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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Guest Landshark

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I want to see it because John Cho was awesome in Off Centre as Chau. However I never saw it listed in any cinemas in my area here in England so unless they release it on DVD over here (which I doubt) i'm going to have to think about importing it or 'obtaining' it another way.

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I saw it with a bunch of my friends. Why? Because they've been buggin my ass about it for weeks before it came out. See the picture thread as to why. That and my last name is Kumar.

That and I actually did get accepted for an interview for med and I'm turning it down to go do law. So yes...I feel like a star.

Now all I gotta do is find a hot girl and her gangly ass trucker husband to do a 4some with. <_<

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And I do believe they are going to make a sequel with the ending of the movie. I heard it somewhere, but not totally sure, but the movie is hilarious. I loved every minute of it, especially the part when he and his father are talking and Kumar says "Come on, Dad" and then his father replies "Daddy isn't coming on anything!"

Pure laughter throughout the entire movie.

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