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The Great Escape


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Anyone watch this New Years day, i watched it for the first time. I always had been told it was a classic film and my Dad even said it was the best film of all time. I thought it was quality but could of ended abit better?

Also did you watch The Italian Job, that is an amazing film although the ending is VERY POOR IMO. They should of ended up doing the job well and then they should of made a second where they did a job in Spain or something? What do you think of these 2 films

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The ending is an absolute classic. Best ending ever. Too many hapily ever after films.

Anyway the point of the ending was to pave the way for a sequal, where Michael Caine tells the boys to run the engine until the petrol runs out. As the petrol is in the back of the coach, the bus starts to level out. They jump off the bus to safety but the bus goes over the cliff and down the side into the arms of the waiting mafia (Well not literally)

Unfortunately (Or perhaps fortunately?) The sequal was never made. And until revently my fond memories of the Italian Job were never tainted.

Until that bastardisation of a remake came along.

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I thought The Italian Job ended that way because, at the time, the bad guys could never win. I know the Hayes Code had well and truly ended, but at the time it was frowned upon for the bad guys to 'get away with it'.

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