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Just borrowed this off my mate for the X-Box, anyone got tips for me. Or just share your opinions really.

The thing is with this game im sooooo surprised it hasn't been banned as it as been banned from other countries

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Yeah he trouble is i get impatient very easily.

Well i started the first mission and im having trouble suffocating them with the bag, i an just pressing anything and hoping it works, ill get the hang of it soon <_<

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the game bored the crap out of me, in my eyes, without the hype around it´s violence no one would ever have played it, and i dident find it as evil as it was made out by the media, there are way more disturbing games around than manhunt if you ask me, manhunt just got the hype for the kiling being the main objektive . . . *snor*

hey he asked for opinions dident he :mellow:

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Like I said, good publicity. At that point the game had been ages so not selling it wasn't going to lose them much money on standard sales, only on those who heard about it because of the media, so it wasn't much of a loss money wise. Because of all the media being against the game I think that it was likely that people swayed by that would have started to boycott shops that stocked the game so by pulling it it's gonna make your store look good. That said if I was to walk into any of those stores now, whilst I might not be able to find Manhunt I would be able to find the likes of San Andreas.

Just did a search on BBC News and found that the family of the victim is sueing the makers of the game. I don't see what he thinks is going to happen because the police said it had nothing to do with the murder as it was the victim who had the game, not the guy who killed him. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicest...ire/4124177.stm

Anyway probably don't want this to turn into another big discussion of that murder (I swear I made a topic about it but I can't find it) so getting back to the topic at hand, I thought it was a good game but it doesn't exactly have a long lifespan. I haven't played it in ages.

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Vaguely on the topic of Manhunt, and entirely on the topic of government attitudes towards violent video games, I find it hilarious. They'll ask any number of random children if they play violent games and they'll discover that, for example, 85% of juvenile deliquents prefer to play violent video games to puzzle games and platformers, and SHOCK HORROR~! this means that violent video games cause children to be violence.

I just think it's a little moronic that it doesn't even appear to have crossed some people's minds that a percentage of violent crimes are commited by people who play violent games not because the game leads them to violence but because, just maybe, they're attracted to the game due to their already violent nature. Just a thought.

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