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Survivor Palau cast announced


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Lots of pretty people; hopefully pretty translates to "not suck" this year. Anyone watch the preview video? Why would you go from 18 to 20 Survivors only to get rid of three of them first episode? Ah well, if they really mean they're giving them absolutely nothing it should be cool.

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Last season didn't really suck, it was just boring. Nothing exciting happened or anything, plus all the good castaways were voted off earlier than they should have been (Rory and Sarge). If boring translates to suck, then I guess you could say it sucked, but it was ok to watch, but nothing spectacular went down though.

I'll always watch Survivor, no matter how much people say it sucks or how over done it is, I love it.

And finally I'll be able to look forward to something new on TV for the next few months, with UFC's new reality show "The Ultimate Fighter " on Spike TV and the next Survivor.

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It seems like Survivor is following a trend now. They just throw people together because of what sells.

"Lets throw a cancer patient on there, because everyone is affected by cancer. What about a gay or lesbian? Will and Grace is cool with the kids..."

Hopefully this season is better than the turd last season.

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