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The Game - The Documentary

Guest MystikalityIX

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Guest MystikalityIX

Anybody heard it yet? I downloaded it earlier, so far it's been good, production is nice and lyrics are okay. I was a bit disappointed that they put the 50 version of Westside Story on, instead of the one with Snoop. I can get a tracklist up if anybody wants it.

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You should do a review of the album, Mysti. I don't trust BacknBlackHoez on reviewing a Game album.

Is Higher on the album, or anything like it? I fucking love that song. Well, that & Buddens.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Production is the best in a long bit, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Game's subject matter & delivery is consistantly weak. A solid 7.5/10

1. Intro

2. Westside Story feat. 50 Cent (produced by Dre & Scott Storch)

3. Dreams (produced by Kanye West)

4. Hate It Or Love It feat. 50 Cent (produced by cool & dre)

5. Higher (produced by Dre & Mark Batson)

6. How We Do feat. 50 Cent (produced by Dre & Mike Elizondo)

7. Dont Need Your Love feat. Faith Evans (produced by Havoc)

8. Church For Thugs (produced by Just Blaze)

9. Put You On The Game (produced by Tamberland)

10. Start From Scratch feat. Marsha of Floetry (produced by Dre & Scott Storch)

11. The Documentary (produced by Jeff Bhasker)

12. Runnin' feat. Tony Yayo (produced by Hi-Tek)

13. No more Fun & Games (produced by Jut Blaze)

14. We Aint feat. Eminem (produced by Eminem)

15. Where Im From feat. Nate Dogg (produced by Focus)

16. Special feat. Nate Dogg (produced by Needlz)

17. Dont Worry feat. Mary J. Blige (produced by Dre & Mike Elizondo)

18. Like Father, Like Son feat. Busta Rhymes (produced by Buckwild)

no skits or interludes is a bright spot. but damn i dont wanna hear about NWA this, NWA that, Eazy-E, Rappin on Dre's shit, Chucks, Blood....blah shit, like i said 7.5/10, no better no worse.

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50 sounds so much better on Westside Story than Snoop.

15. Where Im From feat. Nate Dogg (produced by Focus)

Is that the one that goes;

Niggas always asking me where I'm from, nigga

I'm from where it all begun, nigga

So don't be asking me where I'm from, nigga

And just know that I wear my guns, nigga

If so, since when is Nate Dogg on it?

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Nate does the hook.

it starts out...

Im a B-L-double O-D

Been on songs with S-N-double O -P

Inside a ferrari with D-R-E

again, see this is nothing i havent heard before.

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