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Just wondering

Guest Cashmiesta

What type of comedy do you like  

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  1. 1. What type of comedy do you like

    • Live Stand Up
    • Acted
    • Stand Up and Acted
    • Other

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Guest Cashmiesta

Personally I like stand up like Peter Kay and Patrick McGuiness and acted with peter Kay, Patrick McGuiness, Jack Dee, Steve Coogan as the extremely fantastic Alan Partridge, Ricky Gervais and Matt Lucas and david Walliams in it.

So which type do ya like?

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Guest Ringmaster

I believe that by "acted", he means everything that has been scripted. If that's the case, I'm going with Acted, stand up is hit or miss, and a good sitcom is always better.

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Acted as in sitcom, it helps if it's in front of a live studio audience that is really into the show. The only thing I hate about That 70's Show is the blatant laugh track they use. It's one of the reasons I was/still am obsessed with Friends, because the audience knows the characters so well and can anticipate a characters actions, which plays off very well on TV.

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If that's what he means by it, then i'm cut 50/50:

On one hand, you have great standups, two of my favorites are Lewis Black and David Cross, all the files and the like that I have of them are hours upon hours of pure funny, it's always good to listen to and their opinions are right on the mark. There's parts of other routines that I like, like Eddie Izzard (although his image is...way too creepy for me to listen to anything but audio) and Dane Cook.

Then on the other, you have these same guys on television shows, like Cross in "Arrested Development" and Black's segements on The Daily Show, but then the other great shows out there, the ones i'm really liking right now being Everybody Loves Raymond, South Park and Seinfeld.

I have to say i'm cut 50\50 down the middle on this.

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I like acted comedy but I think that stand up is so much better. The reason is that you never know what your going to get with stand up. Most of the time its pretty decent in the least but sometimes you might get a brilliant set or you might get absolute crap.

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