

Steiner & Vader By Submission

70, 83, 67

Overall Rating: 64

TV Rating: 3.62

Nitro Road Agents Notes

Sting had pick up a broken hand and will be out of action for up to a month, meaning he will miss Souled Out and the World Heavyweight title tournament! (All i needed was one of my maineventers to go out injured, thank god its only a month)

Scott Steiner was reported to be working too stiff by the Sandman, These 2 will be one on one on Thunder, could also explain Stings injury.

Chris Chetti is losing overness being of his weak gimmick, a new gimmick is in order!

(OOC: Ok peoples that my first event, let me know what you think, Thunder card will be up soon will a few more angles hopefully but its hard to fit them in when you only have 6 slots. Will be sorting out tag teams as well in a minute and will list them)

Edited by matt0408
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TOO MANY PERIODS... ... ... ... ... ...

Sorry, but that MAJORLY botherd me.

Few things: Be very careful about what colors you choose, as too much of any one color (especially red in the case of your first show) can make it difficult to read. I would almost suggest just making the heading (the "vs" part) whatever color you decide, and leave the rest in plain text. I would also suggest spacing things out a bit more, as it looks a little smooshed together right now.

I don't think you did a very good job of capturing the character of Paul Heyman in his interview. Nor was I impressed with your announcers. Work on those interviews, as if they fall flat, it becomes extremely difficult to draw people into the diary. You really need to get characters across in those interviews. I know you've only had the one so far, but it didn't inspire me with hope for the rest of the diary. Also, I have a question: you had Heyman go on and on about how "First of all I am the general manager of wCw, I am solely in charge of the running of this place…… I will make all the decision…… there is just one person to answer to and that’s Paul Heyman! " only to turn right around and contradict that by saying that there IS someone higher up than him. So he's NOT solely in charge and the only person to answer to, is he? Just a continuity error that bothered me.

Your matches are ok, but again, like I noted before... ... ... ... ... there's too many periods in between like, almost EVERY sentence. And if it wasn't one of those, it was an exclamation point. Try to vary the punctuation some there bud. Sorry, that's a little thing, but it bothered me. Make sure you double check your grammar and spelling too, as there were a few errors that I caught. That can be a turn-off of a diary also.

Overall, I'm not too encouraged by the start of this one. Just seems to be a lot of little errors and slightly "off" occurences. And unfortunately, the writing itself isn't good enough (or even very good period) to be able to overcome those kinds of things. Work on some of the things I mentioned, and I think it'll help some.

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Guest matt0408

ok here's the Thunder Card

Main Event

World Title Tournament Match

Sandman Vs Scott Steiner

Winner Takes Sting Place In World Title Tournament

Frank Shamrock Vs Dan Severn

New Jack Vs Vader

Ernest 'The Cat' Miller Vs Big Vito

Cruiserweight Title Tourament Semis

Cody Hawk Vs Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris Vs Tommy Suede

X Factor (Syxx-Pac & Justin Credible) Vs Jim Neidhart & Chris Chetti

Plus Interview with The Sandman

I promise this time results will be alot better and i will start working at some angles for Souled Out: Night Of Champions

Results to be hopefully up tomorrow night, if anyone is waiting for them........

Edited by matt0408
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A Little tip. Don't post the whole card or a lot of the card when posting previews. Only reveal maybe 3-5 things thatll happen, that way you keep readers in suspense and you surprise them.

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Guest matt0408


Attendence: 1253

Ticket Sales: $37590

Announcers: Joey Styles & Ed Ferrera

Joey Styles: Welcome fans to the first Thunder of the new era of the wCw, what a night we have for you tonight…….

Ed Ferrera: In the main event, Scott Steiner will take on The Sandman in the World Title Tournament with the Sandman looking for revenge after the cheap win Steiner gained over him on Nitro

Joey Styles: Also New Jack Vs Vader in a no DQ anything goes match, and Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller Vs Big Vito

Ed Ferrera: Not forgetting Frank Shamrock Vs Dan Severn, the winner entering the World Title Tournament and facing Big Vito on Thunder Next Week!

Joey Styles: But first we have a tag match……. X Factor Vs Jim Neidhart & Chris Chetti

X Factor (Syxx-Pac/Justin Credible) Vs Jim Neidhart & Chris Chetti

Justin and Neidhart start the match of and tie up in the middle of the ring, Justin gains the early advantage with a rake to the eye followed by a drop kick, he tags in Syxx Pac who nails Neidhart with a DDT 1….2….. but Neidhart gets his shoulder up at the last second, within a whisper of this match ending early, Syxx Pac picks up Neidhart and tags in Justin, they whip him into the ropes and drop him with a double elbow. Justin plays to the fans for a bit allowing Neidhart back to his feet. He starts to fight back with a barrage of left and right but another eye gouge by Justin re gains the advantage. Another tag and Pac is back in working away at the Anvil…… Out of no where Pac is floored with a huge clothesline, Anvil crawls towards his corner ad tags in Chetti, Pac tags Justin and all four me are in the ring, Chetti knocks Pac out and rolls up Justin 1….2…. Chetti remains on the offensive, Syxx Pac grabs a chair and slides it into the ring he jumps on the apron and distracts the referee, Justin DDT’s Chetti on the chair, Pac knocks Anvil off the apron and Justin covers for the three count, impressive debut for the X Factor in the wCw, maybe they have an eye on the vacant wCw Tag Championship.

Winners: X Factor by pinfall

60, 61, 60

Chris Chetti debuts his new image (Dude), and it got a positive response

Jim Neidhart didn’t really sell and that heard the match rating

Joey Styles: X Factor steal one over Neidhart and Chetti

Ed Ferrera: Steal? A very impressive display by X Factor our next wCw Champions….

Joey Styles: I think there are a few other tag teams out there that may have some other ideas, anyway up next we have an interview with Sandman concerning Scott Steiner and the World Title.

Ed Ferrera: Tonight I think we’ll see a repeat of Monday Night!

Joey Styles: A cheat victory for Steiner?

Ed Ferrera: I didn’t see no cheating……..

Interview With The Sandman

Sandman – Monday night, Scott Steiner….. you beat me, I admit it I tapped out in the Steiner Recliner, and you have gained the advantage going into tonight’s main event. Me and you one on one, but tonight the stakes are higher much higher. I have the chance to be the first Heavyweight Champion in the new era of wCw. All I have to do is defeat you and either Big Vito and his opponent and then I make it into the Main Event at Souled Out: Night Of Champions, and tonight I will not allow you to cheat your way past me, you will not stand in the way of me and my destiny, that title is mine and at Souled Out I will defeat whoever I faced in the final and go on to become the longest wCw champion in the history of World Championship Wrestling, ok……. You may ask how im going to stop you cheating? Well you see me and Paul Heyman go back along way and he has agreed that tonight out match will be no DQ which means everything’s legal …………

Scott Steiner music hits……..

Steiner – You want to face the genetic freak ‘Scott Steiner’ in a no DQ match? Anything’s legal and nothing is forbidden? I agree…….. Monday night I proved that I could beat you and I made you tap in the middle of the ring, screaming like a baby….. and tonight I will do the same, and I will go on and win the title at Souled Out and become the new wCw Champion…….


Joey Styles: Steiner Sandman in a no DQ match this one could erupt!

Ed Ferrera: Wow Steiner was looking intense tonight I back him to go to Souled Out and become the first World Champion………

Commercial Break

Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris Vs Cody Hawk Vs Tommy Suede

Storm and Paris square of in the ring while Hawk works away on Suede in the Corner, Storm and Paris exchange blows, Storm backs Paris into the ropes with some hard stiff right hands. Huge DDT by Paris on Storm and cover but Hawk quickly breaks up the count, Hawk throws Paris out of the ring, and turns and is nails by a drop kick by Tommy Suede, he picks up Storm and whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with a flying shoulder block, and then goes to the outside to Paris, he rakes the eyes and drops suede over the railings on the outside, meanwhile in the ring Storm lines Hawk up with the ‘Rewind’ Storm cover and gains the three count with Air Paris distracted by Suede on the Outside.

Johnny Storm (By Pinfall)

59, 47, 71

Joey Styles: Johnny Storm goes to Nitro to face EZ Money for the Cruiserweight Title

Ed Ferrera: Very quick match there…. Storm looking impressive

Commercial Break

As the action comes back to Thunder, Steiner is seen warming up in his dressing room when Vader walk in…..

Steiner: Big man….

Vader: Steiner we are both in this world title tournament. And I have a proposal for you, the both of us cannot meet until Souled Out, in the final meaning that we stay clear of each other in the qualifying rounds

Steiner: So

Vader: How about I watch your back and you…….. watch mine until the final making sure we both make it, shall we say in one piece.

Steiner: So you want to rub each other back so to speak? Vader Vs Steiner in the Main Event at Souled Out? For the wCw World Title?

Steiner extends his hand and the two shake hands…….

Vader: This agreement is only until Souled Out from there I will go on a beat you for the title and be crowned champion

Vader leaves as the camera pans back to ringside


Joey Styles: Vader and Steiner plotting to cheat there way to the main event at Souled Out,

Ed Ferrera: Cheat I think it’s a smart move….

Joey Styles: How do you work that out?

Ed Ferrera: Well both men will make it to Souled Out and will be in 100% condition, meaning both men will have the best chance of capturing gold!

Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller Vs Big Vito (Singles Match)

Vito gains the early advantage on Miller with a barrage on offensive moves, he hits Miller with a slam and drills him hard into the mat. Vito picks up Miller and suplexes him into the mat into a cover 1……….. kick out, not even a two count there. Both men get back to there feet and Miller kicks Vito in the gut and hits a DDT….. both men hit the mat. Miller is up first, he uses the ropes. Vito comes up behind him and grabs him by the head but Miller fights back, and battles back knocking Vito into the corner, he then Irish whips Vito into the opposite corner and splash him in the corner, as Vito bouches out of the corner and nails the ‘Feliner’ 1………2…………..3

Winner: Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller (Singles Victory)

72, 66, 78

Joey Styles: Good win for The Cat here, he faces Vader on Monday Nitro

Ed Ferrera: That’s as far as he will go, Steiner and Vader will see to that.

New Jack Vs Vader (Hardcore Match)

Vader starts the match on the offensive, knocking New Jack with some big moves. He goes outside and grabs a chair from ringside, he lines New Jack up and swings but New Jack ducks and floors Vader with a flying chop block, both men are down. New Jack is the first back to his feet. New Jack throws Vader to the outside, he whips Vader into the ring, look at that impact the ring moved! Vader rides around in pain on the floor. New Jack grabs some TV cable at ring side and wraps it around the neck of Vader and straggles, Vader face goes red…. New Jack finally releases but the damage maybe done already. New Jack hops on to the ring barrier and nails a flying leg drop on Vader on the outside. He finally moves Vader back into the ring. And covers 1…….2………. but Vader kicks out at the last second. New Jack can’t believe it. He grabs the chair and as he moves back round Vader kick the chair into his face, New Jack is knocked down and Vader gets to his feet, he picks up the chair and nails a huge chair shot to his arm, New Jack rides around in Pain in the middle of the ring, Vader is picked up and VADER BOMB…… Vader covers 1……..2………..3 Vader wins, he climbs the ropes after the match and celebrates…… he plays to the crowd for a minute of so before returning to the back. New Jack is cared to by EMT’s and loaded on to a stretcher

Winner – Vader (Via Pinfall)

75, 77, 73

Joey Styles: New Jack looked hurt bad, he will have to face the winner of the Steiner Vs Sandman Match in the Semi’s of the tournament. By the looks of him he will struggles to make it

Ed Ferrera: Vader making sure his buddy has a weakened opponent to face……

Joey Styles: He has to win tonight first Ed

Frank Shamrock Vs Dan Severn (Singles Match, Winner receives a place in the world title tournament in place of the injured Sting)

Both men square off at the start of the match, these to have had some rivalries in the past. Dan Severn gains the early advantage in the match; using several power moves to get ahead. Shamrock is floored and Dan Severn applies the ‘Beast Choker’, Shamrock rides around in pain by wont submit, he gets into the rope but how much damaged has been done already? Severn continues to beat on the fallen Shamrock. He attempts several covers but Shamrock kicks out. Severn whips Shamrock into the corner and applies a choke hold to Shamrock. Only releasing when the ref initiates the 4 count. Severn plays to the crowd which allows Shamrock some time to get his head together, he flies out the corner with a huge clothesline knocking Severn down. Shamrock suplexes Severn into the mat and covers but Severn kicks out. Shamrock goes for the Guillotine Choke but Severn quickly grabs the ropes and the hold is broken. Shamrock locks in a standing arm bar, but Severn counters into an Anklelock, Shamrock manages to get free and both men get to there feet, knockdown by Shamrock, followed by the ‘Guillotine Choke’, Severn has no other option to tap out. Shamrock picks up the victory but Severn isn’t finished he comes up behind Shamrock and nails him with a huge Powerbomb, he leaves the ring with Shamrock laid out in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Frank Shamrock (Via Pinfall)

71, 60, 83

Shamrock losing overness because of his weak gimmick

Joey Styles: What did Severn do that for?

Ed Ferrera: I don’t think this rivalry is finished

Commercial Break

Main Event

Scott Steiner Vs The Sandman (No DQ match)

Sandman gets the early advantage in the match before Steiner low blows him and gain the advantage, knocking him down, he goes over to the turnbuckle and takes off the padding exposing the steel beneath. He goes back over to the Sandman who starts to fight back, he gets back up and floors Steiner with a clothesline. Sandman picks Steiner up and drives him into the mat with a Piledriver, 1………2 but Steiner gets his shoulder up. Sandman goes to the outside and grabs a chair of ring side, Steiner follows him out and ducks the attempted shot, kicks Sandman in the stomach picks up the chair and nails him with the chair, he falls back into the ring post and lies motionless on the floor with Steiner stood over him. He raises the chair and rams it into the throat of Sandman, Sandman rides around holding his throat, Steiner rolls him back into the ring. Steiner climbs the ropes and plays to the fans for a bit, be fore flying off and attempting an elbow drops which he misses. Both men are down……… Steiner is first back to his feet. He picks up Sandman and whips him into the ropes, Sandman ducks the clothesline and nails Steiner and nails the ‘White Russian Leg Sweep’ this one is over, he slumps to the floor before putting his arm over Steiner……1…………2………… Sandman is nailed with a chair shot. Its Vader what’s he doing down here, Vader Bomb on the Chair, Steiner comes around and covers Sandman 1……….2……………3. Scott Steiner wins with the help of his ‘buddy’ Vader. They stay in the ring as Thunder goes of air……..

Winner - Scott Steiner (Via Pinfall)

78, 81, 73

Joey Styles: What lengths will these 2 stop at to make sure there in the Main Event at Souled Out?

Ed Ferrera: Vader will be the next world champion

Joey Styles: Earlier it was Steiner, Make you your mind……….

Show Ends

TV Rating: 2.27

Overall Rating: 71

We won the battle with JAPW ‘Hard Hitting TV’

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Guest matt0408

ok think them results were a bit better than the first one, also there are a few rivalvies building up now, Nitro card will be up tomorrow.... please let me knwo what you think so far

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Guest matt0408

The Styles Report….

Hi im Joey Styles, and welcome to the first Styles report. Every week I will bring you the latest news from backstage at wCw and comment of some of the issues from the past week. What a week it has been in wCw this week, the first week of re opening and already plenty of action to keep everyone hooked.

Who is the mystery investor?

Ok as you all well know wCw is only back because of the money and business mind of one man or woman. There have been many names circulated with the ‘Mystery Investor’ but to be honest I think people are plucking names out of hats, for example I heard a rumour the other day that Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was the man behind it all, sure he has a motive to put WWE and McMahon out of business but as far as I know he has no where near the funds to carry out the deal. Also another interesting point is how the rights to wCw ended up in the hands of the investor, Vince McMahon would not part with the rights for any sort of cash no matter how much, which leads me to think it could have been an inside job in the WWE, maybe a wrestler of a member of staff backstage……… stay tuned for more news on this situation on Nitro this Monday.

Steiner & Vader

Over the past week in wCw we have seen an alliance form between Scott Steiner and Vader, Both men have vowed to help each other to the Main Event at Souled Out: Night Of Champions and we saw Vader keep his end of the deal this week on Thunder, with Sandman seemingly certain of victory over Steiner, Vader came down to the ring and assaulted the Sandman with a chair, a vicious attack which left Sandman needing 8 stitches in the head and he is very doubtful to show up on Nitro this week. Will these to achieve their goal and make it to Souled Out in the Main Event stay tuned and find out this Monday on Nitro when Vader takes on Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller in the qualifying round for the semi final in the World Championship Tournament.

Cruiserweight Division

Paul Heyman is really trying to push the wCw Cruiserweight division and hopes to achieve the reputation it once had, in the Day and Mysterio and Kidman. The Cruiserweight title is a great example of this with 8 Cruiserweight going for one title we are now down to the final two, EZ Money and Johnny Storm. These two will face off on Nitro to decide the first Cruiserweight Champion. But also expect to see a lot more of high flying Cruiserweight action over the coming weeks and at Souled Out.


I can bring you an update on Sting, for those of you who don’t know Sting injured his hand on Monday Nitro and had x rays straight after the show revealing a break in two places, while he was willing to fight on and compete in the World Title Tournament the medics backstage thought the injury may get worst and escalate into something a lot worst. We expect him back at the start of next month, this was a big blow to Sting as many had hoped he would be in the Main Event and Souled Out & be crowned the New World Champion. He is now out of the World Title Tournament but will be replace.

Don’t miss Nitro and Thunder this week, some huge matches taking place!

Joey Styles

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Guest matt0408

Monday Nitro Preview........

Last week saw the formation of a union between Vader and Scott Steiner both men teaming to make sure they are both in the Main Event at Souled Out, Steiner is through his first round thanks to the help of Vader on Thunder and is it time for Steiner to return the favour? Vader taking on Ernest 'The Cat' Miller in the Main Event........

With one half of the semi final booked with New Jack Vs Scott Steiner, after Nitro this week we will know who will be in the other semi final as both Qualifying rounds are on Nitro, Vader against Ernest 'The Cat' Miller and Frank Shamrock Vs Big Vito, who will make it to the semi finals? find out Live on Nitro!

The Sandman & New Jack will both miss Nitro this week, thanks to Vader both men suffered injuries that will keep them out of action this week on Nitro. Vader took out New Jack with a chair in there no DQ match and New Jack sustained minor arm injuries, Sandman had to have 7 stitches in the wound which was caused by a chair shot from Vader in the Main Event on Thunder......... while neither will be in action will either be in attendence?

Nitro will see a new Cruiserweight champion crowned when EZ Money goes agaist Johnny Storm, both winners in Fatal Fourway matches in the last round, who will win the first title of the new wCw era?

Current Card

Main Event

Vader Vs Ernest 'The Cat' Miller

Winner advances in the World Title tournament

Johnny Storm Vs Ez Money

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Frank Shamrock Vs Big Vito

Winner advances in the World Title tournament

Plus Much More

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Guest matt0408

Monday Nitro

Attendence: 1504

Ticket Sales: $45120

Announcers: Ed Ferrera & Joey Styles

The show opens with a the last seen from the Main Event on Thunder, Vader and Scott Steiner stood over the fallen and bloody Sandman, Steiner’s arm is raised by the referee and him and Vader shakes hands……………

Joey Styles – Welcome fans to another edition of Monday Nitro, Tonight we will crown a new Cruiserweight Champion, plus a huge Main Event, Vader Vs Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, what part will Scott Steiner play in this match?

Ed Ferrera – Plus Frank Shamrock goes against Big Vito in a first round qualifier for the World Title, Shamrock replacing the injured Sting………..

Joey Styles – That’s right Ed, Sting injured last week on Nitro…………..

Ed Ferrera – At the hands of Scott Steiner & Vader, who also took out New Jack and Sandman on Thunder, both not expected to be in Attendance tonight.

Stevie Fabulous Vs Cody Hawk (Singles Match)

Cody Hawk gains the early advantage, working away at Stevie Fabulous, He slams him into the mat and nails a leg drop, covers but Stevie kicks out at 2. Stevie then begins to fight back, clotheslining Cody into mat and nailing a drop kick. Stevie locks on an arm bar but Cody is quickly into the ropes and Stevie is forced to break the hold. Cody rakes the eyes of Stevie and regains the advantage, nailing a drop kick from the cross rope and a cover 1……..2…….. but again Stevie kicks out. Cody Hawk cant believe it and argues with the referee. As Cody turns around he is nailed with the ‘Stevie Kick’, Stevie covers and picks up the three count. He celebrates in the ring as Cody Hawk rolls out and goes to back.

Winner: Stevie Fabulous (Via Pinfall)

72, 57, 87

Joey Styles: The Cruiserweight Division is really heating up Ed, all the men trying to impress early here……..

Ed Ferrera: I love cruiserweight action, and im picking EZ Money to become the first Cruiserweight champion.

Joey Styles: He gotta get pass Johnny Storm first, both men beating three other guys to get into the title match tonight and neither can be underestimated.

Paul Heyman’s music hits, he strolls down to the ring looking rather pleased with himself. He walks up the steps and enters the ring under the top rope. He grabs a microphone

Joey Styles: Guess were going to hear from Paul Heyman

Ed Ferrera: That’s the General Manger Paul Heyman, now quiet I want to hear what he’s got to say..

Paul Heyman: We are only one week into the new era of the wCw, and already we have seen some great action. This company is already a huge improvement on the days of Bischoff and Russo. Under my leadership I will turn this company into a world wide organisation known by all, we will one day become the biggest wrestling federation in the world! But none of this could be possible without the vision on great expense of one man, the man who bought wCw back from the dead. Lets face it how many of you people in attendance tonight actually thought you would see the day that the wCw was once again opened for business? Hell I never thought I would see the day…….

Ed Ferrera: Me neither….

………. But here we are, up and running again and people all around the wrestling scene are asking. Who has the money and the means to re open the wCw and vow to take down the WWE? That takes a man with real guts and a wallet to match! And I can announce that at Souled Out I will personally reveal to the whole world who is bank rolling the wCw rebirth. Souled Out will be an event which will be talked about for may years to come. And the wrestling world will be taken onto another level and left in utter shock.

He leaves the ring with everyone in the audience buzzing about the fact that the bankroller will finally be revealed at Souled Out on the 23rd January!

Joey Styles: That’s huge, who is it?

Ed Ferrera: Some one which a lot of money and vision, appointing Heyman general Manager was masterful!

Commercial Break

Frank Shamrock Vs Big Vito (World Championship Tournament)

Joey Styles: Welcome back, next up Frank Shamrock Vs Big Vito, the winner facing Vader on Monday Nitro next week.

Ed Ferrera: Is Shamrock 100%? After the attack from Dan Severn last week, he surely can’t be at full strength and Big Vito will take full advantage tonight.

Both men tie up in the ring, Big Vito targeting Shamrock right leg, working away at it with several kicks, he grabs the leg and slams it into the mat. Vito whips Shamrock into the corner, and grabs his leg and puts it on the second rope. He then nails his leg with 3 huge kicks to the groin area of Shamrock, Shamrock falls from the turnbuckle clutching his leg, riding around in pain on the mat, Big Vito plays to the crowd for a while before going on the offensive again, irish whip followed by a clothelines Vito target the leg again, twisting it from a standing position, Shamrock gets into the rope but Vito holds on for the four count. The ref breaks the hold, Vito turns and argue with the ref, allowing Shamrock to get back to his feet, as Vito turns round, Shamrock locks on an armbar takedown, Vito is in the middle of the ring, he breaks the hold with a rake to the eyes, and Vito stays down holding his arm, Vito is first back to his feet, still holding his arm. He goes over to Shamrock, Vito picks up Shamrock. Shamrock counters and kicks Vito in the gut and nails a huge DDT both men are down. Shamrock is first back up, Vito follows him to his feet and both men come together, Shamrock ducks an attempted clotheslines, as Vito turns round he is knocked down and Shamrock locks on the ‘Guillotine Choke’ Vito is in the middle of the ring and has no other option but to tap, Shamrock releases the hold. He gets back to his feet, holding his leg. Vito is up as well. He takes out Shamrocks leg from behind, knocking him to the mat. He goes outside and grabs a chair… and repeatedly rams the chair into Shamrocks leg……. Vito leaves as Shamrock is left clutching his leg in the ring

Winner: Frank Shamrock (Via Submission)

75, 66, 85

Frank Shamrock debuts his new gimmick, it got a positive response

Joey Styles: He lost the match, why did he have to do that. Shamrock has a huge match on Nitro against Vader……

Ed Ferrera: Judging by that attack Shamrock wont make it next Monday…… Vito making a huge impression tonight.

Joey Styles: He’s a coward, attacking Shamrock from behind because he lost the dam match.

Returning the favour

The camera go backstage into the locker room, Vader is seen warming up for his match tonight. Scott Steiner walks in and the two exchange a hand shake…….

Steiner: Last week was great, stage one is complete and im on my way to Nitro to face New Jack…….

Vader: New Jack? The punk who I beat down last week? Do you think he will make it? He isn’t here tonight, probably lied up in some hospital bed somewhere.

Steiner: I saw it and it was great, Steiner Vs New Jack on next week on Nitro.

Vader: If he makes it, after the beating I gave him, ill be surprised if he’ll make it to Souled Out!

Steiner: Let’s focus on the night in hand, tonight you face Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller…..

Vader: and after what I did for you last week, its time for you to return the favour, its down to you to make sure I go onto Nitro next week to face Frank Shamrock

Steiner: Don’t worry I have something in mid for ‘The Cat’, you don’t need to worry to much about Shamrock, after what happened to him tonight, im not sure if either of us will have an opponent next week, maybe a buy into the final.

Vader: Even if they do show up, they wont be putting up much of a fight, the plan is almost complete……. But I want you to know, when we do make it to Souled Out I will not hold back or go easy on you. I will walk out as the new World Champion

Steiner: You go easy on me? Listen ‘Big Poppa Pump’ isn’t scared of nobody, and I will be the man walking out of Souled Out as the new Champion, you will be leaving on a stretcher!

Vader holds back from hitting Steiner, both men get in each others face……..

Steiner: Hey not here, not now…….. theres a time and a place and it isn’t here, the next few weeks we have to work as a team, we have to make sure we get to Souled Out, so we gotta keep focused on everyone else….. because people are gunna be gunning for us

Vader: Ok, I will hold back until Souled Out……..

Vader walks off, and the camera focus’s in on Steiner, he has a sick smile on his face before we go back to ringside


Joey Styles: Trouble between Steiner & Vader, will they both be able to work as a team until Souled Out

Ed Ferrera: Corse they will Joey, and both will go onto Souled Out in the Main Event for the vacant World Title.

Joey Styles: Ed….. I can’t wait for Souled Out!

Johnny Storm Vs Ez Money (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Joey Styles: Here it comes Ed, the next match will decide the first champion of wCw, Johnny Storm Vs Ez Money for the Cruiserweight Champion.

Both men are in the ring, Johnny looks over to the title and signals he wants it round his waist, the two tie up in the middle of the ring, Johnny gains the early advantage, whipping Ez in the ropes and nails a cross body into a pin, 1……..2……… but Ez worms his way out, both men get back to there feet, Johnny ducks under a clothesline attempt and drops Ez with a drop kick, Ez rolls to the outside, seeing his chance Johnny jumps onto the top rope and throws him self to the outside but Ez sees him and move and Johnny falls to the outside. Ez picks him up and whips him into the security barrier; he rolls Johnny back into the ring. Ez has the advantage now and continues on the offensive. Ez slams Johnny into the mat, and hits a quick leg drop 1….2…………. but Johnny kicks out. Ez nails Johnny with a few more boots before locking on a figure four leg lock, Johnny is in agony he crawls closer and closer to the ropes before finally grabbing the ropes and forcing the ref to break the hold, while arguing with the referee, Johnny is back to his feet…. But Ez is straight back on the offensive until out of now where Johnny nails a huge super kick knocking Ez into the ref, both men are down and so is the referee, Air Paris comes running down to the ring, he grabs a chair from ringside, and slides into the ring…. He waits for Johnny to get up and super kicks the chair into the face of Johnny Storm, he then puts Ez moneys arm over Johnny and rolls out of the ring. The ref comes round and covers 1……2……….. but Johnny somehow gets his shoulder up…… Air Paris holds his head in his hands…….. ‘Cha Ching’ Ez nails the ‘Cha Ching’. 1………..2…………..3 its over………

Winner: EZ Money (Via Pinfall)

71, 50, 93

Ed Ferrera: Ez Money is the new Cruiserweight champion

Joey Styles: What is Air Paris’s problem with Johnny Storm, he just cost him the match and the cruiserweight championship.

Air Paris re-enters the ring, he stands over Johnny storms and starts beating away at him, he is quickly joined by Ez Money, both men working away at Johnny Storm. Chris Chetti come running into the ring to even up the numbers, he grabs Ez and nails him with ‘Amityville Horror’ and takes out Air Paris as well, Here comes Johnny Suede, he climbs the turnbuckle….. as Chetti turns round he is nailed with a hurricanrana from the top rope and Chetti is down, Paris is back to his feet…… he continues to work on Johnny Storm while Tommy and Money work on Chris Chetti in the corner……….. Stevie Fabulous music hits……… he comes running down to the rig with a chair in hand. As Ez Money turns he is nailed with a chair shot and rolls out of the ring, Tommy Suede see’s whats coming and rolls out as well……… Air Paris turns round and the chair is kicked into his face…….. Paris, Suede and Money all walk towards the back, Suede helping Paris and Money…… Stevie helps up Johnny Storm and Chris Chetti. The three men stay in the ring…….

Joey Styles: What a couple of minutes that was, some high flying action with all the cruiserweight in the ring at one time

Ed Ferrera: Ez Money is the new champion, but Johnny Storm won the war

Joey Styles: The Cruiserweight division really hotting up here, who will face Ez Money at Souled Out

Main Event

Vader Vs Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller (World Title Qualifier)

Vader comes to the ring first and before Ernest can get in Vader attacks him and the bell ring, Vader whips him in the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline, Ernest gets up and Vader slams him into the a mat hard, Vader hits a huge splash on The Cat, 1………..2 but Cat somehow manages to get his shoulder up, Vader stands up and signals to the crowd he wants the World Title. He picks up The Cat and throws him into the turnbuckle, Vader attempts a splash in the corner but The Cat moves, and nails Vader with a neck breaker. Cat gains the advantage now and slows down the pace a little, he struggle to keep the big man down. He hits an Axe handle smash from the top rope. Vader finally falls, 1………..2 but Vader kicks out at the last second. As Vader gets up Cat tries to slam him but cant pick him up, he clutches his back and Vader knocks him down with a huge clothesline. The Cat folded up like book….. Vader taunts the crowd, before covering Cat…….. who kicks out after a two count. Vader indicates to the referee he wants a faster count, Vader whips the Cat into the rope, Cat ducks under a clothesline, and nails the ‘Feliner’ both men hit the mat, Cat puts his hand over Vader. 1…………..2…………….. but Vader raises a shoulder, Cat holds his head in his hands, hang on here comes Scott Steiner……. Steiner jumps up on the ring and distracts the Cat, as he turns around ‘VADER BOMB’ and Vader covers….1……….2………………..3

Joey Styles: Vader steals one, with the help of Scott Steiner

Ed Ferrera: Vader is through, what a great victory…….

Joey Styles: You mean Cheap…….. anyway the semi finals are now sorted, Steiner will take on New Jack & Frank Shamrock Vs Vader, 2 great matches in the making there

Steiner enters the ring, he and Vader start to beat down on the Cat, the referee tries to break them up but Steiner throws him over the tope rope, they continue to beat down on Ernest Miller. Another Vader Bomb, and Vader goes up top, he nails a huge moonsult as Steiner holds down Miller, Miller rolls around holding his ribs, Steiner locks on the ‘Steiner Recliner’ Miller is tapping out in the middle of the ring, WAIT what’s this Sandman’s music hits………. He and New Jack come charging down the ramp towards the ring, New Jack nails Steiner, and Sandman slams Vader into the mat. What strength! New Jack grabs a chair and nails Steiner with ‘187 Diving Chairshot’ Steiner rolls out of the ring, New Jack and Sandman then both suplex Vader, driving the big man hard into the mat. Sandman goes to the top rope, New Jack places the chair over Vader’s face, Tope rope Legdrop! Driving the chair into the face of Vader, splitting him wide open

As Nitro goes off air New Jack & Sandman are stood over Vader with there hands held in the air!

3.65 Rating

74% Overall

Ok people what did you think of Nitro? Below are a few questions I would appreciate you views thanks

Who will be the First World Champion?

Sandman needs a new gimmick, what?

How do you think wCw is doing so far?

Who will make it to Souled Out to the main event?

Who should face EZ Money for the Cruiserweight title at Souled Out?

Need to sign at least 7 more fighters, who?

Really wish I would have booked a primetime show, only got 6 slots to book on Nitro!

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Guest matt0408

Thunder Preview

New Jack & Sandman got revenge on Vader & Scott Steiner on Nitro, interfering after Vader’s victory against Ernest Miller in the Main Event, Sandman and New Jack who were not expected to be in attendance, came to the ring and attacked Steiner & Vader with a steel chair. Vader was split wide open after a top rope legdrop from the Sandman onto a chair which was driven into Vader face, both we’re out for revenge after last week on Thunder when Vader took out them both and cost Sandman his match against Steiner in the World Title Tournament, so this give us the huge main event of Scott Steiner & Vader Vs Sandman & New Jack in a No DQ match, what will happen in this one? Vader & Steiner both in action on Nitro next week in their World Title Tournament matches against Frank Shamrock & New Jack!

Also on Nitro saw the crowning of a new Cruiserweight Champion, EZ Money defeating Johnny Storm thanks to the help of Air Paris. Afterwards a 6 man brawl broke out between Johnny Storm, Stevie Fabulous, Chris Chetti, Air Paris, Ez Money, and Tommy Suede. So on Thunder this week a huge 6 man tag match featuring 6 of the best cruiserweights in the wCw today, everyone trying to impress Paul Heyman and all after a title shot at Souled Out.

Paul Heyman made a huge announcement on Nitro this week, he told the world that the mystery investor would be re-reeled at Souled Out, will we hear anymore this week on Thunder? Stay tuned to find out.

The vacant tag team titles have a few teams after them, X Factor (Justin Credible & Syxx Pac) were very impressive on Thunder last week defeating Chris Chetti & Jim Neidhart, on Nitro will see the re debut of Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire, the last wCw champions before being brought out by the WWE. They will be looking to impress on Thunder, there opponents aren’t announced at the moment.

Current Card

Main Event

Vader & Scott Steiner Vs Sandman & New Jack

No DQ match

6 Man Tag Cruiserweight Match

EZ Money & Air Paris & Tommy Suede Vs Stevie Fabulous & Johnny Storm & Chris Chetti

Roadkill Vs Big Vito

Plus the debut of Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire in tag team action

(OOC: O Haire & Palumbo has a face turn of screen before their debut, because I needed a face tag team. Also does anyone know where I can get a picture pack for the game with all the pictures on? Thanks)

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Guest matt0408

Wrestling News Central........

Scott Steiner To Become The New WCW World Champion

user posted image

We have unconfirmed reports that 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner will be crowned the first WCW Champion of the new era on the 23rd of January at Souled Out. The new management seem keen to give the title to a recognised WCW face as they battle to win back the fans they once had. If Steiner does go onto Souled Out his opponent will most likely be Frank Shamrock, he faces Vader on Nitro next week to decide who will go to Souled Out in the championship match. With Shamrock being the biggest fit face in the company due to the injury suffered by Sting, he is expected to line up in the main event against Steiner. This is really a make or break event for WCW they are reluctant to stick to heels in the main event and will find it very hard to turn either Steiner or Vader in such a sort space of time. We believe the original main event was pencil in for Sting Vs Scott Stiener but them plans were scrapped after Sting suffered an injury at the first Nitro.

X Factor Vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O' Haire For The Titles!

The world tag team titles will be decided at Souled Out, with the last WCW tag champions Chuck Palumbo & Sean O' Haire going against Justin Credible & Syxx Pac. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O' Haire and reported to be very keen on working a program with Justin & Syxx Pac, and with the tag team department looking very weak currently within WCW this fued may go on for quite a while flying the flag for the tag division. It is unclear what sort of match it is going to be but expect this match to be announced either on Thunder or next week on Nitro.

New Talent Arriving?

WCW still has a very small roster, it only has 35 workers on the roster including workers in the developmetal camp and Paul Heyman, so im sure we can expect some new and fresh young talent to be bought in in the next couple of months. WCW seem very reluctant at the moment to pay any high wages at the moment incase things do not go as quickly as planned, with Sting, Vader, Steiner and Frank Shamrock all reported to be on contracts worth over $100,000 a month at the moment any more high earners are out of the question, we will know more on there budget at the end of the month when the financial figures are releashed, but i think it'll be safe to say it will be red.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks for more updates on this matter, the WCW have sent scouts out to all indy feds and are awaiting reports. It is also thought that some talent from the developmental camp may be promoted as the shows become bigger.

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Guest matt0408


Attendence: 1503

Ticket Sales: $45090

Announcers: Ed Ferrera & Joey Styles

The Thunder video hits the screen, before the cameras switch to ringside, we see a video from last week’s main event, in which Vader beat Ernest Miller, and the aftermath in which Sandman and New Jack join forces to take out Steiner & Vader, splitting Vader wide open.

Joey Styles: Welcome wCw fans to another edition of Thunder, we are just 11 days away from Souled Out: Night Of Champions, where a new World Heavyweight Champion will be crown, who will it be? Vader, Scott Steiner, Frank Shamrock or New Jack? But tonight in the main event, Vader & Steiner team to face New Jack & Sandman.

Ed Ferrera: Chance for revenge in this one for Vader & Steiner after the unprovoked attack by New Jack and Sandman on Nitro

Joey Styles: Unprovoked? Vader single handily took out both of them with a steal chair last week on Thunder, and cost the Sandman a chance at World Title Glory! They got what was coming to them.

Ed Ferrera: Whatever!

Joey Styles: Also tonight we have a huge 6 man cruiserweight tag match, the team of Chris Chetti, Stevie Fabulous and Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris, Tommy Suede and EZ Money who this week on Nitro defeated Johnny Storm to become the new Cruiserweight champion

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire Vs The HWA Icons (Matt Stryker & Cody Hawk)

The match starts off with Cody Hawk & Sean O’ Haire in the ring, Cody gains the early advantage over O’ Haire, he uses his speed advantage and targets his left leg, O’ Haire goes down and Hawk tags in Stryker, Stryker climbs to the second rope while Hawk holds his legs open Stryker drops a huge elbow into the groins area and goes for a quick cover, 1……..2…….. but O’ Haire manages to kick out, Stryker tags out again and whips O’ Haire into the rope and both men double drop kick O’ Haire to the mat, Hawk draws Palumbo into the ring, distracting the referee and HWA Icons double team on O’ Haire behind the referee back, he turns around and Hawk exits the ring, Stryker picks up O’ Haire and slams him into the mat, he grabs O’ Haire’s leg and locks on a one legged boston crab, O’ Haire screams in pain until Palumbo comes into the ring to breaks the hold, while the referee is distracted Hawk enters the ring, and HWA Icons double team O’ Haire again, as the ref turns Hawk exits the ring, Stryker plays to the crowd for a bit, allowing O’ Haire back to his feet, and a huge clothelines knock Stryker into the mat hard, both men hit the floor and Stryker tags out, O’ Haire jumps and tags out to Palumbo, in he comes and clears house, clotheslining both men out of the ring, Palumbo helps up O’ Haire, Hawk cautiously enters the ring again, and him and Palumbo tie up, Palumbo suplex’s him into the mat, both get back to there feet Palumbo kicks Hawk in the gut and nails a huge DDT, and covers but Stryker breaks up the count, Palumbo tags out to O’ Haire. O’ Haire comes into the ring and whips Hawk into the corner, Palumbo knocks Stryker from the ring ad O’ Haire nails Hawk with the ‘The Prophecy’ and into the cover 1………..2…………3 Chuck and Sean pick up the victory, the celebrate in the ring after the match before heading off out to the back

Winners: Chick Palumbo & Sean O' Haire

70, 63, 78

Joey Styles: Chuck & O’ Haire really impressing tonight, surely with one eye on the tag team titles……

Ed Ferrera: Our last wCw tag champions, maybe our next!

Revenge Is A Bitch

New Jack music hits and he and Sandman come out to the ring, they grab a mic and the crowd anticipate what they are about to say

New Jack: Vader, Scott Steiner I know your out the back and preparing for the match against me and Sandman tonight, what we did to you on Nitro on Monday night is nothing prepared to what were gunna do tonight, you see Vader you picked the wrong two men to attack last week on Nitro, me and my partner here……..

Sandman grabs the mic

Sandman: Vader last week on Thunder you cost me a shot at being the first wCw World Heavyweight Champion of the new wCw era, you interfered in my match against Scott Steiner and cost me a spot in the semi final against the man in the ring with me right now, I had that match won, Steiner’s shoulder were down and I was a second away from picking up the three count only for you to enter the ring and nail me with a steel chair, not only did you nail me with the chair but you then proceeded to Vader Bomb me onto in, you’re the reason why on Nitro next week I wont be in the World Title Tournament Semi Final, not Steiner. So tonight me and New Jack have some chance for revenge, tonight we take on you two in a No DQ anything goes match which means we can do whatever we want to you and it’s all legal…….

New Jack: That’s right Vader, you and me have already had a no DQ match last week on Thunder. You tried to get rid of me by driving a steel chair into my arm, but you failed to keep me down, Hardcore is my middle name, I’ve been involved in some classic hardcore matches in the past but tonight will be different……… tonight me and the Sandman will destroy you and it will be the most one sided match that wCw will ever see, revenge is sweet and tonight we will get ours!


Joey Styles: New Jack & Sandman looking for revenge tonight, what a main event this is shaping up to be, with 3 of the four men taking part in the world title semi finals on Nitro, will they all make it

Ed Ferrera: Frank Shamrock must be sitting at home liking what he is seeing, the forth man in the tournament may be the only one standing on Nitro next week.

Commercial Break

Air Paris & Tommy Suede & EZ Money Vs Chris Chetti & Stevie Fabulous & Johnny Storm (6 Man Cruiserweight Tag Match)

Tommy Suede and Chris Chetti start in the ring together, both men tie up in the middle of the ring and Chetti gains the early advantage and whips Suede into the corner, Chetti charges but is met by a huge boot from Suede. Suede tags out to Air Paris, he enters the ring and clothesline Chetti down to the mat hard. Goes for a cover but Chetti kicks out at 2. Paris picks up Chetti and suplexes him, he gets up and tags out to Money, leg drop by money who taunts Storm & Fabulous, they try to get into the ring and distract the referee allowing Money and Paris to double team Chetti in the corner, as the ref turns round he gets Paris out the ring and Money plays to the crowd. Money picks up Chetti and throws him into the ropes, Chetti manages to tag Storm, and Money doesn’t see it. Storm drop kicks money from behind and catapults Money into the turnbuckle and executes a schoolboy roll up, Ez kicks out at two. Both men get up together and arm drag by Storm, as Money gets up again Storm tosses him over the top rope, he tags out to Stevie Fabulous who enters the ring. Money enters the ring again and tags out to Paris, Stevie and Paris square off in the ring and exchange blows with each other, Paris rakes Stevie eyes and gains the advantage for his team, he goes on the offensive and nails a huge DDT, he goes for the cover but Stevie kicks out, Paris then tags out to Money, Money throws Fabulous into the corner but Stevie reverses Money fly’s from the corner and gets nailed with ‘The Stevie Kick’ both men fall to the floor, Stevie puts his arm over Money and the ref counts 1………….2…………. but Tommy Suede breaks up the count, Storm clothesline him out of the ring, and Chris Chetti knocks Air Paris from the apron to the outside, Ez Money also rolls to the outside, the three heels come together outside the ring, Johnny storm kneels on the floor and Chris Chetti uses it to jump off and fly’s from inside the ring to the outside taking out Paris, Money and Suede in one hit, Fabulous goes to the outside as well and targets Money, he whips him into the Security barrier, Chetti and Suede exchange blows while Paris rolls back into the ring, the ref is distracted with what’s going on out side as Johnny Storm lines up the ‘Rewind’’ but Paris counters and nails a low blow behind the refs back, ‘Tiger Driver’ by Air Paris……… the ref turns round in time to count the 3 count and Paris steals one over Johnny Storm. Paris quickly leaves the ring and exits up the ramp with Money and Suede, Storm is helped up by Chetti and Fabulous. Money holds his title above his head and taunts the three cruiserweights in the ring

Winners: Air Paris, EZ Money & Tommy Suede (Via Pinfall)

66, 54, 79

Joey Styles: Paris cheats his way to another victory, what a huge low blow and Johnny Storm is still feeling the effects

Ed Ferrera: A wins a win, Joey. I cant wait for Souled Out, who will Ez Money defend his title against?

Tag Titles To Be Decided At Souled Out

We cut to a scene in the back where Paul Heyman is sitting in his office looking please at what he has just seen on the TV (The last match). There’s a knock on the door……

Paul Heyman: Come in…….

X Factor (Syxx Pac & Justin Credible) come into the room, they walk straight over to his desk…….

Syxx Pac: The tag team titles are still vacant and up for grabs, and we don’t know of any other team in wCw at the moment who deserves them more than we do

Justin Credible: We are willing to do whatever it takes to get our hands on them titles, we deserve them and want our shot at Souled Out: Night Of Champions

Paul Heyman: What gives you two the right to march in here and demand a title shot? I am the general manager and I decide who and when a title shot is given. You do not dictate to me about running wCw that is my job………

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire burst into the office

Chuck Palumbo: We were just watching the monitor and saw what was going on in here

Sean O’Haire: That’s right, if anyone deserves a title shot at Souled Out its us, you saw us tonight Paul…….

Chuck Palumbo: By rights we should still be the World Tag Champions, we were the last wCw champions before the company went under and we deserve to have the first shot at the titles.

Sean O’ Haire: We didn’t lose those titles in a wCw event meaning by rights we should still be champions.

Paul Heyman: You are not the champions now, you lost the titles. Whether it be in wCw or any other federation you are not the champions now……….

Justin Credible: That’s right and if anyone deserves those titles its us, so back off

Paul Heyman: Ok here’s what we are going to do. At Souled Out the new Tag champions will be decided……….. X Factor Vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire with the tag team titles on the line

Both teams turn round and square off, Paul Heyman stands up.

Paul Heyman: If either of you two teams lay a finger on each other before Souled Out, that team will be suspended and withdrawn from the Souled Out card, and will not receive a title shot again for 6 months

Justin Credible gets right in Chuck Palumbo face and starts to laugh, Chuck face fills with rage, Sean O’ Haire steps in and holds back Palumbo

Sean O’ Haire: Not now, 11 days is all we have to wait to get hold of our titles again, them titles are rightfully ours and we will re gain them

Syxx Pac: Don’t be so sure, there’s a new team in town these days, you aint the number 1 tag team here now more

Syxx Pac & Justin Credible walk out with smirks on there faces as the screen fades out.

Joey Styles: You heard him Ed, The tag team titles will be decided at Souled Out, X Factor Vs Palumbo and O’ Haire!

Ed Ferrera: What a match that’s going to be, and neither team are allowed to lay a finger on each other until Souled Out, think of what there gunna do to each other at Souled Out

Joey Styles: Syxx Pac is next scheduled to fight against Vampiro.

Vampiro Vs Syxx Pac w/ Justin Credible (Singles Match)

The match starts of with Syxx Pac jumping Vampiro before the bell, he beats away and Vampiro not giving him a chance to fight back, he whips him into the corner but Vampiro blocks a flying punch, he fights back against Pac and clothesline him out the ring, Justin Credible goes round and helps Syxx Pac back to his feet, Pac rolls back into the ring, Vampiro goes over to him and Pac rakes the eyes, Pac starts to work away at the fallen Vampiro. Pac picks Vampiro up and nails him with a German suplex into a pin, but Vampiro manages to get his shoulder up. Syxx Pac taunts the crowd for a bit as Justin Credible applauds from ringside. Syxx Pac continues to work away at Vampiro, nailing him with several hard hitting moves, he then whips Vampiro into the ropes and nails a huge Tornado DDT from the second rope and into a cover, 1………..2………. but Vampiro manages to get his foot on the ropes, Syxx Pac continues to work away at Vampiro until Vampiro reverses the ‘X Factor’ and both men go down. Syxx Pac is first back to his feet, but Vampiro nails him with a DDT and Vampiro gains the advantage, Vampiro picks Syxx Pac up and performs a standing vertical suplex, Vampiro covers by Syxx Pac manages to kick out. Vampiro goes on the offensive and continues to beat down on Syxx Pac, Vampiro goes for the ‘Nail In The Coffin’ but Justin jumps up on the apron and distracts Vampiro, as Vampiro turns round again he is nailed with the ‘X Factor’ and Syxx Pac picks up the victory, he exits the ring and him and Justin exits up the ramp way with there hands held high.

Winner: Syxx Pac (Via Pinfall)

79, 68, 91

Ed Ferrera: Another huge victory for Syxx Pac, X Factor proving what a good team they are

Joey Styles: They stole that one, but both Vampiro and Syxx Pac looking very good in that match

Big Vito Vs Roadkill (Singles Match, Winner guaranteed a title shot at Souled Out)

Big Vito treated this match as if was a title match, jumping Roadkill before the bell and choking away at him in the corner. Roadkill and Big Vito went toe to toe trading blows and Roadkill got the best of Big Vito hitting a big right hand and then sending Vito out to the floor with a clothesline! Roadkill went to the outside after Vito but Vito ended up sending Roadkill to the steel steps shoulder first! Vito then rammed Roadkill shoulder across the steel ring. They took the action back inside the ring and Vito hit Roadkill with a right hand and rammed Roadkill into the corner! Vito then took Roadkill down with a side suplex and stomped away on Roadkill. Vito slammed Roadkill down and came off the second turnbuckle with a fist drop to Roadkill for 2. Big Vito continued pounding away on Roadkill and eventually set him up for a Piledriver. Roadkill though countered the piledriver into a

backdrop! Roadkill then fought back nailing Big Vito with right hands. Roadkill used the atomic drop and then a huge body slam right into the mat spine first! Roadkill then went on the offensive and gained the upper hand. He DDT’s Vito into the mat ad drove a elbow into his chest from the second rope, he picks Vito up and nails the ‘Arnish Splash’ and covers for the victory, Big Vito is now guaranteed a title match at Souled Out, either for the U.S Title or Television Title.

Winner: Roadkill (Via Pinfall)

72, 63, 82

Roadkill gained 2 points of overness from this match

Joey Styles: Roadkill is going to Souled Out, and has now guaranteed himself a title match, either TV Title or US Title.

More Matched Made For Souled Out

We cut to the back and see Paul Heyman sitting back in his chair, he has a smile on his face, the camera focuses in on him and he begins to speak…………

Paul Heyman: When I took over wCw I vowed to get the cruiserweight division up to the standard it once was when the likes of Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio and Psychosis. So I have made to huge cruiserweight matches for Souled Out. I watch the 6 man cruiserweight tournament earlier and was very impressed with the match, I was also very impressed with Stevie Fabulous so here the first match im booking at Souled Out, Stevie Fabulous will take on EZ Money for the Cruiserweight Championship. Both of these men will put on a great match and it will be one not to be missed. The second cruiserweight match im making is between Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris both of these men have been having problems with each other over the last few weeks and this will be chance for revenge for Strom after Paris cost him the Cruiserweight Title, the winner of this match will go on and face the winner of the cruiserweight title match on the Monday Nitro the night after Souled Out: Night Of Champions. That’s 3 matcs already booked for Souled Out now, these two along with the tag titles. Stay posted on Nitro for more matches to be announced


Joey Styles: Its Main Event time, Steiner & Vader Vs The Sandman & New Jack in a no DQ match, Sandman and New Jack have got revenge on there mind

Ed Ferrera: After recent weeks, they will be lucky if there still standing after tonight, Vader & Steiner have been on the war path, with one thing in mind making it to Souled Out and to be in the main event

Scott Steiner & Vader Vs The Sandman & New Jack (No DQ Tag Match)

Steiner & Vader come to the ring first, Vader with a plaster over the cut which he suffered on Nitro, there soon followed by New Jack & Sandman, who come to the ring, New Jack carrying a chair and Sandman with a ball bat in hand. They get into the ring and Vader & Steiner exit the ring and indicate to them there not getting into the ring until they get rid of the weapons, they drop the weapons to the outside and the match starts with New Jack and Scott Steiner in the ring. Steiner gets the early advantage in this one after nailing New Jack with a low blow, he works away at New Jack in the corner, he tags out to Vader and both men double team New Jack in the corner, Vader taunts Sandman, he turns round and continue to work on New Jack, whipping him into the corner, and nailing him with a huge splash, New Jack falls to the mat and Vader covers, 1……..2…….. but New Jack raises a shoulder. New Jack fights back against Vader, knocking him to the floor, he tags in Sandman and Steiner comes in as well. All four men square off in the ring, Vader and New Jack fight in one corner while Sandman works away at Steiner in the other, Vader and Steiner are thrown into each other and collide both falling to the floor, Steiner rolls out the ring as the referee loses control of the match, he grabs the ball bat from ring side as Sandman & New Jack work away at Vader in the ring, he comes up behind Sandman but New Jack bulldogs him from behind and he falls to the floor, he drops the bat. Sandman picks up the bat and swings for Vader but Vader ducks and Sandman is thrown to the outside, Steiner and Vader start to work away at New Jack, Vader sets New Jack for a powerbomb and he nails New Jack, New Jack lies flat out in the ring as Steiner goes outside after Sandman, Vader goes up to the top rope and attempts a huge moonsult but New Jack manages to roll out the way and both New Jack & Vader are down in the ring, Steiner meanwhile outside drops Sandman across the security barrier throat first, he rolls him back into the ring, and picks up the bat and re enters the ring, Steiner waits for New Jack to get up and floors him with a huge shot, New Jack falls to the mat out cold. Sandman gets to his feet a the same time as Vader, Steiner swings for Sandman but misses hits Vader knocking him out of the ring. Steiner is distracted with Vader outside as as he turns around Sandman grabs the bat from him, and nails him straight between the eyes, Steiner goes down, as Sandman goes to the top rope, he hits a huge leg drop from the top rope and picks up the victory covering Steiner for the three count, Sandman celebrates in the ring with the ball bat held above his head, he helps New Jack to his feet.

Winner: New Jack & Sandman (Via Pinfall)

77, 79, 74

Joey Styles: A huge main event there and what a victory for Sandman pinning Scott Steiner

Ed Ferrera: Oh Steiner is bleeding, wait a minute Vader is up on the outside

Joey Styles: He’s got a chair.....

Vader re enters the ring and attempts to hit New Jack with a chair shot, but New Jack ducks and Sandman nails him with the ‘White Russian Leg Sweep’, Vader rolls out the ring and as Nitro goes off air New Jack & Sandman are stood over Steiner with the ball bat held high.

End Of Show

Overall Rating: 75%

TV Rating: 2.35

Sophie informed me we won our battle with Hard Hitting TV Again

Current Souled Out Card

***Main Event***

World Title Match

Frank Shamrock or Vader Vs Scott Steiner Or New Jack

Cruiserweight Title Match

EZ Money Vs Stevie Fabulous

Johnny Storm Vs Air Paris

Tag Team Title Match

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire Vs X Factor (Syxx Pac & Justin Credible)

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Guest matt0408

Wrestling News Central

Mick Foley For Souled Out?

user posted image

We have unconfirmed reports here at Wrestling News Central that Mick Foley will be somehow involved in wCw first PPV 'Souled Out: Night Of Champions'. Reports we are getting is that Foley met with Paul Heyman earlier this week and was very excited at becoming a part of what could be a landmark PPV, it is not thought that Foley will be offered a full written contract as he is also working for ROH as is very reluctant to sign a writte deal with any company at the moment.

Rumours have it that officials backstage are very concerned about the lack of 'superstars' power which wCw have at this very early stage, with there main draws Sting, Vader and Scott Steiner it is felt that another great from the wrestling world is needed and with Sting missing the PPV through injury there is a urgent need for a top babyface draw and Foley will definatly fill that spot. It is also unclear as to what part Foley will play at Souled Out, it is not thought that he will wrestle, there are rumours about maybe being a 'Special Guest Referee' in the main event for the world title.

Make sure you catch Nitro and Thunder this week for more updates on this

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