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Back to the Future


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Yeah, play.com is the cheapest I can see on the net at £17.99, but I saw it in some places for slightly cheaper in the post-Xmas sales. They'll probably be finished by now though, so you'd just be as well getting it from there. It really is a great film trilogy, some interesting extras on the DVDs too, like how they did the hoverboard sequences. The only disappointing thing about the set is that the only commentary is on the first film, and even that is just the audio from a Q&A press conference that Robert Zemekis and Bob Gale (writers) did that in no way synchs up with the movie. But for the equivalent of £6 per film, it's still great value.

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You left it way too late. I remember seeing the entire boxset in the January sales a few weeks back, which I'm pretty sure has ended so you wont get it as cheap now.

Best thing to do though is check some game stores, they usually do some cheap second hand copies of the entire box set. If not there just check most music stores and stuff or even Blockbuster.

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Guest Bluesman

That movie kicked ass. I've actually seen a DeLorean a couple of times, one time at a car show, and another time it passed me when we were driving home from the 'folks. I may have actually seen that movie more times than any other movie.

I got the dvd set for X-Mas a few years ago, however mine came without the promotional keychain, so my friend got me one with his discount :shifty:

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Got the box set at Xmas 2002 I think and it's awesome. Loved those anecdote subtitle things on the first movie, shame they didn't put them on the other two.

Interesting BTTF related story, in 2002 when I went to America, we had just come off the BTTF ride at Universal Studios and walked past the DeLorean and train they have there. Anyway a woman was leaning against the DeLorean getting her photo taken next to what she presumed was a dummy of Doc Brown, however she soon found out it wasn't as he leaned forward and said "Don't reveal my secret." to which she replied with a massive scream.

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Sweet story.

I really need to get the box set. That may be something I put on my birthday list or, you know, just buy. But I'm not sure yet. I'm really just to lazy to actually buy it.

Back to the Future > *. Forever. And ever. It's on TBS or TNT all the time.

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