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Dimebag Darrel tribute show in Chicago

MalaCloudy Black

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It went off last Wednesday, but here's the results in case anyone's interested.

Vinnie Paul, brother of the slain guitarist Darrell Abbott, joined ANTHRAX and DISTURBED on stage during Wednesday night's Dimebag benefit show at the ARAGON BALLROOM in CHICAGO, IL.

Vinnie, drummer with both of his brother's former bands, performed PANTERA's "A New Level" with ANTHRAX before joining headliners DISTURBED for a rendition of the PANTERA signature song "Walk", with many other musicians joining in.

The benefit concert will help cover bereavement costs for the family of DAMAGEPLAN security guard Jeffrey "Mayhem" Thompson, who was also killed, and medical expenses for DAMAGEPLAN crew members John "Kat" Brooks and Chris Paluska, who were injured.

The complete setlists (in order of appearance) :


1. Breaking Me Down

2. Cross My Heart

3. Give It Up

4. My Own

5. Jaded

6. Redefine

7. Save Me (DAMAGEPLAN cover)

8. Halo (w/ Phil Demmel from MACHINE HEAD)


1. Sinner

2. Think

3. Hate

4. Love & War

5. Killing Me

6. Step Up

7. Message In Blood (PANTERA cover)

8. Tear Away

9. Bodies


1. Fucking Hostile (PANTERA cover)

2. Caught in a Mosh

3. Safe Home

4. Inside Out

5. Antisocial

6. What Doesn't Die

7. Indians

8. A New Level (PANTERA cover; w/ Vinnie Paul, Pat

Lachman, and others)


1. Bound

2. Voices

3. Intoxication

4. Believe

5. Fear

6. The Game

7. Liberate

8. Remember

9. Down With The Sickness

10. Prayer

11. Stupify

12. Walk (PANTERA cover w/ Vinnie Paul and many


13. Cold Gin (KISS cover)

View Pics here: http://www.947zone.com/article.asp?id=69033

CREDIT: metal-rules.com

Well, it's nice to know that the show went off without any disturbances or anything.

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I'm all for a tribute to the guy but was "bodies" really an ideal track to be playing at a gig like this?

If it made metalheads form a moshpit, it should be a suitable track for a show like this.

I agree with Bushmeister, any song with crunch was ripe for the show. Plus, it was one of Darrell's favorite Drowning Pool songs as well as the band's biggest hit.

Although the loss of guys such as Layne Staley and Darrell Abbot are rought to deal with, it's a good bit of solace to see such moments as Vinnie Paul with Disturbed and Anthrax and Maynard James Keenan with Alice In Chains.

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It's still hard to believe that Dimebag was murdered on stage. Man..

I hope they release this on a CD, because I'd buy that DVD or CD in a second man. Or at the very least, some bootlegs or something.

I got the three songs that Maynard did with Alice In Chains, and I must say that he sounds perfect on "Man In The Box".

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