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X-Men: Legends

MalaCloudy Black

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Who here has played it? I rented it Saturday night, for the PS2. So far I really like it, simplistic gameplay and I'm loving the destructable environments. I'm only on the third mission though, on the USS Arbiter. I'm up to the part where you have to rescue the crewmen from the ship.

So, who's played it? What did you think?

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Yeah, I died with only two guys to rescue. The level design is confusing sometimes, too.

Wolverine's Savage Rampage pwns though, and so does his Brutal Slash (which I've leveled up all the way).

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I bought it last month, played it for a day or two and stopped for some reason. This despite me thinking that the game is great.

So I started playing it again last night and I'm up to the same part (rescuing the crewmen from the Arbiter).

I love the flashback missions, hope there are a lot.

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There are a few flashback missions. Personally I enjoyed it with my only big complaint being that during the cut scenes the characters look ridiculous.

All of the big "special moves" (ala Wolvy's Savage Rampage) are pretty sweet, except for Cyclops as his is just a giant beam.

I won't ruin what you have to do but towards the end you get to play as some slick characters.

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I got annoyed because I was reading the credits/cast list in the manual and it says who does the voices of all the characters...therefore giving away all the ones you get to unlock. :angry:

The characters in the cutscenes look good I think. They look and feel cartoonish/comic-booky which, in my opinion, is one of the best things about the game.

I'm so glad they didn't try and make them look 'humanly-real'.

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Aaaand I screwed myself. I wasn't paying attention to the clock and had rescued 7 of the 8 crewmen, then I hurried back and saved.

Problem is, I only have 50 seconds on the clock. Yeah, I doubt I'm going to find the crewman and get him to the boats in 50 seconds :(

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