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Anyone else like Buckethead here?

I won't go into detail about his gimmick, but it's obvious by the name that he wears a bucket on his head. A KFC bucket to be exact.

*insert joke here*

Yes, anyways, it's straight up instrumental music with some limited lyrics in some songs. It's usually just mindless lyrics that don't mean a thing, or auido snippets from movies.

I will list my favorite Buckethead songs now.

I Come In Peace

Sketches of Spain (For Miles)

The Way To Heaven

Watching The Boats With My Dad

Ghost Pt. 2


Angel Monster

Electric Tears


Binge & Grab

Pure Imagination

Onions Unleashed


Jump Man

Last Train To Bucketheadland

Star Wars

Revenge Of The Double Man

Shape vs. Buckethead

Stun Operator

Nun Chuka Kata

Earth Heals Herself

Enter The Dragon

Traveling Morgue


Fountains Of The Forgotten

Descent Of The Damned

Bedlam's Bluff

I highly suggest the albums Giant Robot, Electric Tears & The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell. All excellent albums, and each show-case how awesome and talented Buckethead is, while each album also is drastically different from the last.

Highly suggest you find some of his work. It's just...awesome.

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