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WWE - Passed on Three Ways

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WrestleMania 21

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World Tag Team Championship:

La Resistance© VS Hurricane & Rosey

There is a famous expression, you get what you pay for. Well that is true here as this tag match isn't technically part of the Pay Per View. I mean it was decent for as far as expectations, but Hurricane deserves better than this. He was the man isolated for most of this match. Conway whips him into the ropes, but gets nailed with the Shining Black! Hurricane got air on that one!! Maybe he can fly! Now Hurricane needs to get the tag. He does!! A fresh Rosey comes in & starts taking out both members of La Resistance. Rosey throws Grenier out of the ring & now concentrates on Conway. Rene Dupree runs down to the ring. What's this all about? He hops onto the apron & tries to get in, but referee Jack Doan won't let him. Rosey whips Robert into the ropes & goes for the samoan drop, but Conway drops behind Rosey. Low blow!! He holds Rosey up as Sylvan slides into the ring with the flag. He winds up & swings, but Rosey ducks. Grenier hit Conway!! Rosey hits a superkick to Sylvan who stumbles around into a cross body from Hurricane. Rosey runs over & knocks Dupree off the top rope. 1...2...3!!! We have new Tag Team champions!!! The one time La Resistance reunion falls short as the Super Heros can now stand tall with gold around their waists!! If you havn't already call your cable or satellie provider as you do not want to miss this years WrestleMania!!

Vince McMahon's Big Announcement:

A hype video is shown about how WrestleMania is the Grand Daddy of Them All. It shows all the old WrestleManias...up until XX where it all started again. Then a video goes on that highlights some of the key feuds that will end tonight. The song is the remix of Numb & Encore by Linkin Park & Jay Z. It is about how now is the time for the "new blood" of the WWE to finally get over the hump & be considered one of the greats. These chances are few & far between, so they need to capitalize on them tonight. Then it talks about some of the legends they are facing & how this could be their last WrestleMania.

Can I get a encore? Do you want more?

Cookin’ raw with the Brooklyn boy

So, for one last time, I need y’all to roar

Now, what the hell are you waiting for?

After me, there shall be no more

So, for one last time, make some noise

Lots & lots of amazing pyro go off as WWE kicks off WrestleMania 21!!!

Jim Ross: Ladies & gentlemen...we are packed tight in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for WrestleMania 21!! Over 13 countries are watching us live. I'm lucky enough to be calling what has the potential to be one of the greatest WrestleManias of all time!! And I'm going to do that with my broadcast colleague, Jerry "The King" Lawler!!

Jerry Lawler: Thanks JR! The atmosphere here is amazing!! It makes me wish I could get back in the ring & give it my all like I used to. But I'm more than happy enough to get a front row seat & call some of the greatest matches of all time. Now over to our friends who will be covering the SmackDown ma...

No Chance, that's what you got!

The crowd gives Vince a mixed reaction as he walks down to the ring with his infamous arrogant walk. He climbs into the ring & asks Lillian Garcia for the microphone. She hands it over to him with a smile, before heading out of the ring.

Vince McMahon: Welcome to WrestleMania!!!(HUGE POP) Oh man it feels good to say that again...but sadly that might be my last time(A chorus of boos echo throughout the arena). I know, I know...since taking over my father's company I have done amazing things. I helped revolutionize the industry. I brought professional wrestling out of the circus tents & into Prime Time!! Into the main stream! But soon...it will be my time to hang it up. So I want one of my children to do what I did. I want them to receive the company & take it to even higher heights! But which one...Stephanie(mixed reaction)...or Shane(Crowd pops). They are both equal in my book so I have decided to make one of the biggest business decisions that I've had to make...again!! You see...after tonight's main event, the roster split will be nullified!! Everyone will come together & band as just the WWE. But thats only for one night. Because you see, over the next year we will see who shall take over the family business. Stephanie & Shane will each receive their own brand of WWE to take control of!! But like I said earlier, soon it will be my time to hang it up. Key word of course being soon(mixed reaction)!! I will take over RAW, Stephanie will be in charge of SmackDown & Shane will inherit a new & improved Velocity, which will air 7-9 on Saturday nights! So I just wanted all of the WWE superstars to know that...as this may be your last chance to win a title, settle the score, or prove yourself to one of the three brand owners. Now enough of me...lets get down to business!!!(the crowd pops!)

Vince McMahon steps out of the ring & hands his mic to Lilian Garcia. He then walks to the back.

JR:Bah Gawd!!! A three way roster split?! This could be our last night together King!!

King: Oh JR...don't get all sappy on me now...we got an Intercontinental title match to announce!!

Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin© VS Christian

“Just Close Your Eyes” hits and Christian comes out from the back with Tyson Tomko at his side. He has his Captain Charisma jump suit with hood on and looks great for Mania 21! Captain Charisma makes his way to the ring and climbs up the stairs and inside. Tomko gets in the ring with him and then Shelton Benjamin’s pyro and music kick up and the crowd pops big for him as he makes his way out from the back with the Intercontinental Title around his waist. Halfway down to the ring he unstraps the belt and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. This issue has been months in the making as both Christian and Benjamin get face to face! Benjamin then rears back and clocks Tomko with the IC Championship to the head, nearly taking his head off with it! Tomko is taken out but Christian takes advantage of the opening by beginning to pound on Benjamin as the bell sounds for the match to begin. Tomko is taken off to the back to be tended to as he’s out of it! Christian backs Benjamin up into the lower right corner of the ring with hard knifedge chops and punches to the head. Christian whips Benjamin out of the corner but Benjamin reverses it and sends Christian in. Then Benjamin backs up and runs at Christian for the Stinger Splash but Christian avoids the contact and Benjamin hits the top turnbuckle.

Christian grabs Benjamin from behind and puts him down with a Reverse DDT falling down with it and covers Benjamin..1…2..kickout. Christian begins stomping away on Benjamin as he’s getting to his feet. Christian then whips Benjamin hard into the top right corner of the ring and follows him in with a hard clothesline. Christian begins laying in hard knifedge chops as well in the corner. He’s putting it and taking it to Benjamin in this match! Christian whips Benjamin across the ring but Benjamin gets his foot on the second turnbuckle to stop himself and immediately backflips as Christian was following him in but he catches Christian on the way down from the backflip into a reverse ddt and Benjamin lands on his knees from the move and covers Christian..1…2…kickout by Christian! Benjamin gets up and waits for Christian to get up. Once Christian is up and he turns, Benjamin goes for the Superkick but Christian catches it so Benjamin nails the Dragon Whip on Christian and covers him..1…2..kickout!

Benjamin picks Christian up and tries for the Exploder Slam but Christian elbows out of it and then grabs Benjamin and hits his Reverse DDT neckbreaker and covers Benjamin..1…2…kickout by Benjamin! Christian begins to get frustrated as he gets up and waits for Benjamin and stalks him from behind. Benjamin gets up and goes for the “Unprettier” but Benjamin pushes him off and Christian catches a Superkick to the jaw from Benjamin as he came back off the ropes. Benjamin with the cover..1…2…no! Christian gets his shoulder up at the last second. Benjamin picks Christian up and tries for the Exploder Slam but Christian as he’s going up manages to hook his legs just for a moment to reverse the momentum and plants Benjamin in one of the most incredible ways with one of the nastiest DDT’s you’ll ever see! Christian covers Benjamin and it’s academic..1…..2….NO! Benjamin got a shoulder up and Christian can’t believe it. Christian gets back to his feet and picks Benjamin up and goes for the Unprettier. Benjamin pushes Christian off to the ropes and nails Christian as he comes back off the ropes with the Exploder Slam and hooks the leg..1….2….3! And Shelton Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Title as his music hits! Shelton Benjamin has slayed Captain Charisma at Wrestlemania 21! Benjamin celebrates in the ring with his title as we go to a promo video!

(Shelton Benjamin defeats Christian in 15:45)

WWE Tag Team Title Match:

The Bashams© vs The Dudley Boyz vs Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns vs Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Jindrak and Reigns are first to come out and they appear alongside their ally Kurt Angle, they make their way to the ring, but Theodore Long's music hits and they appear puzzled, Long has a mic in his hands and begins to speak.

Long: Holla Holla Holla, Welcome to Wrestlemania, now in the interest of fairness I see that It fit that I ban any playa not in the match from ringside! So Kurt you betta get yo ass in the back if ya feel me playa? Now I think as the resident GM of Smackdown we spice things up a bit ya feel me? How about each member of the tag team must be eliminated for the team to be eliminated and the final playa and his partner will be the World Tag Team champions! Ya dig?

(When one member of a team is eliminated they are sent to the back however the remaining member of the team will still be involved and if he wins the match then he and his eliminated partner will become the champs.)

Angle is not happy and neither are his colleagues, as Angle stomps to the back protesting to Long who is standing at the top of the ramp.

Next out are 'The French Phenom' Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki without Hiroko, Kenzo shout in Japanese at the fans with a big grin on his face, while Dupree is in the middle of the ring and does the French Tickler to the crowds delight! Reigns and Jindrak stare the foreign duo down.

'Get The Tables' Hits as the crowd erupts as The Dudley Boyz fresh from their face turn come on to the ramp they slide into the ring and pump the air then motion to the crowd that they will be champs!

The Champs come out next without JBL or Jordan who are getting prepared for JBL's match against John Cena later on, the champs walk to the ring as cocky as ever and slide in and raise their titles in the air but all 3 teams attack them before the match starts!

The Bashams escape the carnage in the ring and watch from the outside as Dupree throws Reigns out of the ring before turning around to a clothesline by Jindrak that sends them to the outside, The Bashams then sneak around and attack all 3 men, meanwhile Kenzo has Bubba in the corner and is choking him out but D-Von attacks Kenzo from behind! D-Von clubs at Kenzo then sends him into the ropes.....3-D!!!!! Bubba makes the cover and Dupree is oblivious on the outside as the referee counts 1...2...3!!!

[bubba Ray Dudley eliminates Kenzo Suzuki at 1:24]

The Dudleyz celebrate in the ring as Dupree then realises what has happened! Dupree stays on the outside though and Reigns and D-Von lock up as the referee finally takes control. Reigns uses his power to push D-Von into the corner, and nails him with a knee to the gut then nails him with 3 big chops but D-Von replies with some big right hands and comes off the rope at Reigns, but Reigns comes back with a clothesline nearly decapitating D-Von! Reigns tags in Danny Basham who runs in and nails D-Von with a elbow drop then applies a chinlock, D-von begins to fight back but Danny nails him with a kick to the gut and sends D-Von into the ropes, D-Von ducks the clothesline attempt and nails a shoulder block of his own on Danny! D-Von crawls over and tags in Bubba! But all 5 remaining members of the heel teams run in and take Bubba down in a hail of blows! D-Von tries to help but he is dealt the same fate! Jindrak picks up Bubba and nails the Mark of Perfection and they all leave Danny in the ring who covers Bubba 1....2....Kicks out! Bubba somehow gets the shoulder up! Danny hits a big legdrop and covers again 1....2.Kicks out! Bubba again somehow kicks out! Danny picks up Bubba and tags in Luther Reigns who hits a running knee lift to Bubba! Reigns then tries for a running powerslam but Bubba slips out and pushes Reigns straight into Mark Jindrak! Reigns stumbles back and Bubba rolls him up 1....2....3!

[bubba Ray Dudley eliminates Luther Reigns at 4:12]

Bubba then tries to tag in Dupree but he jumps off the apron as Danny Basham attacks him from behind! Danny beats down on Bubba with clubs and elbows before dragging him over to tag in Doug Basham, Doug hits Bubba with a suplex then covers 1...2Kicks out. Bubba gets to his feet aswell and nails Doug with a belly-to-belly suplex! Bubba then notices Dupree looking the other way and slaps his chest to tag him in then pulls him over the top rope! Dupree can't believe it! He is protesting with the referee and Doug Basham has tagged Danny back in who rolls up Dupree 1...2..Kicks out! Dupree fights it out with Danny! Dupree gets the advantage with a poke to the eye and sends Danny into the ropes and hit a backdrop on him, Dupree does the french tickler! Dupree picks up Danny and nails him with a Death Valley Driver! But Doug jumps on Dupree's back! Jindrak comes in and hit Dupree with the Mark of Perfection but the Dudleyz run in aswell and hit a spike piledriver on Danny Basham before clotheslining Doug and Mark out! They leave Dupree and Danny down on the canvas! The ref begins to count them down and they both rise at the 7, they slug it out and Danny seems to get the advantage but Dupree ducks a punch and hits another Death Valley Driver! Dupree rolls on top of Danny 1...2...3!

[Rene Dupree eliminates Danny Basham at 7:21]

Dupree is ecstatic! He jumps around like he's just won the Tag Titles! But he turns round and is snap suplexed three times by an angry Doug Basham! Basham makes the cover but can only get a 2 count, he goes up top but Dupree nips up and crotches him on the turnbuckle! He climbs the turnbuckle superplex! Both men are down and Dupree rolls over on to Basham 1...2...Kicks Out! Both men make their way to their feet and come off the ropes and both men go for a clothesline they take each other out! Both men get to their feet but Basham dives to Jindrak's corner and tags him in! Dupree runs to the Dudleyz corner but both of them clock him with a big right! He stumbles around and gets nailed with a dropkick from Jindrak! Jindrak picks him up and sends him into the ropes backdrop! Jindrak signals its all over and ascends to the top rope and motions for Dupree to get up Dupree rises to his feet....MISSILE DROPKICK! Jindrak takes a couple of seconds to get his wind back and makes the cover 1...2...3!

[Mark Jindrak eliminates Rene Dupree at 9:01]

Its The Dudleyz vs Doug Basham vs Mark Jindrak! Jindrak locks up with Bubba and gains a quick advantage with a rake to the eyes then a scoop slam he tags in Doug Basham who hits Bubba Ray with some lefts and rights in the corner before nailing a dropkick and taunting D-Von who tries to enter the ring but this allows Jindrak and Basham to hit Bubba with a double suplex! Bubba is down and Basham makes the cover 1...2..Kicks Out! Bubba starts to make a comeback but when he comes off of the ropes Jindrak pulls the rope down and Bubba flies over the top rope to the outside! Basham distracts the referee as Jindrak irish whips Bubba into the steel steps and stomps on him until D-Von runs around the ring to his partners rescue and Jindrak and D-Von battle on the outside with the referee trying to stop them Orlando Jordan runs out to the ring with and puts on a pair of brass knuckles! Basham is holding Bubba and Jordan takes aim but Bubba frees himself and Jordan takes out Doug Basham with the brass knux! Bubba kicks Jordan in the gut Bubba Cutter!!! Bubba covers Basham but the ref is too busy with the fighting on the outside! Bubba has him covered for about a 5 count before the referee notices! 1...2..Jindrak makes the save! Jindrak knows if Doug Basham is eliminated it will be 2 on 1! Jindrak nails Bubba with a powerslam before getting on the apron to get a tag from Basham! Basham makes the tag but Bubba is crawling towards his corner! He just about makes it....NO! Jindrak drags him in to the centre of the ring and applies a half crab! He's bending him like a pretzel! Bubba is in the hold for about 30 seconds but somehow crawls over to the ropes! Jindrak picks up Bubba and tags in Basham who holds onto Bubba while Jindrak gets ready...Superkick! But Bubba ducked again and Basham got nailed with it! Jindrak is taunting to the crowd and doesn't even realise he's took out Basham! Bubba makes the cover 1...2...3!

[bubba Ray Dudley eliminates Doug Basham at 15:23]

Jindrak turns around to see Doug Basham walking up the ramp! He doesn't realise he's the only one left! He is shouting at Basham to get his ass back to the ring! It suddenly hits him what's happened and his eyes widen with shock! He turns around to see Bubba and D-Von behind! He pleads with them but Bubba scoops him up and slams him to the mat! He holds Jindrak's legs WHASSUP TIME! Diving headbutt from D-Von! D-Von makes the cover 1...2...3! The Dudleyz are tag team champions once again! Bubba shoves D-Von! "D-Von get the tables!" The Crowd goes wild! D-Von goes out to the ring and brings in the table and sets it up! Jindrak is whipped into the ropes 3-D through the table! The Dudleyz celebrate with their tag titles as the crowd goes wild!

[D-Von Dudley eliminates Mark Jindrak at 16:32]

Winner and NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz!

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho VS Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

More & more people these days are claiming that the spirit of competition is lost in professional wrestling. They say it's all dirty laundry & for the money, but this match proves otherwise. These 4 superstars have no reason to go out & give it their all, but they did. They did because they have the pride that it takes to be the best. It is great to see such a match in this new era of wrestling. But back to the actual match itself. This match rocked the house! I mean, did you expect anything less. It was a fast paced back & forth match. The RAW superstars then started taking all the momentum by isolating Mysterio. Jericho hits a back suplex onto Mysterio, who then tries to get up using the ropes, but has to rest on the second. Jericho decides to capitalize on that by using his body to jam Mysterio into the second rope, cutting off his breathing. Jericho then stops & shoots off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. He jumps on Mysterio like an inverted Bronco Buster. Y2J then lifts him up & tags out to Benoit. He has an abdominal stretch like hold locked in on Mysterio when Benoit kicks Rey in the side. Jericho then exits the ring as Benoit takes over. He whips Rey off into the ropes before just bull rushing him with both of his arms crossed. Benoit lifts up the beaten Mysterio. Benoit has Mysterio in a reverse waist lock. He hits a german suplex, but doesn't let go! Benoit hits another one!! Here we go, the look in Benoit's eye tells you this third one is going to be good. He throws up Mysterio as hard as he can, but Mysterio rolls through & lands on his feet!! What athleticism! Mysterio then springboards off the second rope as Benoit turns around. Cross body! You can sense the momentum shift! Rey needs to make the tag. He's crawling over slowly, but surely. Whoever makes the tag first should have an advantage.

Rey makes the tag to Guerrero as Benoit tags in Jericho!! Guerrero comes in & starts cleaning house. He knocks down Jericho, Benoit, Jericho & then one last shot to Benoit, who rolls out of the ring. Guerrero grabs Jericho & hits a verticle suplex. He holds on & swivels his hips. Another suplex! He swivels those hips one last time & finishes the Three Amigos! Guerrero beats his chest as he starts shouting something in spanish. He climbs the top rope. Guerrero's feeling Froggy!! He dives off for the Frog Splash, but Jericho rolls out of the way. Guerrero tries to collect himself by his corner. Jericho charges at him, but gets nailed with a drop toe hold onto the second rope. Mysterio makes a blind tag & comes into the ring. He taunts to the crowd who return with a huge pop. He shoots himself off the ropes & hits Jericho with the 619!! He waits for Jericho to get up. He springboards off the top rope & hits an amazing West Coast Pop!! But not just any West Coast Pop, he flipped before doing the hurricanranna, making it a Dragonranna! Mysterio holds onto a leg. 1...2...Benoit breaks up the pin. Guerrero charges at him & knocks him down with a clothesline. He then throws him out of the ring. Mysterio plays to the crowd. They're going wild. Rey charges at Eddie, who launches him out of the ring & Mysterio lands on Benoit!!! Mysterio got amazing air on that thing!! Jericho gets up as Eddie admires what just happened. Jericho runs up behind Guerrero, pushes him into the ropes & goes for the reverse rollup, but Eddie holds onto the ropes. He charges at Jericho with a clothesline, but Y2J ducks & nails the Flashback!! Mysterio starts climbing on the apron. Jericho hits the Lionsault on Guerrero!! Mysterio springboards off the top rope. 1...2...3!! Mysterio hits a leg drop on Jericho, but its too late!! The ref signals for the bell!! Jericho & Benoit did it!! Jericho quickly rolls out of the ring & helps The Rabid Wolverine up as Rey pleads his case to the referee. Jericho & Benoit sneak by in a close one & they know it. They stop at the top of the ramp & turn around to the ring, where Eddie & Rey are. All 4 superstars start clapping for eachother as they receive a standing ovation from the hot LA crowd!

Six Man Gauntlet for United States Championship:

Charlie Haas© VS Rob Van Dam VS Big Show VS Carlito "Caribbean" Cool VS Chavo Guerrero VS Hardcore Holly

The rules of the match are that two men shall enter the ring at the start then every 5 minutes a new contestant will enter, you can be eliminated by DQ, Pinfall or Submission, the winner of the match will be the US Champion!

'Oooh Chavo' hits and the crowd is undecided with boos and cheers to the young cruiserweight! He acts cocky as he walks to the ring signalling that he will win the belt but what number he enters at will effect his chances of winning.

Carlito Carribean Cool is out next and the crowd jeers the cocky Puerto Rican he comes with an apple in hand and flips off the crowd to gain heat, before taking a bite out of his apple and spitting it at a fan at ringside!

'How do you like me now?' hits the PA and next out is Hardcore Holly who gets a mild pop, but nothing special, he runs straight in to the ring and stares down both Carlito and Chavo.

'One of a Kind' erupts and so does the crowd Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam comes out to a massive pop! He does his R-V-D spot and walks to the ring looking confident after returning only two weeks ago from his knee injury. He stands next to Holly in a fighting stance watching Carlito.

Big Show is out next and the crowd is right behind the giant who as in all his matches is the firm favourite due to his size and power, he walks to the ring as the other contestants stand looking in awe at him as he raise his arm in the air to the crowds excitement.

The Champ comes out next with his US Title and he has a big task on his hand if he is to retain the belt as he faces off against five other men he stands on the middle rope and holds his belt up, as the contestants leave the ring and the first two in the gauntlet are Big Show and Chavo Guerrero!

Guerrero runs straight at Big Show but just gets shoved aside by the giant! Show chokes him in the corner with his massive hands before chopping Chavo in the chest! Chavo gets whipped in to the ropes and Show nails a sidewalk slam! Show taunts to the crowd saying he is going to end it already! He picks Chavo up but Chavo hits Show below the belt! Chavo starts to hit Show with dropkicks and flying forearms! Show finally stumbles and falls to one knee! Chavo goes up to the top rope going for a high risk move, he comes off looking for a flying crossbody block but...NO! Show catches him and hits him with a fallaway slam, Show picks up Chavo....SHOWSTOPPER! 1...2...3!

[big Show eliminated Chavo Guerrero at 3:46]

Show stands in the ring triumphantly as he makes the first elimination as the clock counts down for the next entrant and its...Hardcore Holly! Holly slides in to the ring but Show stomps down on him but Holly is fresh and tries to fight back but it Show's power and size advantage shows at such an early stage in the gauntlet and he grabs Holly by the throat and throws him across the ring! Holly is back up though and moves out of the way when Show charges him who goes straight into the turnbuckle! Show stumbles about and Holly hits him with a bulldog! He makes the cover 1...Kicks Out! Show doesn't go down that easy, Holly stomps down on Show as he tries to make his way to his feet Holly has him in the corner and is pounding away at him but Show hits him with a big chop sending Holly flying to the canvas, Show walks over and hits a big elbow drop and makes the cover 1...2.Kicks Out! Show picks up Holly and takes him into the corner where he begins to choke him out while the countdown for the 4th entrant counts down.

The 4th entrant is...Charlie Haas the champion! He goes straight after the giant and hits him with some chops but Show pushes Haas in the face away and continues to beat down on Holly! Haas then jumps on Show's back to try and get him away and locks in a sleeper! Show is flailing about the ring but he falls onto his back crushing Haas! 1...2Kicks out! Haas gets the shoulder up, Holly stomps on the back of Big Show's head as the two superstars team up against the big man, they whip him into the ropes and hit a double clothesline that staggers the big man, they nail another 3 somehow sending Show crashing down! They both cover 1...2.He throws both men off of him! Haas and Holly continue to try and take down the big man but this time he gets the advantage nailing some big rights which send the two staggering! He goes for a double clothesline but they duck it and give a double kick to the gut! They set Show up for a double suplex but they can't lift him up! Show uses his power and suplexes both men! He takes a second to get his breath back as Holly and Haas are down on the mat. The countdown however begins to count down as Haas and Holly regain the momentum and take it to Show.

The 5th entrant is...Carlito Carribean Cool! Carlito comes in the ring slowly and instead of helping against Big Show he attacks Charlie Haas! He sends Haas shoulder first into the ring post and beats down on him in the corner with lefts and rights, Carlito then picks up Haas and nails a piledriver he goes for the cover 1...2..Kicks out! Haas was somehow able to get the shoulder up! Meanwhile in the corner Holly continues to try and tame the beast but Show is relentless and soon gets the advantage again and sends Holly into the ropes and hits him with a big boot! Big Show picks up Holly...Final Cut!!!! Show then hits a legdrop and stays with his leg covering 1...2...3!

[big Show eliminated Hardcore Holly at 17:31]

Holly is completely knocked out and the ref has to just roll him out of the ring, Show is now almost exhausted and sits in the corner, Carlito has Haas locked in a abdominal stretch and Haas is in pain but he pulls through it and drags Carlito over his shoulder! Haas then locks in the Haas of Pain! Carlito is screaming in agony and looks ready to tap but Show comes over and nails Haas with a boot to the face as 3 becomes 4 again!

The 6th and final entrant is...Rob Van Dam! Van Dam quickly ascends the top rope and hits Show with a flying martial arts kick! He makes the cover 1...2..Kicks Out! Show is nearly knocked out however! Carlito then grabs Van Dam by the hair and throws him out of the ring! Van Dam takes a nasty fall and is out on the outside! However Hardcore Holly is starting to come round and Van Dam is the first person he sees! Alabama Slam on the outside of the ring! Holly knows who eliminated him and picks up a chair from ringside he slides into the ring and he bends the chair around The Big Show's head with a vicious shot! Big Show collapses in a heap and Carlito jumps on to the big man and the ref has no choice but to count! 1...2...3!

[Carlito Carribean Cool eliminated Big Show at 24:07]

Hardcore Holly has a sick grin on his face as he leaves the ring but about halfway up the ramp Big Show gets up and he is not a friendly giant! He points at Holly who is scared out of his mind and hightails it up the ramp as Big Show stalks after the reason he is out of the match!

Inside the ring Carlito is wearing down Charlie Haas who has been in the match the longest now with a chinlock with Van Dam on the outside, Carlito picks up Haas and goes for a shoulderbreaker but Haas squirms out of it and hits a DDT! Both men are down! Haas and Carlito however are up at the same time they hit each other with lefts and rights and both men run off the ropes and both men go for a cross body block! They are both down on the canvas but Van Dam has now rolled into the ring, he sees both men on the ground and Van Dam goes up top who will he go for! He jumps for the Five Star Frog Splash and hits...Carlito!!! Van Dam covers 1...2...3!

[Rob Van Dam eliminated Carlito Carribean Cool at 28:12]

We are down to the final two now and Van Dam rolls over and covers Haas 1...2...Kicks Out! Haas somehow kicks out again! Van Dam goes for the split legged moonsault but Haas rolls out of the way sending Van Dam to the mat face first! Both men rise to their feet and both try about 5 kicks and punches with each being blocked but Van Dam uses Haas to do a backwards somersault but when he lands Haas runs over him with a big clothesline! Haas locks in the Haas of Pain! Van Dam is in the middle of the ring will he tap?....No! He won't give up but he has nowhere to go and the pain increases double as Haas inches back more and more but the pain is too much Van Dam taps! Haas is still the champ!!! Haas just beat five other guys to remain US Champ!

[Charlie Haas eliminated Rob Van Dam at 31:01]

Winner and still United States Champion, Charlie Haas!


Eddie Guerrero is walking alone backstage, feeling sorry for himself after getting pinned in the interbrand tag match. All of a sudden Booker T walks up.

Booker T: What up, man?

Guerrero: Book, not now...if you don't mind I'd just like to be alone right now.

Booker: Yeah man I can respect that. You know, Vince McMahon said tonight's our last night to make an impression on the people who are gonna draft us tomorrow. And...seeing as I didn't have a match...

Book sucker punches Guerrero!! Come on!! Booker lifts him up & throws him into one of the steel garage doors. Come on Book!! This guy just finished wrestling a match! Booker starts screaming for Eddie to get up. Guerrero does & gets nailed with the Harlem Sidekick. Booker T then lifts him up & no...not on the concrete! Booker T hits the Book End on the concrete!!! He lifts the garage a little before sliding Guerrero halfway through. Booker T has a sadistic look on his face. Guerrero is helpless.

Booker: Now Can You Dig That...

Booker slams the gate down on Guerrero's sternum!!!


Booker T walks away as Eddie starts coughing up blood. Yeah Booker T made an impression, but at what cost?!

John Bradshaw Layfield w/ Orlando Jordan VS John Cena

JBL is the first out to the ring and walks out from behind the stage which has a huge “Hollywood” sign behind it and the hills of Hollywood along with other huge landmarks made to scale on the set. Orlando Jordan., JBL’s Chief of Staff makes his way out with him. They get to the ring and JBL takes off his White hat, towel and Gym suit and gets ready…then the crowd erupts as “Thuganomics 101” hits and John Cena makes his way out with a Magic Johnson jersey on which the crowd marks for as well. Cena makes his way down to the ring and his eyes lock with JBL as he is coming down the aisle. He climbs up onto the ring and climbs inside and poses for the crowd. Then he takes off his chain, hat and knucks along with his custom jersey and hands them out of the ring. His chain and knucks go in his corner. The bell sounds and we are off. JBL and Cena lock up and JBL throws Cena down and takes control in the early going. JBL uses his power to club and chop the hell out of Cena. Cena then reverses it around and begins using his ground and pound to take JBL down. Cena and JBL go back and forth with punches till Cena tries to whip JBL to the ropes and JBL reverses it and sends Cena to the ropes and nails him with a stiff shoulder block. JBL then picks Cena up and whips him into the top right hand corner of the ring and begins laying in a hard right hand followed by a knife-edge chop. Cena reverses the position and begins laying into JBL with hard right hands and hits the ropes. JBL puts Cena down with a big boot though.

JBL covers Cena..1…2..kickout. JBL picks Cena up and pushes him into the top left corner of the ring and begins pounding him with hard right hands, chops and kicks to the midsection. JBL whips Cena across the ring but Cena reverses at the last second and JBL runs chest first into the turnbuckles. JBL staggers out of the corner and Cena hits the ropes directly behind JBL and hits the “Throwback” on JBL, then rolling into the cover..1….2..kickout by JBL! Cena gets up and taunts JBL with the “You Can’t See Me” taunt and begins stomping him. He picks JBL up and begins laying right hands into JBL. Cena then backs JBL into the ropes and whips him across the ring, then he telegraphs the back body drop. JBL then stops right in front of Cena and Cena stands up as JBL thumbs Cena in the eye. JBL then hits a vertical suplex on a stunned John Cena.

JBL then gets into the cover..1….2..kickout by Cena. JBL controls Cena with some more hard right hands and clubbing blows to the back of Cena before hitting a high angle back suplex to keep Cena down and covers him..1…2…kickout again by Cena. JBL then sets Cena up for the Powerbomb by putting the cigar out on Cena’s back but Cena blocks it and instead back body drops JBL. Cena then waits for JBL to get up and kicks him in the gut and drops JBL with a DDT! Cena then covers JBL, hooking the leg..1…2…kickout by JBL. Cena then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but JBL moves out of the way and Cena holds his hand in pain. JBL gets up and stances for the Clothesline From Hell! JBL hits the ropes as Cena gets up and runs at Cena but Cena ducks the attempt and as JBL turns. He gets kicked in the gut and taken up for an F-U but JBL slides out the back and backs into the ropes and tries for another Clothesline From Hell but Cena avoids this one by hitting a basement dropkick to JBL’s left knee!

Orlando Jordan at this point gets into the ring and tries to get involved but Cena chucks Jordan back out of the ring and at this point the Basham’s come out from the back and attack Jordan. All three members of JBL’s Cabinet continue their brawl from earlier on the outside. JBL though is poised to attack though as both Cena and the referee are distracted by the fighting on the outside. Cena turns back into the ring to absolutely get destroyed by a Clothesline From Hell by JBL! JBL has the cover while the referee is distracted for another few seconds before he realizes the cover and slides over to count..1….2….shoulder up! Cena gets his shoulder up at the last possible second and JBL is pissed that he kicked out. JBL sees his Cabinet fighting on the outside and after arguing for a moment with the referee it was three. He tries to yell at his Cabinet members to stop fighting on the outside but The Basham’s aren’t listening. They continue to beatdown on Jordan on the outside. JBL turns his attention back to the ring, right into an F-U and Cena connects and floats into the cover..1….2….3! “Thuganomics 101” hits and John Cena is announced as the winner. JBL is down on the mat as Cena makes his way from the ring. John Cena is victorious at Wrestlemania 21!

(John Cena Defeats John "Bradshaw" Layfield at 23:13)


We're backstage where "The Coach" is going to interview The Big Show

Coach: Show, Despite the fact of what just happened in your US Title Match. You still have another match tonight and it's for the richest prize on Smackdown. The WWE Championship Match against Kurt Angle. Your thoughts.

Big Show: Well Coach I am a Former 2 Time WWE Champion. I have been to this moment before, I have headlined Wrestlemania and every other Pay Per View that we have. So there isn't the nervousness that someone else might have. Kurt Angle is in real jeopardy of losing his Title tonight because I have that Hunger Coach.

Holly: Yeah for the Buffet!

Big Show growls and immediately runs off camera and chases Holly whom has a duffel and is in street clothes. He is running now as Show chases him out of the building and Holly makes it to his car and opens the door up. Big Show is chasing Holly, screaming after him.

Show: I'm gonna break you in half Holly!

Holly is fumbling with his keys a moment and finally he starts his car but not before Show catches up and shatters his driver side window with a backhand smash! Holly flies away at this point before Show can actully get his hands on him and Show is left outside with a furious look on his face and he still has a Title Match tonight!

The UnderTaker & Kane VS Jon Heidenreich & Gene Snitsky

The first man out to the ring is Heidenreich by himself. He makes his way down to the ring as his name is chanted over and over on the speakers. Then “It’s Not My Fault” hits and Gene Snitsky’s music begins to play over the sound system throughout the arena and he gets a huge amount of heel heat. Very solid heel reaction by the crowd and then once Snitsky has hit the ring. Kane’s music and pyro go off and the crowd explodes as Kane had become a huge babyface in his return despite a lot of his heelish actions including destroying Trish Stratus with A Chokeslam. Kane then climbs into the ring, Heidenreich and Snitsky stand up to him until the blue lights fall upon the arena and the Undertaker’s gong begins to hit. Undertaker’s music plays and finally the Deadman makes his way out at Wrestlemania 21. Undertaker gets to the ring and he gets into the ring and the bell sounds after Taker takes his hat off and the match begins. We start off with Kane and Snitsky which after a couple moments is just a straight up brawl but Snitsky manages to gain the advantage with a cheap shot to the face.

Snitsky tags in Heidenreich and both men begin double teaming Kane in their corner. Heidenreich begins hitting those gloves hands to the head of Kane. Kane manages to fight back and nails a Desperation Chokeslam on Heidenreich which looked pretty good. Kane crawls to his corner and does not tag Taker in. Snitsky got the tag and cut Kane off before he could tag out. Snitsky also knocks Undertaker off the apron. Snitsky then picks Kane up and grabs him around the throat and to add insult to injury he chokeslams Kane to the mat! Snitsky gets into the cover..1….2…Kane kicks out! Snitsky can’t believe it and yells at Charles Robinson whom continues to tell Snitsky it was two.

Snitsky picks Kane up and sets him up for a powerbomb but Kane throws Snitsky into a back body drop to reverse it and stands in wait for Snitsky and Chokeslams him to hell!!! Kane then makes his tag to Taker and Taker cleans house with Heidenreich and Snitsky. Clotheslines and Big Boots for all. Then Taker clotheslines Heidenreich over the top rope and to the outside and then waits for Snitsky to get up He puts him between his legs and with Kane’s help gets him up and LAST RIDE!!!! Undertaker flattens Snitsky and holds his arms down for..1….2….SHOULDER UP!!! Are you kidding me?! Undertaker actually has a look of shock. Gene Snitsky kicked out of the “Last Ride!” Undertaker can’t believe it and he picks Snitsky up and sets him up for a Tombstone…He hoists him up with Kane’s help and with Kane’s help they Spike Tombstone him to the mat and Taker covers him hooking the leg..1….2….3! Undertaker and Kane stand victorious over their arch-nemesis and perhaps finally have ended their issues with them…

(Undertaker pins Gene Snitsky at 10:23)

Shawn Michaels VS Edge

Well people have been questioning Edge's push, Edge's abilities, & everything about him. Well this match answered them all & shoved the questions right back in the face of the doubters. This is the kind of match that you pay 40 bucks to see. This match could have easily main evented WrestleMania. Edge & Michaels gave it everything they had. The match started with the two feeling eachother & the crowd out. They played with the crowd a little, before a test of strength. Edge started getting the advantage, but Michaels tripped him. They do some catch as catch can wrestling for a while before getting back to their separate corners. The crowd applauds them as HBK has a slight grin on his face. Edge's face has the exact opposite. A complete look of worry all over his face. They then go at it again. Shawn gains control with a side headlock. Edge shoots him off into the ropes, but gets hit with a shoulder block. Michaels then has control for a while, until Edge uses some dirty tactics to gain control. Edge starts working on HBK's back. This kid is learning. His psychology just continues to improve. Edge throws HBK out of the ring. He picks him up & just throws him back first into the ring post. He then irish whips him into the stairs. Edge lifts Shawn up & gives him a Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail.

Edge then throws Michaels back into the ring & follows. He continues to work on the back of HBK. Michaels then gets whipped into the corner & does his infamous flipping spot. He then stumbles back into an inverted spear back into the turnbuckle. Michaels falls down in pain. Edge lifts him up & swings at him, but Michaels ducks. He hits a right hand. HBK blocks another & hits a right hand. Blocked, right hand. Blocked, right hand. Blocked, ducked, Edge knees Michaels in the gut & locks in a side headlock. HBK is fading. The ref raises his hand once...raises his hand twice...raises it a third time, but HBK won't let it fall down! He's trying to gain momentum. The crowd is helping him get back in it. Shawn reaches back & then gives Edge a shot to the kidney. Another one...another one...Michaels shoots Edge off into the ropes & locks in a sleeper of his own!!! Edge quickly telegraphs it into a back body drop. Michaels rolls through & lands on his feet. He launches himself off into the ropes into a SPEAR!! It's over! Edge has a sick look on his face. Just pin him already! Edge grabs HBK's legs...and locks in the Edgecator!! Michaels is screaming in pain. He isn't gonna last! Michaels is scratching, trying to reach for the ropes. He can't last much longer. Michaels is reaching for the ropes. He's screaming in pain!! His back is gonna snap in half! Michaels did it!! He grabs the ropes!! Edge isn't going to let it go. Edge finally breaks the hold.

Edge gets up & starts stomping on HBK's back. He can't believe he didn't tap. He starts giving elbow drops to the small of Shawn's back. This is getting sick & twisted. This isn't about winning a match anymore. Edge is dying to prove himself. He needs this win so bad. If he can pin Michaels, he will finally be considered a Main Eventer. Edge gives a couple more elbow drops before getting onto his knees. Now he is just pounding on his back. He rolls him over & covers. 1...2...HBK puts his foot on the rope. Edge can't believe it. He gets up & starts pacing around the ring. He stares at Michaels, before driving a SICK boot straight to Shawn's face!! Edge then lifts him up & hits the Edgecution!! It's all over...no wait! Edge isn't covering him? Why isn't he covering him? Edge backs up into the corner & crouches down. He's screaming for HBK to get up. The crowd is on the edge of their seats as HBK uses the ropes to help him up. He is on one knee. JR is screaming for him not to get up! Michaels finally gets all the way onto his feet. He collects himself a little before turning around. Edge charges...into a SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels collapses ontop of Edge. 1...2...3!!! Shawn Michaels did it!! I have NO CLUE how he did it, but he pulled it off! The ref helps Michaels to his feet and raises his hand. SPEAR!! Edge just speared the Heartbreak Kid!! Why?! The match is over!! Edge picks up HBK & launches him over the top rope. Edge follows to the outside & grabs a steel chair. He levels Michaels with it before driving it into his back several times. He lifts HBK up & has him ready for a powerbomb. He is holding him in the air, before driving him into the steel post!! Oh my god that's sick!! Edge throws him back into the ring & follows. He locks in the Edgecator!! He has a SICK, TWISTED look on his face. He is screaming about how he should have won the match. A bunch of officials run out, trying to get him off of Michaels. Wait, whats going on up on the stage. It looks like half the RAW roster is out there to break it up, but why are they not moving. The camera then shows that Eric Bischoff is holding them all back. Why is he stopping them?! Wait a minute...Shelton Benjamin doesn't care. He starts trying to get past Bischoff. Eric Bischoff follows him down the ramp, trying to stop him. The camera picks up that Bischoff is warning Benjamin that if he stops Edge, he will face the consequences. Shelton Benjamin pie faces him!! He just pie faced Eric Bischoff!!! Shelton runs down to the ring & slides in. He tackles Edge & holds him off. Edge has gone crazy!! Edge is going insane!! He snapped!! The rest of the RAW roster follow up & help take Edge back to the lockerroom while EMTs attend to Michaels. They take him to the back. Things don't look good.

Sit Down Interview with Batista:

J.R: Batista, You have the biggest night in your career coming up at Wrestlemania 21. You will be facing Former World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton and the 10 Time Champion..Triple H. How do you think you can beat one or both of these men in this kind of contest.

Batista: By using what brought me to the dance Jim. My power and my aggression. Because both of those men have pissed me off and..the last thing you ever want to do is piss me off.

J.R: True but Dave you have to acknowledge that going into this match, despite the powerhouse you are. You might be the underdog to a 10 Time Champion and a Former Champion and you yourself..have not held any gold but Tag Team Gold with what people would say is someone whom is 15 years past their prime.

Batista: Your right Jim. I won't deny that perhaps people are going to count me out because Orton and Triple H have been to the dance before and won the biggest prize in our game. And even when everyone thinks Triple H can't win..he pulls it out and wins. And Orton...well the record books talk for themselves. Randy Orton is the youngest World Champion in the long history of this company. But I will tell you this Jim. At Wrestlemania 21, it is my time. Randy Orton won't get lucky. Triple H will not pull off another of his miracles. I, Dave Batista will walk out of the Staples Center as the World Heavyweight Champion.

J.R: Strong words Batista...is that a prediction or a guarantee?

Batista: Yeah, they may be strong words JR...but I'm a strong man. That is a guarantee...tonight, I am entering that ring on a mission...and I'm walking out of it with that Heavyweight strap around my waist. No force of nature...no act of god...can stop me now. You know JR, if you're a religious man you would know about a creature from the Bible named the Leviathan. "None is so fierce that dare stir him up...When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid, Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear". Well tonight JR...I am the Leviathan...and the question isn't if I'm ready to accept my fate...it's if Triple H & Randy Orton can handle me. There is no doubt it my mind...by the end of the night...I will be proudly raising that Championship belt above my head, finally becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the world.

The Rock & Sock Connection VS Muhammed Hassan & Khosrow Daivari

Hussan and Daivari come out first with both in wrestling gear with Hassan not being a wrestler(in WWE) how will they be able to cope with two legends in the form of The Rock and Mick Foley.

Mick Foley's music hits first and the crowd erupt as the hardcore legend comes to the ring with his arm in the air, after losing his match at last Wrestlemania he will be making sure not to lose it again.

"If Ya Smell What the Rock Is Cooking" hits the PA and the roof is blown off! The Rock walks out to hear the fans going nuts, he walks down to the ring as cocky as ever and climbs the turnbuckle raising his arm in the air and doing the people's eyebrow!

Before the match has even started Hussan and Daivari jump the gun and take it to Rock and Foley, Hussan gets the upper hand against Foley as Foley is backed into the corner but Rock hits Daivari with some rights, spit to the hand he levels Daivari with a big right! He picks up Daivari, Rock Bottom! He makes the cover but Hussan breaks it up and Hussan throws Rock over the top and helps his manager when Foley is back up, and takes to the two Arab's Foley hits Hussan with a blow that sends him into the corner then whips hima across the ring, he charges Hussan and takes him out with an avalanche! He slams Hussan to the mat then comes off the ropes but Daivari grabs his leg! Foley leans over and shouts at Daivari but Hussan clubs Foley in the back and hits him with a backdrop! Hussan then picks up Foley and sets him in a tree of woe position and tags in Daivari who hits him with a sliding dropkick to the face! Daivari jumps up and down and shouts in arabic but he see's Foley begin to stir and runs over and tags in Hussan! Foley is starting to rise to his feet but Hussan runs over and stomps him back down before applying a chinlock, but Foley begins to fight back and punches Hussan right in the corner and takes him down with stomps! He picks up Hussan and hits the Double Arm DDT!!! He makes the cover 1...2.Daivari makes the save! Foley attack Daivari but Hussan gets the advantage by attacking from behind again! He hits Foley with a powerslam before whipping him into the ropes but Foley out of desperation dives right at Hussan taking them both out! Both men are down and Hussan is crawling to the ropes and is up but The Rock has his arm out and Foley is almost there he makes the tag...NO! The Rock pulls his arm away and smiles he spits on Mick Foley and jumps off the apron and shouts at Foley! Hussan and Daivari are laughing as the crowd boos the hell out of The Rock! Hassan stomps on the head of Foley busting him open! Hussan picks up Foley and hits an STO! He then tags in Daivari who ascends the top rope and hits a frog splash! He hooks the leg 1...2...3! Daivari and Hussan score a huge upset! The Rock gets back in the ring and puts the boots into Foley as Hussan and Daivari laugh, The Rock notices them as Hussan puts his hand out and The Rock shakes it but pulls Hussan back and smiles...Rock Bottom! Daivari runs at Rock and he spinbuster's him! He takes off the elbow pad as the crowd forgets already his betrayal of Foley he comes off the ropes...People's Elbow! The Rock raises his arm in the air and walks up the back with Foley, Hussan and Daivari out!

[Khoshrow Daivari pinned Mick Foley at 9:54]

Your Winners: Muhammed Hussan and Khoshrow Daivari!

Why Rocky, Why?

The Rock is shown in warm up pants with his bag walking out of the arena. All of a sudden The Coach is shown running up to him.

Coach: Rock!!! Rock!!! Wait up man...wait up!!

The Rock stops & lets Coach catch up to him.

Coach: Rock...why did you just turn your back on your friend, Mick Foley?!

Rock: Why? You wanna know why Coach? All these people in Los Angeles wanna know why?! The same people that decided not to go see my movies?! They all wanna know why? Well they can all go to hell because you & all of these people do not deserve to know why!!(HUGE Chorus of Boos!!) But...The Rock is a generous person so he is going to tell you why. And since people in LA aren't the smartest people in the world I'm gonna talk very slowly...(more boos)Rock...turn on...Foley...because...Mick...tried...to use...The Peoples Champion.

Coach: Excuse me Rock?

Rock: Ohhh sorry Coach, I forgot you were here. I should have said it even slower. But The Rock said that Mick Foley tried to use The Rock...every where he'd go he'd claim that me & him were best friends. But no!! We were never best friends. He used me to salvage his career when it was going down the drain. The Rock & Sock Connection was all his idea...he wanted to tag with the best so people would think he was cool again. People didn't buy Mick Foley's books because it was written by Mick Foley. They bought it because it was written by The Rock's friend, [hillbilly voice]"whats his name again Tommy? Cactus Sack!"[/hillbilly] Well The Rock is sick...and tired...AND THE ROCK MEANS SICK...AND TIRED of Mick Foley using him because no one...AND THE ROCK MEANS NO ONE...uses The Rock. Now Coach...get the hell out of my face before I slap that stupid look off yours. Cause I got millions & millions of dollars to make outside of this stupid industry(HUGE BOOS!!)...

JR: That bastard!! King...that bastard just spit on this great company's legacy!! You leave Rocky...you leave & never come back!!

King: The Rock just made a HUGE mistake JR...I wonder what's going through the mind of Vince McMahon right now!

WWE Championship:

Kurt Angle© VS Big Show

Welllll it’s the Big Show! And his pyro explodes on the stage and above it as the Big Show makes his way out from the back as the Challenger in this huge WWE Championship Match! Show is still fatigued from his US Title match earlier in the night, having to do double duty. He already wrestled Smackdown’s best for 25 minutes earlier and now as he climbs into the ring will go up against Smackdown’s complete best for the richest prize in the game. Once Show is in the ring “Medal” Hits and Kurt Angle comes out onto the stage with the WWE Title around his waist. He walks halfway down to the ring and raises his arms in the air and his pyro goes off behind the stage and around it. Angle then keeps walking to the ring and climbs inside of it. He hands the belt off to Brian Hebner. Angle immediately begins taking it to Show by kicking his left knee and attacking it. Angle is like a pitbull in the early going, hitting the ropes behind Show and throwing chop blocks into Show’s left knee to take him down. Angle has a very intentional and methodic plan of attack. He goes for the Ankle Lock very early on Show but Show throws him with the weight of his leg across the ring. Angle skids to the bottom left corner.

Big Show gets to his feet and Angle comes running at Show and Show puts him down with a standing side kick that rocks Angle’s World! Show gets into the cover..1…2..kickout by Angle. Show picks Angle up and hurls him into the top left corner of the ring and lays in possibly the nastiest open palmed slap you’ll ever hear. Show then chucks Angle out of the corner with a huge hip toss except Show just throws him really. Show comes after Angle and picks him up and grabs him arm as he holds him in what looks like a reverse DDT position and Show steps over and drops a standing leg drop on Angle!! Driving the Champion to the mat and Show covers him..1…2…shoulder up! Show gets up and screams as he raises his hand into the air. He’s calling for the Showstoppa! Angle gets up and gets a gigantic goozle but Angle to get out of it, kicks Show’s left knee and picks the Ankle right into an Ankle Lock! Angle quickly wraps his legs around Show in a leg grapevine while holding onto the Ankle Lock. Show screams in agony and begins trying to drag Angle to the ropes. After about a minute in the Ankle Lock, Show gets to the ropes and Angle has to break the hold.

Angle gets up and begins stomping both his feet getting set for an Angle Slam. Show manages to get up very slowly as the big man is very fatigued. Angle gets under Show and screams as he lifts the big man up and drives him into the mat with a fairly sloppy Angle Slam and covers him, hooking the leg..1…2….kickout by Show pretty strongly. Angle gets a very frustrated look on his face as Show sucks wind and Angle grabs Show’s left ankle and yanks him back to the middle of the ring with all his strength and sinches on the Ankle Lock. Leg Grapevining Show again and Show screams in agony and this time he can do nothing but tap out after being in it for about a minute and a half and he couldn’t get to the ropes. Show taps out and “Medal” hits as Kurt Angle stands up and raises his arms into the air as he is handed the WWE Championship. Kurt Angle has retained the WWE Title against this Giant but he was fatigued to begin with..Kurt Angle had an unfair advantage going in but he took advantage of it!

(Kurt Angle retains against Big Show at 12:11)

No Disqualification Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:

Triple H© VS Randy Orton VS Batista

Batisa, the winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble, comes out to the biggest pop of the night, he appears looking very serious and is totally psyched for the biggest match of his career, he flexes at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring before entering and in turn posing on all of the turnbuckles before waiting for his opponents.

Randy Orton is next up and comes out as the crowd goes wild as he poses at the top of the ramp, he walks to the ring confident that the World Title will be coming home with him tonight and poses on the turnbuckle and then goes face-to-face with the man that cost him the World Title at Royal Rumble!

"Time to Play the Game" hits and The Game his here Triple H walks out with Ric Flair by his side with the World Title across his shoulder, Triple H walks down to the ring doing his usual entrance he points at both Batista and Orton and smirks before posing on the turnbuckle but Batista and Orton start going at it before the bell!

Rest of the Main Event is Below!

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Guest JoeJurevicius83

alright...right now we're working on RAW, which will be where the draft is held. That'll be mostly handled by Kapalua, as RAW is his show. Then after that its off to the brand specific shows with Jonny2003uk's SmackDown next in line.

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Guest JoeJurevicius83

hmmm...thats really weird...EWB must have just changed their maximum character limit after we posted it. Sorry about that...


No Disqualification Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Championship of the World

Triple H© VS Randy Orton VS Batista

Orton gets the advantage over Batista by using his speed to duck a clothesline by Batista, Triple H joins Orton as they decide to take down the biggest of the three, they whip him into the ropes but he comes back off with a big clothesline! Batista picks up Orton and takes him into the corner nailing him with shoulder blocks Triple H is about to come after him but Batista sends him into the corner with Orton and shoulder barges both of them! He slams Triple H to the mat but Orton attack Batista from behind, Orton then throws Batista through the ropes to the outside, Flair stomps on Batista but Batista shoots back up and points at Flair who runs away with Batista running after him, Triple H has gone to the outside after taking down Orton though and ambushes Batista with a chair! Triple H beats the monster with the chair grounding him but when he turns around Orton dives through the ropes onto Triple H!

Orton picks up Triple H and goes to whip him into the steel steps but Triple H reverses it and Orton goes flying into the steel steps, he then picks up Batista and rolls him into the ring and goes for the pedigree! But Batista powers out of it and backdrops Triple H! Batista picks up Triple H and is going to go for a Demon Bomb but Orton is up top and jumps and nails Batista with the Flying crossbodyblock! Orton makes the cover but Triple H stomps on the ref! Flair throws Triple H a sledgehammer and as Orton gets up he nails him with it! He sets him up for the pedigree and nails it! Batista is up and blocks a kick to the gut from Triple H and hits a massive lariat Batista is the only man standing when Ric Flair jumps onto the apron, Batista grabs the Nature Boy and pulls him into the ropes he hits the Spinebuster! He picks up Flair and hits a Demon Bomb! Batista goes to pick up Triple H but Triple H hits a low blow! He hits Batista with a knee lift before turning around to Orton....RKO! Orton hit the RKO! Orton covers the champ 1...2...Batista crushes Orton with a chair to the back! Batista waits for Orton to rise but Orton ducks another chair shot and kicks him in the gut before DDT'ing him on to the chair! Batista has been busted wide open!

Orton poses and waits for Triple H to get back up and runs at him but Triple H backdrops Orton to the outside! Flair has started to get back up and he stumbles right into an angry Batista! Flair drops to his knees, but Batista picks him up by the throat and drops him back down(think Baldo Bomb) Triple H has Orton on the outside and whips him into the barricade he picks up another steel chair and goes to hit Orton but it bounces off the barricade and busts Triple H open! Orton is down on the mat and Batista stomps on him he picks up Orton and drags him over to the announcer table he picks him up and powerbombs him through the table! Orton was just broken in half! A Holy Shit chant breaks out in the crowd as Batista poses on the apron..but Triple H hits him with a knee to the back which sends him flying into the KO'd Orton! Triple H has a sick grin on his face and goes out of the ring limping with his face covered in blood he picks up Orton and drags him into the ring, he falls on top of Orton and the ref makes the count 1...2...Ric Flair drags the ref out of the ring! The crowd goes wild with whoo chants! Triple H points at Flair and asks him what the hell he is doing! Flair is pumped up and replies with a "Whoooo" and punches Triple H! Triple H stumbles back and straight into an RKO! Orton notices Batista back in the ring and jumps up for the RKO but NO! Batista shoves him off the ropes and when he comes back he hits him with a massive Spinebuster Oh My God his his head just bounces off the mat! He covers 1...2...KICKS OUT! How the hell did Orton get the shoulder up! The fans go wild Batista can't believe it and drags Orton up and kicks him in the gut....DEMON BOMB!!! Batista covers Orton 1...2...3! Flair can't believe it! Flair's man didn't win! Batista is covered in blood as his music hits the PA! The referee gives Batista the title belt and he drops to his knees as his eyes swell up! He can't believe it he is the new World Heavyweight Champion! Triple H can't believe it he had the match won he runs after Flair who is hightailing it up the ramp! Batista has his arms raised in the corner and Orton has made his way to his feet he doesn't know what to do he had the title in his grasp and now its gone, Batista notices Orton is up and they stare at each other but Orton extends his hand and Batista accepts! The two former partners in Evolution hug in the middle of the ring before Orton makes his way to the back while Batista continues to celebrate in the ring! This is what Wrestlemania is all about!

[batista pinned Randy Orton at 26:32]

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Batista!

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We don't start with the normal intro video or hype from Wrestlemania 21...instead we start with Stephanie McMahon coming out with a microphone in hand and there are three podeums with shrouds over them as she comes walking out and begins talking.

Stephanie McMahon: I am sure you all wonder what I am doing back and out here on the night after one of the greatest events this company has ever put on. Well it's simple. Things are about to change and tonight is all about that. Change. Tonight you will see a Draft. Not unlike the one three years ago except tonight instead of two brands selecting 10 Wrestlers here on RAW. It will be...Three Brands Selecting Those wrestlers. Champions are not safe. Titles will go with the Champion to whatever show they are selected to. I am going to be running and owning one of these three entities. I am now the Sole Owner of Smackdown!

Stephanie pulls the shroud off the Smackdown Podeum which has been designated by a blue shroud. Stephanie then gets down to business.

Stephanie McMahon: Now to the business of selecting the Franchise player of the New Smackdown. Someone whom will lead my company to the top and leave all of the others in our wake..The World Heavyweight Champion..BATISTA!

The crowd pops as Batista comes out with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and he walks over to Stephanie McMahon and accepts the microphone as well as a Smackdown T-Shirt and puts it on before speaking.

Batista: I am honored Stephanie and I can promise you that I will represent your company..Smackdown as the best wrestling company in the World today as it's Champion!

"Here Comes The Money" hits and interrupts Batista speaking and he doesn't seem too pleased as Shane McMahon comes dancing out and quite honestly the crowd is very hot right now with all this going on and they wonder what Shane is going to say as he has a microphone in hand.

Shane McMahon: Well that's all good and great Batista but I can assure you that your Title won't be yours for long because before you were drafted to Smackdown. It was agreed that you will have to defend that Title in a rematch from Wrestlemania 21. It won't be against Randy Orton though. You will have to defend against Velocity's franchise player. Velocity will no longer be a second rate show. Because now it is headlined by the True Blue Chipper in this company and a 10 Time World Champion. A man that will bring the World Heavyweight Title to Velocity...TRIPLE H!!!

"The Game" Hits and Triple H in his usual well dressed attire comes walking out and accepts a Velocity T-Shirt from Shane McMahon as we can now see the unveiled Velocity podeum and Shane hands the microphone to Triple H and we now get to hear him speak.

Triple H: That's right and in reality I don't care what show I am on. RAW, Smackdown or Velocity. All I know is that tonight in that very ring. I am going to take on the Monster Batista and I am going to take my World Heavyweight Title back because I AM THE GAME...and I AM THAT DAMN GOOD!

Interruption #5 as now "No Chance in Hell" Hits and the crowd pops even louder and Vinny Mac makes his way out onto the stage and has a microphone in hand...he walks over and unveils the RAW Podeum and begins to talk.

Vince McMahon: That's all well and good but everyone seems to have forgotten the Flagship Brand as well as Vincent Kennedy McMahon. My two children might have the advantage of picking first but I will pick the best. Because I always come out on top. I have been behind and fighting my way to the top all my life and this will be no different. RAW's #1 Selection is going to be The Champion of all Champions. RAW Selects WWE Champion..Kurt Angle!

"Medal" hits and Kurt Angle comes out onto the stage with the WWE Championship around his waist and a microphone of his own in his hand

Kurt Angle: Thank you Mr. McMahon and I can assure you and all these RAW Fans that I will represent our company better than Triple H will of Velocity and Batista will of Smackdown. Because I have three things they do not. Integrity, Intelligence and Intensity!

We take our first commercial break with the three big stars of the three shows facing off with their respective owner behind them.

We come back from commercial break to find the McMahon's at their assigned "stations".

Stephanie: Now last night, my dad told every single WWE superstar that it was their last chance to impress us Brand Owners. Well one individual took that to NEW heights...he may have not one his match against Shawn Michaels...but I'd definately say he left a...lasting impression. And that man I am talking about...is the man on a mission...from Toronto Canada, Edge!!!!

The crowd boos as Edge walks out onto the stage. They still do the fog so you can see the 3 owners wiping it away from their face. Edge then gets handed his SmackDown T-shirt & cap. He puts them on with a sick smile on his face. The crowd boos as he walks to the back.

Shane: Well Steph...we havn't been seeing eye to eye lately, but I do have to agree with your style on the second pick. My second pick also moved up on my list last night. He may have been pinned, but he was pinned by Number One Overall Draft Pick. (crowd starts to catch on, so they pop) My second pick...the youngest World Champion in WWE history...Randy...ORTON!!!

The crowd pops as "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive plays. Randy Orton walks out slowly & cocky. He shakes hands with Shane before accepting his shirt & hat. He puts them on & then poses with Shane for a few pictures. He then starts to walk to the back, but stops & holds up his hand to the crowd to get one last pop before the heading to the back.

Vince: Well...I'm happy to say that for once all McMahons are in total agreement. Except this man has been impressing me long before WrestleMania. This man started making his mark at around this time last year, getting not one, but two wins over Shane's first pick, Triple H. This man...out of the University of Minnesota...Shelton Benjamin!!!

The crowd pops even louder than Orton's as Benjamin energetically walks out with his Intercontinental Championship. He heads over to Vince & goes to shake his hand, but Vince just ignores him. Benjamin takes his hat & puts his shirt on. He starts to walk to the back, but Vince stops him.

Vince: Shelton...you shouldn't be leaving just yet. Because last night Bischoff promised that you would face the consequences if you interfered with Edge's business. And you decided to anyways. And Bischoff may not have any power, but I will not let you disrespect authority on RAW as you did before. So that is why as we come back from commercial break, you will be defending that Intercontinental Championship yet again...against 4 opponents in a gauntlet match! Good luck.

Shelton looks on in disbelief as RAW goes to commercial.

Gauntlet Match for the Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin VS 4 Other Superstars

Benjamin is hopping in the ring as we wait to find out who his first opponent is. How Do You Like Me Now? It's Hardcore Holly! Benjamin gets ready as Holly slides into the ring. Right away he starts taking the fight to him. He then gains control, before Hardcore sinks low & rakes him in the eye. He then slows the match down & starts working on Benjamin's back. Elbows & sidewalks slams keep weakening the back of Shelton. Hardcore might actually win this thing. He lifts Benjamin up for the Falcon's Arrow when all of a sudden he drops him & gets a creeped out look on his face. What is that? The camera pans out to show The Big Show running to the ring! Oh my!!! He slides in the ring as Hardcore slides out. He then walks to the back, I guess the Intercontinental Championship doesn't mean too much to Hardcore. The referee starts counting him out. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10!!! Hardcore Holly is eliminated!

Benjamin has a smile on his face...that is until Big Show clotheslines Benjamin! What is this? Show tells the ref to ring the bell, which the ref does.

Vince: Your next opponent...The Big Show!!!

Oh, brilliant planning by Vince McMahon. Show lifts up Benjamin & just throws him into the corner. He is just manhandling him. Show lifts him up in a military press. He throws him to the outside!! Big Show then climbs outside & lifts Shelton up & drops him on the guard rail. He then pushes Benjamin's head back, stretching his chest. He then nails a HUGE knife edge chop. Oh my god that was brutal!! Benjamin falls down in pain. Show preps Shelton up & nails another one. The crowd is feeling the pain too. Show then chucks him into the ring post. Show then lifts him up & throws him back into the ring OVER THE TOP ROPE. That guy is huge!! Show climbs back into the ring. He lifts Benjamin up for the Final Cut. It'll be all over if he hits this. Shelton somehow twists out of it. He tries to kick the Big Show in the gut, but its caught. Benjamin's in trouble...wait no!! Dragon Whip!!! Big Show is reeling!! Benjamin reaches down deep & is SOMEHOW able to hit the T-Bone suplex on Show!!! 1...2...3!!!! He did it!! Benjamin eliminated The Big Show!! Amazing resiliency. The crowd cheers Benjamin as he starts to get up. Big Show gets up looking furious. Benjamin turns around into getting kicked in the gut. Alley Oop!!! Show slides out of the ring & starts walking to the back.

Maven now runs to the ring. He quickly pins Benjamin. 1...2...Benjamin kicks out. Maven can't believe it. He lifts up Benjamin, but gets nailed with T-Bone suplex!! 1...2...3!!! Just like that Maven loses ANOTHER Intercontinental title match!!! The crowd is laughing as Benjamin starts trying to get up. He finally gets to his feet when his next opponents theme music blares over the PA system.

Can You Dig It...Sucka?! The crowd boos as the newly turned heel, Booker T runs down to the ring. He slides in & gets in a fist fight with Benjamin. It goes back & forth until Booker hits a knee to Benjamin's gut. He throws Shelton into the corner. He climbs up on top of him & starts nailing rights. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...Booker then shows off to the crowd, but Benjamin starts walking out with Booker on him. Get ready for a powerbomb!! No...Booker drops down & uppercuts Benjamin. He tries to irish whip Shelton into the corner again, but Benjamin reverses it. Shelton charges & nails the Shelton Splash! He goes for the T-Bone suplex, but Booker counters out of it. He kicks him in the gut & goes for the Scissors Kick, but Benjamin stands up. Book falls down to the mat. Book sits up as Benjamin then bounces off the ropes & hits a dropkick to the back of Book's head. He then lifts up Booker & hits a german suplex. Benjamin climbs the top rope & signals for Booker T to get up. He's measuring the Bookerman up. He goes for the flying clothesline, but The 5 Time WCW champion telegraphs it until the Book End!! 1...2...Shelton JUST kicks out! How did he do that?! Book can't believe it. He does a spinaroonie to get up & then starts staring at his hand. Shelton starts getting up...Harlem Sidekick! No, Benjamin ducked it. T-Bone Suplex! 1...2...3!!! Benjamin did it!! He somehow survived the 4 man gauntlet to retain his Intercontinental Championship match! The ref hands Benjamin his belt as Shelton starts trying to get up. He's really tired from those four people, it must have took a lot out of him, but somehow he pulled out all the stops.

Vince: Hey...Hey...Shelton?! Why are you celebrating so early! This gauntlet isn't over yet. You only faced (mumbles to himself)one...two...three...four...(outloud)oh man. My bad, I must have miscounted. You have been competing in a FIVE man gauntlet. And I think it's time you faced your final opponent...

A familiar music hits the PA system. That music hasn't been played on WWE TV in over a year, but the fans immediately reckognize it, but it can't be true. It is!!! All of a sudden BROCK LESNAR walks out!!! Benjamin, who is bent over trying to catch his breath, can't believe it. He stands up & stares in disbelief. Then he changes his attitude & tells Lesnar to bring it on. Brock jumps on the apron & pyro goes off. He then climbs into the ring & both men immediately tie up. Lesnar throws Benjamin into the corner. Who tries to get up fast, but is too tired. Brock charges at him & nails a splash into the corner! He whips Benjamin into the ropes & hits a spinebuster. He lifts up Shelton, but gets pushed away. Benjamin tries to kick him, but again it's caught. DRAGON WHIP!! No...Lesnar ducked it!! He had it scouted! He knew him too well from back in College & OVW. Lesnar lifts Benjamin...it's time...F5!!! 1...2...3!!! We have a new Intercontinental Champion!!! And his name is BROCK LESNAR!! Nobody ever thought that he would be back...but here he is! Brock celebrates with the belt before climbing out of the ring. He walks up to the stage & over to Vince McMahon. He puts on Benjamin's T-Shirt & hat. He shakes hands with Vince & poses. Vince must have signed him to a RAW contract earlier in the show! That sneaky bastard. The referee helps up Benjamin who stares down Lesnar. He can't believe it...his former teammate came back in a setup to screw him out of the Intercontinental Title!

(Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Brock Lesnar)

RAW comes back once again to find the McMahons on the stage yet again.

Stephanie: Now as you all know, I drafted the World Champion earlier tonight, but he may lose his belt before the night is over. And SmackDown's WWE champion was already drafted so a championship belt is not guaranteed for SmackDown...but if it's not going to be guaranteed for SmackDown, it won't be guaranteed for anybody! Since the WWE championship was a property of SmackDown, and the rosters aren't finished drafting yet...it is only fair that I would get to put that title on the line. And I can't think of anyone better for Angle to defend his belt, than against my third round pick...Chris Jericho!!!

5...4...3...Y2J...Break The Walls Down! The crowd pops as Chris Jericho walks out onto the stage. He poses with Stephanie for some pictures before heading down to the ring. Apparently that match is going to be next!

Shane: Oh yay WWE Title Match! Jericho...Angle, should be a good match, but you guys both know that belt means nothing anymore. The WWE title is the lesser of the two belts, just like SmackDown is the lesser of the three brands. So you go have your WWE title match because after tonight, the Heavyweight Championship of the World, a belt that's been defended with HONOR and DIGNITY for decades will be on Velocity, the new Prime Time! And as a matter of fact...on the first Velocity we will see a have a great main event. Triple H will defend his World Championship in a steel cage against my third round pick, Rob...Van...Dam!!!

The crowd pops as RVD comes out. He's already wearing a Velocity T-Shirt and hat...I guess he knew where he was going when the night was started. He shakes hands and poses with Shane. He then taunts to the crowd before heading to the back. As he's heading to the back, Angle's music hits. He walks out and staresdown RVD. This goes on for a couple seconds before Angle walks past RVD, knocking him to the side. He then looks back at Shane before rubbing his belt and walking on. He slides into the ring. He throws off his bell, and he tells the ref to ring the bell.

Vince: Woah woah woah...I still have to make my pick. So fellow general mangers cross this next guy off your list because he's mine! That's Seton Hall University's own, Charlie Haas!!

Charlie Haas walks out and shakes Vince's hand. They do the whole thing before RAW goes to commercial.

WWE Championship:

Kurt Angle© VS Chris Jericho

RAW comes back from commercial and the match has already started. Angle has control. He has a hammerlock on Jericho. Y2J reverses out of it & tosses Angle to the outside. Angle holds onto the ropes & stands up on the apron. Jericho capitalizes on that by hitting a springboard dropkick on Angle to finish the job. He then climbs the top rope, waiting for Angle to get up. He then comes off the top rope with a flying cross body to the outside. He then throws Angle into the stairs before chucking him into the ring. He slides in and starts working on Angle's back. Angle then uses some dirty tactics to get the advantage. He works on Jericho's leg. He softens it up legally & illegally. He slides out of the ring & then Kurt pulls Chris towards him. He then slams Jericho's ankle into the ringpost. He works on this for pretty much the rest of the match until all of a sudden he feels it's time. Jericho is on the ground...Angle pulls down the straps. Here we go. He starts stalking Y2J. Angle Slam...no wait, Jericho drops out of it. He hits the flashback before going for the Lionsault. Angle moves out of the way, but Jericho still lands on his feet. He falls down, holding his ankle. It looks like he hurt something there. Angle doesn't care, he uses this opportunity to hit the Angle Slam! He then locks in the Ankle lock! He then drops down & puts the leg grapevine on too. Jericho is screaming in pain, but Angle doesn't care. There comes to a point where health is mroe important than just winning the match, but Kurt doesn't care!!! Jericho, just tap! Just tap! Y2J finally does!! It's over! Kurt Angle has retained his WWE championship, but at what cost? Angle walks up to the stage, where he high fives Vince McMahon & flashes a sick smile towards Shane & Stephanie. Kurt walks passed the EMT's without even caring. This guy has a twisted mean streak all of a sudden.

(Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Kurt Angle)

We come back to RAW with Vince, Stephanie and Shane back on the stage set to make their next picks for the fourth round!

Stephanie McMahon: For the fourth selection of the Smackdown Roster I am going to pick a man that is tough, charasmatic and most of all..He's Cool! Smackdown's 4th Round Pick is Carlito Caribbean Cool!

Carlito is seen reacting backstage with a big grin on his face as he won't be going anywhere..he'll be staying on smackdown and he's happy about it!

Shane McMahon: That's all fine and good Steph but the fact of the matter is. You neglected to see that the man that has one up on Carlito every step of the way. So Velocity is proud to select their fourth Round selection. The Doctor of Thuganomics...John Cena!

"Thuganomics 101" hits and John Cena comes out onto the stage and walks up to Shane McMahon shaking his hand and then asks for the microphone and he does receive.

Cena: Yo it's a pleasure and a honor to now be workin for you Shane O Mac.

But I gotta make one little ask before I go yo back!

I Want that little punk Carlito Carribean Cool.

So I can beat his ass in that ring one more time like a fool!

Shane McMahon: If you want it. You got it!

Then at this point Vince McMahon decides it's time to make his selection for the fourth round.

Vince McMahon: My Selection for the fourth round is a man that has been overlooked all his life and will not be overlooked any longer. The Former World Heavyweight Champion.."The Crippler" Chris Benoit!

Benoit seems pleased backstage as we cut to him and we take another quick break after that selection.

John Cena vs Carlito Caribbean Cool

Carlito's music hits and he comes out onto the stage and walks his way down to the ring, taunting the crowd and they boo him out of the building as he makes his way down to the ring. Once he is there "Thuganomics 101" hits as Carlito climbs into the ring. John Cena comes out onto the stage, getting all kinds of ruckus going in the building. He gets the crowd pumped as he makes his way down to the ring and then locks eyes with Carlito. Cena gets in the ring and he immediately begins mauling the hell out of Carlito. Carlito gains control after a minute with a poke to the eye. He follows it up with a sudden impactful DDT and covers Cena..1....2.kickout by Cena. Carlito picks Cena up and backs him into the top right corner of the ring and begins pounding right hands down on him. Cena reverses the position and begins laying those same right hands in on him. Cena then whips Carlito out of the corner as hard as he can and Carlito barrels into the far corner hard and goes down from the impact to his back.

Cena stalks behind Carlito as he tries to get up and Cena climbs to the second rope and sits on the top rope waiting for Carlito to stagger back to him. He does and Cena hits a perfect "Throwback" driving Carlito's face into the mat..1...2...kickout by Carlito! Cena picks Carlito up and kicks him in the gut to try for an F-U but Carlito drives his elbow down into his neck and knees him in the gut. Then Carlito puts Cena between his legs and drops him with a nasty piledriver!!! Carlito rolls Cena over and covers him hooking the leg..1...2...3! Carlito stands up and celebrates as Cena recovers from that nasty driving piledriver. Carlito celebrates to the back as we go to another commercial break.

(Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool)

Spike Dudley vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Title, Triple Threat Match

Spike's music kicks up and he makes his way out onto the stage and down to the ring to a decent response but nothing special..Once Spike is in the ring...Rey Mysterio's music hits and he catapaults out of the stage and lands on his feet to the joy of the crowd. He plays to them doing his poses. Then once Mysterio is in the ring...The hard tones of DMX hit and Billy Kidman makes his way out onto the stage to a chorus of boo's. He has the Cruiserweight Title around his waist as he makes his way down to the ring and climbs inside. The bell sounds once Kidman hands the belt off and immediately Spike and Mysterio attack Kidman to the approval of the crowd. Mysterio and Spike push Kidman to the ropes and they try for a double clothesline but Kidman ducks it and stops right afterwards and absolutely destroys Spike with a beautiful Dropkick to his jaw with full extension! Mysteroi gets on Kidman immediately with right hands and backs him into the bottom right corner and whips him across the ring. Mysterio runs into the corner and hits it hard. Kidman runs in after him but Mysterio basement dropkicks both of Kidman's knees. One foot to each knee so he takes a header into the second turnbuckle. Mysterio squirms out of the corner and backs up away from it. Then runs at it just to the right of Kidman and 619's him out of the corner!!!

Mysterio then goes to the top rope and goes for a West Coast Pop on Kidman but before Mysterio can take Kidman over and drive him down with it. Spike catches him in a neckbreaker position and they drop Mysterio with a Neckbreaker Powerbomb that destroys Mysterio and he rolls out of the ring!!! Kidman though quickly takes advantage of this and rolls Spike up as he gets up and gets his feet on the ropes as the referee counts..1....2....3!!! Are you kidding me! Kidman has stole this match and will retain the Cruiserweight Title! Kidman's theme hits and he is handed his Cruiserweight Title as he makes a speedy exit from the ringside area with his title!

(Winner and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman)

We come back from commercial break and we have the three McMahons once again on the stage and Stephanie McMahon begins by making Smackdown's fifth Pick!

Stephanie McMahon: I am picking one of the men on the WWE Roster whom is a legitimate monster and someone whom is always a viable contender to the World Heavyweight Title!...KANE!

We see Kane backstage and he leaves where he was standing and makes his way to the Smackdown locker room where the four other members of the roster to this point are. Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho and Carlito Caribbean Cool..though so far Jericho and CCC have been beat up a bit.

Shane McMahon: That's great Steph but I am going to pick someone whom has held a Major Championship more than just one night. I am going to pick the Five Time WCW Champion and Master of the Spinnarooni...BOOKER T!

Vince McMahon: That's all fine but my choice is someone whom is a proven commodity within the WWE and held the WWE Title for most of last year on Smackdown...John Bradshaw Layfield!!!

JBL comes out from the back and walks up to Vince McMahon and shakes his hand while his music plays..they shake and pictures are taken and now Vince speaks some more.

Vince McMahon: Now we will go back into a conference room in the back and decide the rest of the rosters between us in the same drafting fashion and will be released for you all to see before the Main Event!

The McMahons leave to the back to get started and the next match is up now!

Charlie Haas vs Edge

WWE United States Championship Match

Edge's music hits and the lights begin blaring on the stage as Alterbridge's theme for Edge plays and as his cue hits..the flames pyro explodes up from the stage (Sorry I happen to like that entrance better). Edge makes his way out onto the stage in his normal attire. He makes his way down to the ring as he will try to bring the United States Title home to Smackdown though I suspect he only cares about holding the belt for himself. Once Edge is in the ring, Charlie Haas's music hits and he has the United States Title around his waist. Haas comes down to the ring and climbs into the ring, handing the belt off to the referee.

The bell sounds and the slaughter begins. Edge is a man possessed in this match and controls the match from the get-go. Edge brawls Haas into a corner and stomps him until he cannot get up. Edge then picks him up and begins laying in hard knifedge chops. Edge then whips Haas across the ring and follows him in with an avlanche clothesline. Edge lets Haas stagger out of the corner and then hits the Edge-O-Matic on him..1...2..kickout by Haas. Edge picks Haas up and whips him to the ropes and catches him with his Half Nelson facebuster to the mat and covers him again..1...2...kickout by Haas again!

Edge stances back into a far corner waiting for Haas to get up and Edge runs as fast as he can at Haas as he gets up and spears him so hard he rolls out of the ring. Edge follows him out of the ring and has an almost homicidal look in his eyes as he grabs Haas and brings him up the ramp. He hits a vertical suplex on Haas on the steel ramp! Edge then picks Haas up and walks him up to the stage and hurls him into the RAW set. The referee at this point has counted them out and the match is thrown out which will surely make Stephanie McMahon displeased that Edge didn't get the job done tonight! Edge doesn't seem to care as he picks Haas up and EDGECUTION ONTO THE STEEL STAGE!!!! Haas gets planted and looks to be unconcious as Edge runs his hands through his hair and has that insane look in his eyes! We go to commercial break as Edge stands over the fallen US Champion!

No Contest

We come back to RAW & all of the McMahon's are now in the ring. Stephanie has the mic.

Stephanie: Alright...ladies & gentlemen listen up! We have the final rosters for each show, so look on the titantron or your TV screens at home to see who will be appearing on the new # 1 show in the WWE, SmackDown!!

SmackDown's Roster:



Chris Jericho

Carlito Cool


The Rock


Jim Ross

Paul Heyman

Val Venis

Hardcore Holly



Spike Dudley


Big Show

Rob Conway

Sylvan Grenier

Doug Basham

Danny Basham


Kenzo Suzuki


Al Snow

Daniel Puder

Scotty 2 Hottie

Amy Weber

Chris Masters

Garrison Cade

Howard Finkel

Chris Nowinski

Shane: Alright now...ladies & gentlemen...boys & girls...children of all ages! Get ready to check out who will be appearing on the new & improved Velocity on Saturday nights!!

Velocity's Roster:

Triple H

Randy Orton

Rob Van Dam

John Cena

Booker T

Rey Mysterio

Matt Hardy

Shawn Michaels

Eric Bischoff

The UnderTaker


Shannon Moore

Chavo Guerrero

Ric Flair

Stacy Keibler



Mark Jindrak


Dawn Marie


Stevie Richards

Orlando Jordan

John Hennigan

Matt Cappotelli


Jackie Gayda

Josh Matthews

Matt Morgan


Torrie Wilson

Vince: And look once again to see who will be on the Flagship Brand of WWE...Monday Night RAW!!

RAW's Roster:


Shelton Benjamin


Chris Benoit


Eddie Guerrero

Gene Snitsky

Michael Cole


Muhammed Hassan

Paul London


Khosrow Daivari


Simon Dean

Rene Dupree

William Regal



Luther Reigns

Jerry Lawler


Tyson Tomko

Christy Hemme

Mark Henry



Joy Giovanni

Lillian Garcia


Molly Holly


Vince: Except...those rosters aren't quite final. You see, in the back, when we were drafting all our rosters we had a Draft Day trade. You see RAW is a brand of Winners...not Losers. That is why I traded away Shelton Benjamin to Velocity for Matt Hardy & Tajrii! So good riddance Shelton...and Eric, now you'll be able to give Benjamin ALL the consequences you want!

"Ain't No Stoppin Me Now!!" The crowd pops like crazy as Shelton Benjamin walks out on the stage.

Benjamin: Woah woah woah...what?! Traded to Velocity?!

Vince: Yes, you heard m...

Benjamin: Shut up you old bag! (HUGE POP) You know damn well that there is a rematch clause in my contract & that can never happen as long as I'm on a different brand than Brock!!!

Vince: Yes I do know...and you see Benjamin. You see...Brock's a more managable champion then you are. He has more draw power...I mean come on, we both know that. The closest thing we've had to a black WWE champion was The Rock!(crowd is in shock by that statement...Benjamin is getting pissed) And we all saw what happened with him.

Benjamin: We'll see about that right now!

Benjamin starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Vince: Woah woah...slow down there champ. Or should I say...former champ? You're no longer a RAW superstar so you have no business being here. Security, please escort this man out of the building.

The crowd boos as security guards come out and take Benjamin to the back. The camera then shows Lesnar standing alone with a RAW shirt on with his newly won Intercontinental Championship belt on his shoulder. He has a poker face on...you can't tell if he's happy or mad about Vince's decision!

World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista© VS Triple H

This is it...this match will decide to which brand the World Heavyweight Championship will go to. Shane & Stephanie take a seat at ring side in each one of their wrestlers corners. It's Time to Play the Game! Triple H is the first one out. He is all business tonight. He hops onto the apron & takes a big sip of water before throwing his bottle into the crowd. He then spits it up into the air before ripping off his Velocity t-shirt. Shane McMahon stands up & claps as Triple H walks around the ring. Batista's music hits & the new WWE champion walks out to a HUGE pop. He gets on the stage & starts taunting to the crowd when a HUGE splash of pyro goes off. Batista then walks down to the ring with a standing ovation from Stephanie McMahon. He gets in the ring & stares Triple H down. The music cuts and the bell rings. The two tie up, before Batista shoves Triple H into the corner. Triple H doesn't look intimidated. He walks back into the center & they tie up again. Triple H locks in a side headlock, but gets shot off into the ropes. He tries to shoulder block Batista, but Batista just absorbs the blow. Triple H launches off the ropes again, but runs into one of those jaw dropping spine busters!! Batista lifts up Triple H & tosses him into the corner. He then just starts to beat on him. You can tell these 2 men are feeling the effects of their match last night, but are still giving it their all. He then whips The Game into the other corner. The Game spills to the outside of the ring.

Batista climbs out of the ring & starts beating on Triple H. He lifts him up & drops him on the guardrail. Stephanie gets up from her seat & starts cheering on Batista. Batista suplexes Triple H, before distracting the ref. Stephanie takes this opportunity to slap her ex husband! Shane quickly runs & starts arguing with Stephanie. He's trying to pull her back, but she's trying to fight her way out of his grip. The ref sees this and tries to separate the two. Ric Flair runs down to the ring! He jumps Batista from behind. He wants the World Championship to go to Velocity! He throws him into the stairs. He then measures him up & hits a right hand. Batista doesn't even flinch. The monster then decks the Nature Boy!! The ref finally breaks up Stephanie & Shane before coming back over by Triple H & Batista. Batista throws HHH back into the ring & tries to follow, but Flair holds onto his foot. He gets kicked off. Batista then comes into the ring & lifts up The Game. He hits a pump handle slam. Batista lifts The Game up...Batista Bomb!!! Flair jumps on the apron before the ref can see the pinfall. Batista gets up pissed off and starts screaming for the ref to turn around. Randy Orton hops out of the crowd & grabs the title belt. He slides into the ring & clocks Batista with it!! He tosses it of the ring before extending his arm. He's calling for it...RKO!!! He slides out of the ring & hops the guard rail & hides behind it as Flair jumps off the apron. Triple H starts stirring. He covers Batista. No!! Not this way!! 1...2...Batista kicks out!!! How did he do it?! Triple H must have took too much time!!

Triple H then uses the ropes to get up before he starts trying to collect himself. He lifts up Batista with the little strength he has left before hooking up for the Pedigree! He hits it!! It's all over now!! The strap is heading to saturday nights!! 1...2...the ref gets pulled out of the ring!! It's Chris Jericho!! He slides in the ring & floors the Game with a right hand. Lionsault!! Orton slides in the ring & starts brawling with Jericho. Nature Boy joins the fray, but Edge comes out. It's a 2 on 2 SmackDown VS Velocity brawl before Charlie Haas slowly runs his way out. He slides in and immediately goes after Edge. He wants revenge for earlier tonight! Chris Benoit decides, what the hell, he joins the brawl to make it 2 on 2 on 2!! Shortly after the whole locker room empties!! They all come on out lookin for a fight!! JBL, Eddie Guerrero, Kane, Carlito Cool, John Cena, Booker T, Gene Snitksky, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, The Dudleyz, Big Show, Hardcore Holly, Rhyno, Brock Lesnar Rob Van Dam, they're all out here!! This is crazy!! Everywhere you look is a fight!! There goes the World Championship match!

The lights all of sudden go out. What now?! What's this?! The gong goes off AND THE CROWD GOES NUTS!! A purple light goes over the ring. It's completely foggy. You can't see a thing. It starts to clear to show that Undertaker is the only man in the ring, and he's on one knee with his arm extended. He gets up & raises the lights back up, right before he joins the brawl! Some of the people are starting to get knocked out of it. Some are climbing up the stage. Cena has Carlito...woah hang on!! FU off the stage!!! Cena brushes the dirt off his shoulder before turning around into a GORE OFF THE STAGE!! Rhyno put his body on the line to take out Cena! The UnderTaker starts brawling with Heidenreich throughout the crowd. Batista, Orton & Triple H are still fighting in the ring! Angle, Booker & Jericho are also in the ring fighting. Brock Lesnar is on the outside just taking out everything in site. He grabs Chris Nowinski & F5's him into the ring post!!! That's what put Cena out of action in 2003!! Orton & Triple H double suplex Batista. Orton holds Batista up as Triple H grabs the title belt. He charges, but Batista ducks & Triple H nails Orton!!! Lesnar slides out of the ring as Booker nails a Harlem Sidekick on Jericho to the outside. He turns around into an F5 to the outside!

Brock Lesnar stands tall as everyone else in the whole arena practically is out of it! Triple H, Batista & Angle are lying in the ring as Brock stands tall over all of them. His music hits as he shows off to the crowd. What a return night for Brock! Wait a minute...look who just came through the crowd...it's Shelton Benjamin!! He slides in & stands behind Brock with a BIG smile on his face. The crowd pops as Lesnar sees Benjamin on the titantron. He tries to turn around quickly, but gets nailed with the T-Bone Suplex!! He wasn't quick enough!! Benjamin gets up & starts telling Lesnar to get up as Brock rolls out of the ring. Angle gets up & quickly nails an Angle Slam to Benjamin! Shelton rolls out of the ring as Angle turns around. He sees Triple H & Batista get up. All three of them quickly get in fighting position, but nobody attacks. They all stand up straight & stare at eachother as RAW goes off the air.

(No Decision)

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Guest JoeJurevicius83

sorry about the long wait for RAW. But it's finally posted, and now the spotlight is on Jonny & his Inaugural SmackDown. Then we'll go onto the show that EVERYBODY is waiting for...Shane McMahon's Velocity!! The World title may not be with Velocity, but we'll still have that main event.

Main Event - Steel Cage Match:

Triple H VS Randy Orton

Also, rumor has it that Shane McMahon will be making a ground breaking announcement, which in turn will have an effect on the new Premiere Brand of Sports Entertainment: Velocity: Prime Time

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user posted image

Main Eventers

Kurt Angle (WWE Champion)

Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero

Brock Lesnar (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Upper Midcarders


John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Charlie Haas (WWE United States Champion)


Eugene Dinsmore

Luther Reigns

Tyson Tomko

Matt Hardy


Gene Snitsky

Rene Dupree

William Regal

Lower Midcarders

Billy Kidman (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)



Molly Holly

Muhammad Hassan

Paul London

Mark Henry

Simon Dean


Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion)

Other Members of RAW Roster

Joy Giovanni

Christy Hemme

Khosrow Daivari (Hassan's Manager)

Mick Foley (To Be Determined How He Will Be Used)

RAW Preview will be up soon.

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Guest JoeJurevicius83

user posted image



Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

The UnderTaker


Shelton Benjamin

Booker T

John Cena

Rey Mysterio

Rob Van Dam


Chavo Guerrero


Mark Jindrak

Orlando Jordan



Matt Cappotelli

John Hennigan

Josh Matthews

Shannon Moore

Matt Morgan


Stevie Richards


Jackie Gayda

Stacy Keibler


Dawn Marie

Torrie Wilson


The Coach



Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair


The McMahons have been known for taking something and making it great. Now it's time for third generation owner Shane McMahon to follow in the footsteps of his father & grandfather. Shane has promised to deliver the goods on the first ever Velocity: Prime Time!

He has talked about starting things off with a bang. He claims that the night will open up with a ground breaking announcement regarding the whole Velocity brand.

Also, a four corners tag team elimination match will be for the World Tag Team Championship! It will be The Hurricane & Rosey defending their titles against Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio, Mark Jindrak & Orlando Jordan and Tough Enough III winners, Matt Cappotelli & John Hennigan. Both members of the team have to be eliminated so this should turn out to be a good one!

On RAW, Shane signed a steel cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The title may have not made it to Velocity, but that will not stop Triple H or Randy Orton as they have both decided to go on with their steel cage match to settle this rivalry once and for all.

John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Ric Flair, and all of the other great Velocity superstars will be in the house!! So don't forget to tune into the Inaugural Velocity: Prime Time this saturday, 8:00 PM EST on FOX!

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Note: For TV Show's Main Events will be written out in full however the other matches will be summaries.


Stephanie McMahon's music hits the PA and the owner of Smackdown makes her way to the ring.

Stephanie: Hello all you people out there, I am BACK! Tonight is a very special night because we will have a tryout match next, we also have the Dudley Boyz defending their tag titles against a mystery tag team!

Stephanie: Now on to the biggest item of them all we as the strongest brand have the future of the business and World Champion Batista! CROWD POPS

Stephanie: But as well all know every world champion needs a No.1 Contender and seeing as this is a new era in the WWE I believe in giving all comers a chance so why not decide the No. 1 Contender right here tonight in Tacoma, Washington in a 20-Man Over-The-Top Royal Rumble style match-up!

Stephanie: But first up I am giving a try-out match to maybe the first new signing in this new era of Smackdown and he will be facing Spike Dudley!

Spike Dudley vs ??????

Spike Dudley walked down to the ring to a small pop ever since the Dudley turned face it seems like Spike has been totally out of the spotlight and is back to cannon fodder, Spike slaps a few hands on his way to the ring and waits for his opponent.

Some unfamiliar music hits and a unknown man storms out to the ring the announcer announces him as Low Ki and the smarks in the crowd cheer a sign of approval, Low Ki rolls in to the ring and stands up on a turnbuckle and looks around.

Spike and Low Ki run at each other from the get-go exchanging fists but Low Ki gets the advantage and Spike Dudley falls in to the ropes and when he springs off is beheaded by a big kick from Low Ki! Spike was totally out of it already! Low Ki posed in the ring for a second before grabbing Spike's head and kicking the living hell out of him! Low Ki picked Spike back up and sent Spike into the corner he ran at him and he somersaulted into Spike foot first, Spike hit the mat face first and Low Ki signalled for the end, Low Ki lifted up Spike....Ki Krusher! Low Ki covered 1...2...3! Afterwards Low Ki looked at Spike and threw him over the top rope to boos!

Low Ki beat Spike Dudley at 1:34 with a Ki Krusher.

"Get the Tables" hits the PA!

The Dudley Boyz music hits and they chase off Low Ki! D-Von goes back to Spike and checks on him while Bubba Ray Dudley grabs the microphone!

Bubba: Once Again we rightfully have the Tag Team Belts! This time we ain't losing them to some french freaks either! Not too those goddamn Bashams either so Stephanie McMahon makes us defend our titles against a mystery tag team? Well me and D-Von are the best damn team in the business and all I can say is Bring It! So we can kick your ass all over Tacoma!

D-Von: Oh Testify!

Some unfamiliar music hits and Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo come through the curtains! These two former tag champs have returned! Both Men run to the ring and go straight at it with their opponents.

Dudley Boyz vs Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo

Stamboli and D-Von fight it out on the outside as Bubba and Palumbo go at it in the ring, Palumbo used underhand tactics to get the advantage of the match and dragged Bubba in to the corner, he pounded him with big rights opening up a cut on Bubba's eye! Stamboli and Palumbo continued to cut the ring in half as D-Von begged for a tag and eventually got it! D-Von charged in and took out both of his opponents with clotheslines and a big bodyslam to Palumbo, the numbers came caught up on the Dudleyz again and Palumbo took out D-Von with a jungle kick but the cover was saved by Bubba around the 5 minute mark Doug and Danny Basham made their way to the ring with steel chairs and attacked both teams but soon it turned into a 3-team brawl as the referee ruled the match a no contest! La Resistance the other tag team in the division where not going to be left out and they soon hit the ring as all 4 teams fight it out as we go to a commercial break! When they come back we are shown a video clip of what went on during the break where Doug Basham got 3-D'd through a table!

Dudley Boyz No Contest with Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli at 5:41

As the ring is emptied we soon here "Out of My Way" by Seether that Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder is now using he makes his way to the ring and picks up the mic as this cocky young man is boo'd for the way he has acted over the last couple of months showing numerous veterans of the sport no respect.

Puder: All you people can shut the hell up! I am the Tough Enough Champion and as soon as I pick this mike up then you should show me the respect I deserve and keep your redneck mouths shut! I am the greatest ever wrestler to grace this god forsaken place but I'm not here to waste my time talking about a piece of crap town in the great USA, I am here to call out a certain Batista who thinks he is the real champion well for 3 months I have been here and I have not been given one title shot in this whole time, I have kicked everyone's ass so Batista if your so bad ass why don't you put that new title on the line tonight and I'll show you how much of a monster you are when I lock you in the keylock and make you tap out like a little girl!

It doesn't take much longer for Batista's music to hit and he comes out in his wrestling gear with a mic in hand!

Batista: You want to mess with me tonight? Well how about we get it on.....RIGHT NOW!

Batista walks to the ring as the crowd pops at this World Title Match! Puder doesn't look to ready and he runs for Batista straight away!

Batista vs Daniel Puder with the World Heavyweight Title on the line!

Puder attacks Batista right from the start but the monster just shrugs it off and clotheslines the youngster straight down to the mat! He picks up Puder with a choke hold and lifts him up before throwing to the other side of the ring! Puder is against the turnbuckle and Batista charges him but Puder slides out of the way!

Puder dropkicks Batista and hits him with three chops but Batista reverses the situation and clubs the hell outta Puder! Batista sends him into the ropes.....Spinebuster! Batista signals for the end and picks up Puder....DEMON BOMB! Batista puts his foot on Puder's chest 1...2...3. This match is over before it even got started!

Batista def. Daniel Puder with a Demon Bomb at 0:57

Batista looks at Puder and smirks he shouts at Puder calling him a punk and lifts him up for a powerbomb but he carries him over to the ropes and throws him out of the ring!

A Holy Shit chant breaks out as the crowd cheers their approval of Batista who just picks up his title and walks to the back as a bunch of EMT's run from the back to help a broken and bloodied Puder who is seen coughing up blood!

We go backstage where Mark Lloyd is standing by with a man who is one of the clear favourites for the Battle Royal tonight in Big Show.

Lloyd: Big Show next up you have a chance to get another World Title shot if you win the battle royal but after fighting in two matches at Wrestlemania are you 100 percent for this monumental match?

Show: Well Mark, Look at me even if I was at 10 percent I am still the biggest and best man in that ring and I don't care If I have to break every body in those 19 men's bodies I shall do anything to win that match and then I will get another chance to become World Champion, I mean look at me I'm the biggest man in Sports Entertainment!

Lloyd: Well there's no doubting that but what are your opinions of Hardcore Holly who many believe cost you the US Title after attacking you and causing you to injure your hand before the World Title match when you put your hand through his car window.

Show: Hardcore Holly? I don't give a damn about that little punk and tonight he will face the same consequences as those other 19 guys that I pick up and throw their asses to the outside cause tonight I am more determined than ever and tonight I will finish the night as No.1 Contender by any means neccesary!

Lloyd: Well it looks like Show is ready for tonight and the question on everyone's mind is will anyone be able to dump him over the top rope? Back to the ring for the Main Event!

20 Man Mini-Rumble, 1 entrant every 2 minutes. (Summary at the bottom if you dont want to read the whole match.)

We await the first entrant to the match and its none other than La Resistance's Slyvain Grenier!

"Break The Walls Down" hits the PA and the crowd erupts as Chris Jericho is No.2!!!

Grenier and Jericho tie up and Grenier takes the advantage with a takedown before stomping on Jericho and throws him over the top rope but Jericho Skins the cat!

Jericho comes off the ropes and takes down Grenier with a big clothesline before picking him up and attempting to slam Grenier out of the ring but Grenier responds with a poke in the eye!

Grenier is choking out Jericho as the countdown begins 5...4...3...2...1!

Its Rhyno he charges in to the ring and GORE! Grenier was snapped in half!

He beats down on the former tag champ but he is soon blindsided by Jericho who attacks him from behind! Jericho picks up Rhyno and attempts to get him over the top, but Rhyno is no pushover and powers himself back in to the ring,

Grenier is still down on the mat from the gore but the countdown begins again, 5...4...3...2...1!

"How Do You Like Me Now?" hits and Hardcore Holly runs down to the ring! Grenier attempts a clothesline but Holly ducks...ALABAMA SLAM!

Holly poses to the crowd he then goes and helps Jericho who is still trying to eliminate the man beast Rhyno, they send him into the ropes but Rhyno comes back off with a flying double clothesline and all men are down and out!

5...4...3...2...1! Its Kane!

Kane charges into the ring as Slyvain Grenier is just getting up from the alabama slam and turns around.....CHOKESLAM! Kane picks up the lifeless Grenier and tosses him out!

Kane stalks his next victim who is Hardcore Holly and grabs him by the throat! Jericho then gets up and is grabbed by the throat...DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!

Where has Rhyno gone though? Kane turns around.....GORE!!! But Kane got straight back up and levels Rhyno with a clothesline!

5...4...3...2...1! Its Carlito Carribean Cool!

Carlito runs in as Kane is backing Hardcore Holly into a corner and takes out the big man's knee! Carlito laughs as he and Holly continue to beat down on the big red machine while Rhyno and Y2J battle it out amongst themselves which sees Jericho hanging on to the ropes with Rhyno pushing him with his boots.

Kane has finally got up and is fighting Carlito after breaking Holly in half with a sidewalk slam when the buzzer hits "Weeeellll, Well its the Big Show!"

Show storms to the ring and hits Hardcore Holly with a big boot! Show picks up the man that cost him the US Title and puts him in the gorilla press position and throws him out!

Kane has beat down Carlito down in the corner and turns round and points at Show! The two men walk forward and stare each other down!

Kane and Show exchange lefts and right with noone getting an advantage while the buzzer goes off and its.....Doug Basham! Basham runs to the ring and goes at it with Jericho while Carlito and Rhyno rest in seperate corners.

Show gets the advantage as he has the size advantage as they push into the ropes and choke each other out not caring about the rest of the in ring action as....Akio makes his way to the ring!

Akio runs in and takes a shot at everyone before going after Kane! But Kane grabs him and throws him over the top rope! Doug Basham is picked up by Big Show and is thrown over the top rope aswell! Show and Kane are fighting and are both hanging over the top rope but Rhyno and Carlito Carribean Cool use the big men's weight against them and dump them over the top rope!

Carlito and Rhyno go at it with each other as the countdown counts down and number 10 is...Val Venis! Val Venis chooses the man that's been in the longest and begins to beat down on Jericho with all four men brawling throughout the 2 minutes the buzzer hits to mark the entry of....Scotty 2 Hotty!

Scotty 2 Hotty levels Carlito with a clothesline and stands over him before signalling for the Worm! He hops around but halfway through the hops Jericho grabs him by the hair and waist and flings him over the top rope! The fighting continues as Rhyno is now with Venis and Jericho with Carlito what a war we have here! The Countdown goes down and its....Rob Conway!

Conway charges into the ring and levels Rhyno with a DDT but Venis clubs him in the back before Jericho and Carlito come over and attempt dump Rhyno over the top rope but he hangs on and rolls under the bottom rope as the countdown hits 0....Maven!

Maven walks slowly to the ring and looks for his next move grabbing Venis by the ankle and dumping him over as he attacked Jericho! Venis is furious and shouts at Maven who stands and laughs but Jericho runs behind him and dunks him over aswell! Venis points and laughs at Maven who attacks and the two men brawl all the way to backstage! Jericho is exhausted and in a heap along with Carlito and Rhyno who have all been in a long time and sit in each corner getting a breather who is next......Viscera! The one man they all didn't want!

Viscera walks to the ring and is the biggest man left in the match but as soon as he gets in all 3 men jump him and beat him down but he powers back clotheslining Jericho over the top but he hangs in and press-slamming Carlito! He whips Rhyno into the corner....AVALANCHE! Rhyno was crushed! Viscera roars in the middle of the ring and next in is....Chris Master!

The youngster slides in to the ring and charges at Viscera rocking the big man a little he goes for a clothesline but Viscera catches him and hits a big spinebuster! Viscera picks up the down and out rookie and dumps him over the top! Viscera turns around and all men charge the big man into the corner! All three men give all they've got and beat down the big man causing him to fall on his ass as the buzzer hits for No. 18...EDGE!

Edge runs into the ring and waits in the corner! SPEAR to Jericho! He grabs Carlito...Edgecution! Rhyno continues to beat down on Viscera in the corner but Edge sneaks up behind him and throws him out of the ring! Edge laughs and goes after Jericho but Rhyno rolls back into the ring and shouts to Edge who turns around.....GORE! Rhyno goes back up the ramp satisfied with the damage he's casued as all 4 are laid out as the countdown goes down...Danny Basham!

Basham runs to the ring and stomps on all four but Jericho nips up and levels Basham with a clothesline, Carlito hits him with the DDT! Rhyno runs up....GORE!!! Viscera picks him up and hits the.....SPINEBUSTER! Basham should have known not to piss these guys off! Jericho comes off the ropes with the LIONSAULT the fans go wild and Jericho picks up Basham and dumps him over! The Countdown ticks down as the last entrant makes his way and its.....Al Snow!

Snow runs to the ring with a small "Head" chant, he looks at Edge, Carlito and Jericho and they nod to each other and beat down on Viscera! The Big man puts up some effort but can't fight off all four and they eventually push him over the top rope to the outside! The Final Four! The two faces are in one corner and the heels in the other, they both charge at each other and Jericho is taken down by a big DDT from Edge! Snow has the advantage against Carlito but Edge attacks him from behind and with that Edge and Carlito dump him over the top rope! Carlito is laughing and goes to shake Edge's hand but Edge grins and kicks Carlito before dumping him over the top rope!

Its down to Edge and Jericho! One of these men will be facing Batista this month and Basista has made his way down to watch the match! Both men get up and are slugging away at each other! Jericho gets the advantage hitting a flying lariat but when he goes to pick up Edge he gets a low blow! Edge goes to throw Jericho out and succeeds but NO! Only one foot hits the floor and Jericho slides back in ala. HBK. Edge is celebrating on the other side of the ring and Jericho dropkicks him from behind! Edge tumbles out and he can't believe it, he thought he had won the match! Jericho was number 2 in this match and has outlasted the rest to win the No.1 Contendership!

Chris Jericho eliminated Edge at 40:21 to win No.1 Contendership.

Jericho is celebrating in the ring and Batista has made his way into the ring! Both men stare each other down before Batista applauds Jericho! Batista smirks as Jericho points at the World Heavyweight Title on Batista's shoulder saying that the belt will be his soon enough and the first Smackdown of the draft goes off the air with Batista face-to-face with Jericho!

Summary of the Mini-Rumble


1 Sylvain Grenier

2 Chris Jericho

3 Rhyno

4 Hardcore Holly

5 Kane

6 Carlito Carribean Cool

7 Big Show

8 Doug Basham

9 Akio

10 Val Venis

11 Scotty 2 Hotty

12 Rob Conway

13 Maven

14 Kenzo Suzuki

15 Chris Nowinski

16 Viscera

17 Chris Masters

18 Edge

19 Danny Basham

20 Al Snow

Time Summary of who was in the ring etc,

2 Mins - Grenier and Jericho

4 Mins - Grenier, Jericho and Rhyno

6 Mins - Grenier, Jericho, Rhyno and Holly

Kane eliminates Grenier

8 Mins - Kane, Jericho, Rhyno and Holly

10 Mins - Carlito, Kane, Jericho, Rhyno and Holly

Big Show eliminates Holly

12 Mins -Show, Carlito, Kane, Jericho, Rhyno.

14 Mins - Show, Carlito, Kane, Jericho, Rhyno and Doug Basham

Kane eliminates Akio

Show eliminates Doug Basham

Rhyno and Carlito eliminate Show and Kane!

16 Mins - Carlito, Jericho and Rhyno

18 Mins - Venis, Carlito, Jericho and Rhyno

Chris Jericho eliminates Scotty 2 Hotty

20 Mins - Venis, Carlito, Jericho and Rhyno

22 Mins - Venis, Carlito, Jericho and Conway

Maven Eliminates Val Venis

Jericho Eliminates Maven

Rhyno Eliminates Conway

24 Mins - Jericho, Carlito and Rhyno

Carlito eliminates Kenzo

26 Mins - Jericho, Carlito and Rhyno

Rhyno eliminates Nowinski

28 Mins - Jericho, Carlito and Rhyno

30 Mins - Viscera, Jericho, Carlito and Rhyno

Viscera eliminates Chris Masters

32 Mins - Viscera, Jericho, Carlito and Rhyno

Edge eliminates Rhyno(Rhyno comes back in GORE!!!)

34 Mins - Viscera, Edge, Jericho and Carlito

Jericho eliminates Danny Basham

36 Mins - Viscera, Edge, Jericho and Carlito

38 Mins - Viscera, Edge, Jericho, Carlito and Al Snow

Edge, Jericho, Carlito and Snow eliminate Viscera

Edge eliminates Snow

Edge eliminates Carlito

Jericho eliminates Edge!

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user posted image

Preview of the New Monday Night RAW!

This is the start of new beginnings and tonight we will find out who will be the #1 contender to Kurt Angle's WWE Title but we have no idea whom it will be.

We will also see so much more than that. Paul London's issues with Billy Kidman over the last five months have not ended and tonight London will try to earn himself a Title Match when he takes on Tajiri for #1 Contendership

Brock Lesnar took the Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin last week and tonight he will defend against whomever answers the open challenge he has put out.

All these matches as well as Charlie Haas, Christian, JBL, Gene Snitsky and many more will be live on the NEW Monday Night RAW!

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