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Anyone listening to The Peel Sessions (still haven't bothered learning the new guy's name) tonight? They just had a band called SunnO))) in session, I'd never heard of them before but I think I've fallen in love.

Anyone who claims to me that their crappy indy band is "experimental" again, I will FORCE to listen to this, it's the most bizarre thing I've heard in years, it's like white noise but good. Basically, and I don't claim to understand this so I'll probably end up talking bollocks, because of how everything's tuned, most of the music you don't actually "hear", it goes straight into your brain without you really picking up on it.


Please say someone else heard this, or has heard of them before...

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I've known of SunnO))) for some time now, due to the raving of a rabid experimental/death-doom fan on another forum. I've never gotten around to listening to them, though..probably need to find some stuff and take a listen.

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