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WWE Smackdown : New Plans...New Action

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

WWE Smackdown

New Year With New Plans

Eddie Is Down. Heidenrich Beating Down 'Taker. JBL Pins Booker T To Retain Title!

Those Words Every Smackdown Fan Dreads

user posted image

And that just put the topping on one of the WWE's worst pay-per-views in awhile.

Vince McMahon was immediatly happy with JBL's reign as champ, but when he noticed RAW's ratings getting much better than Smackdown's, he knew it was time for a change.....

The rest of December went through for Smackdown as very pathetic and not well put together. When SD! icon The Undertaker heard of Vince's plan to keep JBL as champ through Wrestlemania, 'Taker was immediatly angered, and refused to perform on Smackdown, but did not request to go to RAW. Smackdown writers quickly let the vieweing audience believe Heidenrich had broken the Undertakers arm & leg at Armageddon, and Undertaker would be out for an extended period.

That would be the biggest shakeup over the last 19 days of the year. JBL is still champ, Booker is still being held down, and no championships have even been challenged. RAW has leaped over Smackdown in popularity.

It was clear to Vince, solid competition is needed, so Vince decided it was time for

New Writers and New Drama

New Plans and New Action....

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Main Eventers

Big Show

Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker (Injured)

JBL (WWE Heavyweight Champ)

Kurt Angle

Upper Mid-Carders

Booker T

John Cena (U.S. Champion)

Rob Van Dam (Tag Team Champ w/Rey Mysterio jr.)

D-Von Dudley

Bubba Ray Dudley


Charlie Haas

Rey Mysterio Jr. (Tag Team Champ w/RVD)

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Billy Kidman

Carlito Caribbean Cool


Luther Reigns

Rene Dupree

Lower Mid-Carders

Hardcore Holly


Paul London

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Funaki (Cruiserweight Champ)

Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Kenzo Suzuki

Mark Jindrak

Orlando Jordan

Spike Dudley

blue =face

red = heel

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Guest BacknBlackHoez


Eddie Guerrero Has Nothing To Do? Sabu To WWE? Eddie G. vs. Sabu?

With the latest Smackdown meeting, the writing team is kind of in a funk, about what to do with Eddie Guerrero. SD! really want to work on a Booker T vs. JBL angle, and all other wrestlers with the capability of fueding with Eddie already have storylines.

Another story has WWE interested in free agent Sabu, and having him come in and fued with Eddie, and have some good ole' fashion ECW matches.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Smackdown Preview!

RVD/Rey Mysterio Jr. © vs. The Dudley Boyz

The tag team duo of RVD & Rey Mysterio look to open the new year with a win over one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history.

JBL & His Government Bring In The New Year

John Bradshaw Layfield, Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham & Danny Basham Will Welcome A New Member, and Reminisce Over The Champs Title Run.

Paul London vs. Heidenrich

The young fan favorite takes on the widly exentric Heidenrich

John Cena & A Partner Of His Choice vs. Carlitto Caribbean Cool & Jesus Aguilera

The Cena / Carlito fued continues, but will Carlito be in the ring the same time as Cena, or will he run.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

WWE Smackdown!

First SD! Under New Writers

user posted image

A Party For The Champ....Uhh...I Mean The New Years

Smackdown comes on air with JBL, Orlando Jordan & The Basham Brothers all sitting in the back, celebrating the champs title reign, and to the new years.

JBL: Now ill tell you something Orlando, it feels damn good to be the champ in 2000 and 5!

*fans boo*

JBL: And knowing that there is nobody in this locker room that can beat me.

Orlando: Yea...

*Theodore Long walks up*

Teddy: Listen here playas! I still remember that little swerve you put on my man Booker & 'Taker, no to mention Eddie G. at Armageddon.

Danny Basham: Yeah Teddy, so whats your point.

Teddy: You better shut yo mouth, before i fire you and yo little sister over there...... Now JBL, there will be a rematch!

JBL:Aww Hell Naw, Teddy you cant do this to me.

Teddy: Aww the hell i cant? i had a little talk with Vinnie Mac earlier, and we are going to be finishing our little meeting, to figure out what to do with yo sissy ass!

*Fans cheer*

*Teddy struts off, while JBL looks pissed off, and Orlando Jordan has a little smirk on his face*

Overall Rating: 79%

Heidenrich vs. Paul London

This was a match between two of WWE's youngest stars. Paul London came into this match with his anxiousness on his sleeve, and displaying great athleticism. Heidenrich come out of the gates firing though, showing his sadistic side. The match ended when Heidenrich nailed a Whiplash Powerbomb and got the 3 count. When the match was over Heidenrich again attacked London, drawing much more heat form the crowd. Heidenrich left with the fans seriously on his case.

Winner - Heidenrich

Overall Rating: 63%

Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 70%

**1/2 Stars

What Does Booker Have To Say About JBL?

Funaki: This is Smackdown nnnnnumber 1 announcer...here with Booker T! Now Booker, how you feel about JBL?

*Camera spans to the side, where we see Booker T glaring off into the distance with an ever so serious look on his face*

Booker T: OOOH, ima get JBL, and when i do, ima knock him out with that Scissor Kick, and pin that ass 1...2...3. But next week, I get that bald headed secretary of defense Orlando Jordan! How does this dude get a shot at the Booker man? shouldnt he still be on Velocity & Heat jobbing to Val Venis & stuff. HA! Now can you dig THAT SUCKA!!!!!!!

Overall Rating: 83%

GM Adds Stips To Tag Title Match

*GM Teddy Long walks out to the ring, to a loud fan applause*

Teddy: What up playas and playettes! Now i was backstage doin my thug thang wondering on how a playa could make this night even better. We have a tag team title match tonight, between RVD & Rey Mysterio vs. The Dudley Boyz, and i ws thinkin to my playa self...."Playa self? shouldnt we add more excitiment?" Hell Yeah I said! So i thunk up the past, and i remembered seeing the Dudley Boyz in some pretty classic matches, as well as RVD & Rey Mysterio, and in my thoughts, they all seemed to involve ladders!

*Crowd cheers*

Teddy: So tonight, hanging above this ring, we will have a tag team ladder match for the Tag Team Titles! holla if ya hear me!

Overall Rating: 65%

Funaki © vs. Billy Kidman - For the Cruiserweight Championship

A very exciting high flying match, that had very good work ethics by the atheletes, but the crowd didnt seem very much into it. Funaki did a front flip over Kidman, Kidman bounced off the roped, and did a front flip over Funaki, Akio ran to ringside, Funaki noticed this and leaped over the top rope, and somehow managed to nail Akio with a MONSTER missile dropkick. Funaki slides back into the ring, catches Kidman catching his breath, and finished Kidman off with the Rising Son! 1....2....3. Funaki celebrated with the fans ringside, but Akio attacke dhim and threw him into the ring, Kidman & Akio continued to pumble Funaki, as the crowd grew more & more angered. Kidman goes to the top rope and nails the shooting star press, then spit son Funaki and leaves to a chorus of fan boo's.

Winner - Funaki - Retains Cruiserweight Title

Overall Rating: 69%

Crowd Reaction: 58%

Match Quality: 80%

*** Stars

Eddie Feels He Deserves Title Shot

Eddie: Hey homes, let me ask whats all this talk about Booker T getting a title shot, didnt Booker get pinned by JBL? I wasnt pinned and beaten 1,2,3. Essa its this type of bullsh*t that really gets me pissed. Now Theodore Long, essa, you better get this fixed, or im jumping over to Raw!

Overall Rating: 90%

Cena Picks A Partner

*Cena's music hits, and he walks out on the stage to a huge pop of crowd applause, he plays the crowd a minute.*

Cena: So now im informed by general manager Teddy Long, that i got another chance to get my head around that caribbean bastard Carlito's neck! and im gonna take advantage to the fullest, ya heard! And we all saw Jesus get his ass whopped at Armageddon!

*crowd cheers*

So tonight me and......wel....Eddie Guerrero gonna kick us some more foreign ass!

Overall Rating: 85%

John Cena / Eddie Guerrero vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool & Jesus Aguilera

As expected Jesus started this match out while Carlito avoided Cena by any means necessary. Jesus got a good ass kicking and when he went to tag in Carlito, he avoided it, and demanded Jesus get back to the match. Cena grabbed his chain and wrapped it around his fist, and waited for Jesus to turn around. Carlito was trying to bite his apple to spit at Cena, but couldnt get it and just threw the apple at Cena, which struck him in the back of the head, cena then came after Carlito, meanwhile Jesus pulled a chain out of his pocket, wrappe dit around his fist, and struck Cena in his forehead. Eddie Guerrero spun Jesus around and made him punch himself with the chain, until he was busted open. Eddie then hit the frog-splash, then went outside and grabbed Carlito. Cena picked Jesus up and FU'd him, and got the 3-count. Eddie motioned to Cena, they had Carlito, they put him in the backseat of the low-rider, and Cena continued to pound him, as Eddie backed out.

Winner - John Cena & Eddie Guerrero

Overall Rating: 75%

Crowd Reaction: 73%

Match Quality: 77%

*** Stars

Newest Government Member?

*JBL walks out to the ring, looking very angry with Orlando & The Basham Brothers following behind him.*

JBL: Now im really pissed off with the way this new years is starting. Theodore your trying to get me to lose this title at any cost's, but i got something to inform you....it'll never happen! Iv beaten everyone in that locker room, and the outcome aint changin no time soon!

Orlando: Now i hear Booker T talking some trash about me, but id like for everyone to remember back to Armageddon when Booker was flat on his back getting beat by the greatest WWE Champion of all-time, JBL! But next week I got Booker in a one-on-one match, and ill just warn all you Booker T fans & followers, it wont be a pretty scene!

*fans boo*

JBL: Well now that thats settled, lets get down to business! This government you see in front of you is the most dominant enterouge in the business! and it now only gets stronger with the addition of the craziest and most sadistic young wrstler in the business! HEIDENRICH!

*fans boo as music plays*

Heidenrich: See Paul! You walked away, and now the WWE has to suffer! You bastard!

Overall Ratings: 68%

Big Show Watch Yo Big Back!

Big Show is seen backstage talking to an unidentified female when Luther Reigns walks over and pushes the girl out of the way. He gets right in Big Show's face, Show just begins to laugh, Mark Jindrak walks behind him, and now Luther is on one side & Jindrak is on the other. From behind Big Show Kurt Angle appears out of the shadow and cracks Big Show over the head with a steel pipe. Kurt then pushes a rack off steel pipes down, and they completely cover Big Show

Overall Rating: 69%

RVD & Rey Mysterio jr. © vs. The Dudley Boyz - For The WWE Tag Titles

An absolutely amazing match, but with a cost. RVD & Rey came out shooting, displaying some amazing arial moves. Firs big bump came actually quite early in the match when D-Von took Rey up the ladder and suplexed him onto another ladder. RVD then kicked and punched Bubba to the ropes, he then ran against the ropes, but Bubba ducked and tossed RVD out off the ring, where he landed flat on his back, knocking the air out of him. At this point it looked as iff the Dudleyz had this match over with. However, the Dudleyz attempted a 3D on the barely conscious Rey Mysterio jr., but Rey kicked Bubba off, and bulldogged D-Von through the table the dudleyz had set up. Everyone lay not moving for about 30 seconds, before RVD got composure and pulled himself in the ring. 2 ladders were eventually stood up, RVD began climbing one, D-Von reached the ladder and began climbing himself, Bubba grabbed Rey Mysterio by the foot, and dragged him out of the ring. RVD & D-Von were battling one another. RVD does an amazing kick to the head of D-Von, D-Von falls off the ladder and out of the ring head first, threw a table, sustaining an injury. RVD grabs both belts, then both him & Rey Mysterio jr. celebrate

Winners - RVD & Rey Mysterio - Retain WWE Tag Team Titles

Overall Rating: 90%

Crowd REaction: 84%

Match Quality: 96%

**** 1/2 Stars

Overall Rating : 73%

6.23 TV Rating

Attendance : 7534

$301360 Ticket Sales

Overall, im dissapointed with the outcome of the event. I however do like how well the main event came out. But with D-Von's injury, the Tag Title situation is once again cloudy. Eddie Guerrero came off angry, but luckly didnt come off as a heel to the fans, thank god. Booker T didnt wrestle this week due to the fact he needed a little extra time to recover from a sore knee. We made sure he had some air-time and was talked about, so we keep him in the public eye.

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It seemed to all be going well but... yes... there is a but... I do hope with all my heart that Sabu coming in IS just a rumour as the 'website' suggests, because bringing Sabu into the WWE would not only suck for Sabu, it would suck for the WWE because they would have signed a man who cannot have his best matches due to censors. You do need to watch stuff like censorship, JBL saying bastard on a taped show like Smackdown! is NOT going to get through.

It may seem like all I'm doing is moaning but you also need to write longer promos, character development is key to a diary and promos are mostly what people read. This diary could have potential if you just try and cover your bases, so don't be discouraged by any means.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez


- D-Von Dudleys injury is more severe than initially reported. He tore the ACL and sprained the MCL in his right knee, this occured after he went through the ladder, his leg whipped back against the barricade. He is expected to miss the next 16 months of action. D-Von's contract is up in 10 months, and no word yet, if the WWE plan to bring him back after this devastating injury.

- Sabu to WWE talks have stalled. Sabu reportedly wanted to up the risk level, and perform more dangerous stunts, WWE stands by there decisions to let any televised shows get more risky.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Smackdown Preview

Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan w/ JBL

Booker T looks to run through JBL's enterouge to get at JBL.

Eddie Guerrero Request's Handicap Match

Eddie Guerrero will be facing both Danny & Doug Basham this week on Smackdown, in an attempt to prove to the SD! GM Teddy Long he is worthy of the title.

Bubba Ray Looks For Revenge For D-Von

Bubba Ray Dudley will be facing Rob Van Dam in a singles match this week, in hopes to get revenge for his injured "brother" D-Von

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

In what looks to be a good match, John Cena will be facing Kurt Angle, if Cena wins he gets Carlito next weeks SD!

Huge Guest To Be Backstage At SD!

Hogan, Sting, Macho Man, Steve Austin, Sabu, Vader, etc..... Just some names that have been rumored to be the special guest

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Guest Prototype

Good so far. Ill be reading from time to time. You have my interest.

PS- This is just my preference, but I dont like having the entire show centered. It looks jumbled to me.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

WWE Smackdown

Thursday, 13th January, 2004

user posted image

Funaki © vs. Spike Dudley vs. Paul London - For The WWE Cruiserweight Title

There is a reason why this match was the opening match, just to make sure everyone was awake. Funaki the fighting champion that he is, puts the title on the line yet again. In this match Paul London gave Funaki a run for his title, while Spike was just working for bumps. This was a very fluid wrestling match, gets good reports from wrestling reviewers. Ending: Spike Dudley goes for a Dudley dog, but is thrown over the top turnbuckle to the outside. Paul London runs against the rope and goes for a clothesline, Funaki ducks, then gets London on the rebound with a kick to the teeth, then the Rising Son to retain the title.

Winner - Funaki (Retains WWE Cruiserweight Title)

Overall Rating: 60%

Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 78%

**2/3 Stars

Big Show Seems A Bit Furious

*We see Theodore Long sitting at his desk listening to an iPod and bobbing his head....next thing Big Show barges in*

Big Show: Tedddddddy!

*Theodore scrambles to take the iPod off, and pay attention to Big Show

Big Show: Listen....Kurt Angle ambushed me last week with those two groupies of his. I want there asses tonight!

*Crowd Cheers*

Theodore Long: Show, i feel ya playa, but i been thinking here, will i was going over this paper work. How about at Royal Rumble.

*Show gets furious and knocks lamp off of Teddy's desk*

Big Show: Teddy, I said TONIGHT!

Theodore Long: I know, but you see Kurt Angle is in the main event tonight, against John Cena.

*crowd cheers*

Big Show: *laughs* Well thats good to know...

Theodore Long: But i dont want you getting involved in the match at all.

*Big Show gives a deathly stare to Theodore*

Theodore Long: Oh, but Show, playa i understand how thuggin you is! so if you take tonight off, and dont get involved in the match, ill let you select what the stipulation will be...when you face Kurt Angle at Royal RUMBLE!

*Big Show rubs his chin, grins, and walks out*

Theodore Long: Now somebody pick up my damn lamp........*no answer*......fine ill do it myself

Overall Rating: 76%

Bubba Ray Wants Rey Rey Too

*We cut from Teddy Long to Bubba Ray Dudley standing with Chris Michaels*

CM: Bubba, after what transfired last week with your brother D-Von, why would you want to be in a match with Rob Van Dam?

*Bubba gives a long look at Chris Michaels*

Bubba Ray: Why would i want a match with RVD.....Why, after what happened to D-Von last week, would i automatically want to step back in the ring with the man who broke my brothers leg.......Well, i just want to return the favor, I want to snap his leg....I want to snap his neck....then when im done with him i want that little midget Rey Mysterio...lets not forget back in ECW, Me & D-Von would run both of these b****** out of the arena...and tonight im gonna run RVD right out of this business!

*Bubba pushes Chris Michaels out of the way, and heads to the ring*

Overall Rating: 83%

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam - Hardcore Match

Bubba comes to ringside, and waits for RVD's music to hit. Bubba looks vicious, when RVD's music plays and RVD comes out, Bubba attacks. Pounding on RVD and barricades, steps, then rolls him into the ring. Bubba proceeds to beat on Rob Van Dam, then agues to the crowd, which gives RVD time to catch his breath. Rob gets angry and kicks Bubba in the back of the which knocks Bubba down. RVD nails a rolling thunder of sorts, then slides to the outside. RVD pulls out a trash can and a tables, throws the trash can in the ring, and slides the table in after it. Bubba is on his feet by now, and is waiting on RVD Ending: Bubba whips RVD into the corner, and does a big splash, which drops RVD to the map. Bubba then sets up the table and picks RVD up, put the trash can on RVD and powerbombs him off the top rope threw the table, pins him and 1...2....3. After the match Bubba grabbed the ring announcers chair and began to pumble the trash can that still had RVD in it. Bubba was heard screaming for Rey Mysterio....but he never came.

Winner - Bubba Ray Dudley

Overall Rating: 72%

Crowd Reaction: 82%

Match Quality: 82%

*** 1/4 Stars

Is That Static Or A Dial Tone?

*We cut to the back where we see John Bradshaw Layfield sitting on a leather couch, as Orlando Jordan is seen in the background warming up for his match later in the evening*

JBL: Well how ya doing there?


JBL: What? whats that?


JBL: Cant be here tonight?

*JBL looks around seeming worried*

JBL: Yeah, ill tell Long you'll be at The Royal Rumble.


JBL: Sure, you wont be able to make it next week.... I mean, I am the champ.


*JBL looks frustrated*

JBL: Its just gonna be a pleasure working with a legend of your stature when we catch theses fools off-guard.


JBL: Alright......yeah......see you at Royal Rumble

*JBL hangs up and looks at orlando Jordan*

JBL: Orlando...go to Long that......well, our special guest cant make it tonight, but he'll be at the Royal Rumble....oh yeah, tell Teddy that he wont have to worry about me losing my title at the Rumble.

*Orlando Jordan walks out of the room, as JBL closes his phone, smirks and rubs his belt*

Overall Rating: 80%

Eddie G. Getting Support

*Eddie Guerrero is backstage stretching out on a table, when John Cena walks up to a huge pop from the crowd*

John Cena: Yo Eddie, that stuff last week was dope! You know I got your back tonight, right?

*Eddie looks at Cena with one of those "Wat the hell are you talking about" looks*

Eddie: You got my back, holmes, you think i need someone watching my back when im facing the Basham Brothers! Eh Holmes? I shouldnt even have to face these poontas, but nooooooooooo Eddie Guerrero doesnt get a title shot! its Booker T with a title shot!

John Cena: Yo, Eddie dawg calm down, im just sayin....ya know, if JBL or Orlando Jordan try some stuff.

Eddie: Oh.....thanks holmes.

*Camera cuts away with Eddie walking away, and John Cena with a funny look on his face*

Overall Rating: 90%

Eddie Guerrero vs. The Basham Brothers

Eddie Guerrero came out more focused than ever, looking like a championship contender. The Basham's came out looking to take advantage of the age & numbers advantage, Eddie was having none of this. Guerrero started pounding on Danny, and knocked him down then knocked Doug out, Eddie could have had this match won within 5 minutes, but decided to pound on the Basham's some more. ventually The Basham's mustered a little offense, as they just ganged up on Eddie and tossed him to the outside, but Eddie tripped them both up, and drug them outside. He throw Danny into the ringpost to get rid of him. Ending: Eddie slides Doug Basham into the ring, and just cocked back and nailed a huge punch to the jaw of Doug, then climbs to the top rope and nails a frog splash, then non-chaulantly coves Doug for the 3 count.

Winner - Eddie Guerrero

Overall Rating: 65%

Crowd Reaction: 72%

Match Quality: 75%

** 3/4 Stars

Aint No Hiding For Orlando From Booker

*Ivory is backstage with Booker T*

Ivory: Booker T, tonight you get orlando Jordan in the ring, but you really want JBL as we all know, how can you stay focused on Orlando Jordan, and not get distracted by JBL?

*Booker T raises his head, and looks off as if he is seeing the crowd, the crowd starts cheering*

Booker T: Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan *laughs* Is this some kind of joke! Booker gonna hit that ring, spin on his back, shake his hand, kick some ass, and eventually take Bradshaw's title! But as of right now.....Ivory you looking pretty goo....

Ivory: Umm... thank you Booker, how about the match versus Orlando Jordan?

*crowd erupts*

Booker T: Oh yeah... as far as Orlando Jordan goes tonight........*Booker imitates himself beating up Jordan with his fingers in the air....then does his 5 time, 5, time...hand shake*....Now Can You Dig THAT....SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

*Booker stares Ivory up and down as he backs away...Ivory tells the camera to cut off*

Overall Rating: 92%

Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan w/John Bradshaw Layfield

Actually a pretty good match, for Orlando Jordan. Nobody really expected Orlando Jordan to compete in this match, but he actually showed something, getting Booker T frustrated a few times during the match. JBL did have a say in this match, as he tripped Booker T up a time or two, on the 2nd time Booker chases JBL up the ramp, until Bradshaw vanished to the back, dropping his hat. Booker looked at the hat, and then looked at the crowd, they erupt. Booker grabs the hat, and rubs back to the ring. Ending: Booker T missile dropkicks Orlando Jordan, and picks up JBL's cowboy hat, and jams it on Orlando's head, breaking it through the top. Booker then picks Jordan up and scissor kicks him, puts a leg on his chest, and gets the victory. He puts the hat on Orlando's face, as the above camera zooms in on Orlando Jordans face.

Winner - Booker T

Overall Rating: 64%

Crowd Reaction: 69%

Match Quality: 72%

*** Stars

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Promoted as the main event, and boy what a main event it was, maybe not as eventful as last weeks Tag Team lader match, but this was even more significant. John Cena's new age, thuganomics against Kurt Angle's back ground in amateur wrestling, John cena is one of WWE's up and coming supertsras, while Kurt Angle has a past, only a gold medalist could furnish. cena & Angle came out putting on a show, not wasting a breath, keeping the crowd excited and on the edge of their seats. Kurt Angle nailed a powerful piledriver, which took a huge tole from Cena. Angle argues with the crowd as he gets prepared for the Angle lock. Ending: Cena hold out through he Angle Lock, as he reaches the ropes. Kurt Angle gets into an arguement with the rf. Carlito Caribbean cool runs ringside and grabs Cena's chain, but has another chain in his other hand. Cena attacks Carlito, drawing the refs attention, Cena hits Carlito knocking one of the chains out of his hand, but simultaneously Carlito underhand tosses the other chain in to Angle. Kurt wraps his hand with the chain, turns Cena around, and clocks him between the eyes, while the ref is banning Carlito from ringside. Angle covers Cena, and pulls on the refs pant leg, gets his attention, and gets the win, 1...2...3. Carlito runs back into the ring and knocks the ref out, he and Kurt proceed to beat on Cena. Cena doesnt get a match with Carlito next week.

Winner - Kurt Angle

Overall Rating: 78%

Crowd Reaction: 80%

Match Quality: 78%

*** 1/4 Stars

Teddy Long Ends The Show With Big Announcements

*Theodore Long comes out to the sound stage, while Carlito & Angle are still in the ring*

Theodore Long: Playas! I have to finish this great evening off, with some announcements! Holla if ya hear me!.... First off, Big Show has earned a match against Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble.....and me and Show was just talkin....Playa to The Jolly Green Giant, and the Big Show has decided that at the Royal rumble....Big Show & Kurt Angle will go one-on-one in a ..... Falls Count Anywhere Match!

*Crowd erupts....Angle looks absolutely pissed in the ring....Carlito is chewing his apple*

Theodore Long: And as for you Carlito Caribbean Cool...since we cant seem to keep you away from the ring, during a John Cena match, next week we are gonna have a one-on-one match between yourself & The Big Show, and John Cena will be the guest referee!

*crowd erupts....Carlito spits his apple out, which accidently fly's into the back of Kurt Angles head....Angle & Carlito argue*

Theodore Long: Holla Holla!

Overall Rating: 87

Overall Rating : 76%

5.66 TV Rating

Attendance: 7015

$280600 Ticket Sales

Overall a better program than last week. However you couldnt tell by the lessened audience, and fewer television viewers. Rey Rey didnt appear tonight, due to attending the funeral of a childhood friend. Booker T worked very good tonight, and didnt show any rust from missing last week. Eddie Guerrero is tilting on the edge of face and heel.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez


- Reports have stated that current Raw supertsar The Hurricane, will be jumping over to SD! in about 3 months time. Hurricane was unhappy working in a tag team enviroment, and SD! officials are unhappy with the cruiserweight divisions capacity on the show.

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Good stuff so far.

I like that you are using Bubba even with D-Von out, and maybe he can turn into something big. Also glad to see you waiting at least one month before ripping the belt off JBL. Keep it up.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Smackdown Preview!

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Bubba Ray demolished RVD last week, will he do the same to Rey Rey this week.

Big Show vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool - Special Guest Ref. = John Cena

John Cena didnt earn a match against Carlito, but he does get to be the special ref in this weeks Big Show vs. Carlito match!

GM Theodore Long has announcement for Royal Rumble

Tag Title information.

Booker T vs. Heidenrich

Booker T faces the newest member of the Government, on his quest for JBL!

JUST ANNOUNCED:JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

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Guest killacam2006

Smackdown Preview!

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Bubba Ray demolished RVD last week, will he do the same to Rey Rey this week.

Big Show vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool - Special Guest Ref. = John Cena

John Cena didnt earn a match against Carlito, but he does get to be the special ref in this weeks Big Show vs. Carlito match!

GM Theodore Long has announcement for Royal Rumble

Tag Title information.

Booker T vs. Heidenrich

Booker T faces the newest member of the Government, on his quest for JBL!

JUST ANNOUNCED:JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

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Looking good i have to say, this diary is realistic and i have to stress the promos are a tad bit short but not everything can be perfect. Keep it up and ill be watching.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

WWE Smackdown

January 20th, 2004

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The Government Sets Down The Law

*The Smackdown opening video & theme music fade out, as we cut backstage and see JBL enter the arena followed by Orlando Jordan, The Basham Brothers & Amy Weber.....JBL walks by several backstage workers, until he reaches General Manger Theodore Long's office, JBL then barges in.*

JBL: Theodore, listen i know what your doing, your trying to screw me out of my title, even before i get to The Royal Rumble!

Theodore Long: Listen playa, I aint tryina cheat anybody outta anything, but this was the main event i thought up, gotta problem wit that?

JBL: Ya damn right I do Teddy, i have a match in 3 days against Booker T, I cant wrestle tonight, it'll completely throw the champ off his game.

Theodore Long: Look champ, I cant help it, if you lose tonight, then your match with Booker T will still be on, but no title will be on the line.

*JBL looks frustrated*...........*slams his fist on Long's desk, and walks away*

*The Basham Brothers step forward to a loud boo form the crowd*

Danny Basham: So Teddy, i havent got the message yet on what me & my brothers match is at Royal Rumble.

Theodore Long: There's a simple reason for that...you aint got no match this weekend at Royal Rumble!

Doug Basham: What! Why! We are the best Tag-Team in the WWE! We deserve a tag title match!

Theodore Long: *laughing* You think your better than the team of RVD & Rey Mysterio!

*Fans cheer*

Danny Basham: Hell yeah!

Thedore Long: Ha!....well...if your serious...if you when your match coming up next ill consider you for this weekend.

*Basham's leave the office the same way JBL did*

*Orlando Jordan next steps up the the desk*

Theodore Long: Oh please....

*Theodore turns around and puts his iPod on ignoring Orlando, as Orlando looks frustrated.........Jordan walks out, but we catch a glimpse of Bubba Ray Dudley & Eddie Guerrero walking up to Long's office*

Overall Rating: 70%

The Basham Brothers vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Paul London

The Basham' came into this match with alot on the line, needing a win to make GM Theodore Long consider them for a tag title match at the Royal Rumble. Chavo & Paul London were just fighting for air-time, but put on an impressive showing. The Basham's brawling, mixed with Chavo's & Paul's arial attack, actually mixed for a good match. Doug Basham has Chavo in a headlock, tosses him off the ropes, and does a leg drop, then tags in partner Danny Basham. Doug goes outside and heads over to the other corner and grabs Paul London, and begins brawling with him. Meanwhile in the ring, Doug Basham cheers on his brothers beating of Paul London, but Chavo rolls him up. 1.....2....kick out. Doug looks pissed, he kicks Chavo in the back of the head, and calls his brother Danny in the ring, the ref stops Danny on the apron, taking all of the refs attention. Danny takes a pair of brass knuckles out, and nails Chavo between the eyes, then throws the knucks out of the ring. Danny gets down, and the refs attention is back on the match, pin, 1...2... Paul London with a leg drop from the top rope, that disrupts the count. Danny Basham slides back into the ring to attack Paul London, but London drop kicks him, and gets the crowd excited. London then goes to the top rope, but is quickly pushed off by Doug Basham, Paul goes tumble to the outside. Chavo tries to roll Doug up again, but Danny Basham catches him with a right punch, and Doug Basham takes the rollover through, and gets the pin 1....2....3

Winners - The Basham Brothers

Overall Rating: 64%

Crowd Reaction: 63%

Match Quality: 71%

** 1/4 Stars

Teddy Long Announces Tag Title Situation

* Theodore Long's music hits, as he struts to the ring, to a loud crowd applause*

Theodore Long: Ladies & Gentleman, welcome to Smackdown! Holla if ya hear me!

*loud crowd pop*

Theodore Long: Now i know everyone is waiting on this sunday night, and the Royal Rumble! with Booker T facing JBL for the World Title! John cena getting Carlito Caribbean Cool! Kurt Angle & The Big Show!......But now i feel i need to address what we gon' do with these WWE Tag Title, as we all know the Dudley Boyz were the #1 contenders, before the unfortunate injury to D-Von Dudley....so whats a playa to do!

* The Basham Brothers walk out to a slowly raising chorus of boo's*

*Danny Basham grabs a mic before stepping into the ring*

Danny Basham: Teddy, we just came out here and proved ourself, now give us our tag title shot!

Theodore Long: Now look playas, i was just about to get to this situation, now...

*RVD's music hits, and him & Rey Mysterio jr. walk out to the ring, and enter the ring*

Theodore Long: Now look, if you guys keep interrupting me ill never get to the announcement! Now anybody else wanna try and come out here and interrupt a playa!

*The Dudley Boyz music plays, as Bubba Ray Dudley walks out, about 10 steps behind him, Eddie Guerrero follows. They enter the ring*

Eddie Guerrero: Si Essa, i should be in a world title match, but no, the politics on this show have kept me down! So now i DEMAND to be in this tag title match!

Theodore Long: Look Eddie! All I hear is you whining about not getting a title shot, and frankly, a playa is tired of hearing that crap!

*fans cheer*

Theodore Long: See playa, at the Royal Rumble we gonna be thuggin n' buggin for these Tag Team Titles! When the team of RVD & Rey Mysterio defend their titles against The Basham Brothers......and the team of Bubba Ray Dudley & Rey Mysterio Jr.!

*fans cheer*

Theodore Long: In A Tables and Ladders and Chairs Match! TLC BABAY!

*fans erupt*

*RVD & Rey Rey play the crowd, but are soon attacked by Bubba Ray, who is soon attacked by The Basham's, causing a big brawl*

*Eddie just slides out of the ring, and walks to the back*

Overall Rating: 74%

No Warm-Up Time For Rey Rey or Bubba

The ensuing brawl is still taking place in the ring, Bubba Ray Dudley throws Rey Mysterio out of the ring, and throws his shoulder first into the steel steps.

*Theodore Long stops on his way up the stage, and turns around*

Theodore Long: Oh yeah, Bubba Ray, your match with Rey Mysterio is NOW! security get the rest of these chumps out of that ring, so we can get us a match going!

Overall Rating: 75%

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Bubba Ray Dudley is still looking for revenge for his injured brother, and lats week he demolished RVD, this week he gets Rey Mysterio jr. This match started in the mist of a 3 team brawl, minus Eddie G., so Rey Rey was already half out of it. Bubba is already beatng on Rey before the bell on the outside,s o he whips him into the ring post, affecting the shoulder on Mysterio again. Bubba slowly picks him up and drops him throat firts on the fan barricade, then slams him over the barricade, to the crowds boo's. Bubba then lays and elbow to the neck of Rey Mysterio, as they are in the crowd fighting. Rey Rey somehow musters up enough energy, and hits Bubba Ray with a lowblow, Rey then takes off running in a circle, and Bubba has no idea where he went, Rey has hid, Bubba gets back in the ring, looking for Rey, but he cant find him. Rey runs in from the entrance sidelines, while Bubba Ray still cannot seem to find him. Rey jumps to the top rope, and jumps off at Bubba, Bubba however catches a right jab to the jaw of Rey, which send a Mysterio tooth flying. 1....2.... kick out. Bubba seems a bit frustrated as he picks Rey up, who is now bleeding from the missing tooth, Bubba sets Rey up for a powerbomb and hits it, but instead of pinning, he sets Rey up on the top rope, and goes for a top rope powerbomb, but Rey hold onto the ropes, eventually Bubba low-blowed Rey and got the powerbomb, 1.....2.....3

Winner - Bubba Ray Dudley

Overall Rating: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 76%

Match Quality: 69%

*** Stars

Eddie Speaks With Teddy Long

*We see Theodore Long watching the match backstage, then turning around, just to see Eddie Guerrero*

Theodore Long: Damnit Eddie, what you wnat now, you got your tag title match

Eddie Guerrero: Holmes, you know that isnt what i wanted! i want a world title match! How can you let JBL keep this belt!

Theodore Long: He's got Booker T this sunday, he isnt guaranteed any title.

Eddie Guerrero: HA! against Booker T, he is guaranteed to hold the title! Essa, incase you havent noticed, Booker T has choked awya every shot he has had at winning that World Title! Dont forget who got pinned at Armageddon...

*Theodore Long looks confused*

Theodore Long: But see i also remember who was layed out in that same ring, and couldnt stop JBL!

*fans cheer*

Theodore Long: But you see, im the nicest thug you'll ever meet, so im entering you in the Royal Rumble this Sunday and as you know, the winner of the Rumble gets a shot at the world title!

Eddie Guerrero: Si Essa, i know that, but isnt it a shame, that the best competitor in the business has to battle 29 other supertstars for what he rightfully deserves!

Theodore Long: You talk alot, now prove it on sunday!

Overall Rating: 87%

Booker T vs. Heidenrich

Another warm up match for Booker T, as he readys himself for his match his sunday against JBL for the World Title. Heidenrich came out of the gates on fire, catching Booker off guard. Heinderich whips Booker into the corner, and clotheslines him, then drops a leg drop to the bac onf his neck. He slowly picks Booker up, and whips him into the ropes, delivering another clothesline, Heidenrich is in complete control. He gets into arguements with fans, allowing time for Booker T to get his stuff together, he hits Heindenrich in the back of the neck with a forearm, then delivers about 6 pnches, then on the 7th, it drops Heidenrich. Booker stomps on Heidenrich before playing to the crowd. Heidenrich gets to his feet, and is met with a kick to the face, which drops him back down to the mat. Booker picks him up, and locks in the sleeper hold, heidenrich reverses it, and slams him over his head, locking in the reverse chin lock. Booker looks like he;s out of it, and Heidenrich takes advantage, pounding on Booker, while JBL makes his way to ringside. Booker T notices him, and musters up some guts through the crowds applause, as JBL looks on from the outside, Booker hits Heidenrich in the gut with an elbow, which loosens the hold, Booker squeezes loose, kicks Heidenrich in the gut, and executes to long lost move, the DDT. Booker then gets up and points at JBL who is still standing on the outside, he drops down and heads out after JBL, who hold his belt up, as if he is getting ready to hit Booker, Booker ducks the swing, nails a back kick to the chin of JBL, then throws his belt in the ring, which slides to Heidenrich, he swing at Booker when he enters the ring, but Booker once again ducks, and kicks Heinderich in the gut, places the blet on the ground, and nails the scissors kick on the back of the neck of Heidenrich then goes for the pin, 1.....2.....3

Winner - Booker T

Overall Rating: 65%

Crowd Reaction: 72%

Match Quality: 67%

** Stars

Cena & Show Prepare

*We cut to the back where we see the door leading to The Big Show's locker room, John cena walks up, gives a quick knock, and walks in*

*We see Big Show lacing up his boots*

John Cena: Yo Show, you got this Carlito Caribbean Cool fool tonight, and most definatly ill call this down the middle *wink*

Big Show: Oh, you mean this new age phony Razor Ramon character *laughs* ima crush this kid, then shove that apple down his throat

John Cena: Yeah, and.....

*The door opens and a messanger walks in*

John Cena: Maaaaaan, what you want!

Messanger: I ha....have..a mes.....message from Ca....car....carlito.....

*Big Show & Cena look at each other*

Big Show:CaRlITo CarriBeaN C00L?

Messanger: Whu...what did...you.. sa....say?

John Cena: Carlito Carribean Cool?

Messanger: WORD LIFE!

John Cena: Well what does Bean Bag have for me.

Messanger: No, not for you, but for you and Big Show!


John Cena: Well what is it!?!?

Messanger: Oh yeah.......*brings in a big box*.....a bo......boxxxx....ful..ll...full of app....apples.

Big Show: Do you have a problem! why are you on this show?

Messanger: cause ITS THE BIIIIG SHOOOOW!

*John Cena bites an apple and spits it in the messanger's face, and shoves him out of the room*

Overall Rating: 80%

Carlitto Caribbean Cool vs. John Cena - w/ Special Guest Referee John Cena

Carlito came into this match looking like he had absolutely no chance, facing the biggest man in the sport, and having his arch enemy as the special guest referee. Carlito came out very hesitant, watching his back for Cena at all times. Cena was seeingly on the Big Show's side, having a couple of quick counts here and there, mostly here. Big Show missed a clothesline on Carlito, and almost got Cena, but stopped himself, carlito dropkicked Show, but hardly affected him, Carlito runs at him again, but only to be set up for the chokeslam, Carlito kicks Cen, which draws Cena to attack Carlito, which incidently knocks Big Show to the side, throwing off the chokeslam, instead Big Show & Cena get into an arguement, then out of the crowd Jesus comes in and nails Cena in the back of the head with a Kendo stick, then swing at Big Show, who grabs the stick, and prepares to chokeslam Jesus, but Carlito runs in and hits Big Show in he forehead, with the immitation John Cena chain. Big Show drops to his back, bloodied, Carlito covers Big Show, and Jesus takes control of Cena's arm and counts 1.....2..... Big Show kicked out! but Jesus tried to make the announcer ring the bell, but he refuses to. Carlito & Jesus stand in the ring, looking around clueless on what to do. Carlito then runs to the outside and looks under the ring for another weapon, but cant find anything, but eventually finds a table, slides it into the ring, and Jesus sets it up, John cena has regained composure, and pounds on Jesus for a minute, before Carlito gets back in the ring, Carlito runs after cena, but is dragged down by his hair, from the Big Show who is now proped up in th corner. Big Show chokeslams Jesus, and kicks him out of the ring. John Cena & Big Show take turns punching Carlito, but Carlito drops down, and lowblows Show, but Cena pound son Carlito while he is down, but out of nowhere comes The Studdering Messanger, he slides into the ring, and suplexes Cena threw the table that had been set-up, he hits Big Show with the Cena chain, and drags Carlito over, to pin Big Show takes Cena's arm and counts 1..2..3

Winner - Carlito Carribean Cool

Overall Rating: 66%

Crowd Reaction: 77%

Match Quality : 63%

*** Stars

John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero - WWE World Title on the line.

JBL made his way to the ring looking angry. Kurt Angle made his way to the ring focused. Eddie Guerrero made his way to the ring frustrated. The Makings for a good match, right? lets hope. JBL's usual "cowering away from competition" was not so today, as he went right after Kurt Angle, and in the beginning of the match absolutely took control. He pounded away at Eddie and tossed Kurt to the outside. So its just JBL & Eddie in the ring, Eddie leap frogs JBL, but JBL comes back with the clothesline from hell, but the pin is broken up by the recovering Kurt Angle from the outside, by pulling on JBL's leg. JBL swing, blockd by Kurt, Kurt lands about 5 punchs, and whips JBL into the barricade, where he begins throwing punches. Eddie G. has recovered in the ring, and jumps off the top rope to the outside, aiming for Kurt & JBL, Kurt backs away, letting Eddie connect with JBL, JBL then goes flipping over the barricade, where he lays. Eddie grabs at his thigh, as he must have hurt it on the jump. Kurt takes this time to play the crowd, he then grabs Eddie, and smashes his knee over the barricade, and eventually throws him back into the ring, where he plays the crowd a bit more, meanwhile JBL begins to climb over the barricade. Kurt delivers 3 consecutive german suplex's to Eddie, then prepares to lock in the angle lock. JBL climbs into the ring, behind Angle, who has just locked the Angle lock in, JBL runs against the ropes, and attempts a clothesline from hell, Kurt releases the Angle Lock and ducks the clothesline, and Kurt attempts a clothesline of his own, JBL & Kurt clothesline each other, knocking each other out. After a minute of laying out, the crowd began to cheer "Eddie....Eddie....Eddie" Eddie picks himself up, and manages to get to the turnbuckle, with his knee still bothering him. He plays the crowd before leaping, he does the frog splash on Kurt Angle, who gets pinnned, 1.....2.....JBL broke up the count by barely pulling Eddie off by his boot. Eddie & JBL reach their feet at the same time, and they exchange punches, until Eddie & JBL punch each other extremely hard, both tilt back, Eddie tried to balance himself, while JBL tilts back into Angle, who rolls him up 1.....2.......... JBL powers out, and launches himself forward, to the staggering Eddie Guerrero, CLOTHESLINE OF HELL! to Eddie 1.....2..... Kurt Angle pulls JBL off Eddie and all of the sudden Kurt is energized, and locks in the Angle Lock. JBL almost taps out, but Eddie drop kicks Kurt, then tosses him to the outside, Eddie catches his breathe, then when he turns around JBL catches him with a low-blow, then another clothesline from hell!, 1.....2......3!

Winner - John Bradhshaw Layfield (retains WWE World Title)

Overall Rating: 79%

Crowd Reaction: 80%

Match Quality: 79&

*** 1/2 Stars

Whats That All About?

Following the excitement of the main event, we see JBL proudly holding his title, while the ref raises his hand, all of the sudden, the entire arena goes black......fans that were leaving all of the sudden come back to their seats. A video begins to play, but it is so dark & black no one can make it out...all of the sudden these words are spoken...

Never....Never.....Now.....Im Here.......

A dark shadow figure is shown on the titan-tron, as the lights continue to flicker on and off, then the lights go out completely. The Titan Tron then completely turns white, as black lighting strike.

When the lights rise again, we see JBL standing in the ring shocked, but eventually he cracks a smile, and begins to laugh, as he heads to the back.

Overall Rating: 92%

Overall Rating: 74%

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

my computer was being a douche, and wasnt showing the show the 1st time i posted it, so i posted it again, and then it showed the 1st one, thats the problem.

Heidenreich, Heidenreich, ok got it.

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