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Texas Hold 'Em


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Alright, so I finally feel like getting out of the house, and doing something, so one of my friends invited me over to his house to play some poker, Texas Hold 'Em to be sure. Now, I have only played a few times online with him, so I only understand the rules a little. Could someone run through here, (or on MSN or AIM), the basic\advanced rules so I don't look like a fool and of course, a couple of tips\strategies.

Thank you, in advance.

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If you have a pocket pair higher then J's I would learn to raise before the flop even if you are on the big blind, that way you knock out those with hands like K3 or A6 and were just hopeing to see a flop. I wouldn't recommend it though with J's or T's simply because if a Q, K, or A come up on the flop your in trouble. Um...oh the minute you think your beat by your opponent then fold, unless you have a commanding chip lead over that person and can go over the top of they're raise.

EDIT: Um, if your on a blind then call with Suited cards (with a high card) and connectors (cards that can be used to make a straight). Never raise or call a raise before the flop with these cards though unless your two suited/connectors cards happen to be something like AK or AQ, etc.

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Fool. Just watch some World Series of Poker and you'll be set :P

I caaaaan't, it's tonight. lol.

So the betting opens, and say it's ten dollars. From there, every bet has to be ten dollars unless someone raises it by five to fifteen. From there, every bet, or "call", has to be fifteen dollars, correct?

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Here's how it went boys and girls,

- We played with two tables, with blinds that could go up to 640. Six guys at each table, ten dollars in each, 110 for the winner and the second place got their money back. Final three from each table would merge at the final table.

- First guy out on my table was fucked off his ass, and never folded once. He went all in, and lost to another guy.

- That guy then went all in with another friend and lost. At this point it was getting pretty late, and I had a decent amount, about 3rd of 4.

- A few hands overplayed me, and I held on until someone would go all in with me, I had to do it, and I had nothing in the cards so I lost. I lasted a long time though, and outlasted four players altogether.

We all stayed up to like, 5 in the morning singing and shit, it was my first time drinking too... so I have to sample everything. Wasn't hung over either, so I am pretty stoked.

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The only way to get better at Texas Hold 'Em is to play it. Internet play will help out a lot, since you can play a lot of poker conveniently, but it doesn't replace real life experience. Really it just comes down to learning how to slow play people, bluff properly, know when you want to take risks, and how to avoid making stupid mistakes.

Here's a tip... early on, show people that you do bluff. Bet fairly strongly with absolutely nothing. Then reveal your cards at the end. This will show people from there on in that you are a player who bluffs, and from then on they'll be wondering if you're bluffing or not, so when you do have a killer hand they'll be more likely to stay in, and thus, you'll get more money from them.

Some good internet poker sites:




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Online play is worthless unless your playing with real money and even then it's not much good unless your playing 1/2 tables (which are usually pretty soft) or playing 3/6 if your looking for a better game. My biggest regret is learning online with play money. I'm still having some problems breaking the bad habits that I picked up from playing play.

For a beginner I really recommend getting together a bankroll of about $100 and playing online. Get into a low buyin Multitable Tournament (I'd suggest $5+.50) you can play 18 tournaments with that roll with a little left over. The experience you'll gain from that will be pretty good. Usually players at that price are playing decent poker.

I recommend that you and other poker newbies head over to fullcontactpoker.com, which is the site of poker pro Daniel Negreau he has some helpful articles and the forums are full of people who have good advice. Oh and his Poker Quiz section is good for some entertainment and is usually pretty helpful.

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