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Help me with some films!

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Yeah okay so I'm probably heading down to Blockbuster tomorrow or the next day to get out a few films. Thing is, everytime I go there I always spend about half an hour looking for the three films to get. There's so many films that it seems too hard to sit there and pick. Basically I cant be assed to look up some films for myself, so you guys help me out and tell me some good ones to get. No newish ones, nothing that's been out within the last year that is. Nothing too old either, I'd prefere nothing under the 80's unless it's James Bond, which I've mostly seen.

I'll help you a little with a few of my favourite films, just so you kinda know what I like:

The Beach

Ten Things I Hate About You

Spiderman 1-2

Eternal Sunshine

Shaun Of The Dead


Club Dread


American Pie


There's obviously way more but there's some I like. So yeah I'm a guy who's into more romance style chick flick comedy or action or horror stuff :shifty:

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Saw (A new release but you gotta get it, will be pretty cheap for a new release because it's an independant film with hardly any special features)

For Action, I like the Bourne Identity/Supremacy myself. It'll give you a James Bond feeling, I hope.

The Punisher on DVD is awesome too.

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I just finished watching several movies

All I want(Also titled as Try Seventeen in some areas) - starring Elijah Wood , Mandy Moore , and Franka Potente . a good movie that ahs some funny moments.

The Punisher is great also

if you liie ghost movies check out


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The movies that I'm alwas suggesting to people -


The Hannibal (Quad?)Trilogy

The Tarantino Films

The Shawshank Redemption

American History X

Training Day

Man On Fire

The last two "Mariachi" films (El Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico)

From Dusk Til Dawn (the first one, the two sequals are pretty fucking bad)

There are some others, but those are pretty much my favorite films (and hence, the films I recommend the most)

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Guest UmpireAJS

Let's see, based on your recommendations.

Carlito's Ways

Goodfellas (Best Gangster Movie Ever made)

28 Days Later...

Batman 1 and 2 (since Forever and Batman+Robin sucked)

Slums of Beverly Hills

A Walk to Remember

The Bourne Series

Pulp Fiction (one of the few movies having a bit of everything)

I'm not much into horror stuff, but if you like Slashers, you can rent that I Know What You Did Last Summer thing...

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If you like the romantic stuff, The Notebook is good.

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Guest acacia

Two words, well one word and then following that is a number: Session 9

Good Movies:

Requiem for a Dream

The Kill Bill movies

Dawn of the Dead (old one)

Dawn of the Dead (new one)


Salton Sea

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