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LA Punk Scene

MalaCloudy Black

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Does anyone know of a website that has a detailed history of the late 70's and 80's punk scene in LA? I haven't been able to find anything searching google, just general "histories of punk" that don't even touch base with the LA Punk scene.

Perhaps PunkRockPete, VerbalPuke or syco can help..?

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Whenever I am looking for anything music related, I check out www.allmusic.com. It is pretty mainstream when it covers topics, but it can give you a short and brief overlook of the events that occured during a time period.

I've also noticed posting at message boards is a good indication. If you are looking for a good message board, go to www.muchmusic.com, find their web-board and register. They have a section called the Punk Show which has a lot of guys really into the scene. I am sure if they don't have the answer, they can probably lead you to the answer.

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I forgot about this site that I had stored away.

Artifix Records

It's got a few old LA Punk bands with bios and things like that. It also has a links section, which can probably begin to point you in the right direction. I would check out the link with information on the Killed by Death bands first.

Edit - I also think your best bet is picking up the book "We've got the Neutron Bomb". It's the story of the L.A. punk scene, and has everything you'd want to know about the scene. It also touches on Orange County and San Francisco, alot of great bands are mentioned in this book.

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I thoroughly agree with picking up books, as my dad has a few on the punk-scene in general. I do believe a friend of my uncle's is releasing a book about Punk-rock with a section on the LA Scene next year. I'm invited to the release party, so whenever it does come out I'll tell you the name and probably link you to a site where you can buy it.

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Alright. I was looking at We've got the Neutron Bomb on amazon a few days ago, and at the local Hastings store they have a book that's literally as wide/long as my PC monitor called Punk. I leafed through it, but next time I go there I'll see if it doesn't say anything about the LA scene.

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