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Favourites from the past


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The Legend of Zelda

Dragon Warrior Series

Castlevania Series

Double Dragon

Blaster Master


Megaman series



Life Force

Nobunaga's Ambition


Sim City

Super Metroid

Final Fantasy III/VI

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Mario Paint

Street Fighter II Series

Contra III: The Alien Wars

WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Raw IS War

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

The Illusion of Gaia

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

Super Mario World


Sonic 2

Shining Force

Mutant League Football

Pirates! Gold (<--- BEST. GAME. EVER.)



Doom II

King's Quest 5


Pool of Radiance

Curse of the Azure Bonds

Secrets of the Silver Blades

Champions of Krynn

Gateway to the Savage Fronteir


Warcraft II


Diablo II (and LOD)

Star Craft (and Brood Wars)

Civilization II (I laughed my ass off at the first nuclear attack I saw)

Alpha Centauri

TIE Fighter


Wolfenstein 3D

Star Wars: Rebellion


Jet Motto

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II

Madden NFL '97

K1 Kickboxing

Ahhhh, good times :D

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I had a punch of nes and super nes games the one that I remember playing so much

was 10 yard fight (football game on nes


Phantasy Star(most of the series of games)

All the WWF games

Shining Force

Dune 2

and others

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My first console was a master system... The only games i played there were Sonic, alex kidd, a couple games i borrowed from my friends, and that WWF Steel cage challenge in which every wrestlers moveset was punch, kick, bodyslam, stomp, elbowdrop (IIRC), and dropkick. Maybe i'm missing some but it wasn't much more than this. Then I had a Mega Drive (Genesis in the US), and i had i bunch of games there and all my cousin's games when he bought a new console, I played Sonic 1 and 2, and for a while the 3 and the knuckles one when i borrowed them, one of those micromachine games (not sure which), the first fifa soccer (back in 93/94), nba live 96, which was the last game iirc, streets of rage, WWF Royal Rumble (cousin's) and Raw is War. I also played the Wrestlemania one but not much, the world cup 90 game, mortal Kombat's 1 and 3 (me and my friends spent hours playing this one) the mega games series, and more but i can't remember now. I also had my cousin's game boy for a couple of weeks but can't really remember what i played there.

Before having these games i had about 100+ games on the PC, cause a friend of my dad who fixed computers usually saved all games in his client's computers and gave them to me :thumbsup: There's no way i'll remember all of those , but i'll write the ones i remember:

OLD games

Wolfenstein 3D

Street Fighter II

Sim City

Double Dragon (very fun 2 players mode cause we allways ended up beating each other up and missing the enemies sucking so much as we sucked)

Golden Axe

Road Rash (i loved this game and played it a lot. I was pretty good when i lost it, and i'm sure i would still play it once in a while if i had it)

Worms 1 (more recent but i remember finding it very funny when i first played it)

Police Quest (i only liked one of them, don't remember which)

Monkey Island (? - not sure of the name but Insult Battles > *)

Microsoft Pro Soccer (the sound was horrible, the songs were horrible, and i allways ended up near a nervous breakdown but still i played it a lot :shifty: )

That Nba game that started on the playoffs.

A football/soccer english league manager game. A really old one but it was very complete for the time it was out.

NHL face-off

another NBA basketball game.. TV Sports Basketball or something like that.

North & South (kicked ass)

Prince of Persia

Striker (tackles ahoy, not very realistic but fun)

Chicago 90

a Simpsons game (don't remember its name)



OLDER games


Tetris (the regular one, the 1 vs 1 one, and the super one)



Alley Cat

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