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Anyone else played? I borrowed it from my friend yesterday and I've played it a few times, it's really cool, my only gripe is with the camera angles. It's like the camera is right on Tommy's ass or something, it's either that or a bird's-eye view. I'd prefer a wider range of views to select from, as I'm quite used to the 3rd person type used in GTA: Vice City.

Other than that, it's fucking fun. I hate doing the Taxi Driver mission though, because I have to obey the law <_<

EDIT: By the way - anyone notice where the names of the competitors in Racing Mode are derived from? :D

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I've got the game, and at first I thought it was awesome, realism like cops pulling you over, etc. The storylines great, but there is stuff that pulls down the game for me.

Like the graphics, which are kind of repetitve. My control seems to swtich out of focus at random times too, and the game itself just feels too stiff and forced. Load times are shite also.

All in all I like the game... it's just frustrating to play at most times.

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Guest Angry Baboon

I rented it, and found that racing car mission bloody impossible. How the feck am I supposed to drive across town and back in 45 seconds?

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I bought the game a moth or so ago played it for a while like it then i got to the mission where you ahd to steal the race car. couldn't pass it after aroudn 50 tries. i haven't played it since

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I'm not too keen on the missions, but free ride mode is pretty cool.

Also, seeing as no-one asked (didn't expect anyone to care anyway :P ), the competitors in Racing Mode are named for metal (specifically, death metal) band members. Chris Barnes is formerly of Cannibal Corpse, David Vincent - Morbid Angel, Peter Tagtgren - Hypocrisy, etc. etc.

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