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Kittie's new Guitarist


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Kittie ready to prowl

Free Press Staff

London Free Press


Kittie's new guitarist is from the land of Nirvana, but she's not bringing any grunge to the 1.5-million-selling London band.

Lisa Marx of Seattle joined Kittie earlier this month. Marx has been rehearsing and living with the other three members at the group's suburban London headquarters.

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I'm actually glad they finally got rid of jeff. haven't heard the demo of the new songs yet , cause real player is being an ass , but from what i heard "Into the darkness" is good but it isn't the same style as the older kittie songs.

just found out they have a new site http://www.kittierocks.com its way better then the original design

I head the new chick was kinda hot but I haven't seen a pic yet . I'm currently looking for some samples of her previous band.

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Then mail it to me NOW.  My damn sister borrowed my old review copy, and I've yet to see it return.

Kittie's a damn good band, and deserves more than the crappy label hell and lineup flux they've had to go through.

I so fucking agree. I haven't been able to buy any of their cds yet . the closet I've gotten is buying a vhs with like 2-3 of their concerts. my local shops will not get the cds even after telling them I'd pay extra lol and the prices on ebay at times are ridiculously high

I hope to one day to Spit , oracle and the new cd when its released

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No version of Kittie without Fallon Bowman is going to be the same. They dropped her from the band after Spit, and well, if you've heard Oracle you know that they haven't been the same since. Dropping her and then Talena from the lineup did them no favors from a hardcore fan perspective. The Landers sisters seem like the Canadian Gallagher brothers, aside from the sibling infighting.

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I never did like talena as for fallon , the only thing that she was good at was her voice. She could growl like no man ever could lol , but i'm glad they are still going strong . most bands would either give up and call it quits , after losing members here and there , or they would split and go for a solo career (something I hope never happens)

I was readign around at loudforums and supposedly the new member rocks hard especially when she was with her previous band.

All in all i hope they stay on the right track ,I'll definetly try to buy their new cd .. i just hope fuse tries to get some of their music videos on sometime

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Talena was all looks, and WHAT LOOKS THEY WERE. She literally learned the bass as they recorded the CD and went on tour for it.

Kittie is incredibly basic, and widespread rumours of them NOT EVEN WRITING THEIR OWN SONGS are still going around.

Fallon was the most talented in the band, but with the new guitarist and bassist, maybe some more talent has arrived.

Mercedes still sucks at drums, though. No stamina.


I think I have a copy of Spit.

First one to PM their address and send me $3 for shipping will get it.

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i really don't care if they write their songs as long as they put out a good product. Mercedes is getting better at the drums though and having a good guitarist now should help them out , but imo they still won't get the credit they deserve.

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well i just listened to Into the shadows and must say it is very different but at the same time it kicks so much ass

check the song out here using their official player http://www.hyfntrak.com/kittie/AFF5562/

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