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Which Album do I buy? Both Bright Eyes


Which one  

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  1. 1. Which one

    • I'm wide awake it's morning
    • Digital Ash in a digital urn

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I'm broke (what else is new) I have the cash for only one of the two new Bright Eyes albums. I thought easy I will listen to the two lead singles (legally off amazon) which fucked me up even more. The Rolling Stone review said that I'm wide awake was marginally better, but I marginally prefer take it easy (love nothing) over Lua.

So for those that have both albums which one is actually better in your opinion.

I wouldn't bother posting this normally but chances are I won't be able to afford his other album until after I have seen him in concert (April 5th) so I would like to get the stronger album before I see him.

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You bastard...you get to see sexy Conor live...

In regards to the new albums...they're both really good. My new girlfriend is heavy into them, and it's the best, because I love them too. I don't think it really matters which one you get, as they're both great discs.

I'd say go with I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.

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Guest *Doink*

If you're seeing him in April, get "I'm Wide Awake"

That's the album that they're touring now, the "Digital Ash" tour will come later.

They are both crackin' albums though.

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I saw him recently and he did alot off of Wide Awake, but he definately hit alot of the older classics. It is bizarre but the guy has been making records since he was in highschool... Good records.

The man has all the reviewers and a personal endorsment from Bruce Fucking Springsteen as one of the most influential song writers, and the voice of this generation...

I wish the Boss would endorse me. :crying:

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