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CDs and WMP


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Awright, i'm not sure if I have the right forum, this might go in computer forum... but I dun think so.

I realized today that even though I have shitloads of CDs, there are very few that aren't still in boxes from when we moved into this place, and not because I don't like them, simply because I rarely listen to a CD anymore. I've come the conclusion I must get all the CD songs I have added to my playlist, but the problem is obviously they're in CD Audio track type format, so it won't let you put'em on a playlist until you convert to MP3. Pretty sure everyone knows how this is done except me, but if anyone cared to elaborate, that'd be great.

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Never fails. Ask a question and then you'll see the big ass unavoidable button that answers it for you. Carry on. But, let's discuss something to make this topic worthwhile... Who actually listens to CDs at home anymore?

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I have a great stereo, but I live in an apartment now so i've started to switch everything over to the computer. That, and if i'm around friends, it's usually over at their houses and not mine.

... Poor Stereo. Used to combat evil hick neighbors with it back in the day, now it'll collect dust.

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My stereo is kick-ass, so when I have friends over, I do usually.

Same. I never get tired of listening to Eazy E's Boyz in tha Hood on my stereo, because it sounds fantastic.

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