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The Day Wrestling Was Changed...

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Ring Of Honor (USA)

New Owner: Eric Bischoff

New Head Booker: Dustin Rhodes

*Long, agonized scream of pain.*

I always love these kinds of diaries, but oh god.

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This is now...

Reading back on those past journal entries, it feels like the draft was years ago, yet it was only 3 months ago, and already, the wrestling world has gotten back into gear and is moving along, and I'm glad to say, with us as one of the forefront federations.

We eventually got a roster we were happy with, along with some excellent staff and within a week we had a PPV booked, the first federation to do one since the draft infact, and now we've also become the first company to tie down a TV deal. After the draft, all the TV companies cut their ties with the federations, as they never knew what they'd end up with, they could have no wrestlers for a prime time show (much like WWE did infact end up with). We ended up with 2 hour show on Monday nights on Comedy Central, its a great slot in our opinion and can only help elevate our chances of becoming the new kings of professional wrestling,

We're basically running our promotion like nothing happened now, our wrestlers have settled and our new fan base is adjusting to the new layout, and our storylines are going great, and our matches are solid. Let me run you upto speed with the recent on goings in CWA....

CWA Roster

Al Snow

Andy Douglas

Austin Aries

Casey "Izzy" Jones

Chavo Guerrero Jr

Chris Benoit

Chris Hero

Chris Jericho


CM Punk

David Finlay

Devon Storm

Eddie Guerrero


Frankie Kazarian

Glenn Gilberti

Hardkore Kidd

Jay Briscoe

Jeff Jarrett

Jimmy Jacobs

Joel Maximo

John Cena

John Walters

Jose Maximo

Josh Daniels

Julio Dinero


Mark Briscoe


Matt Cross

Nate Hatred


Rene Dupree

Ricky Reyes

Rocky Romero

Simon Diamond

Sonjay Dutt

Sonny Siaki


Stevie Fabulous

The Rock

Tiger Mask IV

Vito Thomaselli

Wagner Brown

CWA Deadbolt 2005 Results

Simon Diamond beat Frankie Kazarian

"Mr CWA" proved that the future was not ready to take over in the opening match of Deadbolt. But only be means of illegal tactics, 2 feet on the ropes were the only thing that seemed to seal victory for the "man of CWA". "It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you get the job done" he exclalimed on the mic as he walked up the ramp way, and he promised that this saying would once again be put into effect tonight...?

Overall Rating: 70.2%

CWA World Tag Team Championships

The Briscoe Brothers beat The SAT's

The SAT's must be cursing their luck as their losing streak continues, 6 matches without a win and tension seems to be building between the brothers. The SAT's had the titles won but as Joel made the last stretch for dangling titles, a dizzy Jose stumbled into the ladder, sending his brother to the outside! With that, The Briscoes made short work of Jose and clambered up to retain their CWA Tag Titles!!

Overall Rating: 66.1%

Hardcore Cage Match

Devon Storm beat Al Snow

The 4th match in the Hardcore Series between Storm & Snow proved to be as brutal as the last 3, and Storm made it 4-0 in the series once again, and it could possibly be the last of the series after both men we're stretchered out of the arena. The match ended after Storm delivered a brutal powerbomb, which Snow attempted to turn into a hurricanrana, however, before either move could be pulled off, the pair smashed through a barbed wire table in the ring, both men landing badly on their heads, Storm seemed to have enough strength to lay a hand on Snow to get the 3 count, but other than that, both men were motionless.

Overall Rating: 73.6%

Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Rene Dupree beat Spanky and Sonny Siaki

The "Mexicanadian" Connection got their first PPV win at Deadbolt over Spanky & Siaki. In a rather one sided match, the victors claimed that it was only a matter of time before this "multi cultural team of perfection" became the CWA Tag Team Champions, and promised that nobody would get in there way.

Overall Rating: 74.6%

CWA International Championship

John Cena beat CM Punk

CM Punk has been the thorn in International Champion, John Cena's side for the past month. Since Cena finished Punk's unbeaten run, Punk has attacked Cena every chance he gets, mainly through blindsided attacks or when Cena was vunerable, but at Deadbolt, Cena was 100% and he proved that to Punk, although Punk also brought up the goods and was half a second from being International Champion on several occasions. With Cena eventually grasping the win, and offering a handshake in respect to Punks hard working efforts, Punk replied with a low blow and the Staight Edge to Cena, leaving him flat out. Punk then stole the International Championship and claimed respect isnt earned, it's taken...

Overall Rating: 82.3%

Edge beat Kane

After costing Kane the chance to become CWA International Champion 2 weeks ago, Edge has been stalked by the monster, yet at every turn, the mysterious loner has turned out to plan surprise attacks against Kane every time. With each attack he angered the monster even more and at Deadbolt, there was no more traps, Edge & Kane went toe to toe and Edge managed to pull out one more trick to get the win against Kane. Kane dominated the match early on and was destroying Edge, yet when Kane claimed the end was nigh for Edge, it was revealed he was finished yet and delivered fireball to the face of Kane, much like the old fireballs of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. With Kane partially stunned, Edge swift Edgecution onto a chair for the win, and the quick exit through the crowd.

Overall Rating: 71.2%

No-DQ Match

Chris Jericho beat Jeff Jarrett

Jericho went head to head with the head honcho at Deadbolt, and he came out smiling. Jericho's "Ace in the Hat" was finally revealed just as Jarrett through he had the upper hand against Jericho. As 'The Firm' delivered a brutal attack to Jericho on the outside, from within the crowd, appeared Jericho's surprise, and it came in the shape of The Rock!! The Rock made his voice heard on his first appearance in 3 months by delivering a shattering 4 Rock Bottoms and a Rock Elbow Drop to Jarrett! Revenge was due on Jarrett after having The Firm brutally attack The Rock prior to the fatal 4 way at CWA Rebirth for the World Title, and now he returns in great fashion. After chasing The Firm off with a chair, Jericho was able to muster the strength to get back in the ring and finish off Jarrett with the Lionheart.

Overall Rating: 84.3%

CWA World Championship

Chris Benoit beat Eddie Guerrero

A hatred that brewed from the start of the new CWA, had a new chapter written at Deadbolt, for the 3rd month running, this pair clashed for the CWA World Championship, and Benoit narrowly escaped with his CWA Title. After the brutal assault on Guerrero just 6 days before on Overload, Guerrero came out all guns ablazing in another bid to take the title from the ruthless CWA World Champion. A match that went on for almost 40 minutes ended in bizarre fashion, Christian appeared on the ramp way, much to the displeasure of Chris Benoit it seemed, when he made his way down to the ring, a distracted ref and Christ Benoit were seemed to be easy pickings for Guerrero, but just as he thought his time for gold had come, Simon Diamond appeared from the crowd and behind Guerrero and delivered a huge Problem Solver and then quickly dashed back into the crowd, with that Benoit turned his attention back to Guerrero and delivered a diving headbutt for the win. Afterwards, Christina and Benoit celebrated together, it was a trap all along!!

Overall Rating: 95.8%

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all wrestling schools are no longer affiliated with their former promotions, they have the option to go solo as a promotion or create a partnership with a federation if they wish.

Anyways, heres the sizes for most of the feds:

Financial Draw

3PW Overness: (World: 44.2% / US: 52.0%)

BCW Overness: (World: 60.1% / US: 81.2%)

CanAm School Overness: (World: 7.1% / US: 12.9%)

CWA Overness: (World: % / US: %)

CZW Overness: (World: 4.9% / US: 9.0%)

CZW Academy Overness: (World: 13.9% / US: 10.0%)

ECWA Overness: (World: 45.3% / US: 54.2%)

ECWA WrestleTech Overness: (World: 52.1% / US: 66.7%)

FLI Overness: (World: 49.8% / US: 62.8%)

FWA Overness: (World: 12.2% / US: 10.0%)

FWA Academy Overness: (World: 0.7% / US: 0.0%)

IWA-MS Overness: (World: 53.7% / US: 69.5%)

IWS Overness: (World: 43.2% / US: 50.3%)

NWA Wildside Overness: (World: 13.9% / US: 25.2%)

NWA:TNA Overness: (World: 27.0% / US: 49.4%)

NWA: UK Overness: (World: 2.0% / US: 0.0%)

OVW Overness: (World: 14.0% / US: 25.4%)

OVW Training Overness: (World: 17.2% / US: 31.2%)

PWG Overness: (World: 2.2% / US: 4.0%)

RoH Overness: (World: 15.1% / US: 27.5%)

RoH School Overness: (World: 44.8% / US: 53.3%)

Rougeau Gym Overness: (World: 0.8% / US: 1.4%)

The Asylum Overness: (World: 8.0% / US: 14.6%)

WWE Overness: (World: 15.1% / US: 27.4%)

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CWA News & Rumours

CWA Avarice Poster Released

The preview poster for CWA Avarice, the 3 hour Super PPV, was released the morning prior to CWA Deadbolt. The rather plain cover shows Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero & The Rock on the it, hinting at a possible triple threat for the CWA World Championship at Avarice. The Rock made his return at Deadbolt after finishing filming on his new movie "Universal Force" and has clearly stated in several interviews that with the World Draft being brought into play, he wants to refocus his attention to wrestling, as he has so many new goals to acheive with a new company and new business.

CWA Avarice Promo Poster

CWA Shockwave Matches Announced

In the wake of Deadbolt's results, several matches have been booked already for the fallout on CWA Shockwave! There will also be an announcement on who will face CWA Champion, Chris Benoit, at Avarice in 21 days! Matches confirmed so far are:

CWA Shockwave 04/04/05

Austen Aries & Stevie Fabulous Vs Chavo Guerrero & Rene Dupree

Jimmy Jacobs Vs John Walters

Shot At The CWA International Championship

Nate Hatred Vs Chris Hero Vs Wagner Brown

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user posted image

Benoit Vs Guerrero, Round 4

The aftermath of Deadbolt didn't seem to change anything after CWA Shockwave, Chris Benoit is CWA World Champion, and Eddie Guerrero is once again the Number 1 Contender. Jarrett had originally planned to give Benoit the night off but after threatening the CWA Owner, Jarrett announced a triple threat that night for the CWA World Championship, it would be Benoit against his 2 new associates, Simon Diamond & Christian!! Any alliances seemed to be off after that announcement, and then Jarrett raised the bar again by announcing at "Random Entry" 20 man Battle Royale for the No.1 Contendership to Benoit's title, thats if he survived the night!

Guerrero entered the contest at Number 2 and survived to be the last man, although when it was down to 4 men, himself, John Cena, Nate Hatred, The Rock, Guerrero looked like his chances of another shot at Benoit were very slim. But after some teamwork with The Rock, the pair managed to eliminate 2 more men, but then all things seemed against them. The monster, Kane, entered at number 20 and was the freshest man in there, Kane dominated for the most part and it was only a last gasp effort of energy that managed to topple the unaware Rock & Kane over the rope together, giving him yet another shot at the CWA Championship.

Benoit did manage to save his CWA Championship against Diamond & Christian, who didn't seem to care much for the alliance with Benoit anywhere, it was every man for himself, and in the end, it was Benoit's devious tactics that got him the narrow victory. Capatalising on Diamonds vicious chair shot on Christian, Benoit made quick work of throwing Diamond out of the ring, and locking in the Crippler Crossface, making the ref seem to think he had made Christian unconcious! With the hand raised and dropped 3 times, Benoit made a quick escape with his CWA World Championship.

Things between The Rock & CWA Owner Jeff Jarrett also seemed to be hotting up. Starting the night by delivering a Rock Bottom to Double J, Jarrett shockingly entered the Battle Royale at Number 9, and The Rock was Number 10!! The Rock managed to deliver another Rock Bottom to Jarrett and eliminate him from the Battle Royale! Jarrett is paying his dues for costing The Rock the World Championship 3 months ago, but will his power in charge of CWA cast a swift blow to The Great One?

CWA Shockwave Results

Chavo Guerrero & Rene Dupree bt. Austin Aries & Stevie Fabulous

CR: 32.2% MQ: 75.0% OR 49.9%

John Walters bt. Jimmy Jacobs

CR: 35.2% MQ: 70.2% OR 50.0%

Shot At The CWA International Championship

Nate Hatred bt. Chris Hero & Wagner Brown (Assist from CM Punk)

CR: 42.2% MQ: 68.7% OR 56.4%

CWA World Championship

Chris Benoit bt. Christian & Simon Diamond

CR: 60.1% MQ: 72.0% OR 65.8%

CWA Number 1 Contenders 20 man Battle Royale

Random Entries

CR: 60.9% MQ: 74.5% OR 26.0%

Overall Rating for Show: 50.0%

Entry list

1. Julio Dinero

2. Eddie Guerrero

3. CM Punk

4. Rene Dupree

5. Andy Douglas

6. Edge

7. Tiger Mask IV

8. Jay Briscoe

9. Sonny Siaki

10. Christian

11. John Cena

12. Jeff Jarrett

13. The Rock

14. Glenn Gilberti

15. Spanky

16. Chris Hero

17. Simon Diamond

18. Masada

19. Nate Hatred

20. Kane

Elimination List

1. Julio Dinero (by E.Guerrero)

2. Rene Dupree b(by E.Guerrero)

3. Andy Douglas (by CM Punk)

4. Sonny Siaki (by E.Guerrero)

5. Tiger Mask IV (by CM Punk)

6. Jay Briscoe (by Edge)

7. CM Punk (by John Cena)

8. Christian (by E.Guerrero)

9. Glenn Gilberti by (John Cena)

10. Jeff Jarrett (by The Rock)

11. Spanky by (The Rock)

12. Masada (by Simon Diamond)

13. Chris Hero (by Kane)

14. Simon Diamond (by Kane)

15. Edge (by Kane)

16. John Cena (by Kane)

17. Nate Hatred (by E.Guerrero & The Rock)

19. = The Rock (by E.Guerrero)

19. = Kane (by E.Guerrero)

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user posted image

CWA Shockwave Preview

Eddie Guerrero did what most men would claim to be impossible, he defeated 20 of CWA's finest, to become Number 1 Contender the CWA Championship for a 4th time in a row. After entering at Number 2, Eddie Guerrero managed to survive 19 randomly drawn contestants to have yet another shot at taking Benoit's CWA Championship. What will Benoit have to say after discovering he will face Guerrero yet again for his World Championship? Having made narrow escape at Deadbolt, will Benoit luck run out in the 4th instalment of this never ending rivalry.

Also during the Battle Royal, The Rock seemed to get some much deserved payback by eliminating CWA Owner Jeff Jarrett from it. However, with his double elimination with Kane towards the end of the Battle Royale, will he try to make a claim that he was unfairly exited from the match and possibly have a shot another shot at the CWA Championship, a belt he could have possibly won 3 months ago but was taken out by Jeff Jarrett.

Nate Hatred also has a claim to make tonight, after being victorious in his match last week thanks to CM Punk, when will his chance at facing CWA International Champion, John Cena happen? With the actual time of the match not actually given, will he face the Prototype this week? Or possibly hold out till Avarice? And why did CM Punk help the 'Nightmare' to win the shot at the Championship? Tune into Shockwave to find out!

Confirmed Matches For Shockwave

John Walters Vs Matt Cross

CWA World Tag Titles

The Gathering Vs The Briscoe Boys

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user posted image

After Going Through Hell, Has Guerrero Snapped?...

Even after beating 19 opponents last week, Guerrero's quest for Title was not over. Upon arriving at the in Texas last night, Guerrero made his way to the ring to call out his opponent for Avarice, Chris Benoit. However, he got Kane instead, he welcomed out Mr. Jarrett and the both of them pointed up above Guerrero's head, as Guerrero looked up, Jarrett announced that he had planned a triple threat tonight to prove once and for all who is the Number 1 Contender, but The Rock has unfortunately been "dismissed" from tonights show so Guerrero will face Kane 1 on 1, in a steel cage match. And the winner will go on to face Chris Benoit at Avarice. Guerrero looked ready to explode, but regained his composure.

When it came down to the match, the World saw a side of Guerrero that nobody has seen before, for the first time in a while, he seemed to be the monster, not Kane. After Kane delivered a swift beating to Guerrero, Guerrero fought back, and didn't stop, after escaping the cage, Jarrett entered to claim it was a No DQ, pin fall only cage match, and the pin must happen in the ring. Guerrero then grabbed a steel chair, and entered the ring, delivering a brutal set of chair shots to Kane, Guerrero refused to stop, and by the time he did, Kane was motionless. Guerrero hit the Frog Splash, although it wasn't needed to get the pin, Kane still didn't move. After the win, Guerrero got the chair again and continued to deliver shot after shot to Kane's head, and then turned and blasted Earl Hebner with a chair shot. Guerrero got a mic and told them to raise the cage, he screamed for Benoit to get out there and face him like a man. He claimed Benoit was hiding from him, and then suddenly Benoit came through the crowd and tried to blindside Guerrero, but a lightning quick swing of the chair took out Benoit, and the Guerrero went into a rage again, slamming him with the chair until he was out cold. He then picked up the CWA Championship, staring into it, and then picking up Benoit to his knees, Guerrero drilled the World Championship into his head, taking him out again. The ring was a blood bath as Jarrett walked out to the rampway, but didn't dare go near the ring as Guerrero screamed and taunted Benoit and Kane, who were motionless.

Guerrero's actions weren't the only shocking thing of the night, the legendary Dave 'Fit' Finlay made a surprise return to the ring after Andy Douglas came out claiming he was under appreciated and was possible the best wrestlers currently in the CWA. Fit Finlay came out claiming he was nothing but a youngster and didn't even know the meaning of wrestling, that he was more about looks than fighting, Finlay challenged him to a match, but sadly, the veteran was proved and was given quite a beating. Finlay's only real claim is Douglas's illegitimate finish with a handful of tights on the ropes and holding the ropes.

The Gathering reformed for the night as well, the skills of CM Punk & Julio Dinero certainly did put the Tag Champions to the test, however, it was much thanks from John Cena that helped then retain their titles. Much to the anger of CM Punk, it seems he's now getting a taste of what he gave to Cena, being the 'thorn in his side' so to speak. It seems CM Punk doesn't like a taste of his own medicine.

Cena was also in action later on in the night after Jarrett decided to book Benoit, Christian & Diamond together after there fall out last week, the trio forgave each over, although it seems heated arguements came back once again after they suffered a defeat to Edge, Cena & Jericho. A swift spear to Christian was enough for the win, but Benoit was more than capable of helping his partner kick out. Diamond saw this and post match it seemed arguements were brewing between Christian/Diamond & Benoit, it seems this early formed grouping could be on its way out.

The bottom line from tonight is, Guerrero is still number 1 contender, and after tonights psychotic outbreak, whats going to be instore for Benoit in just under 2 weeks at Avarice when he has to face Guerrero?

CWA Shockwave Results

John Walters bt. Matt Cross

CR: 30.4% MQ: 70.0% OR 38.2%

Andy Douglas bt. Dave Finlay

CR: 32.0% MQ: 50.0% OR 34.0%

CWA Tag Team Championships

The Briscore Boys bt. The Gathering

CR: 55.2% MQ: 78.8% OR 70.9%

Chris Jericho, Edge & John Cena bt. Chris Benoit, Christian & Simon Diamond

CR: 77.2% MQ: 73.1% OR 83.7%

Cage Match for CWA Number 1 Contender's Match

Eddie Guerrero bt. Kane

CR: 85.4% MQ: 69.3% OR 85.2%

Overall Rating for Show: 67.5%

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user posted image

CWA Gets Some Authority?

The end of last week's Shockwave ended in total shock. CWA Number 1 Contender, Eddie Guerrero, seems to have finally snapped in his quest to take the CWA Championship from Chris Benoit. After unleashing a brutal chair attack on both Kane, Chris Benoit and the referee, Jeff Jarrett has decided to announce that this week on Shockwave, he will unveil a CWA Authority to take control of the show as Jarrett does not feel he can deal with the constant threats on himself from so many wrestlers at once. A CWA "Commishioner" will be appointed this week by Jarrett to take control of the CWA Roster, and most importantly, to stop attacks like Guerrero's last week.

Despite the vicious attack's from Guerrero last week, CWA Champion, Chris Benoit, will be at Shockwave, although the severity of Kane's injuries are still unsure and it is doubtful the Big Red Monster will be at the show. Has the rage of the Big Red Monster been intensified by Guerrero's attack and will he have vengeance, or has this attack finally put the beast to sleep for good? And also, what will the CWA Champion have to say about Guerrero's actions? One person who will have mixed reactions this week, will be The Rock. Having been misdirected and missing the show and his chance to gain the Number 1 Contender shot, will he be angry? Or will he be glad to have not shown up, and thus missed receiving a vicious attack from Guerrero as well? One thing is for sure, The Rock will be there, and he'll tell us all his feelings on the matter!

The Shockwave Card has been left relatively empty this week to allow the new Commishioner to make some new matches and shake things up a bit in the CWA Roster, there is also expected to be some announcements regarding CWA Avarice, which is only 6 days away! Only 1 match is confirmed so far, although CM Punk has made it clear that tonight he will make a bid to face Cena at Avarice for the CWA International Championship. After spoiling The Gatherings chances of winning the Tag Team Championships last week, Punk is livid that Cena has dared to interfere with his business, even though Punk has been interfering with Cena's business for almost 2 months!!

This week's episode will surely be loaded with excitement, so tune in to find out who's gonna be calling the shots!!

Confirmed Matches For Shockwave

Vito Thomaselli Vs Austin Aries

Chris Hero & Nova Vs The SAT's

Non Title

John Cena Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Simon Diamond

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user posted image

A Father Becomes a Commishioner....

Nobody expected the bombshell that Jarrett dropped on Shockwave tonight, of all the people he could have brought in as CWA Commishioner, nobody could have expected the one and only James Mitchell to be announced. And by the end of the night, Jarrett must have regretted ever bringing him in. The night started with him being revealed and within 10 minutes, Jarrett was fuming with Mitchell's actions. Jarrett revealed that Mitchell had a 3 month "No firing" clause so that he could "shake up CWA" and get everything in order, a clause Jarrett would soon regret. Almost straight after being revealed, The Rock made his way down to the ring to express his anger with the CWA Owner, and also asking for a match to face him at Avarice, Jarrett was expecting a "No Chance" answer from Mitchell, but how wrong he was!! Not only did Mitchell accept, but he said if The Rock wins, he will have a shot at the CWA Champion after Avarice!!

The owner was fuming, but as Mitchell clearly stated to Jarrett "For 3 months, this is MY house now!!!". Mitchell was on a mission tonight to pack matches into the CWA PPV, just 6 days away. And by the end of the night, his mission was successful. CM Punk got his wish to face Cena for the International Championship on Sunday, and there will also be a Fatal Fourway for the CWA Tag Team Chamionships after pure bedlam broke out after the tag match between Chris Hero & Nova Vs The SAT's, teams poured into the ring, causing a huge brawl.

The feudage between Guerrero & Benoit went to a new high tonight, Mitchell said he had a punishment for the pair of them after seeing what happened last week, he put them in a tag team together! The former Radicalz had to team together, and win, otherwise, neither of them would be in the main event at Avarice, and Benoit would lose his Title. With neither enjoying the concept of having to work together, the pair had to face Christian & Simon Diamond, a pair with a history against and with Benoit. But by the end of the match, it seemed Mitchell was made a fool of, as after Guerrero managed to get the win against Christian, both the losers and Benoit turned and revealed they had been on the same page all along, delivering a brutal attack to Guerrero, the attack could have reached the severity of Guerrero's attack the week before, however Mitchell sent out Edge & Jericho to empty the ring, and then also announced Diamond & Christian would face Edge & Jericho at Avarice. He also announced he was going to change the stipulations of the CWA Championship match for Avarice, but nothing would be revealed until the PPV!

The stage is now set for Avarice, 6 days and counting, and so many questions will have answers once the dust has settle on Sunday, who will be leaving as Champions? Who will be leaving in ambulances? Tune in on Sunday to see it all go down!!

CWA Shockwave Results

Jarrett Announces Mitchell As Commishioner

OR 64.3%

The Rock comes out and challenges Jarrett to a match at Avarice

OR 98.3%

Mitchell announces Jarrett will face The Rock at Avarice. And also tonight Jarrett must find a partner for a 3 Vs 2 match against Chris Jericho, Edge & The Rock.

OR 81.2%

Vito Thomaselli bt. Austin Aries

CR: 24.4% MQ: 74.0% OR 37.5%

Benoit talks about demolishing Guerrero tonight and at Avarice

OR 61.6%

Mitchell announces Benoit & Guerrero will team up tonight. If they touch each other during the match, Benoit will lose his title and Guerrero loses his shot at the title.

OR 73.8%

The SAT's bt. Chris Hero & Nova

CR: 50.9% MQ: 73.1% OR 61.8%

Mitchell announces a Fatal Fourway Tag at Avarice for the Tag Titles.

OR 65.3%

Non Title

John Cena bt. Chavo Guerrero

CR: 72.2% MQ: 77.4% OR 77.7%

CM Punk post match asks Mitchell for a chance to face Cena at Avarice for the title. He accepts.

OR 72.8%

The Rock gets interview and promises he will become the Number 1 Contender at Avarice.

OR 99.5%

Chris Jericho, Edge & Sonny Siaki bt. Jeff Jarrett & Nate Hatred

CR: 74.2% MQ: 74.1% OR 81.0%

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit bt. Christian & Simon Diamond

CR: 77.6% MQ: 69.8% OR 81.2%

Mitchell announces Diamond & Christian will face Edge & Chris Jericho at Avarice.

OR 78.2%

Overall Rating for Show: 68.5%

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