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WWE RAW 2004


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I am sitting at home watching WWE RAW and thinking "this is good, but I could make it better".

So, the next day I hear on the news that the WWE have officialy split, RAW and Smackdown are now two actual different companies. Vince now owns RAW and Linda now owns Smackdown. I also see that they are both looking for a new head booker. I thought to myself 'I have to apply for both jobs!'. So I did.

A week later I get a call from Linda McMahon:

"Hi, we read your application and we feel you could do a good job running Smackdown and would like to invite you for an interview next Friday at 2pm."

"Sure, that would be great!" I replied.

"Ok, that's good then, see you Friday." she said.

I was in disbelief that they even considered me and just as I was about to ring my parent's and friends the phone rang again, but this time is was Vince on the line!

"Hi, is that Mr. Bryant?"

I paused, I couldn't beleive what I was hearing.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" he said

"Yeh, I am here, this is Mr. Bryant" I said nervously.

"Good, we got your application and you have been chosen to take control of RAW. Congratulations, we have arranged a meeting for you next Friday at 2pm" he told me.

"Oh, next Friday?" I said.

"Yes, next Friday, is there a problem?" he said sounding angry.

"No, there is no problem. I'll be there"

"Good, see you on Friday".

Then he hung up.

Now, I had a decision to make, either go to the RAW meeting or the Smackdown one, not sure which one I would choose. Smackdown would be the harder job, RAW would be easier. I am going to go with the RAW job.

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So, here it was. Friday was here and I had a meeting with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. One of the most powerful men in wrestling, and I could be the new head booker of RAW.

I stepped into the office and greeted Vince with a handshake and a smile.

"Well Hi there Mr. Bryant. Let's get straight onto it, how do you think you can improve RAW, what are your plans?" Vince asked me

"Well, I believe I can improve the product by quite a lot, with the talent alreayd at my disposal I think I can do a very good job leading into WrestleMania 21." I replied.

"Well, fair enough. You can have the job." he told me

I sat there shocked, I couldn't believe it, I had hardly said anything, but yet I was the new head booker of RAW.

"Thank you Vince, thanks you so much, I will improve this product and I will take it to the VERY top!" I said proudly.

"Good to hear, good to hear" Vince said nodding.

I got out of the meeting and got a call on my mobile phone, it was Linda. I decided not to answer, she isn't going to like me and I am sure I will have my hands full with competing with Smackdown in the future.

Roster will be up next.

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Main Eventers

Chris Benoit (Face, 95, No Gimmick Needed)

Chris Jericho (Face, 92, Cocky)

Shawn Michaels (Face, 94, Cocky)

Triple H (Heel, Franchise Player, 93)

Upper Midcarders

Batista (Heel, 73, Monster)

Edge (Heel, 86, Arrogant)

Kane (Tweener, 82, Monster)

Randy Orton (Face, 85, Evolution)


Christian (Heel, 84, Egomaniac)

Eugene (Face, 72, Comedy Character)

Gene Snitsky (Heel, 73, Monster)

Lita (Face, 81, Tomboy)

Matt Hardy (Face, 75, Old School Face)

Maven (Face, 69, Blue Chipper)

Molly Holly (Heel, 67, Old School Heel)

Rhyno (Face, 72, Man Beast)

Robert Conway (Heel, 73, Arrogant)

Shelton Benjamin (Face, 73, Legitimate Athlete)

Sylvan Grenier (Heel, 65, Anti-USA)

Tajiri (Face, 72, Martial Arts)

The Hurricane (Face, 71, Comic Book Hero)

Trish Stratus (Heel, 84, Slut)

William Regal (Face, 80, No Gimmick Needed)

Lower Midcard

Garrison Cade (Heel, 61, Angry Young Man)

Rosey (Face, 62, Comic Book Hero)

Simon Dean (Heel, 62, Fitness Instructor)

Tyson Tomko (Heel, 59, No Gimmick Needed)

Val Venis (Face, 57, Suave)

Victoria (Face, 68, Crazy)


Steven Richards (Tweener, 56, Putz)

Viscera (Heel, 50, Gothic)


Christy Hemme (Face, 61, Girl Next Door, Clients: None)

Ric Flair (Heel, 95, Unique, Clients: Batista, Triple H)

Stacy Keibler (Face, 85, Dancer, Clients: None)


Eric Bischoff (Heel, 87, Evil Boss)

Jerry Lawler (Face, 76, Staff Member)

Jonathan Coachman (Heel, 68, Staff Member)

Shane McMahon (Face, 90, Cool)

The Rock (Face, 100, Unique)

Vince McMahon (Face, 95, Unique)

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Alexis Laree

Chilly Willy

Chris Cage

Chris Masters

Christopher Nowinski


Jim Cornette

Jimmy Snuka Jr.

Johnny Nitro

Khosrow Daivari

Mark Henry

Mark Magnus

Matt Cappotelli

Matt Morgan

Melina Perez

Paul Burchill


Tank Toland

RAW Championships

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (90)

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin (80)

Women's Champion: Trish Stratus (58)

World Tag Team Champions: William Regal and Eugene (75)

WWE RAW PPV Calender

January: Royal Rumble

Febuary: TBA

March: WrestleMania

April: Backlash

May: TBA

June: Bad Blood

July: Vengeance

August: SummerSlam

September: Unforgiven

October: Halloween Havoc

November: Survivor Series

December: Fully Loaded

Heat will be up next.

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05 December 2004


The match was short and sweet, Richards dominated throught, Vegas got a few punches in but nothing more really, Richards ended it with a Super Kick to the face and then started running around the ring afterwards.

Winner by pinfall: Steven Richards



A quick 10 second video played hyping tonights main event which will pit Val Venis against the monster known as Gene Snitsky.






When we came back from the commercial break, a 2 minute video hyping Edge was played, showing his days as a tag team wrestler, explaining that now he has no friends and is by himself.



The match was made up of Tajiri getting pummeled by Jones and Gage and not being able to tag out, eventually Rhyno got the hot tag and ended the match after goring Jones for the three count. After the match, Rhyno and Tajiri celebrated their win.

Winners by pinfall: Rhyno and Tajiri



This match was the longest of the night so far, probably seeing as no jobbers were involved (well, technically, Cade is one, and you could say the same about Hurricane I suppose). But anyway, it was a mat based match which ended on the 11 minute mark when Hurricane hit Cade with a shining black wizard.

Winner by pinfall: The Hurricane






Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Snitsky and Grisham asked about the whole baby issue and the issue with Kane, Snitsky told him none of it was his fault, but it was Lita's fault that he put Kane on the shelf as she pushed him to the edge.



This match was the shortest of the night, even though it was the mian event, I think Val got in 4 moves, a punch, a kick, a DDT and he also hit a clothesline, Snitsky hit his usual spots, slams and kicks. And won it with the pump handle slam.

Winner by pinfall: Gene Snitsky






- After the show, Gene Snitsky approached me saying that Val Venis is the wrong opponent for him, he thought I should have had him face Rhyno, I thought that squashing Rhyno was the wrong idea. Vince would tell me to save it for a PPV.

- I was happy with the tag team match and am thinking of signing Jones and Gage for a development deal but notihng has been set in stone yet, maybe another try out match and they could be in OVW.

- The Hurricane has been pleading for a push now for the last couple of weeks, I still believe in order for a push he needs a new character which creative are thinking of, a return to his Sugar Shane gimmick could be an option.

Just to let you know that my shows are usually more detailed than this, especially the promos. And also, the colour will be sorted, it won't kill your eyes like this Heat my have done :wacko:

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Gail Kim, Chuck Palumbo and more.

- WWE have recently resigned Gail Kim and Chuck Palumbo, it is thought that becasue a new booker is in charge he wanted to use them. Gail Kim is expected to return with her old character as a heel alongside Molly Holly. However, the plan for Chuck is to bring him back as a face with a new gimmick, this has not been confirmed but it seems most likely. Stay tuned to WWE programming to find out.

- The plan for Muhammed Hussan to debut with Khosrow Daivari has been scrapped by the new RAW head booker, they have both been sent back to OVW to brush up on their skills, Hussan has gone back to being called Mark Magnus and if he is ever brought back to WWE television he is expected to have a different gimmick. That is not the case with Daivari however, as WWE feels he plays the character well, there were also rumours that he may be brought in as a manager for La Resistance or possibly even coming in as a replacement for Conway who could recieve a singles push.

The RAW preview will be up shortly.

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Be sure not to miss RAW this Monday night.

Only two matches have been signed for this weeks RAW so far. Regal and Eugene will put their tag team championships on the line as they take on La Resistance. Also, Lita will meet Molly Holly one on one and Trish will be doing commentary!

Shawn Michaels is set to return in two weeks time, will any Superstars have anything to say about that?

And also, Evolution, Benoit, Edge and Orton are all scheduled to appear, make sure you watch this Monday on Spike TV!

Confirmed Matches:

William Regal and Eugene vs. La Resistance (World Tag Team Titles)

Lita vs. Molly Holly

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06 December 2004


[Evolution made their way down to the ring to kick off the first RAW of December. They stood at the top of the ramp with HHH in the middle Flair and Batista to the side of him. They entered the ring and Triple H got a microphone from Lillian Garcia, and oh no, he is going to speak, he isn’t going to say he is the best and that he cannot be beaten is he?]

HHH: We are out here tonight for a few reasons, as we have a few things to get off our chest, they concern three individuals. And those three men are Chris Jericho (crowd pops huge), Chris Benoit (crowd pops huge again) and RANDY ORTON!! (mild pop, but nowhere near as much as Benoit and Jericho got). You see, when they were acting GM’s, they went and saw fit to give themselves a shot at MY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (crowd boos). Well, Orton didn’t, because you can’t have a shot Randy now, can you? (crowd starts shouting ******* at HHH). However, Benoit and Jericho see fit to give themselves a shot by abusing the powers that Bischoff gave them. You could have just as easily given me the night off (crowd boos again). But now that Bischoff is back in charge, I think things will go a bit more fairly because I AM the GAME and I AM, THAT…DAMN…GOOD!!!!

[‘Burn In My Light’ then bursts onto the PA system and Randy Orton stands at the top of the ramp to the delight of the crowd.]

Orton: Well, if it isn’t our heavyweight champion Triple H, along with his bitches, also known as Flair and Batista (crowd pops). I also came out for one thing and that is to challenge one of you punk asses to a match tonight, right here in Dallas, Texas!!!

[Flair grabs a mic and begins to talk.]

Ric Flair: Orton! You know full well that I can’t wrestle tonight or any other night for the next month for that matter! And you know you cannot have a shot at HHH, so I see one option here, and that is for you to go face to face with the animal, BATISTA!

Orton: Oh no Ric, I changed my mind, I wanna take you ALL on!

[Orton is interrupted by the music of the RAW GM Eric Bischoff who gets some heat from the crowd.]

Bischoff: Randy, I am sorry. But I cannot place you in a 3 on 1 handicap match tonight, because in my opinion, that would be unfair. I am going to make a SIX man tag team match for tonight, and it will pit you Randy, teaming with CHRIS BENOIT and CHRIS JERICHO! (crowd pops big). And you will take on…EVOLUTION!!!

Flair: BISCHOFF! YOU KNOW I CAN’T WRESTLE! I’M INJURED!!! GOD DAMMIT!!! But these two dogs right here will fight in a handicap match because they ARE the WWE!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Bischoff: No Ric, it is not going to be a handicap match, because for once, the numbers will be fair. And it WILL be 3 on 3 and you will not compete tonight Ric, BUT you will be BARRED FROM RINGSIDE!!! (crowd pops, Flair rips his jacket off and goes to run out the ring but HHH and Batista hold him back). HHH and Batista, you will have a guest partner for tonight, and I know you are the best of friends, as tonight it will be Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho versus Batista, HHH and……….EDGE! (crowd pops at the announcement of a huge match).

[bischoff’s music plays as he exits through the curtain, Evolution are going mad in the ring whilst Orton is on the ramp smiling.]








This match was quite short, only lasted until the 8-minute mark, but it was entertaining. Eugene was up to his usual tricks, and at one point pretended to play dead but then he popped up with a jab to the face of Conway. At the finish, it was Regal who hit the Regal Cutter on Grenier and picked up the victory and Regal and Eugene retained their tag titles. After the match, Eugene celebrated with children who came from the audience, who looked quite nervous.

Winners by pinfall: William Regal and Eugene ©




[Christian’s music blared out on the PA system and he made his way to the ring with his ‘Problem Solver’ Tyson Tomko, Christian played with the crowd all the way down to the ring. When he got in the ring he got on the stick with Tomko standing beside him just looking menacing.]

Christian: I am out here tonight to call out a superstar who is returning to RAW in a few weeks! (sections of the crowd cheer, obviously knowing who he meant) And that man is SHAWN MICHAELS! (crowd pops big) You see, Shawn Michaels has been out of action for a few weeks after he “injured” himself falling to the outside, well I am calling out Shawn Michaels, RIGHT NOW!

[Quite a long pause, the crowd started chanting “HBK HBK HBK” but he didn’t come out. Then JR and King started commenting.]

Lawler: See JR, he’s afraid of Captain Charisma!!!

JR: He’s not even here tonight! He is at home, in San Antonio for Christ sake!

[Then we go back to Christian back in the ring.]

Christian: Yep thought not, he IS afraid of CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!! Yeh baby!!!!

[All of a sudden we hear the music of Steven Richards and it looks like it is going to be Christian vs. Steven Richards, right now!]



Surprise surprise, this was a squash match. It lasted all of about 4 minutes, Christian was beating down on Richards the whole time and eventually ended it with a Sweet Chin Music, much to the dismay of the crowd. Afterwards, yeh, you guessed it again. Christian and Tomko decide to beat the holy hell out of Richards and Christian leaves him down after an Unprettier.

Winner by pinfall: Christian






[When we return from the break, Christy Hemme is backstage talking to a few women backstage, when Simon Dean approaches her.]

Simon: Hey Christy, how’s it going?

Christy: Err, fine. What do you want Simon?

Simon: Well, you see Christy, I have this new DVD coming out, the patented Simon System DVD! Yeh! And you know what? I thought you could make use of this DVD, as I see you haven’t been working out, have you Christy?

[Christy looks at him with a shocked face. Shelton Benjamin then appears in shot and squares up to Simon Dean.]

Shelton: Hey Simon. What do you think your doing? Picking on fine ladies like Christy? What is wrong with you man? Just because you can't get wit her don't mean you can pick on her.

[simon Dean then takes a swing for Shelton but Shelton sees it coming and blocks it and then hits Dean with a right hand of his own and then Dean scurries away form the scene clutching his bag of DVD’s.]




The camera then cuts to a video hyping the return of the big red monster Kane, to round it up he says that he is coming back to hurt Snitsky. And he is coming back in 2 weeks time!




We return to regular WWE programming with Molly Holly already in the ring. Lita’s music then hits and the crowd pops huge! Then, we get ‘Keys to the City’ playing and Trish makes her way to the announce position to join JR and King, much to the delight of the King. The match is quite good for a women’s match and Lita looked back to her best. Molly had control for quite a lot of the match, executing various submission holds. She is probably the best women’s wrestler on RAW right now and should get the title soon again. Anyway, the match ends when Lita hits a DDT on Molly to pick up the win.

Winner by pinfall: Lita


[straight after the match, Trish grabs a microphone, great I am looking forward to this.]

Trish: You know Lita? When you broke my nose (crowd pops), you made a big mistake, and I am willing to put my own, lovely, gorgeous body on the line by challenging you to a rematch at Fully Loaded this month on PPV, and I think that this time, so it is fair, there must be a winner, which means it will be a hardcore rules match!! (crowd cheers)

[Lita in the ring nods and accepts Trish’s challenge, and then they proceed to stare at each other for a good minute or so then we go to a break.]






Orton: Hey, listen guys. Tonight, we need to go out there and prove to the world that we ALL deserve a shot at HHH’s world title, I want a shot, and I want it BAD. But there is a stipulation saying that I cannot have one when HHH is champion. So if one of you gets a shot, I know you will beat him, and when you do, I will be waiting. Now I am going out to the ring, see you guys out there.

[Orton then walks off leaving Jericho and Benoit.]

Jericho: He is right you know, we do deserve shots at the World title, I mean it has been almost 3 YEARS since I was last champion and I think I am looong overdue a shot.

Benoit: He maybe right, but when he stole the title off me at SummerSlam, that didn’t make me happy, and if I get a shot at HHH’s title, I will defend the title against Orton, but this time I will make sure that I will make him TAP!

[They both smile at each other and then head out of the locker room.]




The match was of course the longest of the night, and it featured Jericho getting decimated by the trio of HHH, Batista and Edge. Edge and HHH seemed to have a lot of friction throughout the match though. Jericho did get the hot tag to Benoit who cleared house and dropped a NASTY german suplex on Batista who landed right on his head and then rolled out of the ring and was not seen for the rest of the match, not sure if it was legitimate or not. HHH got the pedigree on Benoit but then got RKO’d by Orton but immediately after he was speared by a charging Edge and Edge got the pinfall to win the match for his team.

Winners by pinfall: Edge, Batista and Triple H


[After, Ric Flair came out and helped Batista up, Edge was clebrating by himself in the ring with Jericho, Benoit and Orton sprawled on the ground, all of Evolution were on the ramp looking at Edge who stared back, with Triple H pointing at his World Championship.]







- The show got off to a great start, mainly thanks to the charisma of Ric Flair and the amount of heat on HHH and also the great mic work by Bischoff.

- Christian truly is Captain Charisma, his interview was great and generated a lot of heat from the crowd, this prompted him after the show to be moved up a level because he feels he can do a  job there, if the feud with HBK is successful then he will get that raise.

- I was disappointed with the Dean/Shelton segment, it didn’t really go as planned and wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But we will keep trying to work on Dean’s character.

- The main event was good, the crowd was into it especially when Jericho was getting beaten down. Edge’s new character is working wonders and he could be the World champion next year sometime.

- The crowd weren’t to into Orton though, maybe he was seen too many times, I will have to keep his appearances down on the next show.

Opinions on my first RAW would be appreciated, what I am doing wrong, what I am doing right, what they would like to see etc. Thanks for reading.

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Current WWE Fully Loaded Card, New WWE Signing and more

- WWE recently revealed that they are bringing back the 'Fully Loaded' PPV for RAW, it will take place on 26th December 2004. Here is the current card:

user posted image

WWE Women's Championship

Hardcore Rules

Trish Stratus © vs. Lita

- There is only one announced match so far, but do expect more matches to be announced next week. Triple H looks likely to defend his World Championship, but the opponent is not yet known, the most likely candidates are Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho, it could even be Edge. Another likely match is Shelton Benjamin vs. Simon Dean for the IC title judging by their interaction this past week on RAW. Shawn Michaels is also expected to work the event.

- After recieving a try out on Heat last week, Nick Gage has been signed to a written contract by the WWE and has been sent to OVW. He is set for one last apperance in CZW before he leaves however.

- It is now looking less likely that Tony Jones will be signed along with him though as WWE fele they have enough wrestlers currently in OVW and on the active roster.

Goodnight -_-

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RAW has got a great Heat lined up this Sunday, two matches have already been confirmed.

Rhyno and Tajiri will lock horns with La Resistance this Sunday on Heat.

Shelton Benjamin will take on Tyson Tomko in a non-title match in the main event.

Also, Viscera will be in action! Be sure to tune in this Sunday, on Spike TV!

Confirmed Matches:

Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyson Tomko (Non-Title)

Rhyno and Tajiri vs. La Resistance

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12 December 2004


Once again, you weekly squash match on Heat, this time it was Viscera squashing some jobber named Mike Rapada, remind me though, why does Viscera have a contract? He won the sloppy match with a huge splash which the other guy didn’t have a chance with, yet if it was Triple H…

Winner by pinfall: Viscera







As was seen on RAW, the video hyping Kane’s return was played on the titantron. Snitsky should be afraid.




Rhyno and Tajiri on Heat is not good in my opinion, they should be on RAW. But at least they are on television, by all accounts the match was of good quality and the superb talents of all other 3 workers hid Grenier’s greenness. La Resistance picked up the win after they hit the Au Revior on Tajiri, good momentum for La Resistance for their feud with Regal and Eugene.

Winners by pinfall: La Resistance







Backstage, Shelton Benjamin gave us an interview with Todd Grisham, he put over his feud with Simon Dean and also hyped his match in tonight’s main even against Tyson Tomko.




A video played which had all the highlights of last weeks RAW and finished with the main event match when Edge pinned Randy Orton in the 6 man tag team match.







This match was a bit too long for Tyson Tomko, he looked quite exhausted by the end, it did go on for a good 10 minutes, well when I say good, it wasn’t because it wasn’t the greatest match and Shelton is too young to carry people yet, not that anyone could carry Tomko. The match saw Tomko dominated early on but Benjamin got into it as the match went on and ended up hitting Tomko with the Dragon Whip as he was too heavy to execute his T-Bone Suplex, but the Dragon Whip was enough to get the 3 count.

Winner by pinfall: Shelton Benjamin



[Shelton Benjamin climbed the turnbuckle and held his IC title high but then out of nowhere, Simon Dean attacked and then took the title off Benjamin and held it high as Heat went off the air.]







- I don’t know why Viscera is on the roster as he serves no purpose, giving a guy a try out against him isn’t really fair as we don’t get to see much. I think we are going to have to review his position.

- Rhyno and Tajiri work well as a team and could get a push soon after the current tag team programme is finished.

- Shelton Benjamin is a real hot prospect and I think he could be a major player on RAW for years to come.

- Batista has asked me to put him in some matches with Rhyno, as he feels they both have chemistry in the ring, it could happen.

- Triple H feels that after Kane has finished his programme, he should feud with him, I don’t think I will as HHH is probably asking me to feed Kane to him, which wouldn’t be right, but a Kane push could happen.

The Christy/Dean/Shelton angle doesn't continue, well the proram between Shelton and Dean does but Christy was just ued to start it off really. Thanks for the feddback so far.

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Updated Fully Loaded Card

- WWE has updated the Fully Loaded card for this Sunday, they added a match after Heat last week. Here is the current card:

user posted image

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Simon Dean

Women's Championship

Hardcore Rules

Trish Stratus © vs. Lita

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This weeks RAW is sure to be hot because after last week, Edge pinned Orton and Orton didn't look too happy after the match, Edge wants HHH's title as well. Edge will have a chance to prove he is good enough as he faces Rhyno!

Also this week after defending his tag titles with Regal last week, Eugene will go one-on-one with Garrison Cade. Will La Resistance be lurking in the wings? Tune it to find out.

Simon Dean will get his first taste of competitive action on RAW as he faces Val Venis, can he prove that he is ready to face Shelton at Fully Loaded?

Also you can expect Evolution, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Christian to all be in the house, this Monday night, ONLY on Spike TV!

Confirmed Matches:

Edge vs. Rhyno

Eugene vs. Garrison Cade

Val Venis vs. Simon Dean

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Viscera gone from WWE and WWE hires another talent

- We have just recieved word that the WWE has released Viscera from his contract, he was on an open contract so no compensation needed to be payed.

- Also today, RAW have signed Desire from TNA, she was on an open contract there. She has been sent to OVW and she will now peform under her real name,  Kim Nielson. She is expected to work in the Women's division in the future.

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13 December 2004


[The pyros all go off to the start the show, JR says Edge will face Rhyno tonight, King thinks Edge will walk away the winner, but we will have to find out. The pyros stop and Edge’s music plays and he comes through the curtain to some real heat. He played with the crowd on the ramp then ran to the ring. He didn’t have his usual long coat and sunglasses, just his wrestling gear with a shirt. He then got on the stick~!]

Edge: All say hello to the greatest superstar on Raw today!!! [Crowd boos]. You see, when I pinned Randy Orton last week, I proved to the WORLD that I deserve a World Heavyweight Championship match! I have earned it and last week, I PROVED it! Now I want MY SHOT TONIGHT!

[Crowd boos, quite a pause as Edge looks towards the ramp way hoping for HHH or Bischoff to come out and make the match but it doesn’t happen.]

Edge: So, you don’t think I deserve a shot now? Well I DO. I deserve it more than that punk Randy Orton! I WANT IT! I WANT MY SH…

[Edge is interrupted by Randy Orton’s music who makes his way to the stage with a mic.]

Orton: Edge, Edge, Edge. Calm down man, obviously these people don’t think you deserve a shot, and obviously neither does our General Manager of RAW Eric Bischoff. So I tell you what, why don’t you quit your bitching and prove it again by beating Rhyno later on tonight, maybe then people will listen. Or you know what, even better, you should prove it, RIGHT NOW!

[Orton drops the mic and heads toward the ring, he slides into the ring and the two begin brawling and the crowd is popping big, they are screaming for the RKO. Orton gets the upper hand and punching and kicking Edge then he throws him over the top rope much to the delight of the crowd. Then Eric Bischoff’s music hits to a quite good HEAT. He also has a mic.]

Bischoff: Stop it you two, right now!!!! There is only ONE way to settle this and that is in a match! (Crowd pops). But not tonight because Edge already has a match with Rhyno. But I do have an idea, and that idea is first to lift that stipulation about Orton not receiving a title shot at HHH because I did not make that decision and it is now no more!! (Crowd pops). Now, onto Fully Loaded, it is going to be Edge, one-on-one with Randy Orton!! (Crowd cheers). And this match will be to decide who will face the World Champion at the ROYAL RUMBLE!! (Crowd cheers big time).

[With that, Bischoff drops the mic and his music plays with Orton smiling in the ring and Edge staring at Orton as we go to a break.]







Another entertaining match put on by Eugene here. He was making Cade look like a fool throughout the match with his wacky antics. He was about to hit the Rock Bottom on Cade but Cade elbowed Eugene in the back of the head, Cade went to hit a neckbreaker but Eugene reversed and hit the stunner, but then La Resistance hit the ring and cracked Eugene over the head with their flag.

Winner by DQ: Eugene



[La Resistance were still in the ring laughing at Eugene who was knocked out on the canvas, all of a sudden William Regal came running down the ramp only to be met with a STIFF shot to the head with the other flag. Regal and Eugene were both on the canvas knocked out with La Resistance standing over them victorious. Eric Bischoff’s music then hits and he comes out with a big grin on his face, seeing what La Resistance have done to his nephew. He begins to talk.]

Bischoff: Bravo Robert, Bravo Sylvan. You have made me proud, and you know what? For making me so proud I am going to give you a shot at the World Tag Team championships at Fully Loaded!! I wish you the best of luck in that match!



[We cut to backstage where Todd Grisham is preparing to interview Chris Benoit.]

Todd: Chris Benoit, last week you were on the los…

[Grisham is interrupted when HHH comes out of nowhere and hits Benoit over the back of the head with the World championship and Batista and Flair are alongside him, they begin to kick Benoit while he is down. Triple H says he is not going to give Benoit a chance at winning his World title, and that Jericho is next!]






[We return from the break with Jericho in the ring and he has a mic in hand and doesn’t look one bit happy.]

Jericho: TRIPLE H!!! I saw what you did back there to Benoit moments ago, you are nothing but a goddamn coward HHH!!! And I am challenging any of you sun bitches of Evolution to a match, right here, TONIGHT! I will give you another hour or so for you to decide who wants to face me, I don’t care who it is! One of you better show or I will have to find you and kick your ***! And you will learn to never EEEEEEEEEVER cross me again!!!

[Jericho slams the mic down and looks pissed as ever and storms out the ring and backstage. Straight after Jericho has disappeared Christian’s music hits, he has gone back to his decent music now, he comes down the ramp without Tyson Tomko which is surprising. Christian walks to the ring and snatches a mic from Lillian Garcia who looked ready to announce a match.]

Christian: Thank you baby. Now, I know there was supposed to be a match right now, but that will have to wait as I have something important to say! [Crowd boos] And it concerns good ol’ HBK Shawn Michaels [crowd cheers]. You see, last week I challenged him to a match on RAW but he didn’t show up. So I am out here again to challenge him for a match right now! (Crowd cheers]

[Camera pans to the entrance but Shawn Michaels doesn’t show up again. The crowd boos and start shouting ‘We want Michaels!!’]

Christian: And once again, your hero HBK lets you down, something he ahs been doing for the past 2 years! That is why I am the new hero of the people! That is why I AM Captain Charisma and that is why I am…

[‘Sexy Boy’ blares out on the PA system and the crowd pops HUGE. And Shawn Michaels comes out and he is here tonight!!! He does his usual things, the kneeling for the fireworks, he gets in the ring and squares straight up to Christian. But doesn’t say a word, then what do you know, SLAP. HBK slaps Christian right in the face and Christian falls to the mat and rolls out the ring. HBK taunts in the middle of the ring whilst Christian backs up the entrance way and it looks like he is going to cry. That is when Eric Biscoff’s music hits. And he appears once again with a mic, me thinks he is going to make a match.]

Bischoff: Well if it isn’t the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Good to have you back Shawn, but I tell you one thing I don’t like, I don’t think it is fair when you come and attack Christian unprovoked, so I tell you what, I am going to make a match at Fully Loaded, and no, it will not be one-on-one, oh no. [crowd boos]. I made a match a little earlier for the World Tag titles, but sorry La Resistance, you are going to have to wait a little longer for another shot at those belts because at Fully Loaded it is now going to be La Resistance teaming with Christian to take on the World Tag Team champions William Regal and Eugene, who will team with Shawn Michaels! [Crowd pops].

[Michaels looks happy in the ring with the announcement. Christian looks just as happy too and is pointing at HBK while he backs up the ramp.]




We took a quick break to a video hyping Simon Dean and when we come back he is in the ring talking about his Simon System DVD but is cut off by Val Venis’ music and now we get to see Simon Dean in action for the first time. The match is all in Venis’ favour in the early goings, he hits a beautiful suplex on Dean and climbs to the top rope and signals for the Money Shot. Venis jumps but eats nothing but canvas. Dean quickly realises this and hooks up Val for a pinfall and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage which the referee did not see, JR is protesting and King is saying he couldn’t see anything but Dean manages to get the three count and wins his first match in the WWE.

Winner by pinfall: Simon Dean



[After the match, Dean jumps out the ring and grabs his DVD and starts jumping around. While jumping around he is screaming that he will win the Intercontinental title at Fully Loaded.]





[We return to the sound of Snitsky’s wonderful music, he looks in a bad mood, nothing changes really. He gets in the ring does his usual scary pose by the ropes and asks for a microphone which he receives.]

Snitsky: I have been seeing these videos of Kane, and they are saying that he is going to come back and beat my ***. But if you don’t remember, I put Kane on the shelf PERMATLEY at Taboo Tuesday! These videos are a fake, they are not real, and you are gullible enough to believe that they are. But whoever has been making these videos will pay, I will find them, and I will beat them, but it WON’T BE MY FAULT!

[snitsky drops the mic and his music begins to play but then the ring posts suddenly explode like Kane’s pyros, Snitsky looks quite concerned, The lights go red but Kane is nowhere to be seen. Snitsky then quickly makes his way out of the ring and backstage.]



This was Edge’s time to prove that he warrants a shot at the World title, but Rhyno had done his homework and had Edge scouted, Edge went to hit his spear but Rhyno saw it coming from a mile away and Rhyno dodged and Edge hit his shoulder on the ring post [wait, doesn’t that happen every week?] Rhyno begins to take advantage and looks to hit a powerbomb on Edge but Edge counters with a roll-up but only gets a two. He then whips Rhyno into the ropes and hits a clothesline, but he doesn’t go for the cover, he lifts Rhyno up and hits him with a move we haven’t seen in a while, the Edgeocution. With that he gets the three count.

Winner by pinfall: Edge



[Edge is in the ring almost in a trance he is looking like he has proved himself and he starts to scream ‘THE TITLE IS MINE!!’ But Randy Orton jumps in the ring behind Edge but Edge doesn’t know, the crowd certainly does. Edge then turns around to see what the fuss is about and walks straight into the RKO. Orton then stands victorious doing his usually taunt.]





[We return from the commercial, to see Matt Hardy in the back in the locker room, this is his first appearance in a few weeks. The crowd cheers lots. Trish Stratus comes from behind Matt and begins to strike his arm.]

Trish: Hey Matt, it’s great to see you back, you know what? I have missed you so deeply.

Matt: Trish, do you mind? Since when were we together? I am with Lita, you know. The girl that is going to kick your *** and take your title at Fully Loaded.

[Trish looks angry but then she begins to laugh and then her face turns serious and she looks Matt in the eyes and plants a kiss on Matt Hardy, he doesn’t seem to shake her off. Then Lita enters the room and she tears Trish away from Matt Hardy.]

Lita: What the HELL do you think you’re doing, you bitch!

[Lita then smacks Trish round the face and jumps on top of her and starts hitting her in the face, ref’s come in and break it up, Trish is taken out of the room and Lita is left alone with Matt Hardy.]

Lita: Matt, you could have resisted.

[Lita walks away disappointed.]

Matt: But, it was her. DAMMIT!

[Matt punches the wall with his fist in anger.]




[Chris Jericho’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, does his usual entrance spots and then looks toward the ramp, waiting to see which member of Evolution will fight him. ‘Time to Play The Game’ hits. And it looks like we will have Jericho vs. HHH.]

The match starts frantically as Jericho immediately jumps on HHH and begins to launch a flurry of punches on The Game. As the match wore on HHH took control, at the end of the match the ref was knocked out when Jericho inadvertently knocked him down with a dropkick. Jericho proceeded to smash HHH in the face with a steel chair. Then Chris Benoit comes down the rampway and locks the Crippler Crossface on HHH. Jericho is standing laughing, but then Batista and Flair come down the aisle but Flair doesn’t get in the ring, Batista goes for Jericho, seems like he wants payback for Jericho injuring him last week. Batista gets the Crossface off of HHH and then we have a brawl between HHH and Batista against Benoit and Jericho. The referee gets up and calls for the bell, but the bell won’t stop them, it never does.

No Contest



[The action is still going on but Jericho and Benoit get the upper hand and send Evolution out the ring, and you guessed it, Bischoff’s music hits and it looks as though he will add another match to the card for Fully Loaded.]

Bischoff: OK! You need to learn to control your anger! I am coming out hear to make some matches, one of them involves next weeks RAW main event, the others involve Fully Loaded on PPV in two weeks! The first, because you 4 seem to want to destroy each other, in next week’s main event, it is going to be Batista and HHH vs. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho!!! [Crowd cheers]. And onto Fully Loaded, I am going to make two matches; one will be Batista going one-on-one with Chris Jericho! [Crowd pops]. And the other? The other match will be HHH vs. CHRIS BENOIT!!! (Crowd pops big time]. And that match, will be for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

[bischoff’s music plays as RAW goes off the air with Jericho and Benoit taunting Evolution.]









- The show got off to a great start again, Edge has come on leaps and bounds since his heel turn and the fans are really starting to hate him.

- The feud between Eugene/Regal and La Resistance doesn’t seem to be capturing the fans minds, but we will work on it.

- The Christian/HBK segment was great and the crowd pop huge for the surprise return of HBK. Christian continues to impress the management team.

- The fans still don’t seem to like Simon Dean’s character and they were basically dead during his match with Venis. Hopefully the match at Fully Loaded will get a better reaction.

- Edge vs. Rhyno worked really well and was probably the best match that we have booked since the new era on RAW.

- The main event was great, the crowd was pumped and they really reacted to Bischoff’s announcements. Should be an interesting main event next week.

- Simon Dean told me after the show that Val Venis isn’t the right opponent for him, he wants to be booked in a match with Matt Hardy, but I told him that Matt was still a couple of weeks away from returning to the ring.

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Guest gangsta

I like Edge's character in your diary, I hope he wins the World Title eventually..although I think Orton is gonna be Edge at Fully Loaded..Great show, though.

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I like the way your diary is going thus far, but I'd like to make a few suggestions for you. Firstly, I can't stand how WWE uses Steven Richards and Val Venis as "Heat" or "Job" guys. The Raw Tag division is lacking credible teams if anything else pair these two together, they do work well as a team, and if pushed right they'd get some good reviews. I like how you use independant guys in try out matches the way WWE does. I'll be reading.

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I like the way your diary is going thus far, but I'd like to make a few suggestions for you. Firstly, I can't stand how WWE uses Steven Richards and Val Venis as "Heat" or "Job" guys. The Raw Tag division is lacking credible teams if anything else pair these two together, they do work well as a team, and if pushed right they'd get some good reviews. I like how you use independant guys in try out matches the way WWE does. I'll be reading.

The thought of having Venis and Richards team has come up but I am not going to go ahead with it, I have a few tag teams lined up for the tag division.

EDIT: Quoted the wrong person :blush:

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user posted image

Updated Fully Loaded Card

- RAW have updated the Fully Loaded card, here it is so far:

user posted image

World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H © vs. Chris Benoit

Number One Contedership for World Championship at Royal Rumble

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Women's Championship

Hardcore Rules

Trish Stratus © vs. Lita

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Simon Dean

Christian and La Resistance vs. William Regal, Eugene and Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho vs. Batista

- There are currently only six matches so far, a bit light so far, expect at least two more matches to be announced on RAW this week, we expect Gene Snitsky to be involved in the PPV in someway.

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