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Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law


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That show is great, one of my favorite Adult Swim cartoons. First time I saw it the episode was Shaggy and Scooby getting arrested for beign high..laughed my ass off and been a fan ever since

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I saw the one SeaLab where for like 10-15 minutes their place underwater the lights went out or whatever and they're all yelling back and forth at eachother. It was fuckin hilarious. I haven't seen Harvey Birdman, I'll give it a looksy.

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Harvey Birdman was a class show. I remember one line had me in stitches for ages. It zooms in real close while he is in the middle of a court case, he makes a heroic gesture and says "Ill have to use the POWER...OF...ATTORNEY"

Still, nothing measures up to Home Movies. That was Adult Swims greatest show.

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