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Eastside Hockey Manager/NHL:EHM


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I figure if CM can have its own thread why not EHM/NHL EHM. So first I will start off by sharing some new info with everyone on NHL:EHM.

- NHL:EHM will be released 02/07/2004

- NHL:EHM Will be Online using the same system as CM.

So you can talk about anything in this thread from experiences in EHM to how much you are waiting for NHL:EHM. If you need any help with EHM just ask there are many pros at the game.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

What is NHL:EHM? I know what Eastside Hockey Manger is, is it the same but you just call it that or is it a new version of the game? If it's a new version what is new about it? Why should i download it? and Where can i download it?

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Ok if anyone can help me I just got the editor for ehm and am trying to move players to a team but whenever I click on a player it gives me runtime error 53.

So if anyone could help me that would be great.

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Guest bruins72

Biggz isn't that the same day just the site put the number first.

Also I am downloading NHLEHM demo now and man I can't wait. It should eb done by the time I get home it is 52mb.

Also to the person that wants a site http://www.sigames.com/ go there and look around it is on its own section.

I'm on the page where you're supposed to be able to download the demo but I don't see anything to click on to download it. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Nevermind, I see that I have to download some stupid program first to be able to download the demo. That's friggin' stupid!

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Guest bruins72







*fucks off of EWB to play*

Yup! I've blown off EWB for most of the day so far (and plan on doing it some more) to play the demo. It looks great. It's taking a little getting used to and there are a few things that look like they need to be fixed before it's final but nothing too bad. I am so getting this come July!

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Anyone who can send this demo to me on any messaging service will recieve one performance of the PATENTED CANADIAN BLOWJOB TECHNIQUE~!

Both GYS and Bruins72 refused, so they will have their babies eaten in short order.

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To what?

(I'm running regular EHM right now so I can't sign into MSN, AIM, and IRC all at once)

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I played as Ottawa.

I admit this is kind of confusing at first....Does anyone know if you can just sim games instead of play them or if you can only play the games.

Plus I found the OHL so hopefully you can play as them in the final version.

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