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Sims 2 - Make em Suffer

Herr Matzat

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Aas you all know i hate the sims for what it is but killing them is great fun, so annyway, use this topic to post about this wirredness of game

here is some stuff i found searching if the new add one is already . . . errrr . . . avalibill :mellow: someone tell me wich of the sims is the best impression of Kou.

My Sim feel in love with his step brother trying to teach him how to walk...

He now has a crush on both of his step brothers who are just toddlers, and one of the toddlers has a mutual crush on him.

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i just had a baby kill it´s mother, the mother tried to do somethign to it in the crype and got stuck in a loop, no one was able to do annything with her ore the baby for let´s say a day, than social workers turned up, beamed the baby away, she colapsed dead, bwahahaha.

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after days of non working sims 2 i now finaly managed to get that adone running (meaning, the game working at all, i haven goon far enough to see how buggy the actuall ad of the ad one is, from waht i have read it´s horrible buggy)

annyway, see they guy in the picture ? i created him, see the 2 babys ? Twins, see the woman ?! She now wants 10 babys (!) - this game is wack, i can´t imagin how wack it would get if i´ed try to have them kiddos make their homework everyday, i might even trey to do that propperlyto have the chalange (and i don´t know if good grates areneedet to enter the universety time)

edit, thes children must be the ugliest created in the sims 2 ever (both femal) . . i can´t wait to see them in full growen uglyness ^^

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send the first of the twins to the uni, looks fresh, i´ll sent the next one right after her sinc she had the wish she should come to (need to test if you can play more characters, it was said everywere you couldent...)

let the reviewing beginn :mellow:

you can combin playabell characters from your player "acounts", i hand out a little + for that, don´t care to much about the screen, the second girl that was just adet will grow up wen i klick on the doorm the first time.

it is more boring than i ever thought the sims could be boring, you basicly get everything handet to you (cantina for food, other people for cleaning everything ect.) and the only thing you do if keep the states up (some fun, some schoolwork and the usual sleep whash and eat stuff) . . . it is soooooo boring, getting around on campus is hard, the loading times take forever (p4 750mb ram) and sinc a semester is very short ingame (2 days i think) you can´t realy stay there long sinc you can´t afort to miss class, exam and so on, i only went to the music hall once, and made like 400$ for plaing a cupple of minutes, she has full creativety and all but i thought that was out of proportion :puke:

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