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Monday, February 14, 2005

Have you ever wanted to turn back time ? Ever had a bad day and wish you could just close your eyes and when you open them the day would be restarted ? I've often though of turning back the time and soon I'll get the chance.

My name is Daniel Dale. I'm a 21 year old college student. I'm currently studying to get a degree in Science/Physics. On the side , I'm an independent wrestler and I enjoy every last bit of it. Wrestling today is losing it's credibility due to the likes of World Wrestling Entertainment's bastardizing of the sport by filling our screens with half nude women that can barely wrestle. I long for the days when the likes of Terry Taylor , Jerry lawler and The Shiek embraced the squared circle. back then wrestling was a sport and it was treated as such , instead of a modern day soap opera.

All things change and hopefully With in the next few days I'll be able to make a change that will shake up the Science community for many years to come. For the past few years , I've been designing a make shift time machine. Only a few people know about this project , and they laugh at the thought. I've ran several tests with different subjects One was an apple and the other was a notebook with the question written on the front page "What year is it ?" The apple experiment failed , but the Notebook Experiment was a huge success. I set the Notebook with a pen , in the main portion of the makeshift time machine and once activated the notebook and pen disappeared. Step one of the test was complete , The notebook and pen vanished into thin air , but where did it go. The second part in the experiment took place as soon as I programmed a recall program. After completing the recall program i was amazed to see the notebook and pen appear back in the main portion of the machine. I checked the notebook and on the front page under the question "What year is it ?" , 1983 was scribbled , under it was the name Sophie. Naturally I recorded each experiment and all my findings with a handheld Sony Video recorder.

I am aware that the notebook could have went somewhere else and this could all be a big joke , but I'm convinced and that's all that matters . I'll wait a week or two and then I'll proceed with the first ever time travel. I'm hoping I can get my best friend to tag along but I'll understand if he says no.

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Monday, February 21 , 2005

It's been a week , and things are proceeding as planned. I finally talked my best friend , Phil , into coming along for the ride. He is a columnist for an online wrestling new sites. He'll be taking notes of all my matches. If his knowledge is correct he will be able to post all the results of the matches via the Internet bulletin-board system Quantum Computer Services .

You see , I'm not just going back in to prove a theory , I'm going back to make my mark in the wrestling world the way it should be. If I happen to get my ass handed to me by the likes of Stan Hansen or any of the Armstrongs , I'll be grateful. Phil and i are taking some money , and out laptops with us so we can document every single moment. I'm leaving a copy of my recordings and my journal here just in case something happens and we don't make it to the eighties.

I look over at Phil and smile . "Ready to have a blast in the past ?"

"To tell you the truth I'm a little nervous , what happens if we don't make it?", Phil shuffled softly from side to side.

"Look here Phil , if something goes wrong , our atoms will be split and spread throughout the universe , but have no fear I trust my work and you should too." , I said as I started to reach for the activation button.

1983 Here we Come !

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Monday, November, 1983

"Woah! that was awesome , you ok Phil?"

"Yeah man I'm ok , but where did we go?"

From the moment , when I hit the activation button on the machine we were surrounded with a force of electric energy almost like a force field. Within seconds we both blacked out until this moment. Now we are in the machine sitting in what appears to be an old barn.

After checking our surroundings we come to suspect that we are in our hometown in the exact spot our apartment will be located in the future. but as it seems we are now in 1983. First thing we do is set off to find a cheap apartment , luckily we find one that will suit us fine , next line of business is for Phil to go out and listen to all the gossip thats going around the wrestling industry. As for me we'll I'm going to start looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm going in search for the Sophie that signed our notebook, she might be a good secretary.

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Monday Week 1 November 1983

It took awhile but amazingly enough I found the one and only "Notebook" Sophie. Phil and I explain who we are and where we are from. She faints of course but afterwards she decides to help us the best she can.

Sophie feels that it will help us in the long run if we get new identities , so she takes the time to contact some of her friends and before you know I'm officially know as Jeff Lowes and Phil is now known as Pharrel . In this reality I'm Twenty years old being born in 1963 . With all the official business taken care of Pharrel(Phil) , Sophie , and I gather around and start contacting promotions to see if I can get some work.

Before calling up several promotions , I decide it would be better to get a hire a dedicated trainer. Luckily I find a cheap trainer and we begin working. He helps me hone my skills and he decides to show me a few moves I might be abel to use as finishers. After the bit I take the helm and show him some of my own moves , hopefully he'll accept some of the newer techniques. I plan to incorporate some wrestling moves from the future(2004 -2005) , so maybe I will impress the fans but I'm not stupid I'll have to start small until I perfect the new moves.

Here is a list of some of the finishers I'll be using for the most part:

A deadly Heart Kick

Home Sweet Home (A Sit-Out Fisherman Suplex Pin) - my own creation and luckily the trainer gave me the go ahead to try it in the matches.

Diving DDT

Leg Lock face crusher(Curb Stomp in modern times) Trainer told me to use this move sparingly since some workers might not like getting their face smashed real hard .

Rolling Hammerlock

Finishers that I will eventually use once I perfect them:

The Wander years: A hammerlock Half nelson submission hold

The Double Whammy: A variation of Terry Taylor's (Cock O' the Walk) instead of a single hammerlock I apply I double hammerlock.

Seventh Wander Of The World: A hammerlock DDT with the snap Like raven does with his evenflow DDT.

According to my trainer I'll most likely be considered a heavyweight within most promotions and my style is a cross between stong style and technical.


Finally the moment of truth has arrived . I sit down with a list of numbers in front of me and I begin my journey.

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I quickly dial in the number of CSTATE owner Mr. Geigel , after several rings a man's voice booms from through the ear-piece. "This is Mr. Geigel , How may I help you ?"

"Yes Mr. Geigel , this is umm . . . Jeff Lowes and I was wondering if you had any room for another wrestler in your promotion ?" , I begin to twirl the phone cord around my fingers.

"At the moment , I'm not looking for anybody else but I'm a generous man. How about I book you in a tryout match. If I like what I see  we'll talk some more."

At this point I'm jumping  up and down ."Thank you sir , I won't disappoint."

"Mr. Lowes  , Please stay on the line and my secretary will get your number , and I'll call you with a date and time."

"Thanks again Mr. Geigel." , he patches the call to his secretary and I give her my number

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Next on the list is none other than Mr. Owen , the owner of Pacific Northwest . I have high hopes that this will go very well.

With my feet propped on kitchen table  , I place the receiver to my ear and dial in the number.

To my surprise , it only rings once and I'm greeted with ,"Hello There!"

"Mr. Owen , my name is Jeff Lowes and I'm in need of work. I've been wrestling for the past 2 years and to me its not just a sport but a lifestyle."

With a hearty chuckle , he speaks ."Easy there son , you had me  when you said you needed work but it's good that you thing of  it more than a sport."

"Thank you sir ,you won't be disappointed." , Pharrel and Sophie  move in closer to the phone so they hear the conversation.

"How about this son ,  an opener spot on a $20 pay per appearance contract for six months. Does that sound fair to you ?"

"Well , sir I don't mean to sound greedy but six months is a little long  , but if the contract is non negotiable then I will gladly take  six months."  , Sophie  wags her finger at me in denial , I guess she thinks that's  bad idea.

"Dear heavens son,  your not being greedy , your being smart! Let's make it a 3 month contract . Is that good with you ?" He  immediately begin to whistle softly.

"Sir that is great deal , what do I have to do?"

"Boy just give me your name and number and I'll call you  and tell you to get down here. Don't worry everything will be fine." with that I gave him my information and we exchanged good byes.

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Monday Week 1 November 1983

  Pharrel here with a quick result update. WWF In Your Neighborhood

Jules Strongbow Defeats Barry Horowitz

Chief Jay Strongbow defeats  Tiger Chung Lee

Mr. Fuji , Big John Studd , and Don Kernodle defeats Tito Santana and  Outback jack

Dick Murdoch interview

Dick Murdoch defeats  David Sammartino

interview with Jessie Ventura

Don Muraco and  Adrian Adonis defeats Tony Garea

Ivan Putski defeats Nikolai  Volkoff

Bob Backlund defeats Sika to defend  the WWF World Heavyweight Title

Tony Atlas defeats  Jesse Ventura

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Wednesday Week 1

Match against Scotty the body:

Backstage before the show I meet  with  Don Running Bear ,  Don Owen , Dean Malenko , Dizzy Hogan , Art Crews , Buddy Rose , Tony Borne and none other than Curt Hennig. They all gave me some Tips on  Psychology . It was really a great experience meeting and shaking Curt Hennig's hand. but I had bigger problems to deal with in mere seconds I'd be in the ring  with the man that will become  known as Raven. Pray for me.

The match was an uphill struggle for me . to start things  off The Body began  taking it to with every move possible , soon he resulted to lower  hand tactics such as low blows and eye gouges. I stormed back slowing the pace of the match with all types  of hammerlock variations. But again The body took control with heel tactics.  At the 19 minute mark he nailed me  with a knee to the head and signaled for the evenflow DDT , but luckily I slipped out of it. That was the turning point , I guess he just gave up. I started wearing down his arms and legs.He tries to hit the evenflow again out of now where but I reverse it and send him face first to the mat.I decide to try the Curb stomp  and boy did it feel good to  hear  The Body's head slam against the mat and the fans rose to a loud  cheer.He began cursing afterwards so I might have done it a little too hard.  I pick him up and whip in the  ropes and hit a chop flurry. He  stumbles out and I go for a  Heart kick but he catches my leg , spins me around and trys for the evenflow DDT but yet again I slip out of it . I signal to the crowd that its time  for the Home sweet Home(A sit-Out Fishermans suplex pin). I lift the Body up and Fall to the mat for the pin. 1 .. 2.....  Kick out!  I can't believe it and Immediately get in the ref's face.  The Body takes this time to throw me to the outside. While the ref is warning him I pick up  a pair of Brass knuckles from  under the ring and slide them onto my hand. I re-enter  and the Body runs toward me , but I'm quicker and nail him with stiff brass Knuckle shot to the head which bust him open and nets  me the  1..2..3..

match length: 22 minutes

Rating : B -

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Thursday Week 1 November

I get a call from CSTATES and CWF they both have an event scheduled for tonight. I talk it over with  Pharrel and Sophie and decide to go with CWF.

My match will be against Mike Graham. Before heading to the ring  Mike Rotundo stops me and gives me some advice , i tell him he looks tough.

The match started off pretty good I had the upper hand throughout the most part. I hit my usual moves working the arms over with hammerlocks ,  wringers and etc.  I swear I think the ref was paid off and  I made it a point to get in his every chance I had. Mike was down  on the mat and I was living it up giving the fans some posing. I try to go for the curb stomp but  Mike Graham escapes and covers me for a close pin fall. I'm sucking wind at this time and Mike decides to end it with a painful Boston crab

Match length: 16 minutes:

Rating: C.

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Saturday Week 1 November

I get a call from three promotions , CSTATE , Pacific Northwest , Southeastern Championship wrestling. It appears that I'll have a better chance of getting booked at tonight's CSTATE show so I agree to the show. I apologize to the other guys and head off the arena.

Central States Wrestling Presents "Central State All Stars" Card:

Jeff Lowes Vs. Buzz Tyler

Gentleman Ken , Nature Boy , Janety and Rogers Vs. Porkchop , Super D II , Jerry and Spot

Terry Funk interview

Stan Hansen interview

Stan Hansen and Super Destroyer Vs. Bob Brown and Terry Fun

The Grappler #1 and Killer Karl Krupp vs. Harley Race and Ted Oates

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Sunday Week 1 November

First thing on Sunday morning , I called nd got a meeting with Pacific Northwest's creative team. I pitched an idea of teaming up with Dean malenko. It appears Malenko has expressed interest in me so hopefully things will go well. At the moment we are only know as Malenko & Lowes , hopefully the guys backstage will come up with a good name.

As I turn to leave the house , the phone rings . The Booker of CWF called to let me know I'm booked to go against Jack Hart tonight. Well according to my research , this match will probably be brutal , the guy is known as "The Stretcher" (To everyone in the future he is known as the ultimate jobber Barry Horowitz)

To my knowledge he has great technical skills so I'll have to stay on my toes and try not to let him ground me.

B. Brian Blair vs. Mike Davis 

Jeff Lowes Vs. Jack Hart 

Black Bart vs. Lex Luger   

Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike Rotundo.

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Week 2


Pharrel , Sophie , and myself spend the day shopping and just hanging out. Sophie is a great lady. Her medium brown hair swooshing left and right as she runs from Pharrel. She's tall but not gigantic and has the perfect body , but more than that from the past few days she seems like a good honest gal. I don't know if Pharrel likes her not , I'll ask before moving on though. If not hopefully Sophie and I can hit it off.

We make it back home and taped to the front door was my schedule for this week:

Tuesday - PWN One Wild Night

Wednesday - CWF Big Time Wrestling

CSTATE Clock Strikes Twelve

SECW On Tour

Thursday - CSTATE On The Run

CWF On Tour

Friday - No bookings

Saturday - Central State All Stars(TV)

PNW Around The Horn

SECW Riot Act

Southeastern Championship(TV)

Sunday - Wrestling From Florida(TV Taped)

Tuesday Night

"The Wanderer" Jeff Lowes Vs. Don Running Bear

Mark Calloway vs. Art Crews

Harley Davidson vs. Scotty The Body

Dr. Tom Pritchard Vs. Billy Jack Haynes

Assassin Vs. Buddy Rose

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Well time for me to decide which show to attend tonight ; after calling each promotion , I find that only Cstate has booked me tonight so I'm going to be facing Marty Janety at Central State's Clock Strikes Twelve.. I tell Sophie and Pharrel the news and get ready to take a shower , but before I have the chance to the phone rings.

I pick it up on the third ring , " This Jeff speaking." .

"Hey Jeff , it's Marty . I got a call from CSTATE and it looks like me and you will be in the ring tonight." . for some reason Marty sounded depressed.

'Yeah man , I just got off the phone with them. I'm ready man , you have no idea what an honor it is to be facing you tonight." , Never in a million years would my other friends believe that I'm having a conversation with Marty Janety , luckily I'm recording ever phone conversation for the sake of research.

"Thanks for the kind words , well I guess i better go , talk to you later."

"Hey Marty , you sound like something is wrong ; you don't have to talk about just remember this , Soon you'll be entertaining thousands and thousands of fans at the big show! I'm talking about the WWF , trust me man it will happen." I really shouldn't have told Marty, but the poor guy sounds so down.

"What do you mean ? The WWF will never sign me , trust me I've tried."

"Look Marty , I've got to go , but remember what i said and everything will be ok." He trys to oblige but I hang up the phone before he could get a sentence out. I think it will be a good idea to not tell Sophie and Phil about this conversation and for now I'm going to hide the recording.

I've got three hours to get ready.

Roger Kirby vs. Super Destroyer II

Porkchop Cash vs. Bob Sweetan

"The Wanderer" Jeff Lowes vs. Marty Janety

Buzz Tyler  vs. Tommy Rogers

Stan hansen vs. Jerry Oates

Killer karl kox vs. Ted Oates

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I arrive at the arena a few minutes before my scheduled match. Slick immediately pulls me off to the side and tells me I need to work on my microphone skills and proceeds to give me some tips. Janety comes in and shakes my hand and we both head to our dressing room to get ready.

"The Wanderer" Jeff Lowes Vs. Marty Jannety :

Janety was looking very rugged in the ring . I started things off with a series of suplexs and body slams followed up by elbow drops to the knee and arms. Slick,Janety's manager , was outside encouraging marty to get up and fight . he did just that by tripping me and stomping me like a mad dog. He goes to stomp me for a fourth time but I grab his foot and I begin twisting the ankle;while holding the ankle I get on my feet and leg drag him followed by several seated chop flurries and an armbar. I lift him up and perform and arm wringer , hammerlock , hammerlock blow , drop toe hold and to end the series I apply a wrenching hammerlock on the fallen Janety.He begins to favor his right arm and like an eagle I spot my prey's weakness. I lift Janety back up and apply an arm wringer.I Keep a hold of his right arm and drop my leg across it. he howls in pain as I pick him up again. I whip him into the ropes and follow him and hit a knee to his stomach. He doubles over and I drape his right arm over the ropes ; I exit the ring and stand on the apron holding his right arm extended over my shoulder. I jump off the apron slamming Marty's already hurting arm on the ropes. I try to enter the ring but Slick comes from behind and kicks me in the back. I make my way into the ring and Janety takes it to me with bodyslam's , wristlocks and a crappy looking dropkick that got the crowd to boo. He whipped me into the ropes and followed with another crappy dropkick. He's gasping from air and I'm not far from it, I get a small second wind and begin to assault his right arm some more. After a successfully applied standing surfboard , I start another series of hammerlocks ending it by applying a hammerlock and stabbing his sore arm with a foreign object,that I had hidden in my trunks. The ref see's this and warns me and again I get in his face, some of the crowd pops for this but not many. Janety sends me to the corner and tries for the Sunset flip , luckily I escaped and hit the Home Sweet Home , but only for a two count.. Janety whips me back into the corner and again goes for the sunset flip , thanks to slick holding my legs , Janety hits the sunset flip and pins me for the 1.2.3..

Match Time: 21 minutes

match rating: D

After match Notes:

I made my way backstage and the guys couldn't stand to look at me , My match was the worst on the card . I notice Janety and Mr. Geigel are talking and Janety quickly storms away. Mr. Geigel approaches me.

"Son that was quite a stinker you had out there tonight." He was staring at me and some of the other guys were looking on too. I had my head down looking at the floor but I looked at him eye to eye.

"I'm sorry , sir. it was all my fault , I should have done better work. I guess you won't need me anymore then , am I right ?" I just knew he was going to fire me

"It wasn't all your fault son , mostly it all falls on Janety's shoulders. He's been going through a rough spot lately , his girlfriend of three years was in a car crash and isn't doing so well . I told him not to worry about tonights match , but he said he needed the money and he wanted to get in the rign with you." I couldn't believe what I was hearing , no wonder he sounded so down. I told Mr. Geigel that I'd do better next time and quickly ran out of the arena to see if I could catch marty before he left. I was too late though , he was gone , if I can't get in touch with him soon I'll wait until the next event.

here's the results for the rest of the matches:

Roger Kirby defeats  Super Destroyer II to retain the Central States television Title

Bob Sweetan defeats Porkchop Cash

Marty Janety defeats "The Wanderer" Jeff Lowes

Buzz Tyler defeats Tommy Rogers

Stan hansen defeats. Jerry Oates

Ted Oates defeats Killer karl kox

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Both CWF and CSTATE calls me telling me I may be booked on their shows . In hopes of running into Jannetty again I tell Mr. Geigel that I'll show up.

Super Destroyer II vs. Terry  Funk

Roger Kirby vs. Jerry Oates

Porkchop Cash vs. Bob Sweetan

"The Wanderer" Jeff Lowes vs. Marty Jannety

Buzz Tyler vs. Tommy Rogers

Stan Hansen vs. Luke Graham

The Moondogs vs. Harley Race and Ted Oates

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