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Tonight's The O.C.


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The O.C.

8:00 PM - FOX

Lindsay (Shannon Lucio) and Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) are still trying to figure out their exact relationship -- is she his aunt, or his girlfriend? Creepy. Later, it's an anniversary to remember as Sandy (Peter Gallagher) serenades Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) at the Bait Shop. Gallagher's a Broadway star too, you know.

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Anyone else think this could be extremely cool?
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Watched an entire ep for the first time tonight.

Was pretty good, I was enjoying it.

Gotta say, it's been a good week for new TV shows - 24, Quintuplets [season finale, unfortunately, but it kicked ass], and now the OC.

Too bad I have no time to WATCH any of them, with school and work taking up all of my time in the coming weeks.

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Guest John Cena

I actually watched only the first 4 or so episodes and then lost interest. for some reason it seems like there's so much crap on tv these days that im back to watching this now <_<

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