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NOTE 2: This is VERY different from what the original backstory was. The original backstory saw two main eventers screw over the main event of Wrestlemania, which lead to the demise. However, I was VERY unhappy with it, so I changed it to this. Enjoy.

WWE was on top of the world at Wrestlemania 18. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock was one of the most talked about matches in some time. HHH, one of WWE’s top stars, had just returned. Wrestling even had an undisputed champion!

And yet, none of that mattered. NONE OF IT. Because within 2 years…….WWE would have one of the worst self destructions seen since WCW.

Sure, Wrestlemania was a success….but wrestling has to be a success YEAR ROUND, not just for Wrestlemania.

Throughout the time between Wrestlemanias 18 and 19, WWE suddenly began to run a series of pretty awful gimmicks. There was wreslting’s first gay wedding between Billy and Chuck. There was the marriage between Al Wilson (Torrie’s father) and Dawn Marie, and their subsequent honeymoon, which ended in Dawn literally sexing Al to death.

Then, of course, there was Katie Vick. Triple H announced that Kane had killed a girl named Katie Vick, then proceeded to show a tasteless video of HHH, in a Kane mask, having sex with a corpse.

It was around the Katie Vick time when fans began to turn away from WWE, and look for new places to find wreslting. Two other promotions had opened that year, National Wrestling Alliance’s Total Nonstop Action (every Wednesday on PPV) and Ring of Honor (indy shows only). Fans looked at the products of these two federations, and liked what they saw.

WWE saw their ratings decrease, and began to panic. Wrestlemania 19 was going to be WWE’s big show of the year, but fans still saw things as lacking. The Tag Title match pushed to HEaT in favor of putting a bunch of divas in a useless segment on Wrestlemania. A match between three of WWE’s biggest hosses, Undertaker vs A-Train and Big Show, with a special appearance by Nathan Jones. Although fans wanted fresh blood at the top, Triple H beat Booker T to retain the World Heavyweight Title. The highlight was the main event, Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle, which saw Angle wrestle with a broken neck, and Lesnar nearly DIE during a botched Shooting Star Press.

The decline for WWE Continued. Goldberg was brought in, and immediately made to look like a fool. Mark Henry was pushed like mad, despite the fact that no fans had any interest in seeing him. Eddie Guerrero and Big Show feuded, where most of the feud consisted of lame poop jokes.

Meanwhile, NWA-TNA was showing fans why they were the new face of pro wrestling. With new, fresh stars like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, and more, their weekly PPV buyrates increased. However, no TV network was interested in them.

And ROH had established itself as king of the indys. Widely regarded as having the best wrestling, per-show, than any of the other federations, ROH also had an ace in the hole: a virtual unknown named Samoa Joe putting on incredible matches as their world champ.

WWE was continuing the panic as the time drew close for Wrestlemania 20. With their top star, Brock Lesnar, leaving, WWE scrambled to put together a card. While the show was regarded as good, nobody cared, because not many fans were there to see it. Madison Square Garden did NOT sell out for a PPV for the first time in years, and the PPV buyrate was nearly 80% lower than Wrestlemania 19.

WWE went insane. Chris Benoit won the World Title at Wrestlemania….then lost it to HHH the next night in hopes of showing that anything can happen on RAW. No good, fans were tired of HHH. Meanwhile, on Smackdown, Bradshaw was given a new gimmick, and pushed to the main event. That didn’t help, as nobody saw BRADSHAW as being somebody who could main event. The decline was becoming faster and faster, which was shown when, for the first time, the TNA PPV buyrate for their PPV actually BEAT RAW by .3 points. The next week, the gap was even further.

There was nothing WWE could do anymore. They tried one last ditch effort, throwing everything they could into Summerslam 2005. But even with Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michales as the main event, a dream match, failed to generate interest. TNA’s weekly PPV destroyed Summerslam.

Ater that……………it was inevitable. With stocks way down in WWE, and TNA doing great business, stars began to jump ship. So did fans. Then news broke that WWE’s only remaining huge star, Kurt Angle, had quit, and was in negotiations with TNA. That was the final shot to WWE.

And so, a late September day, the news came. It was shocking, and it would change the course of wreslting history forever. Every single news website, wrestling or not, featured it:

Credit: WWE.com:

“World Wrestling Entertainment will be closing its doors, effective immediately. We would like to thank the fans for all their dedication over the years”

And with that, the wrestling world would change forever.

NWA-TNA had succeeded in becoming the top federation in the world. However, they are currently unable to find a network, so they continue running the weekly PPVs, which are surprisingly a HUGE success.

Ring of Honor made the jump from Indy federation with a cult following to a big time promotion. To his credit, Gabe Sapolsky has stuck to what brought him there, as all of ROH’s traditions (Trios Tournament, Survival of the Fittest, Do Or Die, Code of Honor, etc) remain intact.

Combat Zone Wrestling has also made the big jump, now touring the country. Word is that John Zandig wants to change CZW a bit to make it a two tiered promotion: one side is straight wrestling, the other side being the Ultraviolence that made it famous.

And then……………………there’s me.

My name is Peter King. I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life. And I have had one dream: I want to start my own wrestling federation. And now, I can. I have been planning this out for months: saving money, making calls, and now it’s going to work.

Welcome to World Anarchy Pro Wrestling

Alongside me is my girlfriend, Sophie Masterson. She’s a great girl, and extremely knowledgeable about the wrestling business. The fact that she looks great doesn’t hurt, either.

I had an arena picked out, too. It was in my hometown, and WAPW’s new home: Chicago, Ill. The arena had been used in the past for small time boxing matches, so it had a nice setup: locker rooms, seating, the works. It wasn’t much to start out with, but I will build it up. I also made a few calls, and got some sponsors interested: Pizza Pizza, IGN.com, Mandeville Signs, and The Observer.

Between Sophie and myself, we have gotten together quite a roster. We went over who each guy was, and what we know about them.


Kid Inferno (Face, 27 Over)

Inferno is a guy who calls himself “The Greatest High Flier that fans have never heard of”. He’s probably right, too, as his Shooting Star Press finisher is a thing of beauty. He can talk well on the microphone, and when he wasn’t wrestling, he agreed to be our commentator. He really should have made it in NWA-TNA, but when Vince Russo told him that they would call him for his debut, they never did. Since then, he’s had a grudge against Russo and Jarrett.

Eric Justice (Face, 40 Over):

Our most over worker, Justice has solid indy experience under his belt. It’s no surprise that he’s so over, as he looks like a superstar: he’s built like a tank, just muscles on muscles. He is a former quarterback for the University of Iowa’s Hawkeyes, so he is faster than most heavyweights his size. When he first entered the indys, he was strictly a brawler, but some training with Dan “The Beast” Severen gave him decent technical skills. He is hard hitting in the ring (Although not stiff), and one worker described his Pumphandle Powerbomb finisher as “Feeling like you’re in a car crash”

Scott Zero (Face, 20 Over):

I’ve seen Zero wrestle a few times on the indy’s, and I know that one day he’ll be a huge star. While most workers get their training in America and sometimes Canada, Zero went a little further: Japan. He trained under the wing of Japanese legend Masahiro Chono, and graduated top of his class. As a result, he’s a phenomenal all-rounder, and can switch styles mid match from technical to brawling to high flying. His main finishers are the Absolute Zero (Shining Wizard) and the Zero Tolerance (Unprettier)

David Bryant (Face, 11 Over):

David is a high flier, but he’s never worked in front of a crowd of more than 50 before. Still, unlike other people in his position, he has talent. He is the self proclaimed “Messiah of the Diamond Cutter”, and you’re not going to find anyone who disagrees with him. He can hit the move out of anywhere. And I don’t just mean that he can hit it from the top, or behind, or whatever. He can counter damn near ANY MOVE into it. He also reminds me a lot of Mikey Whipwreck, as when he takes bumps, the crowd just gets behind him more and more.

Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro (13 and 20 over, respectively):

These guys originally met when they were in High School together. They became friends because they both loved wrestling. They both went to college together, and then they both trained under Killer Kowalski. They have feuded throughout the indys before, but I think I’ll be teaming them up, because I could use a tag team to start the promotion. They also pride themselves on being the cheapest tag team, as the two of them together cost only $6,000 per appearance. Molanari uses an Arn Anderson-like Spinebuster to finish, while Jason Shapiro uses a Jushin “Thunder” Lyger Brainbuster as a finisher.

Eddie Englemen (Tweener, 25 Over)

Eddie has made a name for himself on the independent circuit through his gimmick: an Impressionist. Each time he comes out, he is a different wrestler. Maybe The Rock, maybe Hulk Hogan, etc. Still it hides the fact that he is not a very good worker at all, neither in the ring nor on the microphone. Not much is else to say about this guy. I’m still debating whether or not to let him get a win or just make him my designated Jobber.

Gangsta Greg (Heel, 17 Over):

As his name implies, Greg is a gangsta: he wears bling bling, old throwbacks, speaks in “Gangsta-speak”, and just generally acts like one of the boyz from the hood. It would really work better if he wasn’t a scrawny 20 year old white kid. But hey, every wrestling federation needs a comedy gimmick, right? Still, he really gets into the gimmick, often stopping in the middle of his matches to try to breakdance, getting the crowd against him. He uses a Top Rope Leg Drop to finish off his matches.

Kage (Heel, 20 Over):

Kage is your typical indy Bad Ass. He comes out wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, and jeers with the fans at every turn. He respects nobody but himself, and is prone to attacking opponents after the match is over. He is a competent brawler, but his real skill is hiding the fact that he is a great technical worker. Great on the microphone, Kage can cut some great promos when he needs to. Usually he beats his opponents around the ring before hitting his signature Osaka Street Cutter (Reverse Suplex dropped into a Stunner) to end the match.

Chris Roberts (Heel, 29 Over):

Roberts is a competent overall worker, with a slight focus on high flying. He had been struggling to find a gimmick on the indys for a while, but nothing ever caught on with the fans. Then, something came up: he was cast as an extra in the background of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. He wasn’t even in the movie much, just during the final hanging scene. Heck, he was on screen for about 1 second. But thanks to that, he now has the perfect gimmick: he claims to be a big shot movie star who deserves respect from the fans. His finisher is a nice leaping Missile Dropkick from the top rope.

“Shadow” Sean Drake (Heel, 23 Over):

Despite being only 19, Drake is years ahead of where most 19 year old wrestlers are (Well, besides the Briscoes, but they’re ahead of where most 15-year veterans are). He’s a great brawler, and has a very interesting gimmick. He is almost always shrouded in darkness, from a black Matrix-coat he wears to his entrance, which has all the lights go out except for a single dim spotlight that is on him. Hence the moniker “Shadow”. Uses a Rocker Dropper, dubbed “The Eclipse”, as a finisher.

Shawn Marvel (Heel, 30 Over):

Marvel is one of the few workers who was trained by one of the greatest pure wresters in the world: Jerry Lynn. And it shows, as Marvel can take the match to the ground or to the air, as is necessary. Unlike Lynn, however, he can talk on the microphone, and is the most charismatic member of my roster. As far as a gimmick goes, as the name implies, he plays an Arrogant ass, always putting himself over as “The Only True Highlight in Wrestling”. The fact that he can back that claim up gets under the skin of the fans, too. He uses a Kryptonite Krunch as a finish (Dubbed “Simply Marvelous”), but is also prone to throwing a nice superkick, too (“The Final Detail”).

Everything was ready. We had set up our schedule to have one show a month, in the pattern of two small shows, then a Medium sized show, then two more small shows, etc.

It’s time.

Get ready, wrestling world. Because starting right now, Anarchy Rules!

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW: The Beginning

The show starts with Kid Inferno in the ring

Kid Inferno: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen….to WORLD ANARCHY PRO WRESTLING!

Crowd pop. Huzzah.

Kid Inferno: Are you sick of what other promotions are feeding you? Tired of CZW’s “No Talented Workers” policy? A you tired of the painfully cheery “Code of Honor”? And most of all, are you sick of a federation run by an idiot who ran WCW Into the ground? Well, now there’s a new era that’s going to be starting in Wrestling. An Era….Of Anarchy! Tonight, WAPW opens with some incredible matches. In our main event, Eric Justice takes on Shadow Sean Drake in a Hardcore Match! Plus, Scott Zero goes one on one with Shawn Marvel. Plus….

Suddenly, Inferno is interrupted by some hip hop music. Out blings Gangsta Greg. He’s decked out with more bling than a Jewelry Shop, a backwards baseball cap, and ripped jeans. Inferno looks confused as Greg grabs a microphone and steps into the ring.

Gangsta Greg: Wazzup Wazzup Wazuup in the Hizzy,?? It’s me, Gang-T to tha G! Greg is in the Hizouse, so make some noise!

The crowd boos, given that this is ridiculous.


Greg: Yo, my hommie! You ain’t down with tha Double G, so you can just step to steppin’! Now are you Shniggies down with that?

Inferno:First of all, what the hell is a Shniggy? (Crowd Pop). But to answer your question, No. Because Greg, WAPW is about to have its first match. It’s going to be you one on one….with me!

Inferno socks Greg in the face, which leads to….


RA NOTES: Gangsta Greg debuted his gimmick of a Pimp (Because apparently Gangsta won’t work on someone like him >_<)

Kid Inferno vs Gangsta Greg

We have our first match in WAPW, as Inferno poses quickly for the crowd while Greg slowly gets up. Inferno is ready to fight, but Greg insists on taking off all his Bling. He purposely takes it off slowly, until Inferno gets fed up and just dropkicks him the back of the head!

The two have a quality high flier match, getting the fans into the show. While both men aren’t well known, they make up for it in talent, going back and forth hitting high flying. Greg keeps pausing whenever he gets in a move to try to breakdance, failing miserably (Sorry, Greg, you ain’t no Jack Evans). After plenty of high flying action, Inferno sets Greg on the top rope. He climbs up, and signals for a Hurricanrana. But before he can go for it, Greg punches him in the face, sending Inferno down to the mat. One Flying Leg Drop later, and Gangsta Greg has the honor of winning the first ever WAPW match!


Out comes Chris Roberts for a promo

He’s wearing dark sunglasses, and his tights depict movie cameras. He asks for a microphone.

Roberts:For you swine who don’t get out to movies much, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Roberts, Hollywood’s hottest actor. I’m sure you all saw me in my starring role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but you probably don’t know that I’m also a wrestler. And that’s why I’ve made my way here to WAPW to give all you idiot fans the chance to meet me. And I’ll do that, just as soon as I effortlessly defeat this David Bryant guy. Now let’s get some Lights, Camera, and ACTION!


RA Notes: Chris Roberts debuted his new gimmick (Movie Star)

David Bryant vs Chris Roberts

Roberts waits in the ring as Bryant rushes out. He slaps hands with fans, and jumps over the top rope into the ring. He offers Roberts a handshake to start, but Roberts slaps it away.

Bryant starts the match with a headlock, but Roberts slips out and locks in a hammerlock. With it in, he paintbrushes Bryant’s head, then shoves him into the ropes. Bryant comes back with a shoulder block, and Roberts and Bryant hit the usual kip up/drop down/leap frog/counter that has started plenty of wrestling matches. Still, it gets the crowd into the match. A funny spot comes when Bryant flips out of a German suplex and calls for a kick. Realizing this, Roberts covers his face and yells “NOT MY FACE! THIS IS MY MONEYMAKER!”. Bryant just pauses, and waits. Roberts finally moves his hands to see if Bryant is still there, at which point Bryant hits a running Enzeguri, right in the face. What fun.

Nearing the end of the match, Roberts is back in control. He slips behind Bryant, and calls for another German Suplex. He goes for it, but the second that Bryant’s feet leave the ground, he slams his arms down, breaking Roberts’ grip. Bryant is still in mid air, so he reaches back, grabs Roberts’ head, and drops it into the Diamond Cutter! Damn, how does he do it? Cover for the 1……..2……3! Bryant wins! He goes to the back, slapping hands with fans all the way.


RA Notes: David Bryant debuted his new gimmick (Highlight Reel)

Eddie Englemen vs Kage

Kage makes his way out. He’s quite an intimidating sight: in addition to the black sunglasses and leather jacket, he also is wearing chains around his neck. Not like gold chains, but actual chain-chains. On the way to the ring, he stops at one fan wearing glasses. He looks, then takes the fan’s glasses and breaks them in his hand! That poor plant…..I mean fan. As he’s in the ring……cue up The Undertaker’s old music! Eddie Englemen comes out, clearly impersonating The Dead Man tonight. He has the black cowboy hat, trench coat, and has written “Sara” with black marker on his neck. Cute.

In the ring, Englemen immediately grabs Kage around the neck…yeah right. Kage just looks around, as Englemen struggles. Kage then grabs Englemen around the neck, and lifts him into a gorilla press! He holds him for a good 15 seconds, before dropping Eddie face first! Wasting absolutely no time, Kage scoops up Englemen and DRILLS him with the Osaka Street Cutter! Kage puts a single foot on Englemen for the 1……..2……3! About 30 seconds, bell to bell!


RA Notes: Eddie Englemen debuted his new gimmick (Impressionist), it got a negative response (Probably because of the low charisma). Kage debuted his new gimmick (Bad Ass)

Kage is on his way out, when he stops

He turns around, and walks back to the ring. On the way, he grabs a microphone, and a chair. He gets into the ring, and waits for Eddie to get up. Eddie turns around, And Kage BRAINS him with the chair! Eddie goes down, and Kage hits him a few more times with the chair. He stands over Eddie with the microphone.

Kage:You see? You all see what happens when you fuck with Kage? Let this be a message to everybody in that locker room. I am going to establish myself as the most dangerous man in WAPW. And if anybody wants to try to stop me, they’ll end up just like this stupid motherfucker.

Kage stomps on Eddie’s head one last time before leaving the ring to boos.


Scott Zero vs Shawn Marvel

Talk about stark contrast in entrances…..Zero comes out showing little emotion as he walks to the ring. He tests out the ropes, then waits for his opponent. Meanwhile, Marvel comes out with a feather boa, neon green sunglasses, and a leather jacket with the words “Simply Marvelous” embroidered on the back in yellow jewels. How….marvelous, I guess.

It’s easy to see why these two were put into this match: they’re the two most talented guys on the roster. They chain wrestle, high fly, and brawl all around the ring for a good 10 minutes. The crowd loves it, as Zero clotheslines Marvel over the top rope, then follows it up with a huge plancha. But at the last second, Marvel literally dives out of the way, and Zero CRASHES into the ground. Damn, that looked painful.

Back in the ring, the two start throwing punches back and forth. Zero gains the advantage, and hits Marvel with a hard right hand that sends Marvel into the ropes. Zero grabs his arm and Irish whips him. Zero also bounces off the ropes, and comes in for a clothesline. But Marvel ducks, and stops himself. Zero bounces off the opposite ropes and comes back, only to get NAILED with The Final Detail by Marvel! Zero’s head snaps back as he goes down, and Marvel rolls through into a Jacknife cover! 1………2…….3! Marvel gets the win! As Zero recovers in the ring, Marvel rolls out and yells to the crowd “All it takes is The Final Detail, Baby!”


RA Notes: Scott Zero debuted his new gimmick (Old School Face). Shawn Marvel debuted his new gimmick (Arrogant), it got a positive response.

Hardcore Match: Shadow Sean Drake vs Eric Justice

The crowd is ready for the main event as all the lights go out. A single spotlight drops on the entrance ramp, as Shadow Sean Drake comes out. He walks straight to the ring, never even looking at the fans. He pauses on the outside, and reaches under the ring. He pulls out two kendo sticks, and rolls in. He takes off his jacket and waits in the corner. Justice comes out a little more prepared: he’s carrying a trash can full of weapons in his left hand, and a stop sign in his right. He gets into the ring, and Drake tries to hit him with the stick. Justice drops the trash can and blocks the kendo stick with the stop sign! Justice swings with the sign, but Drake drops down, and hits Justice in the knee, dropping him down!

The match continues, with both men fighting with everything but the kitchen sink. However, they’re both competent workers, so the match isn’t bad by any means at all. Drake keeps working on Justice’s knees, hitting them with weapons. The crowd still gets behind Justice (He is our most over guy, after all), and Justice, like a good little Babyface, makes a comeback.

The comeback doesn’t last for long, however, as Drake hits him in the head with a Trash can. He then knees Justice in the gut, and calls for The Eclipse. He bounces off the ropes, and jumps, but Justice move back, leaving Drake to crash to the mat! Eric then scoops Drake up, and pulls him over to where the remains of a Trash Can are. He hooks Drake in a pumphandle, lifts, and nails the Pumphandle Powerbomb, driving Drake’s back into the Trash Can! Of course, that gets the 1……….2…….3, and Eric Justice wins WAPW’s first Main Event! Justice stays in the ring celebrating for a bit, with the crowd cheering him.


RA Notes: Shadow Sean Drake debuted his new gimmick (Mysterious), it got a positive response.

Annnnnnnnnd SCENE! So, what do you guys think? Is it worth it to start posting the rest of the shows here?

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Guest Zed619

It's an interesting idea, i'll wait a while before posting any big critisism. I just laugh at the fact that Raw got a 0.8, when in reality, it would probably be one of the highest rated shows in history, i mean, what wrestling fan wouldn't want to watch the aftermath of your big shoot?

Anyways, keep it up, it looks good.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

In the office of Peter King, WAPW Owner

I was going over some of the information about our first show, when Sophie came in, all smiles.

Me: You look happy. What's up?

Sophie: Well, I just finished the finances, and we actually turned profit!

Me: We actually turned a profit on our first show? That's great! How much did we make? 5 thousand? 6 thousand?

She just kept smiling.

Me: Wait, we made more? Did we make over 10 thousand?

Nothing. Just kept smiling. That can't be right....

Me:Sophie, how much did we make this month?

Sophie: We made just over $250,000 in our first month. Pure profit. Those four Sponsors you got are incredible!


It was unbeleavible. It was incredible. It was perfect.....

The first thing I did was call up our four sponsors and thank them for their contributions. They're the reason that we made this much.

And second, I called up two workers. I had initially not wanted to hire them because they asked for $9,000 and $8,000 an appearance, and I was worried that that would make us lose money. But $250,000........I think we can afford them.

Pentagram (Heel, 40 Over): This guy is Strong Style personified. Brutal hits, kicks, and backbreakers make up his arsenal. Despite being a lightweight, he has a pretty intimidating look, wearing a full-head purple mask and steel-black tights to the ring. He has improved his style all over the world, as he has wrestled in England, Japan, and Canada. And he's accomplished all of this at the age of -- get ready -- 18. He's made a name for himself on the indy's lately, making him our most known heel. Uses the Sidewinder as a finisher, a modified Piledriver where he holds the opponent facing sideways instead of straight out.

Regal (Face, 10 Over): Full name is Preston Young Regal, but only uses his last name. He also has a very interesting backstory: about six months into his professional career (including training), he was thrown over the top rope, and was about to land on his neck. He had to put his hands out to stop it. As a result, his neck was fine, but both his wrists were broken. Without the use of his hands, he started training his legs. And once he got the casts off, he continued the kick training. It paid off, too: he has some of the most viscious kicks on the wrestling scene, rivaling guys like Low Ki and Tajiri. His finisher is pretty unique, too: he tosses his opponent into the air for a flapjack, but then jumps up, angling his shoulders towards the mat, and Enzeguri's them right out of mid air. He calls it the Viper Kick.

$250,000, profit......I think WAPW is going to be going places.

NOTE: I used no cheats, no arsenic, no nothing. I was just lucky enough to snap up some great sponsors before others could.

The rest of the shows (The other 5 that i've done so far, including news) will be up later today.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

Ok, here we go: the other 5 shows, including any and all news stories in between

WAPW Ragnarok (Janurary 1st, 2005)

Kid Inferno starts in the ring with a microphone

Kid Inferno:WELCOME TO WORLD ANARCHY PRO WRESTLING: RANGAROK! (Pop) Tonight, as we celebrate the New Year, WAPW will crown it’s first champion, as we present three different tournament matches. The winners of those matches will go on to a three way dance at the end of the show, with the winner taking the gold! Those matches will be: Eric Justice taking on Gangsta Greg, David Bryant going one on one with the debuting Pentagram, and Chris Roberts facing.....ME! But you know what, I’m tired of wasting everybody’s time here. So let’s get right to our first tournament match!

Overall: 57

WAPW World Title Tournament: Pentagram vs David Bryant

Bryant makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans. He rolls over the top rope, landing on his feet, and salutes the crowd. As he is, out comes the debuting Pentagram. He’s quite the sight, with a purple mask and jet-black tights. David Bryant actually looks a bit anxious, because he’s facing someone he knows really nothing about.

The two lock up, and Pentagram puts Bryant in a headlock. Bryant pushes him against the ropes, and ducks down. But instead of the usual Shoulderblock/leap frog combo, Pentagram just comes back with a HARD Yakuza kick, sending Bryant all the way out of the ring! Bryant shakes his head, getting his bearings back together, and rolls back in. Pentagram catches him in an irish whip, but as he goes for a clothesline, Bryant ducks it, and hits a quick dropkick, this time sending Pentagram to the outside!

The two continue a back and forth match, with the crowd behind Bryant (which is odd, considering he’s much less known than Pentagram). Bryant damn near gets the three with a sick leaping DDT, but Pentagram grabs the bottom rope. Bryant gets up, and calls for the Diamond Cutter! He waits on Pentagram, then hooks him. But Pentagram shoves him into the ropes. As Bryant is coming back, Pentagram kicks him in the stomach, lifts him, and drills him head first with the Sidewinder! He hooks the far leg, 1……….2………3! Pentagram advances to the WAPW World Title match later!

Overall: 52

RA Notes: Pentagram debuted his new gimmick (Machine), it got a negative response

We have more debuts, as Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro make their way out.

Despite clearly different looks (Molanari is a heavyweight with long black hair, and Shapiro is a lightweight with short blond hair), they’re dressed the same, with deep blue tights and vests. They both roll into the ring and grab microphones.

Anthony Molanari:For those of you who don’t know, allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Anthony Molanari.

Jason Shapiro:And I’m Jason Shapiro!

Anthony Molanari: And tonight, we’re ready to take out Drake and Marvel! Now you two might be more well known than us, but that doesn’t change the fact that you two don’t have the background that we do! *Molanari points to Shapiro and himself* Best friends for years, trained together, we know everything about each other, while you two are as close to being a team as Bush is to taking all troops out of Iraq! *Mixed Reaction, as most political lines get*

Shapiro:So Drake! Marvel! You two don’t need to know anything but this: when you step into the ring with Jason Shapiro and Anthony Molanari, you better be prepared to get your asses….


Overall: 50

Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro vs Shadow Sean Drake and Shawn MarvelTalk about a freaking contrast…..Drake is shrouded in darkness on his way, while Marvel, who comes out next to him, is wearing neon green tights and his usual jewel-encrusted jacket. They get into the ring, and again show a contrast: Drake simply lays his Matrix-jacket over the top rope, while Marvel DEMANDS that the referee take his jacket off and “Take good care of it”. What an arrogant bitch.

This is your average tag team match, with the heels doing all the evil cheating, with the face team seemingly unable to make a comeback. Nothing major to note in the match until the end, when Shapiro makes the HOT tag to Molanari!

Molanari comes in, delivering clotheslines to both Drake and Marvel. Referee Mitch Felon loses all control, as Drake and Marvel start to double team Molanari down, but Shaprio jumps back in, and we got a brawl! Molanari punches Drake into the ropes, then runs in with a Cactus Jack-like clothesline, and he goes out with Drake! Mitch Felon focuses on them, giving Marvel time to reach into his tights, and pull out a pair of brass knuckles! He lines Shapiro up, and NAILS him in the face with them! Shapiro goes down, but Marvel’s cockyness prompts him to drop to one knee and bow, RVD style (to instant boos). In fact, he also bows his head, meaning he doesn’t see Scott Zero run out! Marvel lifts his head, and immediately EATS the Absolute Zero! Zero rolls out as Molanari rolls in. Marvel stumbles up, and turns around, and Molanari hits the Spinebuster (and somewhere, Arn Anderson smiles). Molanari makes the cover for the 1……2…..3!

Overall: 54

WAPW World Title Tournament: Gangsta Greg vs Eric JusticeJustice comes out to a great pop, as he is the most over guy in the federation. Greg blings his way to the ring, stopping only to attempt to breakdance in the aisle. Little problem, though: he can’t breakdance. Still, it gets some cheap comedy heat, which is exactly what he was going for.

Despite the outcome of the match being clear to everybody, Greg still gets in plenty of high flying offense. Unfortunately, as most heels do, he gets cocky, and tries to breakdance again. This time, as he’s trying to spin, Justice just reaches down, grabs him by the neck, lifts him, and plants him with a Sit Out Choke Slam!

Now it’s Justice’s turn, as he bludgeons Greg around the ring with hard punches and slams. Greg sells all of the offense like a champ, begging for time outs from the referee. Eric finally nails him with the Pumphandle Powerbomb, and pins Greg, so Justice advances to meet Pentagram and the winner of Inferno/Roberts!

Overall: 53

Before we get to the next match, Chris Roberts wants to rant.

Roberts:I want to talk about a travesty that has hit this federation. And that is that I, Chris Roberts, the man who all of Hollywood is after, has to QUALIFY to be in the main event! You people all know that great Hollywood actors don’t qualify for anything, they are chosen! And worse yet, I have to face…..Kid Inferno? Me, the greatest actor Hollywood has ever seen, is facing an Announcer? Pathetic. So Inferno, get your ass out here, and prepare to be CUT from this tournament!

Overall: 52

WAPW Title Tournament: Chris Roberts vs Kid Inferno

Inferno, fired up from Roberts’ comments, rushes to the ring and immediately starts the brawl! They go back and forth, with Inferno gaining the upper hand in the opening minutes. Inferno hits a series of elbows to Roberts head, knocking him out of the ring. Inferno doesn’t even pause, running against the ropes and going for a somersault plancha! But Roberts ducks down, leaving Inferno to slam hard into the ground!

From there, it is ALL Roberts. He works over Inferno, not letting him get even a punch in. But each time Roberts covers Inferno, Inferno somehow kicks out at two. Roberts is seen getting clearly frustrated, as he climbs to the top rope. He lines up Inferno, and nails the Missile Dropkick! 1………2……No, Inferno gets his leg under the bottom rope!

NOW Roberts is pissed, as he yells at the referee. He then turns back to Inferno, setting him up for a powerbomb. He lifts, but Inferno actually repositions himself, slides down Roberts back, and pulls Roberts into a tight Sunset Flip! 1……..2………3! Inferno advances to the Title match!

Inferno immediately starts to celebrate, as Roberts leaves the ring disgusted. But he doesn’t say gone, as he comes back into the ring with a Chair! He whacks Inferno in the back with the chair, then beats him down several more times with it. Satisfied, Roberts leaves the ring, while Inferno is in a heap in the middle of the ring.

Overall: 52

It’s Main Event time! But first, here comes Eric Justice

As Justice rolls into the ring with a microphone, Inferno is rolled out, as EMT’s check on him.

Justice: Now look, Inferno. I am sorry for what happened to you, especially because it was done by a coward like Chris Roberts. But Inferno, as upset I am about that, I am even more determined to walk out tonight as the first ever World Anarchy Pro Wrestling heavyweight Champion! Now Pentagram, you may be the “Master of Strong Style”, but the fact remains that I am just the master of strength, PERIOD. So Pentagram, get your ass out here, and prepare to feel what REAL Justice means!

Overall: 52

Triple Threat WAPW World Title Match: Pentagram vs Eric Justice vs Kid Inferno

Pentagram makes his way out, as Justice begs him to get into the ring. He does, and the two go back and forth. Pentagram throws some nice kicks into the fray, but Justice counters with equally vicious punches. They go like this for several minutes, until they find themselves back in the center of the ring, brawling. They don’t notice that Kid Inferno has pulled himself up to the apron. They do notice, however, when he springboards off the top rope and hits a double dropkick on both!

Kid Inferno, seemingly running on Adrenaline, starts elbowing both guys in the face. Back and forth he goes, until both men are against the ropes. Inferno bounces off, and hits a cross body, sending all three men tumbling to the ground! The brawl continues, as all three men start brawling with each other. Inferno still is seemingly in control, until Pentagram rams his back into the ring apron, then throws him back in the ring.

Back in the ring, Pentagram goes for a cover on Inferno, but Justice pulls him off. Justice then tries to cover Inferno, but Pentagram leg drops the back of his head! As Pentagram brawls with Justice, Inferno gets to his feet. He runs in, but Pentagram sidesteps him at the last second, and Inferno clotheslines Justice over the top rope! Inferno turns around, into a kick by Pentagram, and the Sidewinder! 1………….2……….3! Justice is too late to break up the cover, and Pentagram is your first ever WAPW World Champion!

Overall: 57

RA Notes: The WAPW World Title gained in image. Pentagram is losing overness because of his week gimmick

Overall Show: 53

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW Lightning Strikes (February 5, 2005) (Our first medium sized show, which we run once every three months)

Kid Inferno is in the ring to start the show.

Before he can even say one word, out comes Kage. He has an angry look on his face, and grabs a microphone. As he rolls into the ring, Inferno strikes a fighting pose.

Kage:Inferno, I know you have a title shot later. Do you really want to fuck with me, and go into your title shot with two broken arms?

Inferno thinks for a second, before rolling out of the ring and returning to commentary. Hey, he may be a babyface, but he’s not stupid.

Kage:Let me get something straight here: last month, WAPW Title Tournament. Not only am I not in the tournament, but I’m not even on the CARD? What kind of shit is THAT? And tonight, I am once again not booked? Well, I don’t care if I’m booked or not, but I am going to kick SOMEBODY’s ass tonight! So who wants to step up?

There is a pause…….and Eric Justice comes out with a microphone!

Justice:So….you’re just being a whiny little bitch because you weren’t booked? You really are pretty pathetic.

Kage:What the HELL did you just say to me? Do you realize that you’re talking to the most dominant force in WAPW?

Justice:Oh, really? Well, it seems that you’re looking for a fight. And it just so happens that I could use a match, too. So how about you and me, one on one, later tonight?

The crowd pops as Kage nods his head. We got another match!

Overall: 57

David Bryant vs Shadow Sean Drake

Bryant has made his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans. Out comes Drake, with his usual stoic look on his face. He gets into the ring, and takes his jacket off slowly.

The match is a styles clash: while both are lightweights, Bryant is a high flier, while Drake is a brawler. And worse, they can’t play the “Powerhouse vs high flying babyface”, because Drake is about the same weight and size as Bryant. They try to keep the crowd in it, though, hitting series of moves on each other. At one point, Bryant rallies the crowd as he goes to the top rope, and leaps off, into a hard blockbuster! He covers, but Drake kicks out.

Frustrated, Bryant backs near the ropes, calling for the Diamond Cutter. The referee decides that now is a great time to check to see if Drake is OK. As the referee does, out runs Shawn Marvel! Marvel grabs Bryant’s leg, dropping him to the mat! Marvel then hides as Drake picks Bryant up, kicks him, and nails The Eclipse! 1….2…..3!

After the match, Marvel rolls into the ring. He goes to give Drake a high five, but Drake doesn’t play along. They’re about to inflict more damage on Bryant……when Scott Zero bursts out of the curtain and down to the ring! He dives in, as Marvel and Drake split, and walk up the ramp.

Overall: 56

But before they can leave, Zero grabs a microphone!

Zero:Now THIS is a load of crap! Marvel, you just are pissing everyone off every time you are here, especially me! You’re a cocky, arrogant ass, and now you’re recruiting people to help you?

Marvel:Recruiting? What are you smoking, man? Me and Drake are a team, we are TIGHT! Right, Drake?

Drake grabs the microphone from Marvel, and looks at him while talking.

Drake:The only alliance I have is with darkness, whether it be physical or metaphysical. My life is surrounded by shadow, the shadow that can turn cold even the strongest man’s heart.

Marvel stares at Drake for a second.

Marvel:SEE? See, Zero? He and I are friends! I told you! And Zero, you’re just pissed off that in our first match, it was YOU who was flat on your back for the three

Zero:Well then, if THAT’S what you think I’m upset about, how about this: You and me, one on one tonight, in a match where somebody won’t be on their back for the three. How about Marvel vs Zero, one on one, in a Submission match?

Marvel:A Submission match, huh? A chance to show just how marvelous I am all around? You’re on, Zero!

And we have ANOTHER match tonight!

Overall: 58

Regal vs Eddie Englemen

Cue up the sound of glass breaking, and out comes Eddie Englemen. He’s wearing a black vest, big black knee pads, is wearing a bald cap, and is giving everybody the middle finger. Three guesses on who he’s imitating, and the first two don’t count. Regal doesn’t look like much: long black hair, a serious look on his face, and blue tights with the word “Viper” written down on each side. He gets little to no reaction, as nobody knows who he is. Boy, are they in for a surprise….

The match goes for about two minutes with both men just trading basic moves: headlocks, arm drags, etc. Englemen actually hits a Lou Thez Press, getting a nice pop. Regal quickly gets up, and when he does, Englemen gives him the double finger and goes for a kick. Regal catches his foot, with his left arm, and then out of nowhere, nails a Roundhouse Kick! A Sick *CRACK* echoes throughout the arena as the crowd “OOOOOH”’s, and Englemen goes down like a sack of rocks. Regal pulls Eddie to a sitting position, then nails a series of Soccer kicks to the back, each sounding like a freaking whip. DAMN, can that guy kick hard. It isn’t even a contest, as Regal just picks apart Eddie with brutal kicks. He finally tosses him up into the air and nails the Viper Kick, drawing a loud pop from the crowd. That’s more than enough for the 1…….2……3, and Regal wins in his debut match!

Overall: 42

RA Notes: Regal gained overness from this match. Eddie Englemen lost overness from this match.

Grangsta Greg blings his way onto the stage with a microphone.


The crowd boos, and rightfully so. What the hell is a Shnig-zie anyway?

Greg:See, yall, Gangsta Greg might be in the Hiz-ouse, but he ain’t Biz-ooked on the Ciz-ard tonight! And that Ain’t cool, dawgs! So what the Double G Gangsta is gonna do is issue an open challenge to any guy back in the locka room for next month’s show, March Meyhem. Any wanna-be Gangsta who wants to hang with tha Greganator can take me on, no quiz-estions asked. Now DIG IT!

Overall: 56

Eric Justice vs Kage

Justice makes his way down, slapping hands with fans. Before he even gets halfway down the aisle, though, Kage runs out and attacks him from behind! Kage lays a beating on Justice on the outside, before throwing him into the ring. Kage taunts the crowd, before rolling and making an early cover. He gets a two before Justice gets his shoulder up.

Once Justice gets his game back on, this becomes a surprisingly good match. Both men are mainly brawlers, but since they both can wrestle technically, it isn’t just a good o’ Hossarooni. They brawl for a bit, but then the match morphs more into a counter-for-counter match, with both men reversing the other’s moves. The crowd is pretty into it, as it is top face vs 3rd biggest heel (he’s beat out by Marvel at 2 and Pentagram at 1). Kage even locks in a beautiful Abdominal Stretch, and adds a little something: with his free hand, he repeatedly strikes Justice in the face.

After Justice breaks the hold, Kage immediately takes him down with a clothesline, and makes a Stunner motion, calling for the Osaka Street Cutter. He tries to lift Justice, but Justice blocks it! Justice twists into a Suplex Position, manages to lift Kage up, and hold him for several seconds, before dropping him down into a Falcon Arrow! That show of crazy strength gets Eric the 1……..2…….3!

Overall: 60

WAPW World Title: Kid Inferno vs Pentagram

Inferno rushes to the ring to a great pop from the crowd. He slides under the bottom rope, then does a flipping Kip-Up (like Super Crazy used to do), and jumps to the top, pumping up the crowd. Pentagram comes out, WAPW World Title around his shoulder (In case you’re wondering, it looks like most other world titles with a globe and the bearer’s name on the front, but on the straps, instead of what other belts have, this belt has pictures of the Anarchy symbol) He holds the belt up to heat, and then hands it to the referee.

In our series of three big matches in a row, this one is also great. Pentagram can high fly just as well as Inferno, so that’s what they go with. They take to the air for the match, hitting springboards and flips and spins and what not. After a little bit, however, when Inferno goes for a springboard Dropkick, Pentagram catches him and turns it into a brutal backbreaker! Pentagram now goes to his game, turning the match Strong Style. Despite his mastery of the style, the crowd really can’t buy into a Lightweight as a Machine, which really is a shame. Pentagram continues to work on the back of Inferno with some submissions and backbreakers, then rams him into the corner. Pentagram puts Inferno on the top rope, and Pentagram walks to the other side of the ring. He runs in, but Inferno leaps off the top rope, and comes in with a neckbreaker!

Inferno is in control now, as he slams down Pentagram in the center of the ring. Inferno then goes over to the ropes, springboards up, and hits a rolling senton! As he rolls off Pentagram, he grabs the opposite ropes, springs up, and nails another rolling senton! He rolls through again, and grabs the top rope a third time. He goes for a springboard Lionsault this time, but at the last second, Pentagram gets his knees up, and Inferno crashes! Inferno is hurting, as Pentagram gets up, pulling Inferno with him, and nails the Sidewinder! 1…..2…..3, and Pentagram’s first title defense is successful!

Overall: 60

RA NOTES: Pentagram is losing overness from his weak gimmick (Can’t have a bad gimmick on a world champ. I’ll have to change it in a month or two)

Submission Match: Scott Zero vs Shawn Marvel

Now THIS is going to be good. These are the two most talented guys in the federation, and seem to be locked in a bit of a feud. Marvel comes out in his usual getup, and demands that the referee take it off. Marvel adjusts his wrist guards, as the referee calls for the bell.

The match starts out with a lock up, before Zero drops Marvel and goes for a Leg Lock. Marvel rolls out of it, and hooks Zero’s head in a headlock. Zero fights out of that, and turns it into a Fujiwara Arm Bar! They go back and forth with submissions, countering smoothly. They finally both kip up and have a classic ECW Face Off as the crowd goes WILD!

The crowd is in for more happiness, as Zero and Marvel have an absolutely beautiful technical match. They go back and forth for over 20 minutes, trading moves and painful submissions. Zero has been working on the legs of Marvel for the match, while Marvel has focused on Zero’s ribs and back. Then, out of literally nowhere, Marvel takes Zero down with a drop toe hold, and locks in a Bow and Arrow Backbreaker! He wrenches on the move as Zero struggles. He tries to break the hold, but it looks like Marvel might have it in perfectly. Zero raises his hand……..but doesn’t tap! He swings his arm down, chopping Marvel in the Throat! Marvel breaks the hold, but Zero is down.

Marvel goes into the corner, holding his throat, then sees that Zero is slowly getting back up. Marvel smiles, and slaps his leg for the Final Detail! As Zero turns around, Marvel goes for it….but Zero moves his head out of the way, grabs Marvel’s leg (while it’s over his shoulder), and drops down, slamming Marvel’s leg against his shoulder! He follows up with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, then turns Marvel over, and locks in an STF! That’s the signature move of his trainer, Masahiro Chono! He wrenches it, as Marvel tries to fight it, but it’s locked in perfectly in the middle of the ring! Marvel raises a hand…….and taps out! Zero wins it!

Zero’s hand is raised as the crowd applauds both men. Marvel finally makes his way to his feet, and Zero offers him a handshake! Marvel stares at it…….then spits right in Zero’s face, and leaves the ring! Marvel walks to the back brooding while Zero stares at him, still angry.

Overall: 62 (With 90 Match Quality!!!)


BIG NEWS: NWA-TNA has announced that they will be having tours of Australia, Japan, and England, thus solidifying their standing as a Global-Level federation. To celebrate, TNA not only hired all their workers on Written Contracts, but also made a few more purchases: Ultimo Dragon on an Open Contract, and Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Nunzio, and Steve “Nova” Bucci on Written Contracts. Not surprisingly, TNA Capitalized on several MAJOR Former WWE stars. Thankfully, they didn’t raid the indy’s, so my roster remains the same :)

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW March Mayhem (March 05, 2005)

Kid Inferno is in the ring

Unlike the other shows, he’s not dressed in his wrestling gear.

Kid Inferno:Welcome to WAPW MARCH MAYHEM! Tonight, we have a great lineup of matches, Including Pentagram defending the WAPW Title against Eric Justice! As you can see, I will not be wrestling tonight, but we still have one packed card! The bad ass, Kage, will take on Regal, while Gangsta Greg has his open challenge, and Shadow Sean Drake takes on David Bryant again! But let’s get right to the first match, Anthony Molanari against….*He checks a notecard* Uh……Eddie Englicho? What the hell……

Overall: 59

RA NOTES: Kid Inferno gained overness from this segment.

Eddie Englemen (As Chris Jericho) Vs Anthony Molanari

As Kid Inferno leaves the ring confused, Englemen makes his way out as Jericho. He has a long haired wig on, and a wild jacket. It’s really too bad he looks nothing like Jericho other than that. Molanari comes out, accompanied by Jason Shapiro, both men slapping hands with fans.

Surprisingly, Englemen and Molanari actually “click” in their mathch, resulting in a surprisingly competitive bout. Englemen tries his best to imitate Jericho, but the fact that he has about as much talent as Jericho’s jock strap. Maybe less……..Oh well. This short, although competitive, opening match ends when Englemen goes to the middle rope and leaps off for God knows what, and Molanari catches him and Spinebusters him out of mid air! 1……2……3! Molanari wins our opening contest.

Overall: 48 (24 CR, 73 MQ)

RA Notes: Eddie Englemen lost overness from this match. Anthony Molanari gained overness from this match. Eddie Englemen is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. (Whatever, Englemen is just a Jobber)

Also: They said that Molanari and Englemen work well together.

Shadow Sean Drake makes his way to the ring for his match.

On the way, however, he grabs a microphone. He rolls into the ring, and a few spotlights hit him.

Drake:Turn those lights off now!

Obligingly, all the lights in the arena go out, save a single dim spotlight on Drake. It’s an eerie effect, and we see Drake is smiling.

Drake:Isn’t it wonderful? In the darkness, there is no true distinction between people. The strongest man could be weak; the most royal can be mere peasants. What you people don’t realize is that in darkness, there is no light to hide the true nature of man’s soul. And there is no clearer example of this than David Bryant. David, you come out here, all bright and chipper. I HATE BRIGHT! You’re cheery attitude merely hides the fact that deep down, you know that you’ll never be as good as anyone else. So come out here, and prepare for your world to enter a total Eclipse…..

Overall: 56

RA NOTES: Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment.

Shadow Sean Drake vs David Bryant

Bryant, fired up from Zero’s words, forgoes his usual slapping hands with fans routine, instead rushing straight to the ring and starting the brawl! He nails a series of HARD elbows, before bouncing off the ropes and nailing a Lightning Leg Lariat! Drake tries to get up, but Bryant delivers a snap Leg Drop to the back of the head! Bryant pulls Drake up, whips him against the ropes, and nails a Hurricanrana, sending Drake flipping! Drake tries to get up again, but this time Bryant charges at him, grabs his head, and nails a tornado DDT!

Bryant is furious here, eager to avenge his loss to Drake last month. He just TEARS into Drake, beating him around the ring. The crowd is getting into it, more so than their match last month. Bryant finally makes the crucial mistake: He gets to the top rope and taunts for a few seconds before jumping off with a Frog Splash, causing Drake to get his knees up, and Bryant CRASHES into them! Bryant sells like a maniac, just crumpling into the canvas. It becomes Drake’s match, as he picks apart Bryant, finally hitting him with the Eclipse to get another win over Bryant! After the match, Drake stomps a bit more on Bryant, just for the hell of it.

Overall: 60 (42 CR, 78 MQ)

Gangsta Greg blings out to the ring for his open challenge. But, as per usual, he grabs a microphone

Greg:WAZZUP, MA HOMMIES? Tha Double-G-Gangsta is in the hizouse, ready for his open Chiz-allenge! Now, no matta what fly-ass-fool comes out here, you can bet your dolla dolla’s that Greg will come out on TOP! Now….

He’s interrupted…..by Scott Zero coming out!

Overall: 56

RA Notes: Gangsta Greg gained overness from this segment.

Gangsta Greg vs Scott Zero

Greg is a bit shocked by Zero accepting the challenge, and immediately requests a time out! Zero, of course, doesn’t oblige, running in and clotheslining Greg down!

This match has a good side and a bad side: Both men are phenomenal workers, and they tear the house down in our most competitive match of the night. The bad news is that neither man is very over, so the crowd doesn’t react at all. Damnit…..oh well. Their in-ring work makes up for it, however. Because Greg is a great high flier but relatively weak with brawling and mat wrestling, Zero adopts the High-Flying style tonight, going toe to toe with Greg. Zero finally calls for the Zero Tolerance, and hooks Greg’s arms. Greg freaks out comically, manages to escape, and literally dives through the middle rope to the floor to avoid it! Man, that guy is funny.

Greg finally makes his way back into the ring, where he is promptly nailed with a Superkick! Zero is on fire here, as he points to the downed Greg and yells “ABSOLUTE ZERO!” The crowd gives a mild pop, but before he can do anything, Shadow Sean Drake makes his way through the crowd and tries to enter the ring! The referee grabs him and holds him back, but with the ref distracted, out runs the REAL run in: Shawn Marvel with a chair! Marvel jumps on the apron and cracks the chair on Zero’s back! Zero stumbles forward, and Greg rolls him up! The referee finally turns around, and counts the 1………2…….3! Greg wins!

After the match, Marvel and Drake are stomping on Zero, until David Bryant runs in! He jumps into the ring and starts beating on Sean Drake, until Shawn Marvel grabs the chair and whacks Bryant in the back, too! Drake and Marvel raise their arms to boos from the crowd.

Overall: 55 (29 CR, 81 MQ)

Regal vs Kage

The newcomer Regal comes out to a slightly better pop than he got last month, mostly because the crowd loved his sick kicks. Kage comes out to good heel heat, wearing his trademark chain around his neck. Regal looks nervous as hell here, as Kage just has a sick smile on his face.

In a bit of a shock, Regal gets in some offense in the start of the match, repeatedly kicking Kage in the legs. He brings the big man down to one knee, before jumping behind him and nailing a HUGE kick to Kage’s back! And….Kage sells it for a second, then just stands up! Regal looks shocked, and runs against the ropes, only to get caught with a Bossman Slam!

Now Kage has gained control, working over Regal with power moves left and right. He puts Regal into the corner, and hits a few lefts and rights. Kage then goes to the other side of the ring, and runs in for a shoulder tackle in the corner. Wrestling By-Law says that the face ALWAYS has to move, so the heel can crash into the turnbuckle. But Kage isn’t one to follow rules, just SLAMMING into Regal, driving Regal into the corner HARD. Regal sells it by crumpling into a heap.

Kage says that’s all, and calls for a powerbomb. He picks up the limp Regal, and sets him up. But Regal flips out of it, into a Sunset flip position! Kage fights it, though, and doesn’t leave his standing position! Kage prepares to punch Regal who is under him, trying to pull him over…when Regal hits a quick kick to Kage’s back! This startles Kage enough to fall into the Sunset Flip! 1……2……3!!!!! Kage kicks out a millisecond too late! Regal just beat Kage in a BIG upset!

Regal dives out of the ring, as Kage just looks shocked. He turns to the referee, who tells him that he was pinned…and Kage clotheslines Mitch Felon down!

Overall: 49 (27 CR, 72 MQ)

RA Notes: Kage lost overness from this match. Regal gained overness from this match.

Kage grabs a microphone, fuming.

Kage:THAT DID NOT JUST FUCKING HAPPEN! YOU HEAR ME? That little punk Regal did NOT just beat Kage! Regal, all that happened was that YOU GOT LUCKY! And you know what? You were lucky for one night. But unfortunately, by being lucky, you’ve done the one thing that nobody wants to do: you pissed me off. Regal, you’d better get your ass ready, because I’m coming for you. And when I get you….you’ll wish you NEVER FUCKED WITH KAGE!

Overall: 60

RA NOTES: Kage gained overness from this segment.

WAPW Title: Pentagram © vs Eric Justice

Pentagram comes out with the WAPW title around his shoulder. Rather than usually just stoically walking to the ring, he actually acknowledges the jeers of the fans. The crowd is a bit confused as to why, but whatever. Justice comes out to his usual great pop. He makes motions that he’ll win the title, as he rolls into the ring.

As usual, our top two stars put on a great show. Pentagram is no longer playing the whole “Unstoppable” character because it just isn’t buyable when the guy is a lightweight. Still, he’s playing his new heel character well, as he brawls with Justice. The two take it to the mat, where they exchange some beautiful chain wrestling. They make their way to their feet, where Justice hits a hard chop on Pentagram! Pentagram responds by chopping him right back! They go back and forth with chops (the crowd WHOOOOing all the way), until both men’s chests are red! Justice then connects with a clothesline on Pentagram, but only gets a two count!

They get up, and start brawling again. Justice bounces off the ropes, but as he’s coming back, Pentagram lifts him onto his shoulders (!) Pentagram then looks like he’s going for a gutbuster…but as he’s moving Justice forward, Pentagram drops to his back, SLAMMING Justice’s chest and gut into his knees! SICK! Pentagram gets up, and makes a twisting motion with his hands….Sidewinder! He kicks Justice…..but Justice blocks the move, and lifts Pentagram onto his shoulders! Justice goes for an F5….but Pentagram lands on his feet, kicks Justice again, and this time NAILS the Sidewinder perfectly! 1……..2……..3! Pentagram once again retains the WAPW Title!

Overall: 58 (40 CR, 77 MQ)

Overall: The fans were confused by the gimmick change of Pentagram (To No Gimmick Needed) so soon after his last one (Machine)


We made the same amount of money that we have been for the past few months. That’s quite good. However, our PI remains at 24%, which is definitely not at the good side of things. The Local Network turned down our tape, saying that "Our current Television Schedule does not have any room for Professional Wrestling", which I correctly translated to mean "You want us to put a show on our TV that very few people have ever heard of? Yeah, right."

In overall wrestling news, TNA signed even more former WWE guys: Chavo Guerrero Jr (which pissed ROH off, as Chavo was their top star), Shelton Benjamin, and Dan Severen (Yeah, Severen was once in WWE)

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

From the Offices of Peter King, Owner/Booker of World Anarchy Pro Wrestling

After another successful show, I went to go talk to our World Champ, Pentagram. As I was going, Sophie stopped me.

Sophie:Hey, Pete, I have some good news! I just got in contact with a writer who is actually interested in working here! His name is Guido Crockett, and he's just asking for $5,000!

Peter (Me): What? Somebody who actually wants to work here as a writer? That's great! Tell him he's hired.

Once again, I felt reassured that WAPW was going places. I continued down the hall, and into the Locker Room. There, Pentagram was packing up.

Pentagram:Oh hey. What's up, Peter?

Peter: Hey. I wanted to talk about your character. I know that we've dropped the idea that you're an unstopable machine, but I think we need to do more.

Pentagram:Ok....what's your idea?

Peter:Well, I was thinking you could drop the mask and just go by your real name.

Pentagram:I don't know, man. I understand that it will be good in the long run, but won't people just think that you're playing off my Ring of Honor success?

Peter: No offense, but you never were a big player in ROH, so I don't think the crowd will associate you with ROH.

Pentagram: I guess you're right. Next show, can I cut a promo to do it?

Peter: Yeah. Let's go over it right now...

I proceeded to go over what he should talk about in his promo. I always thought that Pentagram was a great character, but it's just that he wasn't the right worker to play it. I retain the rights to Pentagram, though, so I'll probably have another worker play him in the far future.

WAPW Assault (April 02, 2005)

Kid Inferno is in the ring.

Kid Inferno:WELCOME TO WORLD ANARCHY PRO WRESTLING ASSAULT! (Crowd pop) Tonight, we are going to have a packed card, including a major main event, as Pentagram will defend his WAPW World Title against Scott Zero! However, we have been informed that before that match, Pentagram has a MAJOR announcement to make! Also tonight, Shawn Marvel takes on Eric Justice, I will go one on one with Kage, and Shapiro and Molanari take on Chris Roberts and (checks a notecard) ......Eddie-Berg? You have got to be…….nevermind. But I’m not going to waste any more time, so we have our first match right now!

Overall: 57

RA NOTES: Kid Inferno gained overness from this segment.

Gangsta Greg vs David Bryant

Bryant comes out, slapping hands with fans, but looking more serious than usual. Also as usual, Gangsta Greg blings out. Tonight, he’s wearing a gold chain with a “G” on it. How….Blingy, I guess. He gets into the ring and starts to take the Bling off, when Bryant attacks him from behind! How uncharacteristic of Bryant!

Bryant is just a house of fury here, as Kid Inferno talks a bit about how Bryant has only won one WAPW match, and that was at the first show. The words only get Bryant even more frustrated, as he just LAYS into Greg with hard rights and lefts! He literally CHUCKS Greg over the top rope, and Greg nails the floor! Greg tries to get up, as Bryant runs against the ropes, but Greg moves out of the way, and Bryant stops himself from jumping!

Back in the ring, Greg finally gets some offense, and now we have a hell of a match. The two really impressed me here, as they go back and forth with high flying moves. Bryant still gets his angry character over, as he continues to tear into Greg. However, like many of his other matches, he makes that crucial mistake. As Greg is in the corner, Bryant runs in for a dropkick, but Greg just moves, and Bryant CRASHES! Bryant stumbles to his feet and turns around, where Greg lifts him…and plants him with a Death Valley Driver! That’s a new one, and it gets the 1……2…..3 for Greg!

Overall: 58 (34CR, 82MQ)

RA NOTES: Dave Bryant debuted his new gimmick (Angry Young Man)

Bryant is still in the ring, fuming over his loss. He grabs a microphone.

Daivd Bryant:Damnit…DAMNIT! All this work I’ve put into to winning, and what do I have to offer for it? Another freaking scratch in the “L” column….I do know of one person who I can beat, though….Hey Shadow Sean Drake! You’ve been talking a lot of crap about me, I hear. And last month, I’ll admit it…you beat me. But I want my revenge! So get your ass out here!

There’s a pause…..and Shadow Sean Drake does come out! He makes his way to the ring, but Bryant actually jumps through the ropes onto him! He wails down punches, but Drake manages to get out of it, and the two start brawling. They brawl all the way to up the entrance, and out of sight! This feud is far from over!

Overall: 54

RA NOTES: Dave Bryant gained overness from this segment. Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment.

Chris Roberts and Eddie “Eddie-Berg” Englemen vs Jason Shapiro and Anthony Molanari

Roberts struts out, talking about how big of a star he is. Meanwhile, out comes Eddie-Berg…..he’s dressed as Goldberg, and does all the Goldberg movements, including purposely tripping while throwing punches. Ah, classic. Shapiro and Molanari come out together, wearing their identical jacket-vests. Kid Inferno talks about how neither one of them has been pinned (He doesn’t mention, however, that they’ve only had 2 matches. That’s called selective omission, kiddies)

A decent back and forth tag match, with Shapiro and Molanari making frequent tags and hitting double teams, while Roberts and Englemen (sorry, Eddie-Berg) are radically different, so they are clearly at a disadvantage.

Although the match is back and forth, everybody is pretty sure about the outcome anyway. And, indeed, it happens, after the usual 4 man brawl breaks out. Englemen is beaten against the ropes, and Molanari runs in with a Cactus Clothesline, sending both he and Englemen out of the ring! And in the ring, Roberts goes for a Missile Dropkick, but Shaprio moves, scoops Roberts off the mat, and DRILLS him with the Brainbuster! 1……2…….3!

Overall: 52 (31CR, 73MQ)

RA NOTES: Eddie Englemen is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. Chris Roberts is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. (I know, I know…WHY DO YOU THINK I TEAMED THEM? Sheesh….)

Kage comes out looking pissed off as usual

He also grabs a microphone.

Kage:Last month, the planets must have been aligned. You know why? Because……*he spits out these words*…..Regal pinned me. You got lucky, Regal. You should have been in Vegas. Because that way, you’d be richer. Instead…you’ve just pissed me off! Regal, it’s like I said: You have a target on your chest…and I’m gonna hit it. I know you’re not wrestling tonight, but I DARE YOU to get your ass out here after my match and fucking FACE ME!

Overall: 54

RA NOTES: Kage gained overness from this segment.

Kid Inferno vs Kage

Inferno looks a bit cautious entering the ring, and rightfully so: Kage is pacing back and forth, and has wrapped his chain around his own fist. The referee runs in to tell Kage that he has to take the chain off. Kage looks at him angrily, but does. When he does this, Inferno starts to slide into the ring…and Kage boots him in the chest hard!

What appeared at first glance to be a styles clash (Inferno is a high flier, Kage a brawler), the match actually clicks quite well. The two actually focus more on Mat work in this match, exchanging submissions. While it doesn’t seem like it would work, Inferno is an above-average mat worker, and believe it or not, Kage is even BETTER on the mat. Of course, they still add in their own little things, with Inferno repeatedly taking to the air for high flying Hunna-Gabanas ( ™ Bobby Heenan), while Kage just brings brutality, with stiff-looking punches and slams. Kage, though, gains the advantage after a Catatonic slam.

Kage is just on his game here, as he systematically picks Inferno apart with brutal moves. Inferno only gets one small comeback, as he knocks Kage down with a Heel Kick. Inferno climbs up to the top rope and goes for a Flying Hurricanrana, but Kage catches him in a SICK sit down powerbomb!

Inferno rolls to the corner, holding his back, and the referee checks on him. Kage stands near the ropes, and calls for the Osaka Street Cutter. He waits for Inferno to get up, but he doesn’t notice that Regal makes his way out! Regal hops onto the apron, and swings his right leg over the top rope, catching Kage right in the head! Kage stumbles, directly into a superkick by Inferno. Inferno races to the top rope, and hits the Shooting Star Press! 1……..2……3! Inferno wins! Regal smiles after the match, as Kage looks at him with fire in his eyes.

Overall: 60 (41CR, 79MQ)

Shawn Marvel vs Eric Justice

Another styles clash, and it won’t be as pretty as the last match. Still, the crowd gives a big pop for Justice, and big heel heat for Marvel (Who my staff says is our top draw, despite the fact that he’s the #3 Heel….?) Marvel has added to his image: in addition to his jewel-laced Jacket, he’s wearing new tights, which are neon yellow, but in green letters, say “Marvelous”. How flashy. Of course, they automatically give him heel heat, which he ignores. Even Justice gives the crowd a “ :blink: ” look as he pointed to Marvel’s tights.

While this match wasn’t as good in terms of the guys “clicking” as the last match, it made up for it by the fact that the crowd was more into it. Justice knocked Marvel around the ring with right hands to start, with Marvel selling like a maniac. Marvel makes a comeback with a series of three dropkicks, the third sending Justice out onto the apron. Marvel runs against the ropes, but Justice reaches through them, grabs Marvel, and suplexes him over the top rope to the floor! Damn, what a bump.

Marvel and Justice actually go for about 10 minutes, with the crowd quite into it. Marvel knocks Justice down, and calls for the Simply Marvelous! He tries to lift Justice, but he can’t! Justice instead counters, and grabs him for the Pumphandle Bomb! But Marvel elbows his way out of it, and shoots for the Final Detail, but Justice ducks, and the referee EATS the Final Detail!

With the referee recovering, out runs Scott Zero, holding a chair! As Justice and Marvel grapple, Zero jumps on the apron with the chair. Justice whips Marvel…but Marvel reverses, and Justice collides into the chair! Zero falls off the apron, while Marvel rolls up Justice! The referee has recovered, and counts the 1……2…..3! Marvel doesn’t hang around to be with Zero, as he sprints to the back to heat. Zero recovers, though, and goes to the back as well.

Overall: 59 (43CR, 76MQ)

Pentagram comes out for his WAPW World Title Defense

However, when he gets into the ring….he grabs a microphone! For the first time in his WAPW tenure, Pentagram is about to speak.

Pentagram:You know, when I got here three months ago, everyone looked at me and said “That guy has a future” Everyone said that with the way I look, and the way I wrestle, I was going to be big. But I feel that in order to be a great superstar, you can’t hide behind anything. You have to come clean, and show yourself to people. Which is why I have come to this decision.

Pentagram reaches up, and takes off his mask! A few people do recognize him from being in Ring of Honor, so he gets a mild reaction.

Pentagram:Tonight, I face you under my true name, Roderick Strong.

Ok, NOW the crowd makes more of a reaction, because most indy fans have HEARD of him, but not seen him wrestle.

Roderick Strong:And I Face you as the WAPW World Champ, and I face you as being better than anyone in that locker room, and better than everybody in this crowd (boos for that). And from now on, I am going to prove that not only am I worthy of this title, but I am worthy of being known as the greatest Strong Style wrestler in the WORLD.

Overall: 55

RA NOTES: Roderick Strong gained overness from this segment.

WAPW WORLD TITLE: Roderick Strong vs Scott Zero

The newly unmasked Roderick Strong waits in the ring as Zero comes out. Zero looks frustrated, because he just accidentally gave his rival Shawn Marvel a victory. Despite the gimmick change, Roderick wrestles the exact same, hitting brutal strong style moves such as backbreakers, gut busters, and what not. Still, Zero was trained by a great Strong Style worker himself, so the two really click in this match.

And DAMN, do they click. Both men are trained to wrestle in Strong Style matches, and it clearly shows. It begins with a series of chops so hard they would make Chris Benoit cringe, followed up by a series of great near falls that get the crowd on their feet. They both kip up, and Zero runs in, only to be hit with a HARD Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker! 1…..2…no, Zero gets the shoulder up. Roderick waits on Zero, then rushes in, and Zero lifts him in a Sky-High position so Roderick is WAY up there, then drops it into a BRUTAL Gutbuster! 1…….2…., no now Roderick gets the shoulder up!

The two go at it for a good 20 minutes, back and forth just brutalizing each other. The crowd isn’t as into it as the last match, mostly because Zero is actually not that over. Still, he goes toe to toe with Strong in what is the best overall WAPW World Title match to date.

Zero suddenly makes a big comeback, nailing repeated clotheslines on the champion. He hits a dropkick to the knee, and Roderick falls to one knee next to the corner. Zero runs in and goes for the Zero Tolerance, but Roderick moves out of the way, and Zero crashes into the turnbuckle! Roderick pulls Zero up, spikes the Sidewinder, and gets the three count!

After the match, Zero is slowly getting up, when suddenly Shawn Marvel runs in with a chair! As Zero gets up and turns around, Marvel swings. But Zero ducks it, and when Marvel turns around, Zero punches the chair right back in Marvel’s face! Marvel rolls out of the ring hurt as Zero plays the crowd to end the show.

Overall: 62 (37CR, 88MQ)

RA NOTES: The WAPW World Title has gained in image.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

From the desk of WAPW Owner/Booker Peter King

On the heels of yet ANOTHER successful show, our next show, LiveWire, will be our second medium sized show. I have a great main event lined up that I hope will get people talking……

Our last month netted us another profit of $200,000. A few more months and I’ll have DOUBLED what I started with. Crazy times. To celebrate, I upped our Production to about 18% of what it could be. Maybe now, a television network will actually notice us. As of right now, because TNA still runs their weekly PPV’s, there are only 5 Wrestling TV Shows: WXW’s Rage TV, HWA’s HWA TV, CZW’s Fake You TV, TNA’s Xplosion, and Memphis Wrestling’s MW. Hopefully, WAPW can join that group.

I also decided to get rid of some dead weight on the WAPW Roster. So, it’s goodbye to Eddie Englemen and Chris Roberts. However, like Pentagram, I retain their gimmicks, so at some point in the future, the characters will be back.

As soon as I released the two of them, however, Sophie told me we needed two more workers. Oh well. I called up two guys who I had my eye on, and soon had them on open contracts (like the rest of my roster):

“Elite” Kyle Evers (Heel, 27 Over): Evers is….get ready for a shock….a charismatic high flier. Unlike most high fliers on the indy circuit, however, he actually knows how to put a match together. He used to play a pimp on the indy scene, but he’s recently caught on to a new gimmick, with the nickname “Elite”. He claims that he has risen above all other wrestlers, and is on a level that they can only dream of being on. His finisher is the 619, which he calls, what else? “The 1337”

Enygma (Heel, 20 Over): Enygma is the same kind of worker as Eric Justice is: a solid brawler, but who also has technical skills. I’ve been looking for a heel to go up against Justice for some time, and this guy is perfect for it: extremely similar wrestling style to Justice will bring up some good matches. He has one major advantage over Justice, though: he is extremely charismatic. In fact, he beats out the rest of my roster, making him the most Charismatic guy in WAPW. His finisher is a Gorilla Press, dropped into a Front Slam.

Both men would debut at our next (Medium Sized) Show, WAPW LiveWire.


WAPW LiveWire (May 7, 2005) (Medium Sized Show)

Kid Inferno is in the ring to start the show

Kid Inferno:WELCOME TO WAPW LIVEWIRE! *pop* We got a great show tonight, our biggest show since WAPW began! Tonight, Roderick Strong will defend the WAPW World Title against not one…but TWO men! He will face, in a Triangle Match, both Shawn Marvel….and Scott Zero! Also tonight, Eric Justice will take on Shadow Sean Drake, and in a Handicap match….Shapiro and…….

Voice:Blah, Blah, Blah. The same old crap!

Inferno turns to the entrance. An unfamiliar worker walks out. He’s wearing red tights, has long black hair tied into a ponytail, and a smug look on his face.

Man:Every show, you’ve opened up with the same crap. I heard about it, but I had no Idea it was TRUE! *He gets into the ring* that’s pathetic.

Kid Inferno:Umm….who the HELL are you?

Man:Oh, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kyle Evers. And I am Elite. You see, while other wrestlers on the independent circuit squabble in obscurity, I have risen to a level higher than them. I am better looking, I am a better wrestler, and I am a better overall person than ANYBODY in this business..

Kid Inferno:Oh…really. How fascinating. So, do you wrestle?

Evers:Yes, I wrestle. I can wrestle better than anybody in that locker room, including you.

Inferno:Cocky, aintcha? You think you’re better than me? Well how about you PROVE IT!

Evers:What, you want to fight Greatness? Fine. I’ll wrestle, and I’ll PROVE why I AM…..Elite……

Overall: 65

RA NOTES: Kyle Evers debuted his new gimmick (Evolution). Kid Inferno gained overness from this segment. Kyle Evers gained overness from this segment.

Kid Inferno vs “Elite” Kyle Evers

Kid Inferno throws down the microphone as Evers just cracks his knuckles. Here comes referee Mitch Felon out, and he calls for the opening bell, and here we go with our first contest.

And what a contest it is. Inferno starts off with a side headlock, but Evers grabs the top rope, and does a backflip, breaking the hold! Evers locks Inferno in a headlock, but Inferno pulls his way to the corner, actually walks up the ropes, and jumps back, going behind Evers and breaking the hold too! They go back and forth for a few minutes, before Inferno steps it up a notch, springboarding off the middle rope into a twisting Cross Body, which gets a two. Out of nowhere, Evers also springboards off the middle rope, this time twisting his whole body in mid air to catch Inferno in a Hurricanrana! The two start tearing it up in the ring, just going all out with crazy high flying in what turns into a phenomenal encounter.

Evers has been in control, but Inferno fights out of a corner with a series of right hands. He bounces off the ropes for something, but Evers nails a Drop Toe Hold, and Inferno goes into the ropes, his face between the middle and top rope. Evers doesn’t even pause, running against the ropes, then swinging through into The 1337! He rolls Inferno up….and gets a Handful of Tights, just to be a heel! 1…..2…..3! Kyle Evers wins the match! He leaves the ring, telling the fans that they just witnessed an Exhibition in how to be Elite, as Inferno broods in the ring.

Overall: 65 (42CR, 88MQ)

RA NOTES: Kyle Evers gained overness from this match

Handicap Match: Kage vs Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro

Shapiro and Molanari come out with smiles on their faces, as they have the advantage here. They get into the ring, and talk strategy. Meanwhile, Kage comes out. He has a scary as hell look on his face, as he’s lost twice in a row now, both times as a result from Regal.

Normally, Handicap matches mean the two heels beat up the one face, who makes a comeback. In this reverse handicap match (Two faces vs a Heel), something different happens: Kage just SQUASHES his opponents. We can tell that Kage is frustrated, as he just demolishes both men with slams and punches. The little offense that Shapiro and Molanari get in are a few punches and kicks, but Kage just shakes them off and hits HARD clotheslines on both men. He lifts both men up, grabs them both for what looks like two Reverse DDT’s, and actually lifts Both men up, Dropping them into a Double Osaka Street Cutter! Kage covers both men and gets 1……….2……..3! After the match, Kage yells to the back “REGAL! YOU’RE NEXT, ****ER!”

Overall: 57 (39CR, 75MQ)

RA NOTES: Jason Shapiro lost overness from this match (But it didn't increase Kage's overness or give Shapiro and Molanari a point of experiance.....the two ponits why I even BOOKED the match! :crying:

Shadow Sean Drake makes his way to the ring

He grabs a microphone. Almost on cue, all the lights but one go out. Nice.

Shadow Sean Drake:Darkness….it’s so pure, it’s so perfect. No harsh light to be cast upon problems….only pure bliss. But I know of someone who wants to ruin this darkness for me. His name is David Bryant. Bryant, you go around, smiling, acting like everything’s fine. Lately, I’ve seen a mean streak in you, but that streak is directed towards me. Bryant, you have to realize that you have pissed me off…and when you piss me off, you feel the wrath of Darkness. Bryant, next month…..this ends…..

Overall: 63

RA NOTES: Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment.

Eric Justice vs Shadow Sean Drake

Justice comes out to his usual pop. He walks to the ring, slapping hands with fans. One thing I’ve noticed about Justice: despite the push, he really only gained a miniscule amount of popularity since starting in WAPW. I thought he’d be much more popular by now…oh well.

The two brawlers have a surprisingly competitive match, backed by a crowd that is pretty damn hot for this match. Justice uses his power to lift Drake into Vertical Suplex….and hold it…..and hold it. He walks to each of the four turnbuckles, and at each one he takes the arm that would help balance Drake, and slaps the turnbuckle with it. Freakish. He finally drops it not into a Suplex, but into a textbook Falcon Arrow in the center of the ring! 1…….2….no, Drake got out of that one.

Drake is also a brawler, but he’s more with the hits/chops/kicks side of brawling rather than power moves. He actually does take over the match, putting Justice into the corner with a series of chops. He picks up Justice, and puts him in a Tree of Woe upside down. Drake walks to the other side of the ring, then runs in, and hits a HARD Baseball Slide Kick directly into Justice’s face! Wow, that looked stiff.

Drake pulls Justice to the middle of the ring, and lifts him up. He kicks Justice, and runs against the ropes for the Eclipse. He jumps….but in mid air, Justice suddenly stands up and grabs Drake’s throat! Drake freaks out, but can’t break the grip, as Justice lifts him, and plants him with a Sit out Choke Slam! 1……2…..3! Justice Wins!

After the match, Drake is out of the ring and Justice is celebrating. But out of nowhere, someone jumps out of the crowd and into the ring! Justice turns around, and the man NAILS him with a Western Lariat! The crowd boos as he picks Justice off the mat (and it should be noted that he’s taller than Justice), and actually lifts Justice into a Gorilla Press! He holds him up there for a good 10-15 seconds, before dropping him onto his shoulder and into a Powerslam! Who the hell is this guy?

Overall: 61 (46CR, 77MQ)

RA NOTES: Mystery Man debuted his new gimmick (Monster), it got a positive response

We won’t have to wait, as the Man grabs a microphone

Mystery Man:So who’s your hero now? Look at this guy: All I’ve heard about him is that he’s so cool and brutal, and I just took him down with two freaking moves. What a JOKE! Justice, now that I got your attention, let me introduce myself. My name is Enygma. And Justice, compared to me, you are NOTHING! Look at me, Justice. I am a MONSTER! And Justice, next month, I want a match with you. I will PROVE to everyone that you are just another loser, while I am the only TRUE monster to care about!

Enygma throws down the microphone (onto Justice’s face…nice touch) and walks out.

Overall: 70

RA NOTES: Enygma gained overness from this segment.

Out comes Scott Zero for the main event. He has a microphone

Scott Zero:I came to World Anarchy Pro Wrestling to do one thing: wrestle. In this world of guys talking about how they’re Greater then God, or Cooler than Ice, or Better Then Gold, I didn’t want to call MYSELF incredible, I wanted to wrestle and just show people what I could do, and let them be the judge. But lately, one man has been talking about how incredible he is, and it’s pissed me off. Shawn Marvel! You and I have had some great matches, but the fact remains that you won’t get out of my life. So how about at the next show, you and I, one more time, prove who really is the best? Now Roderick, Marvel, let’s get to this!

Overall: 69

RA NOTES: Scott Zero gained overness from this segment

WAPW Title Triple Threat: Scott Zero vs Roderick Strong © vs Shawn Marvel

Roderick comes out, Title around his shoulder, and walks straight to the ring. He and Scott Zero stare at each other, as Marvel comes out. In a funny moment, he takes his sunglasses off and gives them to a fan….but then thinks and immediately takes them back, putting them on his own head again. It was mean, Marvel, but Christian did it much better.

All three men are great workers, so we have ourselves less of a WWE-style Triple Threat (Three over workers, one of whom has talent), and more of an ECW-Style Triple Threat (Three over workers, ALL of whom have talent). Zero, Strong, and Marvel go all out here, each one gaining near falls that are broken up by the third man. There is a Beautiful spot about 10 minutes into the match, as Zero rolls Marvel up in a Magistral Cradle. He gets a two, but Strong does a sunset flip in the middle of it, Grabbing Zero’s legs, and rolling HIM up! He gets a two, but Marvel grabs onto Strong’s back with Marvel’s legs, and rolls it into a Gedo Clutch! Strong kicks out, and the crowd goes wild.

After a long triple threat that the crowd has been pretty into, Shawn Marvel is in total control of both his opponents. He whips both men to opposite corners. He runs in, jumps, and hits a hard Jumping Clothesline on Roderick! He turns to Zero, and runs in. But just as he jumps, Zero leaps forward with an Elbow right to Marvel’s Jaw, and Marvel goes down like a sack of potatoes. Zero raises his arm into the air to a big pop, then slaps his knee for the Absolute Zero. Marvel gets to one knee….and Zero nails him with the Absolute Zero! 1…….2……NO! Strong pulls Zero off, and chucks him over the top rope! He then pulls Marvel up, and hits a Sidewinder! 1……2……3! Roderick Strong retains the WAPW Title!

Overall: 61 (Missed CR and MQ, but I’m sure it was good ^_^)

RA NOTES: The WAPW World title has gained in image.

OVERALL SHOW: 63 (Best show yet!)

Annnnnnnd DONE! Ok, so all the shows I've written so far are up. So, what does everyone think now that you've all seen more?

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Damn good, I say. Very nice backstory, albeit the following RAW after that kind of WrestleMania probably would have garnered the highest ratings ever. Just my call.

Either way, however you want to make the world, it's a good way to write up the fed.

AND I AM MARKING OUT FOR MOLINARI AND SHAPIRO! Really...and Englemen...why are you abusing him so? He's just doing his job, really. Just because he can't make up his mind about who he wants to impersonate, don't trample on the guy's dreams. The Big Show impersonated Andre the Giant for a while...okay, bad example. But you get my drift.

Still, pretty good so far.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW Deadlock (June 04, 2005)

That morning, I awoke and looked outside. The rain was coming down….and according to Chicago News reports, it was going to all day. Man, it looked like it was going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS

Kid Inferno is in the ring in a suit

Kid Inferno: WELCOME TO WAPW DEADLOCK! Tonight, the WAPW Board of Directors have come to a decision: the rivalries between Scott Zero and Shawn Marvel, and David Bryant and Shadow Sean Drake, will end…in ONE Main event! Scott Zero and David Bryant will take on Shadow Sean Drake and Shawn Marvel in a special Tag Team TABLE Match! Also tonight, Roderick Strong will go one on one, in a non-title match, with this man: Regal!

Regal makes his way out. He’s about to get to the ring…..when Kage ambushes him from behind! Kage hits him with several punches, then throws him into the ring, He rolls in himself. Kid Inferno jumps Kage…but Kage just picks him up and chucks him over the top rope! He turns his attention back to Regal, who is slowly getting up. Kage smiles, as he grabs Regal, pulls him to the ropes….and tangles his arms there! Regal can’t move, as Kage reaches into his pocket, and pulls out two chains! He wraps the chains around both fists…..and just DESTROYS Regal with Lefts and Rights! Regal falls to the mat, busted open BAD, as some guys rush out. Kage just looks down at him, laughing, as Regal is helped to the back, a bloody mess.

Overall: 48

RA NOTES: Regal gained overness from this segment.

Gangsta Greg vs Jason Shapiro

This is Jason Shapiro’s in-ring singles debut in WAPW, as he takes on Gangsta Greg. Shapiro is accompanied by Anthony Molanari, who is dressed in street clothes. Greg comes out as usual, with more bling than a Snoop Dogg Concert and ripped jeans. He pause in the aisle to break dance, failing miserably. Shaprio and Molanari are in the ring, laughing at Greg, and Greg gets up, looking pissed off at having his “incredible” dancing be laughed at. Ooh, smell the anger!

This was really a test to see how Jason is in a straight up one on one match, and I must say, it really passed all expectations. Shapiro keeps up with Greg’s high flying, making this a really fun match to watch. Still, the crowd doesn’t make a lot of noise, because these two aren’t the most over people in the federation. Plus, the rain is still on everyone’s mind, as it seems to be affecting the show…..hell. Even with that, Shaprio and Greg go back and forth in a surprisingly good match. They have a series of nearfall after near fall, which does get a nice crowd reaction, and they both follow up with a double kip up, followed by a double clothesline, knocking both men down!

Greg is up first, and he goes outside the ring…and grabs a chair! He gets into the ring, as the referee pleads with him. He raises the chair, but Anthony Molanari grabs it from him! Greg freaks out, screaming at the referee to disqualify Shapiro for the interference, but the referee points out that it wasn’t REALLY interference……Greg, flustered, turns around, right into a kick from Shaprio, and a VICIOUS Brainbuster! 1…….2…..3!

Overall: 53 (38CR, 80MQ)

RA NOTES: Gangsta Greg debuted his new gimmick (Cool) (Because Pimp stopped working…damnit)

Molanari and Shaprio are celebrating in the ring…..

When “Elite” Kyle Evers makes his way out! He grabs a microphone too.

Kyle Evers: Look at this. Jason Shaprio and Anthony Molanari, this team that people have been talking about. But that’s the problem with you two: all you ever hear is Tag Team, Tag Team, Tag Team. So, you’re going to go down in history as two guys who were in a team. While I…..I am going to go down as being Elite. I will go down as being on a level that most wrestlers can only DREAM Of being at. I am……..

Anthony Molanari (Interrupting): OH SHUT THE HELL UP! You’re talking about some sort of legacy that we’re going to go down as? Well, I have an idea. How about my legacy is being the guy who cripples your ass!

Kyle Evers: Are…..are you challenging me to a match? How pathetic. I’ll accept, and I’ll continue to prove why I am ELITE.

Overall: 64

RA NOTES: Kyle Evers gained overness from this segment.

“Elite” Kyle Evers vs Anthony Molanari

Shaprio voluntarily leaves the ring, but stays at ringside to support his tag partner. Evers walks to the ring calmly, jeering with fans. He rolls in, and Molanari offers him a Handshake. Evers looks at it….then slaps his hand away! Molanari turns away, and then just turns around and blasts Evers with a hard Lariat!

Molanari dominates Evers for a bit with power moves, including a very nicely executed Flatliner, but he only gets a two count on each. Evers gets the advantage after a quick undetected thumb to the eye. He puts Molanari into the corner, and comes out with a Somersault kick! Molanari and Evers, despite clearly different styles, actually come out with a hot match, held up by a surprisingly loud crowd (at least for WAPW Standards). Both men get several near falls throughout the match, keeping the crowd interested. Evers even takes a page out of Molanari’s tag team partner Jason Shaprio’s book, hitting a Picture Perfect Brainbuster on Molanari, but only gets a two count.

Evers and Molanari grapple, before Molanari shoves Evers….who hits the referee lightly! Was that on purpose? The referee goes down (but is not out, he’s recovering), as Kyle Evers reaches into his tights. He pulls out a pair of brass knuckles! He tosses them to Jason SHaprio, and as the referee turns around, Evers grabs his own head, and yells that Shaprio hit him! The referee leans out of the ring to yell at Shaprio, who protests his innocence. Meanwhile, in the ring…Evers takes out ANOTHER pair of Brass knucks, puts them on….and KO’s Molanari with a hard shot! He gets rid of the evidence, and covers him just as the referee turns around! 1…….2…..3! Evers wins! Evers leaves the ring celebrating as Shaprio runs in to check on his tag partner.

Overall: 52 (41CR, 75MQ)

Eric Justice vs Enygma

Enygma comes out, an intense as hell look on his face. He walks straight to the ring, tests the ropes, and just waits. When Justice comes out, he doesn’t slap hands with fans as usual; he’s just as intense as Enygma. They stare at each other as Justice gets into the ring.

As soon as the bell rings, Justice and Enygma lock up, with Enygma shoving Justice down! He gets up, and they lock up again…this time with Justice shoving Enygma to the mat! Enygma gets up, and he and Justice start a brawl! The brawl spills to the floor, where Enygma bounces Justice’s head off the ring apron. Justice fights back, and manages to lift Enygma up for a bodyslam, but instead drop him into the steel steps! The two get back into the ring, and continue to slug it out. Soon, though, they take the match down to the mat, and actually have a nice technical segment, where they go back and forth with submissions. That doesn’t last long, however, as they make their way to their feet. Enygma kicks Justice, picks him up into the air upside down …..and hits him with a Dominator (the face first kind). He covers, but Justice kicks out at two. Enygma lifts Justice from the ground, but Justice breaks it, grabs Enygma for a suplex, hauls him up….and drops him with a Falcon Arrow! 1……2…..NO, Enygma grabs the ropes!

The two both roll out of the ring, apparently hurt. But they both reach under the ring….and grab Kendo Sticks! They roll back into the ring, despite the referee’s pleads…..and they NAIL Each other with the Sticks! The referee calls for the DQ on both men, but it doesn’t seem like they care….they continue to brawl! They spill out of the ring, and brawl all the way up the ramp, and to the backstage! This doesn’t look like it’s over.

Overall: 54 (40CR, 83MQ)

Non-WAPW World Title match: Regal (Maybe) vs Roderick Strong

Strong comes out, WAPW Title around his shoulder, a cocky grin on his face. He walks to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Roderick:Because my opponent for the night, Regal, appears to be tied up with problems (he laughs), he is unable to fight me. So, Referee, I say that you count him out, and award yet ANOTHER victory to me, the Undefeated WAPW World Champion.

The referee agrees, and starts to count. He gets to 5……when Regal comes out! He has a HUGE Bandage on his forehead, and clearly isn’t 100%. The crowd gives him a decent pop, as he rolls into the ring, ready for the match!

Regal stays toe to toe with Roderick for a few minutes, before Roderick hits a Yakuza kick, right to Regal’s bandaged head, knocking him down. Roderick then stands over Regal and tears the bandage off, before launching into a series of punches right to the wound! Regal begins to bleed again, as Roderick just gets complete control.

Roderick throws Regal into a corner, and calls for something. He runs in…but at the last second, Regal swings hit foot up, cracking it against Roderick’s face! Roderick stumbles back, and Regal gets a second wind, just blitzing the champ with a fury of kicks! He hits a Keiji Muto-style dropkick to the knee, then backs up…..He runs in, but at the last second, he does a front flip into a dropkick, driving both of his feet into Strong’s face! He covers 1…….2…….no, Roderick kicks out.

Regal is aiming up for another shot….but out runs Kage! Kage jumps up on the apron, but Regal sees him, and throws a kick, cracking Kage in the face! Kage falls off the apron, but the Distraction is enough….as soon as Regal turns around, Roderick kicks him in the stomach and nails the Sidewinder! 1………2……..3!

After the match, Kage gets in the ring to inflict even more damage. He lifts Regal…..who suddenly pushes away and gets out of the ring! Regal slowly walks to the back on his own accord to a pop as Kage just looks on, angry.

Overall: 48 (33CR, 75MQ)

Shawn Marvel and Shadow Sean Drake make their way out to the ring for the match.

Before the match, though, it appears that Marvel has something to say.

Marvel: Yo yo! So tonight, the Marvelous one will take that little bitch Zero, and I’ll settle this once and for all! See, Zero, you talk about how you want to prove in the ring how good you are. But the fact is that while you have to prove it, I KNOW how good I am. I am Simply Marvelous, I am Perfection Personified. And Zero, you and Bryant don’t have much teamwork, but me and Drake, we’re TIGHT! We’re the Seans, man! Right, Drake?

Drake looks at him, then snatches the microphone.

Drake: I have said it once before, my only ally is Darkness. You, Marvel, are merely a temporary partner in my rivalry with the man who represents all I despise, David Bryant. Bryant, tonight, I have a chance to take you, and all that I hate about you, and I have a chance to destroy it. And believe me, I will destroy it. And finally, Bryant, you will truly feel your life enter a Total Eclipse….

Overall: 72 (Thank God, Marvel and Drake save the show)

RA NOTES: Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment. Shawn Marvel gained overness from this segment.

Tag Team Tables Match: Shadow Sean Drake and Shawn Marvel vs Scott Zero and David Bryant

Rules: you have to put BOTH members of the other team through a table to win. Once you are put through a table, you have to head to the back. Now that that’s taken care of, here come Zero and Bryant. Because this is a big feud ender, the crowd is the loudest by FAR for any WAPW Match. As the two teams face off, out comes our ring crew, with about 10 tables! The crowd pops even louder for the tables, as the bell rings, and here we go!

Immediately, the four men pair off into Marvel vs Zero and Bryant vs Drake. Both pairings go to separate sides of the ring to beat the shit out of each other, culminating with Zero throwing Marvel over the top rope while Drake clotheslines Bryant over. Zero and Drake then start brawling, as Marvel and Bryant get the tables. Bryant throws two of them into the ring, while Marvel sets one up on the outside (You can just SMELL The bump!)

The match continues for a while without any tables coming into play. One table is set up near the ropes, while the other is propped up in the corner. The crowd, despite that, is still hugely into the match. David Bryant finally takes to the skies, hitting a big Missile Dropkick on Marvel, who goes out of the ring! Zero follows him, as Bryant goes up once more. He leaps off for a Hurricanrana on Drake. He lands on Drake, but Drake manages to hold on to Bryant, turn around…..and powerbombs Bryant through the table, eliminating him!

Bryant rolls out of the ring, as Zero now faces both Drake and Marvel. He fights, but is no match for the two of them. They hit a few double teams (wow…I haven’t even made them a team, either!) They pick apart Zero, before putting him on the table that’s propped up in the corner. Marvel runs in and hits a Dropkick on Zero…it hurts him, but isn’t enough to break the table! So Marvel points to Drake, and Drake backs up in the corner. Marvel grabs Drake’s arm, and Irish Whips Drake in for something….but Zero just jumps out of the corner, grabs Drake for a rock bottom, cradles the leg…..and hits an Exploder Suplex, driving Drake through the table!

We’re down to Marvel and Zero, as they go back and forth with some nice technical counters (in a table match? Whoah!) with neither man getting an advantage. The match reaches the 25 minute mark as Zero has the advantage on Marvel. He throws Marvel into a corner, and runs in…only for Marvel to blast him with the Final Detail! Marvel laughs as he points to the table on the outside, which gets a pop. He grabs Zero in the ring, and grabs him by the head to toss him out of the ring through the table. He’s about to….but just before they reach the ropes, Zero counters with a swinging kick to Marvel’s midsection! Marvel doubles over, and Zero grabs him, and lifts him onto his shoulder! Zero runs in….and Awesome Bombs Marvel over the top rope, through the table! The crowd goes crazy as the bell rings, giving the match to Scott Zero and David Bryant! Zero remains in the ring to close the show, celebrating his victory.

Overall: 61 (58CR, 79MQ)

RA NOTES: Scott Zero gained overness from this feud ending. Dave Bryant gained overness from this feud ending. Shawn Marvel gained overness from this feud ending. Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this feud ending.

OVERALL SHOW: 58 (SAVED by Marvel and Drake)

We made money again this month…..but only $140,000, about half of what we made in the first month. Our PI went up thanks to increased Advertising, but every month we’ve been making less and less. Plus, Sophie wants us to hire 2 MORE workers. I do some looking on the rest of the indy circuit, and come up with two cheep workers who will be decent additions:

Mark Steyl (Heel, 8 Over): (Last name pronounced “Steel”) Steyl is a virtual nobody on the indy scene: he has literally been wrestling for about 2 months. Still, he’s pretty good, plus he’s dirt cheep, making him exactly what I’m looking for. Rather than a charismatic High Flier (which I have plenty of on my roster), Steyl is purely a mat-based wrestler, and a pretty good one at that, given his level of experience. His signature move is a running STO, which he calls the Steyl Drill, although it usually sets up for his main finisher, the Dragon Sleeper.

Nik Beckman (Face, 16 Over): Much like Steyl, Beckman is a mat based wrestler. He’s been on the independent circuit for about a year now, so he has a bit more experience than Steyl. He has a decent stretch of charisma, which is probably his best feature (other than a cheep as hell price tag). He uses a very nicely executed Northern Lights SUplex to end matches. There really isn’t a lot more to tell about him, so I’ll just see how he does in the ring.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW Adrenaline Rush (July 2, 2005)

Kid Inferno starts in the ring

He opens his mouth, but before he says anything, out comes WAPW World Champion Roderick Strong! Strong looks pissed off as he marches to the ring. He gets into the ring, and grabs the microphone from Inferno. Inferno, realizing how pissed the champ is, backs off.

Roderick Strong: Let me get this straight…….for the second show in a row, I am once again not in the main event! As the Champion, I DEMAND to be treated as such! This is bullshit, and all you people know it! Tonight, instead of my match with Kage being on last, the final match is a match to determine the CONTENDER for my title at the next show? Look, I don’t give a crap who wins that match….Scott Zero, Shawn Marvel, Kid Inferno, or Kyle Evers………enjoy your win. Because next month, just the opposite will happen, and you’ll be flat on your back, with the King of Strong Style pinning you, and once again retaining my undefeated streak!

Overall: 50

Mark Steyl vs Nik Beckman

This is a match between two relative unknowns, so I’m not very surprised that neither one get any sort of reactions at all coming out. Steyl is clearly the heel here, but the crowd really doesn’t acknowledge it. Whatever, these guys will let their ring work speak for them.

Annnnnnnnnnnd….It appears they’re speaking gibberish. Despite IDENTICAL Stats (Seriously, you couldn’t get two guys with closer stats), and despite both being good at Technical matches, this match….how you say….SUCKED. They traded some technical counters, but did absolutely nothing to excite the crowd. Thankfully, they end the match in just over 7 minutes when Nik Beckman hits Steyl with the Northern Lights Suplex. Damnit, they killed the crowd. Hopefully, the next segment will get them making noise again….

Overall: 42 (22CR, 62MQ)

RA NOTES: Mark Steyl debuted his new gimmick (Old School Heel), it got a positive response. Nik Beckman debuted his new gimmick (No Gimmick Needed), it got a positive response.

Cue up the Hip Hop Music again, as Gangsta Greg blings up to the ring. He has a microphone.

Gangsta Greg: WHAZUP MAH SHNIGZIES? *Boos….I wish he’d actually say one day what the HELL a Shnigzie is…..* Now Lizisten up, Homies! Now, if you all Riz-member to a few months ago, It was I, the Double G Gangstanator, who pizinned David Bryant! And now, the Whaked out Bizoard of DIzrectors of WAPW has decided that I gotta face him AGAIN? What is the Deal? It don’t even miz-ater, though. Tonight, Bryant, You will go down AGAIN To tha Double G-Gangsta, and that’s all you gotta kn-iz-ow!

Overall: 62

RA NOTES: Gangsta Greg gained overness from this segment.

Gangsta Greg vs David Bryant

Bryant, who has new-found popularity following the feud-ending match last month, rushes to the ring to a great pop. He springs up, and jumps to the top rope, saluting the crowd. Greg decides to capitalize, and runs at Bryant….who sees it coming, and leaps off the top rope into a Twisting Blockbuster!

The two of them thankfully get the crowd back into the card after the horrible opener by having a hell of a good high flying match. Bryant is pretty damn popular, so the crowd is completely behind him. He beats Greg into the corner, then throws him outside. Greg doesn’t even get a chance to recover, as Bryant springs up to the top rope and hits a Spaceman Plancha onto him! Bryant pulls Greg up, and throws him into the ring. He jumps on the apron…and hits an Eddie Guerrero-like Halo onto him! 1….2….no, kickout.

The two continue to tear it up in the ring, going back and forth and back and forth, each man trying to hit a more impressive than the one that was done before it. Greg keeps the comedy going with his absolutely brilliant selling of Bryant’s moves, but still keeps up with Bryant for the whole match.

Greg finally is knocked to the outside again, and Bryant pumps up the crowd. He reaches through the ropes to get Greg….and Greg nails him with a right hand! Bryant collapses like a ton of bricks, as Greg slips something into his tights. He climbs into the ring, picks up a damn near KO’d Bryant…..and hits a Death Valley Driver! That’s called the G-U! 1……..2…….3! After the match, Greg leaves the ring. He reaches back into his tights….and pulls out a gold chain! The crowd boos as he just laughs and puts it around his neck and heads to the back.

Overall: 64 (Missed the MQ and CR, but I know that MQ had to be decently high)

RA NOTES: Dave Bryant lost overness from this match.

Shadow Sean Drake comes out to the entrance with a microphone.

Just like usual, all lights but one go out.

Shadow Sean Drake: Last month……..I lost. Though my former rival David Bryant was eliminated first, the fact remains that I was eliminated. But despite that…..darkness still consumes me. And I feel that it is time to spread that darkness to the rest of the WAPW Roster. Next month, at Apocalypse, I will present the first ever “Lights Out” Match. The rules are simple: at set intervals, every light in this arena will shut off for a short period of time. During those moments of glorious darkness….anything could happen. And for the soul who faces me…..they will truly feel a total eclipse.

Overall: 72 (Hot DAMN)

RA NOTES: Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment.

WAPW World Title: Roderick Strong © vs Kage

Strong comes out with the WAPW World Title on his shoulder. He walks right to the ring, then tests the ropes. Kage makes his way to the ring with his usual outfit, as he points to the WAPW World Title and makes a motion around his waist.

Both these men can tear it up in the ring, but the heel vs heel match doesn’t get the crowd into it. The actual match makes up for it, though, as Kage and Strong just tear into each other with some chops (Knife Edge for Strong, Overhand for Kage). Strong takes the match to the mat, but Kage can mat wrestle with the best of them (Even though he mostly uses his size), and the two trade a few painful submissions. The match REALLY kicks it up a notch when they decide the best way to go is Strong Style. And that’s just what they do, with Kage nailing a powerbomb, then lifting Strong up and Powerbombing him directly into the turnbuckle! Strong fights back, and lifts the big man up for a suplex….but then drops it into a Backbreaker! He covers Kage, but only gets a two.

Despite the quiet crowd, the two continue to just brutalize each other, but neither man will stay down for the three. Roderick Strong even pulls out his other Indy Finisher, hitting Kage with the CX 02’ (Crucifix into a Diamond Cutter), but again, Kage kicks out!

Kage starts to brutalize the champion at this point, as he throws the champ into the corner and nails a series of BRUTAL Yakuza Kicks! He backs up for another one….but from the back runs Regal! Regal runs to the ring, dives in it, and NAILS Kage with a Leaping Enzeguri! The referee calls for the DQ and awards the match (But no title) to Kage, but it doesn’t matter to Regal…he is hell bent on getting revenge on the man who beat the shit out of him last month! Roderick rolls out of the ring, happy to keep his WAPW Title, as Regal whips Kage into the ropes, tosses him up in the air…and hits the Viper Kick on the way down! Regal stands over Kage, as the crowd actually does pop a little.

Overall: 51 (24CR, 79MQ)

Scott Zero makes his way to the ring for the main event.

As he jumps into the ring, he grabs a microphone. He is about to speak…..when “Elite” Kyle Evers makes his way out, also with a microphone!

Kyle Evers: Ah, Scott Zero. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’ve heard about how intense you are in the ring. I heard about your dedication to the sport. But mostly, I’ve heard about how great of a wrestler you are. I’ve heard you described a lot of ways in the ring: phenomenal, incredible, breath-taking. That’s all well and good, but while you can go ahead and be great in the ring….I am that much better. I am ELITE. And Zero, compared to me, you are nothing.

Zero: Is that so? Well, you seem awfully happy about yourself. You seem to really like telling everybody how great you are. But the fact is that I don’t talk about myself being great….I show it in the ring. And you can talk about how great you are, and how you’re Elite…but until you show it in the ring, you really don’t have a god damn thing going for you!

Evers: WHAT? How dare you say that to me! I AM ELITE! I am what most men can only DREAM Of being! And Zero, tonight, I’m going to become #1 Contender for the WAPW World Title. And I promise that I will PIN YOU to do it!

Overall: 58

RA NOTES: Kyle Evers gained overness from this segment.

Elimination 4-Way match for #1 Contendership: Shawn Marvel vs “Elite” Kyle Evers vs Kid Inferno vs Scott Zero

After the Heel vs Heel match, the crowd is pretty hot to see 4 of WAPW’s top workers fight for #1 Contendership. Kid Inferno makes his entrance to a great pop (All those pre-show interviews are really boosting his overness) as he slides into the ring and taunts. Shawn Marvel comes out, and he and Zero lock eyes. But as they do, Kyle Evers jumps Zero from behind! Inferno runs into the fray as Marvel decides that now would be a great time to not even enter the ring, instead going and chatting with a hot girl in the front row. But Inferno sees this, and he breaks away from Evers and Zero’s brawl….and Inferno jumps to the apron and hits an Asai Moonsault onto the Marvelous One!

This match doesn’t have any tags, so all four men are in the ring at the same time. There’s some great action here, as Zero and Evers tear into each other after the comments made by both earlier. Meanwhile, Marvel and Inferno remain outside the ring, each man taking turns bumping off the steel steps or the apron. The referee finally threatens to count out both men, so they roll into the ring and continue their fight.

At this point, with all four men in the ring, they all take to the skies (And believe me, they all can do it well). Zero starts it, by going up to the top rope and connecting with a missile dropkick on Kyle Evers. But has Zero gets up, Marvel springs to the top rope, and moonsaults off the top rope onto Zero! Meanwhile, Inferno climbs up as well. He jumps off for what looks like an Axe Handle….but Marvel hits the Final Detail on him on the way down! He rolls through into a jackknife cover, and gets the 1…..2….3! Inferno is out!

Shawn Marvel and Kyle Evers decide to team up against Zero, and they both start destroying him. Evers whips Zero into the ropes, and Marvel and Evers hit a double elbow…followed up by a double standing flip onto Zero! After that impressive move, Marvel covers Zero….but Evers pulls him off? Then, Evers tries to cover Zero, but Marvel pulls him off too! Evers and Marvel start arguing on who should be the one to pin Zero…..and it breaks down into a brawl! Marvel gets the better of it, and clotheslines Evers over the top rope. He gloats about it…but from behind, Zero jumps and hits a Rolling Clutch on Marvel! 1….2…..3! Marvel is out, and we’re down to Zero and Evers!

Evers rolls into the ring to face off with Zero. Zero is bleeding pretty heavy, and Evers takes advantage of it. He flaps Zero in the face a few times just for insult, then winds up for a big punch. He goes for it, but Zero blocks it, and nails a chop so hard that Evers went down immediately. As he gets up, he and Zero started trading some great moves which really got the crowd on their feet.

Evers began to gain control of Zero, and he hit a drop toe hold into the ropes. Evers called for the 1337, and went for it….but Zero grabbed him in Mid move! Zero flipped him up onto his shoulder, but then dropped Evers to his feet, hooked his arms…..and hit the Zero Tolerance! 1…….2……3! Zero is the #1 Contender!

Overall: 65 (49CR, 82MQ)


WRESTLING WORLD NEWS: Combat Zone Wrestling, against all odds, has risen to a National Level, making them the ONLY National Fed (Since NWA-TNA is right now at 97% Global) To celebrate, they signed a few open contract workers, including Kane, the Dudley Boyz, and Mike Awesome. This is to add to their growing list of guys who are NOT Ultraviolent workers, such as Jushin Lyger, Lance Storm, Kevin “Mordecai/Seven/Whatever” Fertig, Petey Williams, The Hurricane, and Zach Gowen.

Just as the month of July started, we were supposed to have a few WAPW Workers have some matches for Windy City Pro Wrestling. And……for some reason, Mark Steyl no-showed. I suspended him for one month for the incident. Hey….it’s not like we were going to use him at the next show anyway >_>.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW Apocalypse (Medium Sized Show) (August 6, 2005)

As Per Usual, Kid Inferno starts the show in the ring.

Kid Inferno: Welcome, everyone, to World Anarchy Pro Wrestling presents APOCALYPSE! Tonight, we will have a huge main event, as Roderick Strong will defend the WAPW World Title against the Number One Contender, Scott Zero! But that’s not the only big match we have, oh no. Shadow Sean Drake’s challenge for the first ever “Lights Out” match has been answered, and his opponent will be Eric Justice! We’ll see some tag action as well, with Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro taking on “Elite” Kyle Evers and Gangsta Greg. So everyone, get ready right now for our first match of the night, featuring myself taking on Nik Beckman!

Overall: 64

RA NOTES: Kid Inferno gained overness from this segment.

Nik Beckman vs Kid Inferno

Beckman comes out to a mild reaction as Inferno tests the ropes. I’ll admit it, this is really Beckman’s test. Inferno is one of the most talented guys on my roster, so he should be able to get a good match out of Beckman.

But then again, not everything is constant in life. Beckman seemingly sleeps through this match, and not even Kid Inferno can have a good match with him. The crowd dies as Beckman locks in a basic chinlock, and holds it for too long. Inferno tries his best to keep the crowd in it, hitting several flashy high flying moves, but Nik just keeps shutting the match down. Thankfully, Inferno gets the win after hitting his Shooting Star Press. Adios, Beckman.

Overall: 49 (28CR, 71MQ)

“Elite” Kyle Evers and Gagnsta Greg vs Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro

Evers is really getting into his character here: he’s added a flashy Ric Flair-like Robe that says “Elite” on the back of it. Greg looks the same as he blings to the ring wearing more gold than a jewelry shop. Molanari and Shaprio look a bit more normal as they come to the ring, slapping hands with fans.

Three of these four men wrestle a high flying style (Molanari is more of a brawler), and they show it in this match, wrestling a fast-paced match. Evers and Greg resort to a lot of CLASSIC HEEL TEAM EVILNESS, constantly using the tag rope to choke the other wrestler and switching in and out without official tags while the referee is distracted. Shaprio and Molanari are the clean-cut faces, so they stick to straight up clean wrestling and some nice double team moves. There’s no face-in-peril in this one, as both Molanari and Shaprio tag in and out pretty freely. Of course, Evers and Greg do it too, making this a really great tag match.

All four men end up in the ring, brawling. Shapiro dropkicks Greg out to the floor, then follows it up with a brutal suicide dive through the ropes! The referee goes to check on them while in the ring, Evers grabs Gangsta Greg’s chain, but when he turns around to use it, Anthony fights back! He bounces off the ropes, but Evers Drop Toe Holds him into the ropes. Evers then reaches down….and wraps the chain around his boot!? He runs into the ropes, and hits the 1337, driving the chain right into Anthony’s face! Evers gets rid of the evidence, and rolls up Molanari. The referee finally turns around, and counts the 1…..2….3!

Overall: 61 (Missed CR and MQ. I gotta pay more attention)

My Own Notes: As a direct result of this match, Greg has been promoted to Main Eventer. Bling Bling, baby.

Shaprio helps Molanari out of the ring and Greg blings to the back, but Evers remains, and grabs a microphone.

Evers: Heh…I’m not even breathing hard. Pathetic. There’s no competition that is on my level in this federation. Then again, they shouldn’t feel bad…nobody is on my level. But I do want to talk about something here: Scott Zero. Zero, last month you disrespected me, then you pinned me. Haven’t your parents taught you to respect those above you? It’s sad, really, that someone as ….unqualified as Zero has a title shot, while I’m thrown into a tag team match. So Zero, what I’m here to do is challenge you. After you lose your match tonight, I will face you next month in a straight up, one on one #1 Contendership match. And I will rightfully win that match, and I will go on to win the WAPW World Title. And I will PROVE why I am….ELITE.

Overall: 66

RA NOTES: Kyle Evers gained overness from this segment.

It’s time for the first ever “Lights Out” match, as Shadow Sean Drake comes out.

He also takes the microphone that Evers was holding. Lights go out, single spotlight on him, coolness.

Drake: Darkness…..it’s so beautiful. Tonight, that Darkness will finally be felt by another WAPW Wrestler. Eric Justice, you’ve agreed to face me in the first ever “Lights Out” match. Justice….you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. You think that this will just be another match. But Justice, during this match….you will truly feel the power of Shadows….

Overall: 63

RA NOTES: Shadow Sean Drake gained overness from this segment.

“Lights Out” Match: Shadow Sean Drake vs Eric Justice

Kid Inferno quickly goes over the rules: At set intervals during the match, all the lights will go out for about 30 seconds. During that time, anything could happen. When the lights are on, though, it’s a normal match. Justice doesn’t look very concerned about it, walking straight to the ring.

The match starts out normally, with Justice and Drake brawling back and forth. The crowd is actually pretty hot for this match, because these guys are our #4 Face (Justice) and our actual #1 Heel. Justice begins to get the advantage, as he throws Drake into the corner. Justice backs up to the other side of the ring, and just starts to run in…..when the lights go out! The crowd buzzes for the 30 seconds where nothing is visible in the arena. They come back on….to see that Justice is down on the mat, and Drake is on top of him, wailing down repeated right hands! Drake somehow got the advantage during the darkness, and Justice is paying for it!

The match goes on for a good 15 minutes, and every about 3 minutes the lights go out. During those times, the advantage usually switches from one person to the other. The crowd is actually pretty receptive to the match, so it might be good to do this match in the future some time (that is, if Drake, who is 50 over, doesn’t get signed by another fed before then). By this time, however, Justice really has the advantage. He clotheslines Drake down, then makes a powerbomb motion. He picks Drake up, hooks him for the Pumphandle Powerbomb….and the lights go out! Again, the crowd buzzes, but they remain cheering as Justice had his finisher hooked up. The lights go back on….and Drake is in the corner, and Justice is laying down in the ring, and is bleeding from the forehead……..and outside the ring, Enygma is holding a chair, laughing! Justice slowly makes his way to his feet, but Drake just runs in, and hits the Eclipse! 1….2…3!

After the match, Enygma grabs a microphone and stands over the bloody Justice.

Enygma: Look at you! With just one hit, you’re bleeding. Justice, let me get one thing straight with you: I don’t like you. I hate you. And Justice, next month, I’m going to give you the honor to face me in a Hardcore match. And I’ll show everyone that I am the only real monster in this federation!

Overall: 64 (51CR, 77MQ)

Here comes Scott Zero for his WAPW World Title match. He also has a microphone.

Scott Zero: So tonight, I get my shot. I go one on one with Roderick Strong. The World Anarchy Pro Wrestling World Title is on the line. Last time we fought, Strong, you came out on top. I’m not going to make any excuses. I lost, you won. But tonight, Strong, we’re gonna tear this house down again. Now get out here, and let’s do this!

Overall: 59

RA NOTES: Scott Zero gained overness from this segment.

WAPW WORLD TITLE: Roderick Strong © vs Scott Zero

Strong comes out carrying the WAPW World Title on his soldier as Zero looks at him stoically. Roderick rolls into the ring as referee Matt Columbus takes the title, and holds it up for the crowd to see. Strong and Zero both stare at the title, then they lock eyes as the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

Zero and Strong circle each other, and lock up…..and Strong immediately slaps Zero in the face! Zero turns away….then responds by chopping Strong in the throat!!! Strong sells it, then responds with his own throat chop. The two trade some stiff looking chops back and forth, before Strong tackles Zero down, and the two start trading some nice submissions.

These two experts in Strong Style show it in this match, as they go back and forth trading gutbusters, hard slams, and chops that would make Chris Benoit jealous. The match spills to the outside for a bit, and Zero rushes in to Strong for something, but Strong picks him up and hits a Twisting Michinoku Driver right on the floor! Zero sells it on his neck, and Strong rolls into the ring taunting. Zero slowly rolls into the ring, and Strong covers him, but only gets a two count!

Strong doesn’t even pause, pulling Zero up and hitting a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker! The Messiah of the Backbreaker starts to pick Zero apart with several brutal and innovative versions of the backbreaker. He then lifts Zero onto his shoulders for another Backbreaker…….but Zero slips down his shoulders, hooks his arms, and hits a Tiger Suplex! 1……2…..NO! Strong kicks out!

The crowd is really getting into it as Strong and Zero make their way to their feet and start exchanging punches. Zero gets the advantage, and beats Strong into the ropes. He whips him…but coming in, Strong hits a Yakuza Kick! It stuns Zero, giving Strong the chance to lift him up for the CX 02! As he lifts Zero into the Crucifix Position, though, Zero throws his feet back, kicking Strong in the back! Strong drops Zero, and Zero hits a dropkick to Strong’s knee! Strong goes down to one knee, and Zero runs against the ropes, and hits the Absolute Zero! He covers Roderick for the 1……….2…….3!!! Scott Zero is your NEEEEEW World Anarchy Pro Wrestling World Champion! Strong barely rolls out of the ring, still hurt, as the referee hands the title to Zero. Zero hugs and kisses the belt quickly, then holds it up to a great pop. Zero climbs to each turnbuckle and celebrates with the belt to end the show.

Overall: 65 (48CR, 83MQ)

RA NOTES: The WAPW World title has gained in image.


After the show, I released Nik Beckman. The guy just wasn’t cutting it, as shown by not even being able to have a good match with Kid Inferno (Who has 84 Speed and 70 Technical). Mark Steyl, however, I’ll keep around, because he had slightly higher Charisma and Technical skills than Nik. One day, when I get a Developmental Territory (Which won’t be for a WHILE), Beckman will be back. With a little Development, he could be pretty damn good.

Also after the show, “Elite” Kyle Evers asked if he could have a match next month with David Bryant. He said that the two of them could have some great matches. I have different plans for Evers, but next month I’ll put the two of them in a match against each other to see what they can do.

Meanwhile, it was a shocking month for the world of Pro Wrestling: Stampede Wrestling Of Calgary, NWA: Mid-West Wrestling, and Ultimate Pro Wrestling ALL Went Bankrupt, while New-Era Pro Wrestling issued a Bankruptcy warning. Wow.

Merchandising has been upped from 1% to……….get ready………2%. Well, that’s the highest it can get right now so we actually make money off of it.


With the release of Nik Beckman, I need a new worker. There are Five on the market right now who I have my eye on, but I want to see who you, the readers, feel should be hired. Here is a list of descriptions for each person:

1: Young Lightweight, with decent all around stats but an incredible stretch of Charisma. He also claims, in character, to be the Ultimate Ladies Man. He costs $9,000 an appearance (the same amount as Pentagram, Eric Justice, and Enygma), but he has been criticized for being lazy in the ring.

2. Lightweight, and a phenomenal all around worker. He can do high spots, is charismatic, and is well liked in the locker room. His gimmick is that of a Loner, but with a slight twist that I won’t go into here. The drawback is he costs $10,000 an appearance.

3. 26 Year Old Heavyweight in great shape. A great brawler and technical wrestler, with charisma to boot. His gimmick is quite clever (And funny), but I won’t go into it here. He would cost $11,000 an appearance, which is a big drawback, as he would then be the most expensive wrestler on my roster.

4. A Heavyweight wrestler who is 33, which would bring someone with plenty of experience to WAPW. He’s a definite technical wrester with good talent, and plenty of charisma. He would be joining us as a Gothic heel. He only costs $7,000 a month.

5. A Japanese Junior who, unlike many other Japanese wrestlers, has no touring dates which would cause him to miss shows. He’s equally adept at High Flying and Technical wrestling, and has finishers for both. Costs $9,000 a month. The downside is that he doesn’t know any English, so he wouldn’t be able to cut promos. Then again, his matches should make up for that.

So, which of these Five men should be worthy of joining the WAPW Roster?

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

I didn’t really expect anybody to respond to the fan interaction. This is a relatively new diary. That’s OK, though. I will just follow something I learned from GBW’s Conniption a long time ago: the best way to be noticed is to be entertaining. And I plan on doing just that.

WAPW Windy City Wipeout (September 3 2005) (Crowd of 55 people)

Kid Inferno doesn’t even get into the ring this time….Roderick Strong is already there.

Strong: So last month, I was pinned cleanly, in the middle of the ring, and I lost my WAPW World Title. Now, most champions would complain, or say that they were cheated, or other crap like that. But not me. No, I’m going to come out here and say that I held that WAPW World Title for Seven Months. I fought off all challengers. I’m not going to complain, I’m not going to whine. I am going to keep wrestling here, and I am going to continue to prove that I am still the greatest Strong Style wrestler ever, and I will continue to prove that I am the Messiah of the Backbreaker.

Strong starts to leave. He gets to the entrance, then stops and turns around smiling.

Strong: Of course, that’s not going to stop me from enforcing my rematch clause tonight, and taking back MY WAPW World Title!

He throws down the microphone and leaves.

Overall: 54

RA NOTES: Roderick Strong gained overness from this segment.

Regal vs Kage

These two have been locked in a conflict for a while, ever since Regal got an upset win over Kage. Regal has already made his way to the ring, and tests the ropes. Kage comes out with a sick smile on his face…..and carrying two chairs! He throws them to the side next to the ring, then rolls in. They don’t even bother waiting for the bell, and start brawling!

Kage is a brawler and technician, Regal is a brawler and a bit of a high flier. They both go with their strong points, just laying into each other with punches. The referee tries to gain control, but he just can’t. Regal and Kage tear into each other, neither man giving an inch. Despite a size disadvantage, Regal stays toe to toe with Kage by hitting him with kicks left and right. But even after all those kicks, Kage doesn’t go down.

Regal gets a burst of energy, and kicks Kage into the ropes, before hitting a Lighting Leg Lariat, sending Kage over the top rope! The referee pleads with Regal not to follow Kage out, but Regal doesn’t even listen. He steps through the ropes….and Kage cracks one of the chairs he brought into Regal’s head! The referee calls for the bell as Regal slumps to the floor. Kage just laughs, as he picks up Regal…….but Regal suddenly shoves him off and kicks him in the chest! The two continue brawling (although Regal has definitely lost a step), and they brawl all the way to the back. This feud is far from over!

Overall: 57 (42CR, 73MQ)

RA NOTES: Regal gained overness from this match.

Out of the entrance comes Mark Steyl

The crowd doesn’t make any noise, because this is only his second appearance in WAPW, and his first appearance was an awful match. He has a microphone.

Mark Steyl: I know you people don’t know who I am, so let me enlighten you. My name is Mark Steyl. And I know that you people don’t have high expectations of me, because my one match here wasn’t well received. That’s fine, however, as in the coming months, you people will learn who I am. You see, unlike most wrestlers in the business, I actually do my research. I don’t just study one person when I’m scheduled to fight them. I study everyone on the roster. I know their strengths, I know their weaknesses, I know what moves they use, and I know what moves they would never see coming. I am prepared for anything. If you don’t believe me, just keep watching…..you’ll know.

Overall: 53

RA NOTES: Mark Steyl gained overness from this segment.

David Bryant vs “Elite” Kyle Evers

Bryant makes his way to the ring, getting ready for his match. Evers looks pissed tonight, because he challenged Zero to a #1 Contenders match last month for tonight, but Zero ended up winning the belt. He doesn’t even do his usual strut, or even tell the crowd how Elite he is….he just walks straight to the ring.

Maybe that’s a good thing, because it meant that Bryant and Evers could get to their match quicker. And DAMN, was it a match. These two men are great high fliers, and they show it here, making this WAPW’s best match to date. Evers and Bryant fly around the ring, exchanging fast-paced action that really has the crowd on their feet. Bryant knocks Evers down, then turns to the turnbuckle….and hits a Chris Daniels Double Jump Moonsault! Evers kicks out a two, then bridges up and kicks right in the face, so that Bryant is facing away from the turnbuckle. Evers jumps up, and leaps off with a twisting Senton, but just before impact, he grabs Bryant’s head, driving it into the mat with a Bulldog! Even THAT gets a two count, though! A double clothesline spot knocks both men down and gives the crowd a chance to go absolutely WILD.

Bryant and Evers both get up, and start trading chops. Evers gets the advantage, and hits a dropkick, sending Bryant into the ropes. Evers bounces off and goes for The 1337…but Bryant moves out of the way! Evers spins through the ropes, lands on his feet, spins around, directly into a Diamond Cutter! 1…..2…..3! David Bryant gets the win!

Overall: 70 (51CR, 90MQ!!)

Jason Shapiro vs Gangsta Greg

This stems from last month, when Greg and Kyle Evers beat Shaprio and Molanari. Shapiro is, of course, accompanied by Anthony Molanari. They actually get a pretty good pop, especially Shapiro. Greg also gets good heat on his way out, especially when he offers to give a piece of his Bling to a fan, only to pull it away at the last second. Oh, that HEEL.

Although this match isn’t as good as the previous match, it’s still a solid high flying contest. Shapiro’s performances in matches have really start to catch the crowd’s eye, and they back him solidly as he takes it to Greg with a series of corner kicks, then puts Greg on the top rope, and hits a quick Superplex! He covers Greg, but only gets a two. He picks Greg up, but Greg thumbs him in the eye, then dropkicks him out of the ring! As Shapiro slowly gets up, Greg climbs to the top rope, and hits a Somersault Plancha onto Shapiro! After that fantastic move, Greg picks up Shapiro and rolls him into the ring, then climbs up on the apron himself, hitting a slingshot leg drop!

The end of the match is a series of nice reversals. It starts with Greg flooring Shapiro, then climbing up to the top rope. He goes for his Flying Leg Drop, but Shapiro rolls out of the way! Shapiro hauls Greg up, and lifts him for the Brainbuster…..but Greg lands on his feet, spins Shapiro around, lifts him to his shoulders…and hits the G-U! 1…….2…..3! Greg leaves the ring and does his horrible breakdancing in the aisle as Molanari rolls into the ring to check on his partner.

Overall: 63 (45CR, 81MQ)

Shapiro and Molanari roll out of the ring and to the back. The ring crew comes in with several weapons for the Hardcore match…..

But out of nowhere, Kage stumbles through the entrance! He’s bleeding, and he’s followed by an also bloody Regal, who’s holding a Kendo Stick! Regal stares straight at Kage, who turns around, and Regal cracks him in the face with it! The crowd cheers as Kage makes his way down to the ring with Regal just following him. Regal throws him into the ring, then rolls in after Kage. As Kage slowly gets up, Regal whips him into the ropes, tosses him up into the air….and Viper Kicks him! The crowd gives Regal a big pop as he stares down at Kage.

Overall: 51

RA NOTES: Regal gained overness from this segment. Kage gained overness from this segment.

Hardcore Match: Enygma vs Eric Justice

After that confrontation with Regal and Kage, our ring crew have put a few weapons around the ring: a table, two chairs, some kendo sticks, a trash can, etc. Eric Justice comes out of the entrance to a good pop (although I notice that he’s gained only 2 overness the entire time). Enygma’s music hits, but he comes out of the crowd! He jumps into the ring, but Justice sees it coming, and whirls around with a Polish Hammer to Enygma’s face!

Most indy hardcore matches are just guys hitting each other with random weapons. Not this match, as they actually go back and forth with some nice technical moves to start out. No weapons are used at the start, as Engyma and Justice lock each other in some brutal looking stretches. Justice ends it by tossing Enygma over the top rope to the floor. He reaches over the top rope to grab him, but Enygma grabs a trash can and cracks it over Justice’s head!

NOW The match breaks down into a hardcore match, as while Justice is down from the Trash Can shot, Enygma loads all the weapons into the ring. He finally reaches under the ring, grabbing a chair. He rolls back into the ring, and raises it, but Justice cuts him off with a punch to the stomach. Justice makes his way to his feet, then grabs a stop sign, and hits Enygma in the head with it, denting the middle of it! The match breaks down to just brutal weapon shots, although because the two of them are so big it still looks great.

It’s been about 10 minutes into the match, and Justice a major advantage. He sets up a table near the corner, then throws Enygma onto it. Justice goes to the other side…and climbs to the top rope! He looks ready to do something, but Enygma pops up, and crotches Justice on the turnbuckle! With Justice crotched, Enygma climbs up with him! With the two of them up there, that’s a hell of a lot of weight. Enygma grabs Justice’s head, throws his arm around his back…….then stands up on the top turnbuckle! He struggles, but gets Justice up…..SUPERPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! Both men are down, and THAT gets the crowd cheering. Enygma slowly makes his way to his knees, then covers Justice for the 1….2…..3! Enygma wins! Enygma celebrates by taking a piece of the table, putting it down on Justice’s face, then putting one foot on it in dominance.

Overall: 62 (41CR, 83MQ)

RA NOTES: Eric Justice lost overness from this match. Enygma gained overness from this match.

WAPW WORLD TITLE: Scott Zero © vs Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong comes out looking angry, but determined. He rolls into the ring, and doesn’t even taunt. He just backs up into a corner and stares at the entrance. Zero comes out with the WAPW title around his waist to a BIG pop. Zero is the most over guy on my roster, and it shows, as he holds the title up in the ring to another huge pop.

Just like last month, the two tear it up in the ring, mostly with stiff as hell strong style moves. Zero throws in a few of his signature throat chops, sending Strong into the ropes. Zero comes at him, but Strong comes out with a kick directly into Zero’s side! Strong suddenly throws out a series of hard kicks to Zero, rocking him back into the ropes. He whips Zero into the ropes, but Zero comes back with a leaping Hurricanrana! It sends Strong under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Zero grabs the top rope and goes for a Plancha, but at the last second Strong moves back, puts his hands on Zero’s back, and drives Zero right into Strong’s knee! The Messiah of the Backbreaker lifts Zero up, and this time clutches Zero for a Rock Bottom, but lifts him and drives him into his knee instead! With Zero’s back hurting, Strong throws him into the ring. Strong climbs to the top rope, and hits a Senton Bomb! 1……2….no, Zero gets out of it.

The two go for a good 20 minutes, in this hard hitting Strong Style bout. Strong is a man possessed here, trying to regain his title. Everything he throws at Zero, however, Zero just keeps getting out of it, and firing back with his own offense. Strong shuts him down again, though, and puts him near the turnbuckle, and climbs up himself. But Zero suddenly pops up and starts punching Strong! He climbs up with Strong, then hooks his head for a Superplex! Strong keeps blocking, so Zero instead just hooks Strong’s head and falls back…into a Top Rope DDT! Shades of Jushin Lyger, as Zero gets up, and slaps his knee. Strong is up to one knee…and takes the Absolute Zero in the face! 1……2……3! Zero retains the title!

Zero takes his title and climbs to each turnbuckle, celebrating. What he doesn’t notice is that behind him, Kyle Evers has run in with a chair! Zero turns around, and gets PLANTED with a chair shot! Zero goes down, and Evers hits him over and over with the chair! He then stands over Zero and raises his hands into the air. What problem does Evers have with Zero?

Overall: 66 (49CR, 83MQ)

RA NOTES: The WAPW World title has gained in image.

Overall show: 61%

John “Zandig” Corso is an idiot. Despite the fact that his National Level federation Combat Zone Wrestling is under so much debt that they are willing to be bought out by anybody, he continues to sign pricy workers. This month’s signings are Rhyno and Rob Van Dam. Then again, they are locked in a war with Ring of Honor, so they might just be trying to get the star power.

Speaking of other Federations, Roland Alexander, owner of All-Pro Wrestling, asked me to be their new booker. First of all, I’m happy doing WAPW. Second of all, their federation is over a million dollars in debt. No thanks, Roland. Let me know how pushing Jose Maximo as your 2nd biggest star goes, though.

And two more federations have officially gone bankrupt. Say goodbye to New-Era Pro Wrestling and East Coast Wrestling Association.

I bumped our Advertising up to 13% (Just a 1% bump). The big story is our new worker, however. With the release of Nik Beckman, I signed someone who is more expensive, but is the prime level of talent I’m looking for:

Jacob Ryland (Heel, 37 Over): Ryland is a young lightweight with good all around skills. His best feature, however, is a great voice and incredible charisma (in fact, he’s my second most charismatic worker). His gimmick is pretty good, too: he claims to be the ULTIMATE ladies man, although there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary. In fact, at times, he just seems like a Clueless Ditz with dumb one liners. His finisher is called The Rylandization, which is a pretty unique Top Rope Jackhammer.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

WAPW Seek and Destroy (October 1, 2005) (Crowd of 81 People)

Anthony Molanari and Jason Shapiro vs Mark Steyl and “The Ultimate Ladies Man” Jacob Ryland

This is Ryland’s debut here, and he lives up to his name: he isn’t halfway down to the ring when he sees a girl in the front row and moseys his way up to her. As he chats with her, his partner Mark Steyl comes out. Ryland doesn’t even look at him, still focusing on the girl. Mark just looks at him, shakes his head, and rolls into the ring. Shapiro and Molanari come out, slapping hands with fans. They get to Ryland, who STILL hasn’t noticed a damn thing. Shapiro and Molanari grab him, and literally just chuck him into the ring!

This match serves for three purposes: Debut Jacob Ryland, get Mark Steyl some exposure, and give Molanari and Shapiro more experience as a team. This match accomplishes all three, although the crowd doesn’t seem to be into Ryland’s gimmick that much. Oh well. Steyl really hauls ass in this match, obviously trying to put the horrible match behind his back. Ryland is also quite good in this match, showing off his technical and high flying skills.

At the end of the match, Molanari Cactus Clotheslines Ryland over the top rope. Shapiro, in the ring, kicks Steyl, and hooks him for the Brainbuster. But as Steyl said last week, he does have the moves scouted: just as he gets vertical, he twists his body, grabs Shapiro’s head, and drops it into a Dragon Sleeper! With nowhere to go, Jason Shapiro taps out, giving the win to Steyl and Ryland!

(*1/2) (By new reviewer Scott Keith)

Overall: 50 (38CR, 62MQ)

RA NOTES: Jason Shapiro debuted his new gimmick (Daredevil). Jacob Ryland debuted his new gimmick (The Ryland Effect). Jacob Ryland is losing overness because of his weak gimmick (Oh you have GOT to be kidding me)

WAPW World Champion Scott Zero makes his way out with a microphone.

Zero: So last month, the so called “Elite” wrestler, Kyle Evers, expressed his anger with me as champion in the form of a God Damn Chair Shot to my face. Kyle, I know what you’re angry about. I won the title, and so you didn’t get the chance to become the #1 Contender. And instead of taking it out on me in a one on one match, you had to attack me from behind. So let me lay this challenge down for you: anytime, anywhere. You prove to me that you can EARN a title shot, and I’ll give you that shot.

Overall: 69

RA NOTES: Scott Zero gained overness from this segment.

Regal vs Enygma

Enygma, fresh off a big win against Eric Justice, goes one on one here with Regal, who is locked in a bitter feud with Kage. Enygma has a big smile on his face as he walks to the ring, knowing he is bigger than his opponent. He gets into the ring, and sizes up Regal. He laughs, and puts his hand on Regal’s head, then moves it backwards, showing the clear size difference. Regal doesn’t even blink….he just hits a VICIOUS kick to Enygma’s knee, dropping the big man down to his knees!

Regal and Enygma have a surprisingly good match. Due to different styles (Enygma brawls but is a technician, Regal brawls but is a high flier), I figured their match would be a styles clash of epic proportions. Instead, both men focus completely on brawling, with Regal actually staying toe-to-toe with the larger Enygma, mostly using his brutal kicks. But Enygma soon shuts him down with a Knee to the gut, followed by a Fallaway Slam. Enygma takes control here, as he lifts Regal to his feet and whips him hard into the turnbuckle, causing Regal to drop to his knees, where Enygma runs in and boots him in the chest. What a heel. Enygma makes a cover, but only gets a two count.

Nearing the end of the match, Enygma puts Regal against the ropes. He goes for a long, slow punch…but Regal ducks under it, and suddenly fires out a barrage of kicks to Enygma’s legs. Regal switches the kicks to Enygma’s chest, then fires off three brutal roundhouse kicks to Enygma’s face! Enygma stumbles to his knees, as Regal hypes up the crowd for the Viper Kick! Regal waits…but out runs Kage with a Kendo Stick! Kage rolls into the ring and, directly in front of the referee, CRACKS the stick over Regal’s head! Regal goes down in a heap, as the referee calls for the disqualification as Enygma slips out of the ring. Kage just smiles as he lifts Regal up, and plants him with the Osaka Street Cutter! Kage stands over his nemesis, just laughing at him. (**1/2)

Overall: 57 (40CR, 74MQ)

After a two month absence, out comes Shawn Marvel!

Marvel: Yo Yo, I’m Back! The Marvelous One is back, once again. Go ahead, I’ll pause for you people to take pictures. *He pauses, while no pictures are taken* Eh, you people probably wasted your film already. Idiots. It’s ok, this image will always be in your mind. And there’s gonna be another image that you’ll remember: me, kicking Kid Inferno’s ass tonight, and once again proving that I am….Simply Marvelous!

Overall: 68

RA NOTES: Shawn Marvel gained overness from this segment.

Kid Inferno vs Shawn Marvel

Kid Inferno jumps into the ring and springs up, saluting the crowd while Marvel takes off his jacket. They face off, before getting in a lock up, which Inferno wins. He whips Marvel into the ropes, and Marvel comes in with a shoulder block. He bounces off the ropes, but Inferno repositions himself. Instead of the usual jump over into a leap fron, Marvel goes for a leg drop. Inferno moves out of the way, then swings his leg up for a kick. Marvel dodges it, grabs Inferno’s leg, and pulls him to his feet. Inferno suddenly whips Marvel into the ropes, and leapfrogs him. Then Inferno runs against the ropes, but Marvel leapfrogs him, turns around, and we are at a Stand Off! The crowd goes wild. Two of my most talented overall workers have a hell of a match. In fact, the match quality ties the two other best matches in WAPW, Shawn Marvel vs Scott Zero and Kyle Evers vs David Bryant. Marvel and Inferno keep the match on the mat, trading submissions. But when Marvel goes for a figure four, Inferno reaches up and cradles his head for a cover! It only gets a two count, but it’s enough to freak Marvel out and have him bailing out of the ring. He reconsiders his strategy, but as he does that, Inferno bounces off the ropes, and hits a Somersault Plancha over the top rope onto Marvel!

Inferno kicks the match up a notch by hitting some high flying moves. Marvel, however, keeps with Inferno, climbing to the top rope and hitting a hurricanrana! The two just continue to tear it up in the ring, wowing the crowd with some incredible moves. Marvel gains control, and picks Inferno up for the Simply Marvelous. Inferno fights out of it, and lands on his feet. He bounces off the ropes, but Marvel out of nowhere catches him with the Final Detail! He rolls into a cover, and without referee Matt Columbus seeing, grabs the top rope! 1…….2…..3! Marvel cheats, but still gets the win over Kid Inferno.

After the match, Inferno gets up. He doesn’t know that Marvel cheated, though. Inferno then offers a handshake! Marvel thinks….and accepts it! The crowd cheers as they shake hands, then Inferno turns to leave, and Marvel Final Detail’s him in the back of the head! Once again the center of attention, Marvel taunts to boos from the crowd. (***1/4)

Overall: 69 (49CR, 90MQ)

Out of the entrance comes Jacob Ryland, coming out for his fist promo. He speaks in a very laid back manner.

Ryland: I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself. My name is Jacob Ryalnd, but all you people can call me “The Ultimate Ladies Man”. See, it’s my looks, my style, and my skill that gets me all the ladies. And I can back it up in the ring, too, because……

He suddenly looks to the side, at the same girl he was hitting on earlier. He walks up to her.

Ryland: Hey, baby. I was just gonna ask you something: Are you a Cashier at a Firearm store? *She just looks on confused* Because I see you Checking out my Guns!

He kisses his own arm as the crowd boos what might be the worst Pickup line in history. Ryland still reaches into his pants, and pulls out a small piece of paper.

Ryland: Here’s my number, baby. Just call me. And as for the rest of you, keep watching. Because you’re going to see a hell of a lot more of me….the ULTIMATE Ladies man.

Ryland turns around and leaves, not even noticing that the girl has ripped up the paper he gave to her.

Overall: 73

RA NOTES: Jacob Ryland gained overness from this segment.

#1 Contendership for the WAPW World Title: Eric Justice vs Shadow Sean Drake

Sure, these guys have fought plenty, but every time they have put on great matches, mostly due to similar styles. The stipulation here is that the winner will get a shot at the WAPW World Title at our next show, All Out Anarchy I (It’s our 1 year anniversary show). Justice gets a nice pop, but it’s Drake who gets some major heat on the way out. Drake’s promos have really caused his overness to skyrocket in a short time. Drake’s entrance has a new piece to it: not only do all the lights but one go out, but that single light now has a blue light effect, creating a very eerie effect. Meanwhile, Justice just walks straight to the ring, with no special effects in his entrance.

As usual, Justice and Drake focus mainly on brawling, going back and forth with some nice punches and what not. Justice uses his size to his advantage, picking up Drake and literally HURLING Drake over the top rope! Drake lands with a sick thud on the ground, and Justice follows him out. Justice picks Drake up again, and throws him over the top rope into the ring! He rolls in after Drake, and goes for the cover. Drake gets out at two, but Justice responds by grabbing Drake’s legs and locking in a Boston Crab! Justice just takes control of the match for a while, wearing down Drake’s legs.

The crowd is squarely behind Justice, but I think it’s more that Drake is over as a heel, and not that Justice is over as a face. Drake starts to gain control, and he bounces off the ropes for something, only to be met with a hard Polish Hammer by Justice (Which is called, get ready, the Hammer of Justice). Justice picks Drake up, and sets him up on the top rope. Justice climbs up there, and goes for a superplex. But Drake fights it off, and shoves Justice down. Justice is bent over on the mat, as Drake leaps off, with a middle rope Eclipse! 1……..2…….3! Drake is going to All Out Anarchy I as the #1 Contender! (**1/4)

Overall: 64 (51CR, 77MQ)

Scott Zero and David Bryant vs “Elite” Kyle Evers had Gangsta Greg

Zero and Evers are feuding right now, so we have a Main Event Tag Match, baby! Greg teamed with Evers once, and Bryant and Zero teamed together, so the pairings aren’t totally random. Bryant and Zero come out, Bryant slapping hands with fans while Zero holds the title aloft. Evers and Greg come out with Greg blinging and Evers telling people about how incredible he is.

The match starts out with David Bryant and Gangsta Greg. The two lightweights trade a few moves, before Bryant takes to the air with a middle rope DDT. Greg kicks out, then he goes to the middle rope, and hits a Blockbuster! That also gets a two, as the two of them keep upping the ante and hitting more high flying moves. A Double Clothesline spot gets both men crawling, and they tag in Evers and Zero! Evers and Zero have a stare down, before lunging at each other! The two enemies trade chops and punches, with Evers getting the advantage after a face rake. Evers starts to unload on the Champion, but Zero keeps kicking out of everything. Evers tags Greg back in, who also can’t keep Zero down. Zero eventually tags out to Bryant, and we’re back to Bryant/Greg again.

Greg and Bryant fight for a while, until Bryant hits a hard running neckbreaker, and the double tag is repeated. This time, Zero runs in and starts cleaning house, giving punches and throat chops to Greg and Evers. But in all the melee, Evers manages to sneak a low blow into the mix! Greg grabs Zero from behind, as Evers gets ready for something. Evers runs in and goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Zero ducks, and Evers nails Greg instead! Evers freaks out, but turns around directly into the Zero Tolerance! As Zero’s hitting it, Bryant pulls Greg into the corner, climbs up….and hits a 450 Splash! Both Zero and Bryant cover for the 1…..2…..3! Zero and Bryant get the victory!

After the match, Greg and Evers make it to their feet. They face off, and start yelling at each other. Greg shoves Evers…..and Evers slaps Greg in the face! Greg pauses, then LEVELS Evers with a right hand! The crowd cheers as Greg lifts Evers onto his shoulders…….G-U! The show ends with Greg posing for the crowd, who are cheering him. (***)

Overall: 69 (57CR, 82MQ)

RA NOTES: Gangsta Greg's turn was completed, and he is now a face. Gangsta Greg gained overness from this turn.


Sophie told me that we could use another worker on the roster. Another? Bah. I have my eyes on a few guys, so I go with the cheapest of them:

Yggdrasil (Tweener, 25 Over): (Pronounced Yig-Drahs-Eel) For those of you who aren’t familiar with Norse Mythology, Yggdrasil is the name of a great tree that gave everyone life. It’s also the name of this veteran mat wrestler who is also quite charismatic. He’ll be joining us as a gothic tweener. His promos, like most gothic characters, mainly consist of references to Mythology, evil talking, etc. His finisher is a Sharpshooter, dubbed “Painful Existence”.

Annoyingly, our PI didn’t change. It went up to 51%, and then went back to where it was at 49%. I increase Advertising by 1% to see if that will change it.

There are a few signings from big federations: CZW signed Scotty 2 Hotty to a written contract, ROH signed Rey Mysterio to an open contract (because Rey tours regularly with NJPW), and TNA resigned CM Punk, this time to a written contract.

Then, came the *slightly* bad news: at another indy show, Roderick Strong was injured. Thankfully, it’s only a tricep strain. He’ll miss our next show to rehab it. This does give me time to create a new direction for him, and I think I have one that should be good.

In bigger wrestling world news, AAA (Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion), the Mexico-based federation, rose to Cult Level. They made a few signings, too: D’Von Dudley, Edge, and Perry Saturn. I don’t think they qualify as Luchadores, though. Also, All-Pro Wrestling did go bankrupt. This proves the old Chinese adage, “Never push Jose Maximo as your second biggest star”

We made money again, but a tiny amount compared to what we usually make: $41,420. The reason is that Sophie told me that Production values had to be higher, so I increased them by 6%. Next month, we should make a large amount of money again (I hope)

The biggest change is how our merchandise is distributed. It used to be pretty evenly distributed, with everyone making up about 14-16%. Instead, now Gangsta Greg’s merchandise makes up 64% of All Merchandising, with everyone else tied at 2%. It looks like our first T-Shirt will be for Greg, then.

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