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Age of Empires 2


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Holy shit, this game is good. I got AoE 2 with the conquerors expansion, I know it's been out for a long time and shit but it's still awsome, I'm getting right into it now. Anyone else play it, maybe we could play online or something?

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but my only AOE online love is Cloudy 


Once I get the HD space I may get around to re-installing it and perhaps we can play again.

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Damn, I haven't played AoE2 in AGES. I still remember that one ill-fated time that my friend James and I ventured into playing online, along with some random guy who was probably from Austria or somewhere.

Tim: "You got any wood?"

James: "Nope. Barely any on my whole island."

T: "Same here. Can't build boats to go elsewhere either. Or a marketplace to trade for it."

J: "We're fucked aren't we?"

*40-odd Knights from the Austrian guy swarm onto my island*

T: "...Yes. Yes we are."

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AoE 2 gives me so many memories...I always used to play Soldier Store online (a scenario). I still remember playing a match against another guy for two hours straight. Of course the other guy disconnected. I was pissed. Too bad the disc spoilt. I feel like playing it again...

About AoEIII, I think it's already been released in Europe. Dunno about other places though. It looks really slick.

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Guest King Tenzor

I have Age of Empires II, I want to play with my sister online (we live in the same house but have our own computers). But when we want to do a mulitplayer game online we can't find eachothers servers, why is that?

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AOEIII was just announced earlier this month or later january so it has awhile until it is released.

I have AOEI + expansion, AOEII + expansion, AOM + expansion and RoN(Rise of Nations) + expansion(thought I would mention that because it is similar)

If anyone wants to play online someday we could set something up.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I downloaded the Empire Earth II Demo, its quite good, but it seems exactly the same as AoE, I'm sure I saw a picture of a tank on the site I got it from, so maybe you can evolve into shit like that.

I still only have the first AoE and the Rise of Rome expansion, probably should check out AoE2.

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