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Okay, me and my friend downloaded the game and the RT.exe but we get "RunTime Package not found. Install RTPe.exe".

What's the problem here? We downloaded the game and the RT.exe file.

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I had that problem too . Supposedly if you download that extra file from his site right below the main download. Thats like the client needed . i downloaded it but I still get an error so I have no clue

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I finally got it to work.

go to www.abandonia.com and download the RPGmaker basic files. install it , now go back to the Endless Nova site and download the rtp.exe right below the main download. put the rtp in the main Endless Nova folder and click it to run the game.

With that said , I don't like it that much , the sound cuts out every now and then it jsut doesn't have the final Fantasy feel . I may give it another go later though

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Yeah, me and my friend wound up downloading the game, the file on the site, and RPGMaker2000.

It's a decent game, we were laughing our asses off at how the character jumped whenever they were surprised (straight up in the air, lol)

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