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WWE - From Royal Rumble On


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The backstory, well there isn’t one. This is just the WWE. No fancy Young kids coming in and showing Vinne Mac what he has to do to bring WWE back to glory. No Online winning applications. None of that just one thing, The WWE. There will be the shows, the previews and the odd extra feature every one or two TEW weeks.


It’s February now and at the end of January was Royal Rumble. What happened…

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Royal Rumble

Shawn Michaels def. Edge

Undertaker def. Heidenreich

JBL def. Big Show, Kurt Angle

HHH def. Randy Orton by DQ After Batista ran in and attacked HHH

Chris Jericho won the Royal Rumble

Well, now it begins!

Hope you enjoy!

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Note: Jack, It will be in the first show.

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WWE Roster

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Main Eventers

Chris Benoit (Face)

Shawn Michaels (Face)

The Rock (Face) – (Away Doing Movies Will Make Rare Appearances)

Triple H (Heel) – (World Heavyweight Champion)

Upper Mid-Carders

Batista (Tweener)

Chris Jericho (Face)

Christian (Heel)

Edge (Heel)

Kane (Tweener)

Randy Orton (Face)

Ric Flair (Heel)

Shelton Benjamin (Face) – (Intercontinental Champion)


Eugene (Face) – (Out With Knee Injury)

Gene Snitsky (Heel)

Matt Hardy – Face – (Out With Knee Injury)

Maven (Heel)

Rhyno (Face)

Rob Conway (Heel) – (One Half Of The Tag Champs)

Sylvain Grenier (Heel) – (One Half Of The Tag Champs)

Tajiri (Face)

The Hurricane (Face)

Tyson Tomko (Heel)

Viscera (Heel)

William Regal (Face)

Lower Midcarders

Lance Cade (Heel) – (Out With Knee Injury)

Lita (Face) – (Out With Knee Injury)

Molly Holly (Heel)

Muhammad Hassan (Heel)

Rosey (Face)

Simon Dean (Heel)

Steven Richards (Face)

Trish Stratus (Heel) – (Women’s Champions)

Val Venis (Face)

Victoria (Face)


Khosrow Daivari (Heel)

Authority Figure

Eric Bischoff (Tweener)


Candace (Face)

Christy Hemme (Face)

Mick Foley (Face)

Rochelle (Tweener)

Stacy Keibler (Face)


Al Snow (Heel)

Jerry Lawler (Face)

Jim Ross (Face)

Jonathan Coachman (Heel)


Marc Lloyd (Face)

Maria (Face)

Todd Grisham (Face)

user posted image


Main Eventers

Eddie Guerrero (Face)

Kurt Angle (Tweener)

The Undertaker (Face)

John Bradshaw Layfield (Heel) – (WWE Champion)

Upper Mid-Carders

Booker T (Face)

John Cena (Face) – (US Champion)

Rob Van Dam (Face) – (Out With Knee Injury)

Big Show (Face)


Bubba Ray Dudley (Heel)

Carlito Carribean Cool (Heel) – (Separated Shoulder)

Charlie Haas (Tweener)

Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Face)

Daniel Puder (Tweener)

D-Von Dudley (Heel)

Hardcore Holly (Face)

Kenzo Suzuki (Heel)

Luther Reigns (Heel)

Rene Dupree (Heel)

Rey Mysterio (Face)

Lower Midcarders

Akio (Heel)

Billy Kidman (Heel)

Danny Basham (Heel) – (One Half Of The Tag Champions)

Doug Basham (Heel) – (One Half Of The Tag Champions)

Funaki (Face) – (Cruiserweight Champion)

Jesus Aguilera (Heel)

Heidenreich (Heel)

Mark Jindrak (Heel)

Nunzio (Heel)

Orlando Jordan (Heel)

Paul London (Face)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)

Shannon Moore (Face)

Spike Dudley (Heel)

Ultimo Dragon (Face)


Paul Heyman (Heel)

Authority Figure

Theodore Long (Face)


Dawn Marie (Heel)

Lauren (Tweener)

Michelle McCool (Face)

Torrie Wilson (Face)


Michael Cole (Face)

Steve Romero (Face)

Tazz (Face)


Josh Mathews (Face) – (Also Announcer)


OOC: Any thing you need to add or any comments are happily accepted.

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February 3rd Smackdown Preview

Tonight on Smackdown what will JBL have to say? Chris Jericho has to choose between facing either him or Raw’s world champion Triple H at Wrestlemania after he beat 29 other men in the Royal Rumble on January 30th and will JBL even survive until Wrestlemania? No Way Out is this month and he just barely beat Kurt Angle and Big Show at Royal Rumble in the triple threat match. What will they have to say? And will Angle get involved in Big Shows match against Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns?. Also we have a great cruiserweight match set up between and young Paul London and a Full Blooded Italian, Nunzio. All that and more this week on Smackdown!

Quick Card

Nunzio vs. Paul London

Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns


OOC: Sorry for all the files you have to load too :P I'll try to cut down if you want.

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===WWE Smackdown===

===February 3rd 2005===

===Houston, Texas===

===Overall Show Rating – 48.9% ===

===Viewers - 927,882===

===Attendance – 7,444 ===

The opening pyro’s go off, some blue pyro’s go through the air and Rise Up plays through the arena as Michael Cole and Tazz great us.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Smackdown! Tonight we have JBL’s reaction to Y2J Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble just four days ago.

Tazz: Jericho is a Raw superstar but this year the Rumble had a catch. If you win, you get to choose which champion you face at Wrestle Mania. So if Y2J picks JBL he’ll be the newest superstar added to Smackdowns Roster.

Cole: It’s exciting Tazz, what will JBL’s reaction be? I know that I wouldn’t mind Chris Jericho coming over to Smackdown what about yo…

Longhorns blasts through the arena and JBL’s white limo rolls though the curtains. It parks in front of the ring, The Bashams, Orlando Jordan, JBL and then Amy Weber exit the vehicle and enter the ring. JBL grabs a Mic.

JBL: Texas! I’m back! JBL has come back to Texas! And I’ve got my WWE Championship on my shoulder. I retained the belt after beating not one, but two! Men at Royal Rumble. I beat that monster Big Show and The “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle. Then later in the night, The Royal Rumble took place. Chris Jericho a Raw Superstar ended up winning and he being a Raw superstar should be forced to face the Raw champion! Not have the choice on who he should face! When he accomplishes what I have, he’ll get that right but he doesn’t have that right now!

JBL takes his hat off

JBL: So Jericho, make the right choice. Be sure that you improve your chances of winning go to Raw or else, your wasting your time.

JBL’s Cabinet goes to the back in the limo as we go back to Michael Cole and Tazz

Overall Rating = 44.1%

Cole: We’ll it seems JBL isn’t up for some competition.

Tazz: Cole, JBL is very smart and he’s a successful champ. I think he knows what he’s doing.

Cole: Either way, were on the road to Wrestle Mania 21. The greatest spectacle in sports entertainment!

Tazz: Last years was amazing Cole, This year I’m sure we can top it!

Cole: Maybe in a few years these two superstars we have up next will be at Wrestle Mania, it’s a singles match. Between Nunzio and Paul London.

Singles Match

Paul London vs. Nunzio

It was a very good match. Two younger superstars showing their stuff off on Smackdown. The match went back and forth, London had Nunzio down and went off the top rope hitting the London Calling for the three.

Winner By Pinfall: Paul London

Match Reaction = 64.9%

Match Quality = 81.4%

Overall Rating = 78.1%

Tazz: What a move by Paul London their Cole. I could see this kid being a big time player in a short amount of time here on Smackdown.

Cole: I think your right Tazz. London has shown pretty good things in the past few months here. Hopefully he’ll get his big break soon.

JBL And His cabinet are in the back. JBL is pacing around

Orlando Jordan: JBL? Why are you so stressed?

JBL: If “Y2J” comes over here I might be in trouble.

Jordan: JBL In trouble? Why are you worried? You’ve beaten Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Undertaker…

JBL: Orlando stop!

Jordan: But sir…

JBL: Stop. I’ve beaten, all those people and so many more but what if this time it changes?

Jordan: Don’t worry; we’ll make sure it doesn’t.

Jordan points at the rest of the Cabinet as he says that

Overall Rating = 49.3%

We cut to Theodore Long’s office

Long: Okay, I’ll see you next week. It’ll be great to have you here at Smackdown.

The door opens

Overall Rating = 69.1%

JBL walks into Theodore Long’s office as he hangs up the phone

Long: JBL, what can I do for you?

JBL: Who were you talking too?

Long: I was just wrapping up some bidness playa.

JBL: Was that Jericho?

Long: I guess you’ll find out next week. Ble’ Dat!

We cut back to Michael Cole and Tazz

Overall Rating = 47.9%

Cole: JBL is a bit paranoid; He’s really sweating it about Chris Jericho.

Tazz: You wouldn’t? Jericho is a very talented superstar…

“Who’s That Jumpin Out The Sky!”

Rey Mysterio pops out of the stage and gets into the ring.

Mysterio: RVD and I had the belts and now RVD’s injured and there’s no belt on my shoulder. So Bashams I’m challenging you here tonight in Houston to a match for the belts…

The Bashams walk out

Overall Rating = 72.5%

Doug: Rey, we the Bashams are declining your challenge. You don’t even have a partner anyway!

Rey: I can get one.

Danny: Sorry, but we’ve declined

The Bashams drop the Mic and walk to the back.

Mac Militant Plays and Theodore Long walks out

Overall Rating = 54.5%

Long: Rey, if you can get a partner before the end of tonight. You got your match! Sorry Bashams. Holla! Holla! Holla!

Overall Rating = 65.4%

Cole: Well, We may have another match and it will be for the Tag Team belts

Tazz: GM Long made that call, and I’m sure Carlito will have something to say about that

“Word Life” John Cena walks out wearing a Houston Astros jersey and an old school Astros hat

John Cena: Chain Gang! What Up! Tonight John Cena’s got the night off, so that means the Chain Gang does too. I’m just looking for a fight if yah so if yah got one! Bring It!

No one comes out

Cena: Come on, there’s gotta be somewhere back there!

Kenzo Suzuki’s music plays and he comes out as Cena takes his hat, chain and jersey off awaiting Kenzo

Tazz: Here we go Cole!

Kenzo tries to clothesline Cena but Cena ducks it and knocks Kenzo down with a punch. Kenzo gets up and Cena lifts him to his shoulders for the F-U but Kenzo manages to punch him in the face and drop down to the mat. He recovers and kicks Cena straight in the face with a hard kick. Kenzo leaves Cena lying in the middle of the ring and goes to the back

Overall Rating = 67.3%

Were taken back to Theodore Long’s Office. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. walk in

Rey: Mr. Long, I have my partner

Long: Thanks Rey, I’m a man of my word and you’ll get your match but it’s up next. Playa

Rey: Thanks Teddy.

Overall Rating = 67.6%

Cole: Tazz we know have the tag titles on the line here next!

Tazz: It should be good; maybe Rey and Chavo will have the same chemistry that Eddie and Rey do.

Cole: If they do, they’ll win the belts tonight for sure.

Tazz: And, don’t forget about Kenzo who came out and requested someone to fight. He got Kenzo and Kenzo put up a fight…

Cole: He even countered the F-U! Well now it’s time for the Tag title match, then we have Big Show vs. Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

Tazz: To big matches to wrap up Smackdown! It’s the place to be, Remember that Jericho!

Tag Team Match For The WWE Tag Team Championships

Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. The Bashams (Champions)

Rey and Chavo started with the momentum but then the Bashams fought back slowly. Orlando Jordan strolled down the aisle mid match but didn’t get involved until the end where Rey and Chavo had gotten the advantage again and were about to finish it off as Rey was going to the 619, Orlando hit Rey with a Tag belt. Though the referee saw and called for the bell. The Bashams retained.

After the match, Orlando Jordan and The Bashams beat down Rey and Chavo leaving them down in the ring.

Winners By DQ: Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero

Match Reaction = 67.9%

Match Quality = 70.0%

Overall Rating = 73.2%

Cole: Those Bashams will get there’s! And so will Orlando Jordan

Tazz: Jordan is keeping the Cabinet together right now

Heidenreich’s music hits and he and Paul Heyman walk out

Cole: Speaking of keeping it together.

Heyman: My client feels robbed after Royal Rumble. He was given a casket match a match Mr. Long knew he couldn’t compete in and he did what he could and still lost but My Client and I know that if he was given a normal match with out caskets he would be able to take the Undertaker and beat him into a pulp.

Heidenreich snatches the Mic

Heidenreich: I’m not scared of you Undertaker! I’m not scared! Get out here now and I’ll show you and all of these people! I’ll show you!

Heyman tries to grab the Mic away from Heidenreich but he resists

The lights go out and fog fills the arena

Overall Rating = 79.4%

The lights go back on and Undertaker is in the middle of the ring. Heidenreich pushes Heyman to Undertaker and escapes through the back of the ring and through the crowd. Undertaker tries to get him but turns back around when he gets to the ropes, Heyman then turned and tried to run out of the ring too but Taker grabbed him. He turned him around and Tombstone Pile Drove him into the mat. He went on one knee put his hand in the air and the lights went back out and smoke filled the ring.

Overall Rating = 76.7%

Cole: Heidenreich isn’t scared eh?

Tazz: I’m not saying he is and I’m not saying he isn’t dude Heidenreich is a scary man and I suggest you don’t piss him off again.

Carlito begins collecting signatures around the ring with his clipboard and pen along with an apple in one hand and a sling on the other shoulder.

Cole: It looks like Carlito is trying to get more signatures from people to try and get Theodore Long off of Smackdown.

Carlito: I’ve been told that before Wrestle Mania my problems with Theodore Long will be solved, so I’m just going to keep collecting signatures and go on my way. He walks by the announce table and Michael Cole shakes his head. Carlito pauses and turns at them.

Carlito: Michael Cole, would you like to sign my petition?

Cole: I’m okay thank you

Carlito: What? Aren’t you cool? Aren’t you cool like Carlito?

Michael Cole just tries to ignore him

Carlito: Hey! Look at me! Are you cool like Carlito!?

Cole: I don’t know

Carlito: You don’t know! Carlito hates two things. People who aren’t cool and people who don’t know a damn thing. It seems you fall under both of those.

Carlito takes a bit of his apple and spits it in Michael Cole’s face

Overall Rating = 50.3%

Big Show and Josh Mathews are backstage

Mathews: Big Show, tonight you have a handicap match against Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns. Any thing you want to say?

Big Show: There’s only one thing. Kurt Angle, stay out of my business and you’ll stay safe. You’ve crossed the line with me to many times. I’m on my last nerves so don’t piss me off!

Big Show storms off

Overall Rating = 66.0%

Tazz: Cole is in the back cleaning him self up and the Main Event is about to start. If Kurt Angle were smart he’d stay away from Big Show.

Handicap Match

Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns vs. Big Show

Jindrak and Reigns tried to use there two against one advantage against Big Show but he dominated. Show was about to choke slam Luther Reigns but got hit over the back with a chair by Kurt Angle and the ref called for the bell.

Winner By DQ: Big Show

Match Reaction = 51.1%

Match Quality = 58.4%

Overall Rating = 53.1%

Angle, Reigns and Jindrak then continued the beating. Reigns and Jindrak held Big Show as Angle kicked, punched and hit him with a chair.

Angle then grabbed the Mic

Overall Rating = 59.3%

Angle: Show, I messed with yah! What are you going to do?

Angle kicks Show in the head

Angle: Show? Earth To Big Show! Lets leave this big piece of sh** in the ring guys.

Angle, Jindrak and Reigns leave the ring as they do Big Show raises his head and has but it drops back down as the telecast ends.

Overall Rating = 45.2%


OOC: So, theres the first show. Hope you injoyed it :) I'd like all comments and tips please.

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Guest Prototype

Decent show. The writing style you have is kind of hard to keep up with. If Jericho comes to SD, I could see him taking the title from JBL and doing well on that brand.

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Well, the show itself wasn't too bad, as far as booking goes. You can really go either way with Jericho winning the Rumble, which is good. Always nice to have options.

Your format WAS difficult to follow, as there wasn't any separation (other than the single line) between ANYTHING. Maybe try double spacing before matches or interviews to make the distinction more...distinct. Um, yeah.

Also, wasn't really feeling the characters. Nobody really sounded much like they do in real life. Teddy Long sounded like any other generic character, only with one of his "catchphrases" thrown in at the end of the sentence. Playa. Like that, see?

I'd also prefer to see a LITTLE more detail in the matches themselves. Not saying they have to be great epics, but a little more info as far as some specific things that happened, or some insight on the psychology featured in the match, would be appreciated.

Last bit of advice: make sure you spell check everything, and then also double check yourself. Examples: We'll instead of well, were instead of we're, injoyed instead of enjoyed.

Hope this helps.

Edited by bigsheep305
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Thank you...

I tried putting a line in on Word and it didn't show up during copy and paste <_< I'll try double spacing or something

If you've read a diary battle or anything that i've written you'd notice getting into the characters head's is tough for me. This may have been one of my best efforts of the kind though so thats a plus.

The matches were very short for my liking aswell, I don't want to have a 16 page TV show but I don't want to leave it too undetailed. Next time more effort will be put in on big matches.

I have trouble with grammar ;) But my spelling is okay once spell checked ;)

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Very nice first show. I like the detail at the start of the show. I always like after results some quick recaps such as

JBL b Booker T

Just a prefrence.

and this post was brought to you by Wazzo after speaking to Cole on msn. :shifty:

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February 5th 2005 Velocity Preview

The rebound from Smackdown two days ago, we have Daniel Puder in action facing off against new up and comer Joey Mathews. Also Jesus is returning to action facing Charlie Hass. Rene Dupree is trying to start a streak of wins and possibly get a shot at John Cena down the road as he’s in action against Booker T and Cruiserweight Champion Funaki is defending his belt against Akio, Can the youngster pull an upset and win his first WWE title? Tune in to Velocity to see!

Quick Card

Daniel Puder vs. Joey Mathews

Jesus vs. Charlie Hass

Akio vs. Funaki (Cruiserweight Championship)

Rene Dupree vs. Booker T


OOC: Sorry for the lack of updates i had to switch to XP then instal everything again ;)

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Bad news folks...this may be dead. I've updated my systems to XP and the files where still there after instaling again...then i went to play Velocity and it wouldn't work...but I got a backup and upziped that and tossed those in there...still it wouldn't work..so unless I find a way to fix it the diary and my prized (too me atleast) TNA game's are gone :(

Edit: IT'S....BEEN.....FIXED!!~!~ Velocity and Heat should be up tonight...

Edited by Cole37
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===WWE Velocity===

===February 5th 2005===

=== Denver, Colorado===

===Overall Show Rating - 610,483===

===Viewers - 610,483===

===Attendance – 5,727===

Green and white pyro’s go off and Steve Romero & Josh Mathews join us

Josh Mathews: Steve! Were here at Velocity and were on the road to Wrestlemania 21!

Steve Romero: It’s less then two months away and we still don’t know the main event!

Josh: More on that later in the show but now we have Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder taking on new comer Joey Matthews and before that, Smackdown Rebound

From Smackdown, The Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns is shown then the attack by Angle, Jindrak and Reigns after the match including Angle’s words.

Overall Rating = 82.9%


Singles Match

Daniel Puder vs. Joey Matthews

The crowd didn’t really know who Joey Matthews is, but Puder got a decent reaction. The match was pretty decent for Puder’s first real fight; the match was decided after Puder forced Matthews to tap while in the Kimura Armbar.

Winner By Submission: Daniel Puder

Match Reaction = 40.6%

Match Quality = 68.8%

Overall Rating = 49.1%


Josh: Did you see that arm bar by Puder? It was a good match for him hopefully this will set him on the right track in the WWE

Steve: Puder almost made Kurt Angle tap, so I think he’s capable of beating anyone.

Josh: Good point, up now we have Charlie Haas vs. Jesus

Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs. Jesus

Another good match, this is probably the best match Jesus has had in the WWE. These two did some good stuff for a match on Velocity; Jesus dominated at the end with his power and picked up the win with a Seated Choke Slam.

Winner By Pinfal: Jesus

Match Reaction = 29.4%

Match Quality = 71.9%

Overall Rating = 38.1%


Steve: Another good match here on Velocity.

Josh: Jesus used his power to conquer Haas but Haas did put on a good show out there against the big man. It’s time now for the Smackdown Rebound; this involves the mix of the title situation right now. Will Jericho pick Raw or Smackdown?

From Smackdown, JBL is showing telling Jericho to make the right choice and try and beat HHH rather then come to Smackdown. Then Orlando Jordan is shown giving JBL a pep talk on how he can beat anyone after what he’s done as champion

Overall Rating = 67.0%


Josh: Now we have the cruiserweight title match with Champion Funaki facing Akio!

Singles Match For The Cruiserweight Championship

Akio vs. Funaki (Champion)

A great match, this one had the reaction from the crowd and a good in ring product as well. Akio has been showing great signs lately put on a good show but came up short after Funaki hit the rising sun for the win.

Winner By Pinfal And Still The Cruiserweight Champion: Funaki

Match Reaction = 61.5%

Match Quality = 72.3%

Overall Rating = 73.2%


Carlito Carribean Cool appears on the screen sitting in front of a big screen TV

CCC: See this TV? It’s cool. Carlito goes for the best and this TV, it’s the best. As you know by now, I don’t like things that aren’t cool though and on Smackdown we have something that’s really un-cool. Our GM, Teddy Long. He goes out there and gives Carlito nothing but grief. I know longer have the US title because of him making me wrestle while injured! Teddy Long, watch out because Carlito is coming to get you. Playa.

Overall Rating = 50.8%


Booker T is shown backstage in his locker room

Booker: Booker T is here sucka’s! And Booker T is here to stay. After tonight when I beat Rene Dupree I’m going to move onto bigger and better things on Smackdown. If it’s the World title or the US championship. I’ll be there…Now can you dig that?

Booker T walks away then comes back

Booker: SUCKA!

We cut back to Steve and Josh

Overall Rating = 84.1%


Josh: There you have it folks, Booker T has said after tonight he’s coming to Smackdown and making an impact!

Steve: But, can he get through Rene Dupree tonight Josh?

Josh: I guess we’ll find out now.

Singles Match

Booker T vs. Rene Dupree

The crowd was into this, the two got the crowd into the match but it wasn’t as good as some of the others earlier with the technical aspect but the fans were loving it. Dupree looked as if he was going to win it but he turned his back and did the French tickler and Booker T got up quick and knocked down Dupree with a flying kick. He then capitalized and hit Dupree when he was getting up with the scissors kick for the win.

Booker T celebrated by doing the Spinaroonie

Winner By Pinfal: Booker T

Match Reaction = 80.5%

Match Quality = 65.8%

Overall Rating = 83.9%


Josh: That’s it folks. Tune into Smackdown on Thursday!

Steve: Goodnight.

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Good shows man, Hopefully you'll end the Show/Angle stuff before Wrestlemania as this feud has gotten pretty old. JBL/Jericho sounds like a good Wrestlemania match. Rey/Chavo is a good tag team and it gives them something to do for now.

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user posted image

February 6th 2005 Heat Preview

With Chris Jericho’s decision for which brand he’d like to go to coming tomorrow stop in at Heat on the road to Wrestlemania. Trish Stratus is defending her Women’s Championship against Victoria, One half of the tag team champions Sylvain Grenier is facing off against Rosey and Simon Dean will be in the house promoting the simon system and facing Steven Richards. Be sure not to miss out!

Quick Card

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus (Women’s Championship)

Sylvain Grenier vs. Rosey

Simon Dean vs. Steven Richards


OOC: This and maybe Raw will be up today...

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