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Guest Diary Freak

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Guest Diary Freak

I've been watching wrestling lately and though that women wrestlers we're used at their full potential so i decided to open the American Women Wrestling (AWW).

But having no money and no reputation in the business. I add to start at Backyard Level. A good way to get cute chicks at my place.

but without money, I need sponsors.

So I managed to get 21000$ per shows by these:

EWAdditions.com (10000$)

Chart Wars (5000$)

GameWinners.com (5000$)

Titlehistories.com (1000$)

According to them, I could use a maximum risk level of 85%. That's high enough for me.

Barbed-Wire is less expensive than real wrestling ropes.

The first card will be the first round of the Backyard Title Tournament.

(all matches being barbed-wire)

Since I wanna test things first, I won't hire staff for the first card.

I will referee the match myself and there would be no commentator. who cares? its Backyard!!!

The first card will be April 30th and will be BACKYARD BABES!

Now, the roster...8 American Women with a 21000$ budget.

Let's see who's available (for 3000$ or less):

American Cream Pie (21 year old Face Midcarder at 2000$)

Florida Jade (19 year old Face Midcarder at 3000$)

Lexis Wine (19 year old Face Midcarder at 2000$)

Moonpuppy (18 year old Face Midcarder at 3000$)

Tara Bush (22 year old Face Midcarder at 3000$)

only 5? (okay...I overlooked managers)

I'll extend my search to managers (and make them wrestlers)

Amanda Shae (18 year old Face at 2000$)

Jamie D (20 year old Face at 3000$)

Princess Jade (25 year old Face at 2000$)

So there is the card for Backyard Babes.


The older ones:

Tara Bush vs Princess Jade

The less older ones:

American Cream Pie vs Jamie D

The 19 year olds:

Florida Jade vs Lexis Wine

The 18 year olds:

Amanda Shae vs Moonpuppy

The winners will get Interview time after their matches.

See ya there.

(Comments & Suggestions appreciated - First Show coming very soon)

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Guest Diary Freak

All girls were there except for Amanda who called before to say she would be late...damn she was the cutest. still there is 6 really beautiful girl (Moonpuppy was bigger but not too much) waiting for their matches as I went to the ring.

I put a meeting before the show to tell the girls about their future gimmick and who will be heel and face since I can write good card with a 100% face roster.

(The results of the meeting will be told in next post to keep the surprise)

All matches were Barbed-Wire Matches (and I was the referee since I was too cheap to hire one):




Jazz's theme was heard as Tara Bush came with the mic and start bitching the crowd calling them pervert and saying they all came here for her body. Tara was in fact wearing a black stress leather mini dress and act like she want everybody to see her big breasts (I gotta indeed admit that she is well equipped).



All the things she said for T.A.T.U. was heard as Tara's opponent came to the ring dressed in a cute princess dress. Tara attacked her from behind as Princess Jade salute the crowd. Tara got the offensive a lot and she manage to get a near 3 count early in the match but as she argue with the ref, Florida Jade came to the ring and hit the ref from behind. She hit Tara Bush in the guts with an hard knee shot, slammed her down with a quick Power Bomb and put Princess Jade on top before getting out. The referee crawled and made the count as Princess Jade is the winner. She never realized her sister helped her and celebrate like she won clean. (She was playing a dumb blonde)

Crowd: 20%

Match: 18%


Jeff Jarrett's last WWF theme was heard as Jamie D came to the ring with a guitar in the air like Jarrett. She said she was proud to came here for this Country Music Festival and start playing (very badly).

Overall: 40%


She was interrupted by Butterfly by Smile.DK as American Cream Pie appeared dressed like a cheerleader. The match lasted about 10 minutes and was won by American Cream Pie with a Top-Rope Hurricanrana. After the match as American Cream Pie celebrate. Jamie smashed her guitar on her head as stomped her before the referee splitted them "accidentally" grabbing American Cream Pie's ass in the process (hehehe).

Crowd: 20%

Match: 24%


Christy Hemme's theme and Lexis Wine came to the ring by the crowd drunk as hell and almost encouraging men in the crowd to touched them and took the mic.


She grabbed her red wine and take another sip spilling "accidentally" some wine on her breasts.

"Ooooooooopss...hehehe...Tonight I will kick Princessssssss Jane's ass...a cute one I might say"

She drink one last sip from the bottle and put it in the corner.

Overall: 43%


We hear We Will Rise from Archenemy as an angry Florida Jade came to the ring followed by Princess Jade who came smiling and saluting the crowd. Florida Jade grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her ringside.

She grabbed Lexis's wine bottle and smashed it straight in her face. Lexis was down, bleeding. Florida grabbed the hesitant referee by the collar and tell him to start the match. And she immediately when for the pic for an easy win.

Crowd: 21%

Match: 17%


She then grabbed Lexis and threw in the barbed-wire and called for a mic. She said that The Jade Sisters will dominate the AAW whether the fans liked it or not.

Princess Jade added "that's right teeheehee" in her best dumb blonde imitation.

(Lexis had to be carried out cause she was dead drunk)

Overall: 41%


Moonpuppy came first with Oddities from Insane Clown Posse Dancing like Kurrgan at the time and quite frankly, she was build like Kurrgan but look deficient. And then my favorite...Enter Deadly Pale from Deadly Pale is heard...wait a second that wasnt the song I planned for her. AAAAHHHH!!!! What has she done? She was dressed like a street punk with like 5 chains and had a pink mohawk. Definitely not the look she had last time I saw her. She walked slowly lookung at the crowd like they were shit and when she was in the ring, She opened her mouth and a rat come out and went in her neck. YUCK!!! The referee grabbed the rat and removed the chains and placed them in the corner. Amanda started quickly with by attacking Moonpuppy with forearm shoot with her studded bracelet. Moonpuppy managed to throw Amanda off her straight into the opposite corner and went with a big body slam and get the offensive a lot with big power move. As Amanda layed on the ground, she grabbed one of her chains and rolled it around her fist. Moonpuppy grabbed her in a bear hug and Amanda hitted Moonpuppy three time in the face with the chain. She then ran into the ropes forgetting it was barbed-wire match but surprisingly, that had no effect since she was wearing leather. When she came back she launched herself headfirst in Moonpuppy's Stomach and pinned her for the three count. but instead of celebrating, she ran away from the ring.

Crowd: 16%

Match: 24%


Moonpuppy grabbed the mic

"Tha was not very nice to hit me with tha chain. Manda is bad. Bad person deserve to be spanked. My mama always spanked me when I did bad things"

and she left the ring to a mixed reaction as the show ended with an announcement for the next show, QUEEN OF THE BACKYARD.

Overall: 36%

Show Overall:30%

Assistance : 4


made 40$ this month...

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Guest Diary Freak

The Full Roster (w/gimmick and theme song)


(Deadly Pale - Enter Deadly Pale)

AMERICAN CREAM PIE: Face Cheerleader

(SMILE.DK - Butterfly)

FLORIDA JADE: Heel Bodyguard

(Archenemy - We Will Rise)

JAMIE D: Heel Country Singer

(Last Jeff Jarrett WWF theme)

LEXIS WINE: Fun Drunk Face

(Christy Hemme's Theme)

MOONPUPPY: Face Comedy Caracter

(Insane Clown Posse - Oddities)

PRINCESS JADE: Face Girl-Next-Door

(T.A.T.U. - All The Things She Said)

TARA BUSH: Heel Slut

(Trish Stratus's Theme)

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Guest Diary Freak

Wow. Could you make this any more immature and childish?

Seriously, you're gonna get a lot of shit for the way you've done this, and deservedly so. Dirty Ernie didn't get any love for Ring of Ho's, and this is basically the same thing, just even more horrifically written.

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Its not humor if its not funny.

Playing to the lowest common denominator works at .400, it dosen't work here. Things like:

(Moonpuppy was bigger but not too much)

I gotta indeed admit that she is well equipped).

the referee splitted them "accidentally" grabbing American Cream Pie's ass in the process (hehehe).

and quite frankly, she was build like Kurrgan but look deficient

...don't make you 'funny', they make you look stupid.

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I agree 100% with Syco, I am by no means claiming to be a diary writer but reading this is hard. When I read a diary I like to be able to understand it and not be reading something that looks like the average MSN convo. Maybe take more time to look over your shows and cut out all the little comments that Syco listed in his 2nd post.

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Guest Diary Freak

(The girls all payed to buy me some real ropes for the ring, I guess they didn't like the barbed-wire'd ones)



American Cream Pie opened the show coming to the ring with her cheerleader dancing and the crowd could notice that instead of wearing a skirt, she is wearing hot pants with handprints of the back. She took the mic.

"Before my match, I wanted to point out something to miss Princess Jade. You can come honey"

Princess Jade come to the ring without music and listened to what American Cream Pie as to say.

"I know that you are not able to win this match on your own without your sister so..."(Princess Jade grabbed the mic)

"I don't need my sister!" and she threw the mic in American Cream Pie's face.

Overall: 44%


Princess Jade got the upper hand in the beginning of this match but American Cream Pie experience show as she managed to gain the upper hand after a reversal and gained the advantage. Florida Jade came to the ring and attacked American Cream Pie. The ref called for the DQ. After the match, Princess Jade slapped her sister and went backstage with American Cream Pie.

Crowd: 11%

Match: 26%


Florida Jade came to the ring alone without her sister. Amanda followed with his rat in her neck. We had too many complaints about the rat in the mouth. The match begin hard with both girls using aggresive power moves but suddenly Princess Jade came to attack her sister and Moonpuppy came from the crowd to attack Amanda at the same time. The ref stopped the match and decided to book a No-DQ 4-Way elimination match between Florida Jade/Amanda/Princess Jade/Moonpuppy.

Crowd: 16%

Match: 18%


The first elimination was quick as Florida Jade totally dominated her sister and eliminated her. Amanda was the next to go after Moonpuppy defeated her with a brutal chokeslam. Moonpuppy looked really more focused than the last time. Florida Jade and Moonpuppy continued the match for a good 10 minutes without neither one gaining the advantage but Amanda came back and hitted Moonpuppy to the back of the head with it. Florida Jade took advantage of the situation and assured herself a place in the finals.

Crowd: 14%

Match: 27%


Moonpuppy grabbed the mic and stopped the crowd as they started a Moonpuppy chant. "Hold Up! Hold Up! Wait a minute there! Fuck The Moonpuppy bullshit." I read those comments on Internet. People hate that gimmick. So here's the deal, My name is Sandra Paul and from now on, I am ME. Fuck the gimmick and Amanda, I challenge you to a match next month. A Last Woman Standing match."

She dropped the mic as the crowd goes wild.

Overall: 30%



Florida Jade came first looking angry as usual and was even angrier when American Cream Pie came to the ring accompanied by Princess Jade. During the match, each time Florida Jade got the upper hand, Princess Jade distracted her. And it was during one of these distraction that American Cream Pie managed to hit a roll-up for the 3 count.

After the match, American Cream Pie grabbed Florida Jade in a Full Nelson and Princess Jade hitted her in the face with the title belt and the show ended with American Cream Pie & Princess Jade holding the belt in the air together.

Crowd: 18%

Match: 17%

Show Overall: 23%

Assistance: 3 (there was 4 last time...sycodmn must be the missing one)

This month I made 8030$


Don't miss the third show of AWW


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Guest Diary Freak

Before the show begins, the fans got a surprise performance by the band Deadly Pale (using my pool deck as a stage)



American Cream Pie and Princess Jade came to the ring celebrating last month's victory and showing the belt to everybody and they were balloon in the ring. American Cream Pie added that tonight. The main event would be between her & Princess Jade: Teacher vs Student.

Overall: 50%


The first match was to determine who will win the title shot tonight. American Cream Pie was in Princess Jade's corner but didn't interfere. Seems like Princess Jade was training lately cause she wasn't as pathetic as she used to be. She manage to hit a few decent shot like a running Hurricanrana. But she still wasn't good enough for her sister who manage to get the win with a sick powerbomb. After the match was over, Florida Jade wasn't through. She gave a beat-down on her sister but American Cream Pie came in the ring to stop the carnage and help Princess Jade to the back.

Crwod: 18%

Match: 23%


This match is a triple threat for a Title Shot next week.

Lexis Wine was drunk as usual and both her opponents teamed-up on her to take her down. In fact the match was more a single match to determine who will pin Lexis. After a good 5 minutes of action, Tara Bush seemed to be the better one and Jamie went for her guitar but Tara ducked and kicked her in the stomach. Tara Bush win the match after a DDT on the guitar. She then grabbed the mic.

Crowd: 17%

Match: 27%


"Hey Cream Pie, you like to play around with your Princess Barbie but next week, you will meet a real woman. (she putted her huge breast in view) and believe me honey. Those are real."

Overall: 40%


Amanda made her way to the ring as Deadly Pale played her theme song live and she grabbed one of her chains and make sure that Sandra Paul knows that "these darling are legals tonight".

Overall: 43%



This match was brutal with Amanda relying a lot on her chains to hurt Sandra. Sandra managed grab hold on one and she unleashed on Amanda in retribution busting her open. they went on the stage where Deadly Pale were playing earlier and she threw Amanda through the drum set with a sick chokeslam. The ref counted 10 and Sandra Paul was the winner.

Crowd: 13%

Match: 27%


During the match, Lexis Wine came ringside drunk as hell looking for a party. Florida Jade was distracted and went on the apron to argue with her. Lexis showed her the bottle and asked if she want some, Florida Jade tried to remove her bottle but Lexis break it in her face. Florida Jade falls back in the ring and American Cream Pie made the three count to retain her title.

Crowd: 21%

Match: 16%

Show Overall: 29%

Assistance: 6

Made 60$ this month (but Deadly Pale setting cost 1000$)


Don't miss the next event:

BEACH PARTY(will be done at the local beach)

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Guest Diary Freak

On July 13, AWW decided to part with Lexis Wine.

Her constant drunking was starting to affect the whole roster and we decided to get rid of her. We will use to bonus 2000$ per month to boost our production values to 2%.

Speaking of numbers:

We are now at Backyard 3% with 6850$ in hands

Don't miss BEACH PARTY

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Guest Too Tough Mike Rodriguz

Your second show was even worse then the first....Now, my diary attempt sucked but, at least it could be understood enough and not written for an MSN convo or for some immature kids pleasure

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Guest Diary Freak

Since the roster is now reduced to 7. AWW can't have normal cards without either using a worker more than two times. therefore, I decided to put a formula giving equal chance to all 7 womens.

card will be like that:

Number one contender

-Winner fight champ in main event

-loser get in semi 2 next month

Champion get interview time

Semi 1:

-Winner get to #1 contender next month

-loser stay on semi 1 next month

Winner get interview time

Semi 2:

-Winner get to #1 contender next month

-loser goes to semi 1 next month

Winner get interview time

Main Event

Champion vs #1 Contender

-Winner remains champion next month (uh? for real?)

-loser goes to semi 2 next month

I know it was announce that Tara Bush was supposed to have a Title match

and that Florida Jade was supposed to fight Lexis Fine (now fired)

therefore these two will be the first in the number contender in this new formula.

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Guest Diary Freak








This battle was the most intense in AWW short history. Take two angry bitches and make them go trigger happy on each other and that's what you get. Tara Bush manage to get the win with a running bulldog, but after the pinfall, both womens continued brawling until them were out of sight.

Crowd: 0%

Match: 13%


American Cream Pie came laughing to the ring.

"Good job girls, comntinue brawl until my match so I can pick up the pieces of Tara "Butch". Just making an easy match even easier."

Overall: 53%


The referee warned both that if Amanda use her chains or Jamie use her guitar. They would be suspended for a month. Jamie got the early offensive relying on some power moves but Amanda's agility and speed allowed her to reserve things and after a moment, Jamie D seems to begin getting control on the match again when Amanda grabbed Jamie's guitar and smashed it on her head. The referee counted three and Amanda was the winner.

Crowd: 17%

Match: 30%


"Hey bitch, your country music just got punked there! The referee talk again using my chains, he talked against you using your guitar but never said I couldn't used it. Guess it take a brain and some intelligence to realise that but you got none"

Amanda then get to the back, victorious.

Overall: 50%


Princess Jade might be trainer by American Cream Pie, facing a monster like Sandra Paul is not an easy thing. Sandra Paul totally squashed Princess Jade and defeated her in about 3 minutes. After the match, Sandra offered an handshake. Princess Jade was confused but accepted.

Crowd: 8%

Match: 34%


We see Jamie D in the back on the giant screen. (A giant screen TV...:P)

"Hey Amanda, Next month, you better watch yourself. You won't get away with my title shot like that, bitch"

Overall: 47%



Obviously this match was now a triple threat with Florida Jade cause she was still brawling with Tara. As soon as the bell ringed, Tara and Jade turned against American Head Pie and beat her down with many team move. As American Cream Pie was finished in the ring. Tara Bush grabbed the belt and smashed it on Florida Jade's head before pinning Cream Pie. NEW CHAMPION: TARA BUSH

Crowd: 22%

Match: 25%

Show Overall: 29%

Assistance: 5

lost 16950$ (I hired all 7 girls to 5000$ written contracts for the weekly show)


Starting next Friday, AWW start as a weekly show simply called


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Guest Diary Freak

On August 3, AWW parted ways with Florida Jade & Princess Jade.

Many people backstage have complained about Florida Jade attitude and she was the only reason we kept Princess Jade in the roster.

To replace them, AWW hired those 2 womens:

Khanstance Carleigh: (a Bad Ass 23 year old Hell)

Rain (a 21 year old Face Ninja from IWA Mid-South)

Both will be debuting on the first AMERICAN WOMEN WRESTLING weekly show

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The Shows seem to be getting worse each time you can tell your diary is bad when your just getting made fun of. My diary failed miserably

but atleast when i did mine i got some constructive criticism. Also Some positive feedback. You'll find most people are generally helpful and friendly. If you enjoy writing it by all means continue just don't expect any people to be reading it.

Edited by XxCactusmikexX
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Guest Diary Freak


AUGUST 5, 2005



As usual, the match begun very one-sided on Sandra's advantage until Amanda clawed Sandra in the face, busting her open with her nails. She then threw Sandra in the corner, crushing the referee. As soon as the referee was out, she went for the chain but Sandra ducked the show and grab the chain. She hit Amanda with her own chain and covered her as the ref crawled to make the count. He raised Sandra's arm but noticed the chain in her other hand and reversed the decision. Sandra was mad and attacked the referee with the chain and chased Amanda backstage.

Crowd: 13%

Match: 28%


Oracle from Kittie is heard and Khanstance Carleigh made her way to her debut in a AWW ring. She didn't even stop for the fans and headed start for the mic.

"Let me get it straight, my name is Khanstance Carleigh, I don't give a fuck about each and everyone of you (boooooooo), I came here to kick ass and win titles and this will all begin tonight so bring that Mortal Kombat rip-off nobody"

And she threw the mic outside.

Overall: 49%



Rain was indeed a female version of the ninja in Mortal Kombat. In fact, she came to the ring with Mortal Kombat music. She hit Khanstance with a flurry of different kicks but Khanstance managed to grab her foot and hit her in the crotch forgetting Rain was a woman. Rain use her momentum to hit a stiff Enziguri and finished the match with a Shooting Star (not a quite perfect one but good enough to get the fans into it). After the match Khanstance attacked Rain from behing and stomped her wild in the corner before going backstage.

Crowd: 22%

Match: 47%


Jamie D come out first with her guitar but was attacked from behind by American Cream Pie. Instead of her cheerleader outfit she was wearing jeans and t-shirt. She smashed Jamie's guitar on the stairs. After they we're in the ring, American Cream Pie was ruthless and agressive...in fact the crowd was unsure if they should cheer her or not. She won the match with a Stone Cold Stunner and grabbed the mic.

Crowd: 16%

Match: 27%


"Shut the fuck up! Let me tell you something, I'm sick and tired of acting like a bimbo and to hold back my talent for a stupid gimmick. Fuck that American Cream Pie bullshit. You see for the last two month I've been training Princess Jade backstage and that girl was really talented when out of gimmick but instead of giving her a chance to prove it they kicked her out cause HER SISTER was a bitch. We'll Jade, you may be gone but not forgotten. From now on, you will call me American Jade and it will rain blood before you see in that stupid outfit again"

She threw her cheerleader outfit in the center of the ring and burned it before leaving.

Overall: 45%


Amanda came to the right just after Tara Bush and challenge her to make the match an Hardcore one. which Tara accepted.

Overall: 50%



This match was the fastest match in AWW History. As soon as Tara accepted the hardcore challenge, Amanda hit her hard in the face with her chains around her fist and when for a quick pin. But after the match, celebration we're cut short as Sandra Paul came to the ring but Amanda was waiting and start strangling her with her chain as soon as she went in the ring. She didn't stop until Sandra was unconscious. She then grabbed her belt and quickly went backstage as Tara Bush was slowly getting up.

Crowd: 0%

Match: 19%

Show Overall: 29%

Assistance: 0 (WHAT?!?)

An e-mail told me that Amanda & Tara Bush have a fantastic chemistry.

Maybe in bed but not in the ring (their match was the second worst one in AWW history)

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