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WWF 1998: Another Chance

Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

This is a diary i started under the user name give_us_wrestling_back_vince at .400 forums. However since it is my work i see no reason why i cannot post it here too. If i am going against some rule (i did check the forum rules) then please point my error out. Thanks

WWF 1998: Another Chance

Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Total Extreme Wrestling and should not be misconstrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumours, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

Background: Bret Hart has just left to join WCW after the infamous Montreal Screw Job. DX are on top with Shawn Michaels as champion. Steve Austin is rising through the ranks along with Rocky Maivia in a legendary feud. WCW is still beating WWF in the ratings.


WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Rocky Maivia

WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

WWF European Champion: Triple H

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku

Raw Results December 29, 1997

user posted image

The Disciples of Apocalypse defeated Los Boriquas.

Ken Shamrock defeated Kama Mustapha.

Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher defeated TAKA MichinoSuck and George Steele by Disqualification.

Cactus Jack defeated Jesse James by Disqualification.

Owen Hart defeated World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels, by Disqualification.

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

January 1st 1998 (12:00 am)

The New Year ticked in down at WWF headquarters and Vince sat in his chair, head in hands. WCW couldn’t be toppled from the mountain. Was the new “Attitude” era really the right thing to do? Vince looked over some paper work when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in”

Matthew Brown, a booking team member walks through the door.

“You wanted to see me, Vince?”

“Yes sit down, sit down. Matt be blunt with me, is this Attitude Era a mistake?”

“WHOA, is that Vince McMahon doubting himself? Vince the ratings are up and the show is just so good. Your doing great, hey, I’ve disagreed with a few of your moves, but on the hole everything’s looking good.”

“Then why aren’t we beating WCW in the ratings, Ted Turners trying to run me out of business Matt!”

“Of course he is but trust me, they have the star power now but they aren’t building on it. Vince, if you so worried let me be head booker and I guarantee we will drive WCW out of business.”

“WCW out of business? You’re crazy but that’s why I called you here. I want you to become our new head booker. I’m of course, going to have final say on everything but I want you to make the ideas. You and me think alike Matt and I need someone else to help me here.”

“Vince, that how it is now! Me and you running the whole book.”

“No. I want to officially make you head booker and YOU will do all the work and you will run it by me.”

“HA, making me earn my pay? Vince I’m disappointed!”

“HAHA, Matt I promise you a hefty pay rise and a huge say in what goes on here. What do you say?”

“Where do I sign?”

Matt and Vince shake hands and the WWF’s future is in new hands, sort of.

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Segment 1: Bart Gunn Vs Leif Cassidy

A good opening match from both men. The crowd was never going to be pumped but they did a good job all the same. It was a back and forth match until Leif Cassidy got the win thanks to the Snowplow.

Match length – 10 minutes

Match quality – 65.7%

Crowd reaction – 59.5%

Overall rating – 65%

Cole “A nice way to kick off Superstars and a good win for Leif Cassidy”

Kelly “This guy is going places Cole”

Cole “Now lets take a look back at Raw this past week, where Shamrock took on Kama Mustafa”

Segment 2: Raw Recap

A video is shown playing the ending 4 minutes of Kama Mustafa Vs Ken Shamrock

Segment length – 4 minutes

Segment quality – 77.4%

Kelly “Shamrock is looking really good Cole. I think its only a matter of time before he is crowned WWF Champion”

Cole “I think you may be right. Oh no here comes Jesse James”

Segment 3: Jesse James Interview

Jesse James comes to the ring for his match. However it takes it upon himself to introduce himself………..

“HELLOOOOOOOOOO Texas. The red neck capital of the world. The place where incest is rife and good looks are sparse HAHAHA. I mean look at you people, I’ve never seen such ugly faces. You’re fat, dumb and ugly. You really are the cesspool of America.”
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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Segment 1: Austin Can Do It Alone

Steve Austin’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone.

“Tonight I’ve been put in a damn tag match with a Owen Hart. The man who not so long ago damn near broke my neck. Well Owen I suggest you go home son. I don’t need a damn whiny *** bitch as my partner. Stone Cole Steve Austin can take down the son of a bitch Rocky Maivia and Shawn Michaels.”
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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Royal Rumble - January 16th

Jerry Lawler Vs TAKA MichinoSuck (If Lawler wins TAKA forfeits title. If TAKA wins then Lawler never wrestles again.)

WWF European Title. Steel Cage: Steve Blackman Vs Triple H ©

WWF World Tag Team Titles: Legion Of Doom Vs The New Age Outlaws ©

Mankind Vs The Undertaker

WWF World Heavyweight Title: Owen Hart Vs Shawn Michaels ©

30 Man Royal Rumble (Winner goes to Wrestlemania main event as number 1 contender.)

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

The opening credits end and a hype video for the Royal Rumble is played. After the video ends the cameras focus in on our commentary team: Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole.

Cole “Welcome everybody to WWF Superstars. We’re just over a week away from the Royal Rumble and what a night it’s promising to be.”

Kelly “Your right there Cole, I mean along with Owen Vs HBK, Undertaker Vs Mankind and all the other great matches, we have the royal rumble it self.”

Cole “I love the rumble and Mr McMahon had a special announcement regarding the Rumble this past Monday night on RAW.”

Video Clip – RAW Rebound

“Ladies and Gentlemen we are less than 2 weeks away from the ROYAL RUMBLE. And as ever the main event will be a 30 man royal rumble to determine the number 1 contender to the WWF Championship and a chance to go and fight for it at Wrestlemania. However in the interest of entertainment we will not be announcing the entry order. I do guarantee you however that all your favourites will be in and it will be a totally random draw. However there is one exception and that is the number 30 spot.  Next week two randomly chosen participants will fight it out for this last spot in the rumble.”
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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

This week in our main event Owen Hart teams with Steve Austin and Steve Blackman to take on Rocky Maivia, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Which team can harness the momentum for the Royal Rumble?

Also tonight Mankind takes on Ken Shamrock. With Mankind’s mental state and Shamrock’s short fuse who knows what will happen.

Dilo Brown and Kama Mustafa will also team to take on The Headbangers. Following Superstars on Saturday, will these two be able to keep it together for The Nation?

Also, two randomly chosen superstars will fight it out for the number 30 spot in the Rumble. Which lucky two will it be?

The New Age Outlaws will surely have something to say about their title defence to The Legion Of Doom.

It’s the last Raw before the Royal Rumble so make sure you tune in this Monday.

Confirmed Matches

Number 30 Match: ??? Vs ???

Dilo Brown and Kama Mustafa Vs The Headbangers

Ken Shamrock Vs Mankind

Owen Hart, Steve Austin and Steve Blackman Vs Rocky Maivia, Shawn Michaels and Triple H

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Guest mroniimusha

Other than the travesty of TAKA, this is shaping up to be pretty good. It's just a pity you changed the Blackman/Triple H match - I like Blackman, and a Cage match between him and Trips would have drawn mass mark-outage back in the day.

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

Other than the travesty of TAKA, this is shaping up to be pretty good. It's just a pity you changed the Blackman/Triple H match - I like Blackman, and a Cage match between him and Trips would have drawn mass mark-outage back in the day.

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Pyrotechnics go off and the camera pans to the ring and shows a lottery machine and then we are taken to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler sitting at their commentary position.

Jim Ross “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the last Monday Night RAW before the Royal Rumble. We have a great main event for you tonight, the team of Owen Hart, Steve Austin and Steve Blackman will take on The Nation’s Rocky Maivia and DX’s Shawn Michaels and Triple H.”

Jerry Lawler “This match is huge JR. Which ever team wins will have such great momentum going into the Royal Rumble and all 6 men have huge matches against each other. And of course 4 of them will be in the Royal Rumble too.”

Jim Ross “And we mustn’t forget the huge 30 entrant match either.”

Vince McMahon’s music plays and he appears from the back.


Jerry Lawler “What does McMahon want?”

Jim Ross “I would imagine it has something to do with the number 30 Entrant Match tonight.”

Vince enters the ring and is handed a microphone from the ring announcer.

“I’m here simply to draw the two men who will participate in the Number 30 Entrant match. So lets get down to business because that match will be next.”
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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image


Jerry Lawler Vs TAKA Michinoku (If Lawler wins TAKA forfeits title. If TAKA wins then Lawler never wrestles again.)

D’lo Brown Vs Kama Mustafa (Special Referee: Rocky Maivia)

World Tag Team Titles: New Age Outlaws Vs Legion Of Doom

European Title. Steel Cage: Steve Blackman Vs Triple H

Mankind Vs The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Title: Owen Hart Vs Shawn Michaels

30 Man Royal Rumble (No 1: Undertaker, Number 30: Kane) (Winner goes to Wrestlemania main event as number 1 contender.)

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

Just so everybody knows I have decided (after some experimenting) on a writing style for the diary.

B Show’s: Short summary of segments

TV Show’s: Write in full but with summary of match’s

PPV’s: Written in full!

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

It’s the last WWF show before the Royal Rumble. We’ll have all the lead up to Sunday and we’ll also get some exclusive interviews.

Savio ICE will be in action against a new coming in the form of Edge.

And Rob Van Dam will take on Flash Funk

Don’t miss the last show before the Royal Rumble.

Confirmed Matches

Flash Funk Vs Rob Van Dam

Edge Vs Savio ICE

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Saturday 15th January – Texas

Segment 1

A hype video for the Owen Hart and Shawn Michael’s match is played

Segment 2

Steve Austin gives an interview backstage claiming he will win the Rumble.

Segment 3

Rob Van Dam beats Flash Funk by pinfall

Segment 4

A hype video for the Jerry Lawler Vs TAKA Michinoku match is played

Segment 5

Savio Vega is show warming up

Segment 6

Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole talk about the Mankind Vs Undertaker match

Segment 7

Shawn Michaels hypes his match with Owen Hart up

Segment 8

The Hardy Boyz beat the Godwin’s by pinfall

Segment 9

A hype video for D’lo Brown Vs Kama Mustafa is played.

Segment 10

Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole hype the Steve Blackman Vs Triple H steel cage match.

Segment 11

Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole hype up the WWF Title match between Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels

Segment 12

Savio ICE beats Edge by pinfall

Segment 13

A hype video for the Owen Hart and Shawn Michael’s feud is played.


Attendance: 7,719

TV figures: WWF Superstars drew 571,007 viewers (up by 38,447); WCW Saturday Night drew 630,115 viewers (up by 45,566)

Road Agent Notes

Steve Austin was awesome in his interview

WWF officials were impressed with both RVD and Flash Funk and will be review their situations

The Godwin’s were unhappy at putting The Hardy Boyz over

WWF officials were please with Edge’s debut

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Guest give_us_wrestling_back_vince

user posted image

Sunday 16th January – Oklahoma

<The show opens with a video playing the highlights of the feud between Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels.>

Jim Ross “Welcome everybody to the Royal Rumble! I’m J.R alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and what a night we have in store King.”

Jerry Lawler “Well J.R I wasn’t too happy with the reception I got from your hometown fans, but your right, tonight we have some incredible matches to settle some big scores!”

Jim Ross “Least of all the World Heavyweight Championship match.”

Jerry Lawler “That right J.R. Shawn drove Bret Hart out of this federation and Owen wants revenge.”

Jim Ross “And of course there’s the Royal Rumble. 30 men and only 1 man can fulfil his dream and go on to Wrestlemania.”

Jerry Lawler “And J.R talking of Rumble’s it’s time for “The King” to teach some manners.”

Jerry Lawler Vs TAKA Michinoku (If TAKA wins the “The King” will never wrestle again, if “The King” wins then TAKA vacates his Light Heavyweight Title.)

<Jerry Lawler makes his way to the ring first from his commentary position. He walks into the ring and waits. TAKA’s music plays and he comes running out to the ring.>

TAKA takes the early initiative and pummels “The King”. Eventually King pokes TAKA in the eye and hits a nice suplex. Now King is pummelling TAKA and backs him up into a corner. King misses with a splash and TAKA rolls him up for a near fall. TAKA now hits some of his highflying moves and keeps things going at a quicker pace. TAKA nails a hurricanarana for a near fall. At this point Brian Christopher comes down to the ring and distracts both the referee and TAKA. King takes advantage and nails a low blow and covers for a very near fall. King bounces TAKA off the ropes and TAKA ducks King’s clothesline and suicide dives to the outside and hits Christopher. King has the referee’s attention as both Christopher and TAKA struggle to their feet on the outside. TAKA goes to throw Christopher into the steel steps but he reverses and sends TAKA crashing into the steel steps. Christopher throws TAKA back in and “The King” nails the Piledriver for the win.

Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler

<King and Christopher celebrate in the ring .>

Austin Is Here

<The cameras switch to the back and show Stone Cold pulling up in a monster truck tattooed with Austin catchphrases.>

Jim Ross “The rattlesnake is here and he’s just one of 30 men who could fulfil their dreams tonight!”

DX is your solution

<The cameras go the back and show Shawn Michaels and Triple H talking.>

Triple H “Shawn look I’m not happy about this. Blackman is unpredictable and I have to face him in a steel cage! Man this is screwed up. McMahon’s screwing me over!”

HBK “Hey Hunter listen, I know how you feel McMahon screwing me, hell he’s screwing DX over ever since we came to the dance. DX should have the power but McMahon has it all. But as for your match tonight, damn it Hunter Blackman’s nothing to you, you’re the “King Of The Ring” baby.”

Triple H “That doesn’t count for nothing in a steel cage.”

Shawn Michaels “Like hell it don’t, Hunter do you remember what you did to Mankind to win that final? You Pedigreed him through a table and that was in a match with disqualifications, imagine what will happen in a steel change where anything goes. Use the steel cage as your partner and let your wicked side, kick in. I know you will do it for DX Hunter.”

Triple H “You know Shawn your right, Damn it I’m Triple H. What about McMahon though? I’m sick and tired of him telling us what to do.”

Shawn Michaels “Starting tomorrow tonight DX is recruiting baby.”

D’lo Brown Vs Kama Mustafa (Special Referee: Rocky Maivia)

<The Nation’s theme music plays and all three men walk out together: Rocky in his referee shirt.  D’lo and Kama look hesitant but Rocky is ushering them forward.>

Rocky forces both men to shake hands before the match and they reluctantly agree. D’lo starts off the offensive with some brawling. D’lo hits a suplex and covers for a 2 count. Kama comes back into it now and wins the fistfight with D’lo. He pushes D’lo into the corner and chokes him. Rocky issues a 5 count and Kama refuses to break the hold. Rocky finally drags Kama away and begins to tell him off. D’lo quickly goes behind Kama and rolls him up for a near fall. Kama gets up and nails D’lo with a clothesline and begins to argue with Rocky. D’lo nails Kama from behind and hits a back suplex for a near fall.

<Steve Austin’s music plays and he runs out to the ring.>

Austin pummels all three members of The Nation, knocking D’lo and Kama outside and then hits a stunner for good measure on Rocky.

<Austin calls for some beers and begins to salute the crowd.>

Jim Ross “The rattlesnake struck The Nation when it was vulnerable.”

Jerry Lawler “The Nation still has problems to sort out J.R.”

Result: No Contest

An Interview With The Outlaws

<The action switches to the back and Michael Cole standing by with The New Age Outlaws.>

Michael Cole “Tonight Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, you defend you titles against one of the greatest tag teams in WWF history. How confident are you especially considering they 2 weeks ago on RAW?”

Road Dogg “First of Cole, they cheated to beat us. Second of all they are not all the great, I mean did you see what they did this past Monday night.”

Billy Gunn “These guys bring a whole new meaning to the term “Road Warriors”!”

Road Dogg “They don’t stand a chance against The Outlaws, we’re younger, we’re better looking, we don’t collect our pensions and we just plain better. TELL UM GUNN!”


WWF Tag Team Championship: Legion of Doom Vs The New Age Outlaws ©

<LOD’s music plays and LOD appear from the back with their customary spikes. They enter the ring take off the spikes and are ready for action. Next the champions music plays and The Outlaws make their way to the ring as soon as they enter LOD begin.>

Animal and Hawk clear house and pose to the crowd. Road Dogg comes back in and is dominated by Hawk. Hawk pounds Road Dogg for a bit and hits a few nice slams. Road Dogg reverses an Irish whip and Billy Gunn kicks Hawk in the kidneys sending him down. Road Dogg tags out and Billy Gunn comes in. Gunn beats on Hawk with some hard offence and tags back out to Road Dogg who continues the assault. Hawk manages to reverse a Road Dogg suplex and tags in Animal. However Billy Gunn had the referee distracted and sends Animal back outside. Road Dogg drags Hawk back into the Outlaw corner and tags in Billy. Billy dominates Hawk some more before tagging Road Dogg back in. They go for a double clothesline but Hawk ducks under and hits one of his own on the rebound. Hawk gets the hot tag to Animal and Animal goes crazy beating the hell out of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Hawk recovers to take Billy Gunn to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. He follows him outside and hits a suplex. Animal has Road Dogg up on his shoulders and Hawk now climbs to the top rope. LOD hit the Doomsday Device for the win.

<LOD celebrate in the ring with the belts.>

Winners and new WWF Tag Team Champions: Legion Of Doom

The Showstoppa

<Michael Cole is in the back with Shawn Michaels.>

Michael Cole “Shawn, Owen seems to have your number as of late. Are you worried this motivated Owen will take your title tonight?”

HBK “WHAT!? Are you serious? Let me tell you something Michael, I’m H.B.K. I have already beat one member of the Hart family: the more talented one and made him flee the WWF, why in the hell would his younger crappyier brother bother the showstoppa? Owen listen to me boy: I don’t care how many family members I have to go through. The Hart family means nothing to the Showstoppa. I mean it getting a little ridiculous though I admit. Every week there seems to be a new Hart. Who next? Momma Hart? Grand Papa Hart? How about Great Cousin Dufus: who just so happens to be your niece too. Don’t ask Cole! Cole, you see this title on my shoulder: it signifies I’m the best. And Cole you know I’m the best. And tonight Owen Hart will find out the meaning of Sweet Chin Music.”

<HBK walks off.>

WWF European Championship Match, Steel Cage: Steve Blackman Vs Triple H ©

<The cage is lowered around the ring.>

Jim Ross “This should be a war zone “King” I can’t see Triple H surviving Blackman one on one with no help.”

Jerry Lawler “Oh ye of little faith! Triple H is the “King Of The Ring” and no doubt he can do it alone.”

<Steve Blackman’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He looks at the cage for a while. The referee opens the door for him and he enters. DX’s music plays and Triple H comes out alone. He spits some water out his mouth and does the “suck it” sign as fireworks go off behind him. He walks cautiously to the ring and looks at the cage and Blackman. He enters.>

The Match starts with a tie up and Blackman throwing Triple H to the floor. Blackman uses his marital arts background to control the early going. Triple H in desperation throws Blackman head first into the cage. Triple H brawls for a while and pounds on Blackman. Blackman hits back with a stiff roundhouse kick to the face. Blackman picks Triple H up and hits a big DDT. Blackman begins to climb slowly but Triple H catches him right at the top. Triple H back pummels Blackman in the ribs until he falls off. Blackman grabs Triple H on the way down and pulls him down. Triple H now controls brawling and using the cage as a weapon. He tries to escape through the door but Blackman drags him back in. Blackman now dominates using some martial arts and the cage as a weapon. Blackman busts Triple H open by throwing him catapulting him face first into the steel. Blackman picks Triple H up and Triple H hits the low blow and then the pedigree. He covers for the three.


Jerry Lawler “Triple H did it! Triple H retains! Triple H retains!”

Jim Ross “Well I’m be damned. I didn’t give Triple H a chance but damn he proved me wrong tonight. He went to hell and back and he did it alone!”

Jerry Lawler “I told you J.R Triple H is the next big star here in the WWF.”

Winner and still WWF European Champion: Triple H

Owen Is Ready

<Owen Hart is shown warming up backstage.>

Jim Ross “Tonight is Owen’s big night. Can he defeat Shawn Michaels and finally claim the elusive WWF Championship?”

Mankind Vs The Undertaker

< Mankind’s music plays and the lights dim as he appears from the back. Undertaker wastes no time and assaults Mankind from behind with a steel chair. He begins to pummel him and throws him into the guardrail. He finally throws him into the ring so the match can begin.>

Undertaker pummels Mankind for the opening of the match until Mankind clotheslines Taker to the outside but Taker lands on his feet, he drags Mankind out by his feet and throws him into the steel steps. He then removes the monitors from the Spanish announce table and grabs Mankind by the throat. Mankind elbows Taker in the head and whacks his hand off the announce table. He then rolls Taker on and climbs to the top rope. He jumps off and Taker moves out the way. Taker then Irish whips Mankind in to the ringpost and throws him back in the ring. He signals for the Tombstone and hits in for the 3.

<Undertaker continues the assault and nails Mankind with a chair.>

Jim Ross “Undertaker has lost it.”

Jerry Lawler “And this fans love it. They’re sick!”

Winner: The Undertaker

Every Man For Themselves

<The cameras pick up Animal and Hawk celebrating their victory.>

Hawk “What a great night: we’re once again tag team champions.”

Animal “And things are about to get even better when I win the Rumble and go to Wrestlemania.”

Hawk “Whoa wait a second there, what did you just say?”

Animal “When I win the Rumble and go onto Wrestle………….”

Hawk“Stop right there, nobodies winning that Rumble but me!”

Animal “I have all the respect in the world for you but even your not getting in my way Hawk.”

Hawk “We’ll see about that.”

Jim Ross “It’s everyman for himself!”

Jerry Lawler “There’s no room for friends in the Rumble J.R.”

WWF Championship: Owen Hart Vs Shawn Michaels ©

<A hype video for the match is played.>

<Owen Hart’s music plays and he comes to the ring. He poses on the turnbuckles before warming up on the ropes. Shawn Michaels music hits and he comes from behind the curtain. He poses on the rampway as fireworks go off and struts to the ring. He enters the ring and does the DX sign to more fireworks.>

The match starts off very even with both men jostling for position and a upper hand. Shawn finally gets it with a well-placed drop kick. Shawn controls for a while in a fast paced match. Owen reverses and Irish whip into the corner and Shawn goes of the ringpost and to the outside. Owen follows him outside and throws him into the guardrail. Owen pummels Shawn and throws him back into the ring. Now Owen controls the match for a bit a fast pace. Shawn manages to counter a hurricanarana into a hotshot on the ropes and once again it’s back and forth action between the two at a high tempo. Owen misses with a clothesline and nails the referee by mistake. Shawn capitalises with a low blow and goes outside for a chair. He re-enters but Owen dropkicks it straight into his face. Now Chyna comes down and assaults Owen and set him up for HBK to hit with the steel chair. Owen ducks and it hits Chyna! Owen enziguiri’s HBK and covers for the three but there no referee! Owen tries to revive the referee while HBK slips outside and grabs the title. HBK re-enters the ring and as Owen turns around nails him with it. HBK covers and the referee recovers for a very very near fall. Shawn starts arguing with the referee and Owen rolls him up for a near fall. Shawn and Owen both get up at the same time and being to brawl. Owen gains the upper hand and takes Shawn down with a bodyslam. Owen signals for the sharpshooter and locks it in. Shawn gets close to the ropes but Owen drags him back into the centre. Shawn eventually taps out.

Jim Ross “MY! WHAT A MATCH!”

Jerry Lawler “Owen Hart did it J.R!”

<Owen celebrates and poses to the crowd with the belt.>

Winner and new WWF Champion: Owen Hart

Kane is ready

<The action goes backstage and shows Kane destroying his locker room with Paul Bearer encouraging him.>

Jerry Lawler “There’s my odds on favourite there!”

Jim Ross “Well with the number 30, who could bet against him?”

30 Man Royal Rumble

<The lights go out and Undertaker’s music starts. Taker slowly makes his way to the ring and stops on the steps. He raises his arms and the lights come back on along with some fireworks.>

Jim Ross “Our number 1 entrant Undertaker!”

Jerry Lawler “I would hate to be number 2 even more now!”

<DX’s music starts and Triple H slowly walks towards Undertaker.>

Jerry Lawler “Hasn’t Triple H been through enough!”

Jim Ross “I wouldn’t want to be Triple H even if he was healthy never mind half dead.”

<Triple H enters the ring.>

Undertaker stares at Triple H who tries to bargain with him. Undertaker has no of it and pummels Triple H for a solid 2 minutes.

Jim Ross “Triple H better hope this nice entrant offers some help.”

<Phineous Godwin comes running down to the ring.>

Phineous and Triple H begin to double team Undertaker until Taker double clotheslines both and picks up and throws Phineous over the top rope. Triple H low blows Taker and tries to lift him over the top rope but Taker survives and beats on Triple H.

Jerry Lawler “Who’s next?”

<Billy Gunn comes running down to the ring.>

Billy Gunn helps Taker beat on Triple H and then hits Taker. Taker turns around and throws Gunn into the corner and begins to choke him. Triple H clubs Taker from behind and bounces him off the ropes and nails him with a knee to face. Triple H then turns his attentions to Billy Gunn and tries to eliminate him.

Jim Ross “Billy Gunn’s almost gone.”

Jerry Lawler “He better hope this is help.”

<RVD runs to the ring.>

RVD goes to help Triple H but Undertaker gets back up and throws all three over the top with only Triple H hanging on.

Jim Ross “Undertaker is unstoppable.”

Jerry Lawler “And looks who’s all alone again with him!”

Triple H backs off into the corner and Undertaker pummels him. Undertaker dominated Triple H again hitting the chokeslam. Undertaker scoops up Triple H.

Jim Ross “Here comes number 6.”

<The Sultan comes down to the ring.>

Sultan kicks Taker’s legs from underneath him and picks him up and throws him into the corner. He then connects with a corner splash. Triple H and Sultan both double-team Taker for a while. Triple H hits the pedigree on Taker and then starts to work on Sultan.

Jerry Lawler “Triple H is so smart!”

<Ken Shamrock comes running down to the ring.>

Shamrock pairs off with Triple H and Sultan pairs off with Undertaker. It’s back and forth for 2 minutes.

<Animal comes down to the ring.>

Animal helps Undertaker to eliminate Sultan. Animal then attacks Triple H and all three men triple team Triple H. When Taker has his back turned Animal tries to eliminate Taker but Taker chokeslams him. Shamrock has HHH in the anklelock screaming.

Jerry Lawler “You have to get him over the top rope Shamrock you idiot.”

<Steve Blackman enters the Rumble and makes a beeline straight for HHH.>

Blackman breaks the anklelock and grabs Triple H and begins to pummel him. Shamrock helps Animal with Taker. Blackman pump kicks Triple H and then throws him over the top rope. Blackman then grabs Animal from behind and throws him over the top. Taker and Blackman both pummel Shamrock.

Jim Ross “Blackman and Shamrock should team up and take care of Undertaker.”

<Henry Godwin comes into the Rumble.>

Godwin helps triple team Shamrock and then Taker turns on him and begins to pummel him. Shamrock fights back against Blackman

<Road Dogg enters.>

Road Dogg helps Godwin against Undertaker and they both try and eliminate him. Shamrock then helps and so does Blackman but some how Taker fights them all off with chokeslams to each. All parties are down.

Jim Ross “Whoever comes in now could really get some eliminations under his belt.>

<Steve Austin enters.>

Austin enters and pummels everyone. He clotheslines Blackman over the top rope and stunners everyone else. He then picks up Taker and throws him over the top.

Jerry Lawler “Austin did it!”

Jim Ross “Austin has got rid of The Undertaker.”

<Taker re-enters the ring and chokeslams everyone including a tombstone for Austin. He the exits to the back.>

Jerry Lawler “Everyone’s out again! Taker’s wrath.”

Jim Ross “Undertaker’s going crazy “King” Austin got rid of him fair and square!”

<Savio ICE enters.>

Savio stomps Shamrock on the floor and picks him up and throws him into the corner. Henry Godwin gets up and helps him to throw him over the top. Road Dogg now joins the three and they pick up Austin and pummel him. Austin ducks a punch and starts to fight back he hits a stunner on Dogg and Godwin but Savio reverses and almost throws him over the top. Savio hits Austin with a suplex.

<Ahmed Johnson enters.>

Ahmed hits the Pearl River plunge on both Godwin and Dogg and throws Godwin over the top. Ahmed picks up Road Dogg but Dogg ducks his clothesline and uses Ahmed’s momentum to throw him over. Dogg now joins Savio in beating down Austin.

<The cameras show the back and Michaels talking to Scott Taylor.>

HBK “Look Brian I need your place in the Rumble.”

Taylor “Yeh right.”

HBK “I thought you might say that.”

<He Sweet Chin Music’s Taylor.>

Jim Ross “HBK isn’t in this rumble.”

Jerry Lawler “He is now J.R!”

<Shawn Michaels comes to the ring.>

HBK attacks Savio and hits the Sweet Chin Music and dumps him over the top. Dogg and HBK work together but yet again Austin erupts knocking them both down and Dogg over the top rope.

Jim Ross “It’s just Shawn and Austin.”

Jerry Lawler “This is bad J.R.”

Austin and HBK exchange blows until Austin gains the upper hand.

<D’lo enters.>

D’lo helps HBK against Austin and hits him with the Sky High. HBK turns on D’lo and they brawl while Austin lies out. D’lo gets the upper hand and looks for the Sky High but HBK counters into a hurricanarana and collapses.

<Mosh enters.>

Mosh picks up D’lo and hammers him. Austin gets up turns HBK around and Stunner. Austin then pummels D’lo with Mosh. Mosh turns on Austin and pummels him. Mosh goes to the top rope looking for the Mosh pit but HBK nips up and Sweet Chin music’s him off the turnbuckle to the outside. Austin stunners D’lo and he and HBK go at it again.

Jerry Lawler “This is a war.”

<Rocky Maivia enters.>

Rocky Maivia hits Austin with the Rock Bottom then HBK. He scoops up Austin and orders D’lo to help him. He and D’lo both eliminate Austin and salute. They double-team HBK for a while.

Jim Ross “So much for every man for them self.”

Jerry Lawler “This is smart J.R”

<Hawk enters.>

Hawk takes down both members of The Nation until HBK levels him with a low blow. Hawk and D’lo pair off and Rocky and HBK do too.

<Kama Mustafa enters.>

Kama beats down HBK and Hawk along with D’Lo and Rocky. All three salute and Rocky turns his back and D’lo eliminates him!

Jerry Lawler “What is D’lo doing.”

Jim Ross “It’s everyman for himself “King”!”

Kama starts to beat on D’lo and HBK and Hawk go at it until HBK clotheslines Hawk over the top. HBK sits down in the corner.

Jerry Lawler “That’s very smart.”

<Marc Mero enters.>

Mero pummels HBK and Kama and D’lo continue to go at it.

Jim Ross “This must be so tiring on all these superstars.”

<Flash Funk enters.>

Flash tries to help D’lo out but Kama and D’lo work together to oust him. HBK fights back against Mero and D’lo and Kama help him out. D’lo attacks Kama from behind and throws him out. Kama re-enters the ring and eliminated D’lo and they brawl to the back.

Jim Ross “Kama and D’lo just can’t get along!”

<8 Ball enters,>

8 Ball attacks Mero and then HBK. All three trade blows for 2 minutes.

<Brain Christopher enters.>

Christopher attacks Mero and throws him into the ring post. HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on 8 Ball and sits in the corner. Christopher throws 8 Ball out. Christopher and Mero brawl.

Jerry Lawler “HBK once again showing his smarts.”

<Skull enters.>

Skull goes for Christopher and beats him down. Mero switches attention to HBK. Skull has Christopher dangling over the top and Mero and HBK work together to throw them both out.

Jim Ross “Who’s left?”

<Mankind’s music plays and he enters with a steel chair.>

He hits Mero and HBK over the head and then screams manically. He DDT’s Mero onto the chair and throws him out. He picks HBK up and slams madiable claw on him. HBK kicks in him the groin and both men go down.

Jerry Lawler “Trust Mankind to make the Rumble derange. OH no not him!”

<TAKA enters the rumble.>

TAKA lifts the speed using highflying moves on both.  Until HBK cracks him with a chair and then Mankind with a chair. HBK then dumps Mankind out. HBK controls TAKA for a while.

<Goldust enters.>

Goldust attacks HBK and brawls with him until switching his attention to TAKA. HBK then attacks Goldust from behind and works with TAKA. TAKA tries a highflying move but Goldust catches him and throws him outside.

Jerry Lawler “HAHAHAHA!”

<Thrasher enters.>

Thrasher is caught by both Goldust and HBK. They pummel him and then HBK backs off. Goldust almost has Thrasher out when HBK lifts them both out.

Jim Ross “How smart was that King, We all know who’s next!”

<BANG! Fireworks erupt and the lights go out. Kane enters the ring with Paul Bearer and lifts his arms slowly up and throws them down as the ring posts erupt and the lights come back on.>

Jerry Lawler “Run Shawn!”

<Suddenly Triple H appears from the back with a mic.>

Triple H “KANE, we can do a deal here. You eliminate yourself from the Rumble and we’ll give you the Undertaker.”

<Paul Bearer grabs a mic.>

Paul Bearer “That sounds like a goooooood deallllllll. But how can we trust you?”

Triple H “Do you think DX is stupid enough to lie to Kane?”

Paul Bearer “HAHA But of course, KANE leave the ring!”

<Kane leaves the ring eliminating himself from the Rumble. Shawn Michaels music plays and he begins to dance and celebrate. Chyna and Triple H join him.>

Jim Ross “What was all that about? Kane just gave up the opportunity of a lifetime to those dogs!”

Jerry Lawler “I think getting his hands on the Undertaker means a lot more to Kane than anything else. Even the World Title.”

Jim Ross “Looks like Shawn Michaels is going to WRESTLEMANIA! GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!”

Winner: Shawn Michaels

<The WWF logo appears as the Rumble goes off the air.>


Attendance: 39,066

PPV Buyrate figures: 1.21

Top Performance

1. Shawn Michaels

Biggest Pop

1. Owen Hart

Biggest Heat

1. Shawn Michaels

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