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The Union Underground


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Yeah, so what happen to these guys? Did they break up or what? I believe they only released "An Education In Rebellion" and that live EP, and that was the last I heard of them. I miss them. :(

Anyways, after I heard them doing the RAW theme song, I got into them alot, and got ahold of some tracks. I fucking love the following songs:

South Texas Deathride

Trip With Jesus

Turn Me On Mr. Deadman

Revolution Man

Until You Crack

I highly suggest getting ahold of these songs in one way or another. Oh, by the way, has anyone heard the version of "Across The Nation" that they were going to give to Test? That shit sucks. It has a chant of "TEST!" in the chorus somewhere in the song. Blah.

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So it was you Essa was talking to :P

I had been racking my brains for weeks trying to remember what the bastard Raw song was called. I knew either the band or the song was Union Underground, but I was too lazy to google it. :wub: Tristy for reminding me. I've not heard the version for Test, but the normal song is pretty badass. Dunno whats up with them.

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Revolution Man is an amazing tune. Turn Me On Mr Deadman is great for blasting up real loud and singing along too. I was also thinking about what happened to these guys the other day, hopefully somebody knows.

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